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Found 1 result

  1. I have a very long story about how it feels that someone who is working with Keith Robinson in his final days kind of got shafted by the new regime, and the funny thing was in a very personalized targeted way. Please read the whole story before you continue and comment. just say for starters that I was in touch with Keith Robinson in the mid 2010s when I thought a retro game company might enjoy a comeback surge if there was a way to turn old video games into old online video games without writing any net code specific to individual games, and do it in a universal way. Let's just say I got an infinite ban from Sega of Europe when they just took over business for the American CS team, and wrote as the excuse "we don't do crazy." Even though a couple months ago I had Americans in Sega interested in this. So I tried a few other companies Atari really liked it but wasn't sure about the legalities about playing third parties games like Activision's online (because remember the relationship between Activision and Atari was adversarial not cooperative). The people who bought colecovision's name likeness said it might be possible in the future. the current owners of SNK said they like it but they don't want to be the test guinea pigs. I couldn't find who owned the rights to Turbo Grafx 16 at the time. Panasonic said in order to submit it I had to have a provisional patent which I did and they sat on it for a year without even calling me by which time it expired. Luckily Keith Robinson what's curious enough and he was one step away from pulling the trigger. His tech Guy Steve Rooney said they could do it if they knew they have both the same bandwidth that's on a cellular network and the low pinging is associated with Sprint Direct Connect and competitors push to talk. The theory was to beat the natural heartbeat of a game by using Direct Connect / push to talk to push data in the straightest possible path to get there within 8 milliseconds. Since cellular traffic travels at the speed of light, 8 milliseconds will give you 2400 km of distance between the two most distant players before you have to start doing predictions and computations. I sold it as they're so little data being transferred on joysticks that it could in theory fit under 56k which we know Sprint Direct Connect could do because Direct Connect already does voice and the data analog equivalent would be 56 kbps per second. Steve roney said it had be at least 3G speeds with simultaneous low pinginess. Soy eventually got a hold of the executive engineer of Sprint Tex Tiexera, and he confirmed the way the network was at the time of discussion if Direct Connect was channeled as a data connection it would go at whatever speed was along the data pads meaning if the path was 4G all the way it would go 4G speeds, if the path had part way 3G and partway 4G there would be less data to work with but it would go just as fast in terms of milliseconds. And he said the data connection was ready to go but they wouldn't fund it because they don't know anything about games, but he assured me if a game company wanted to used to reconnect as a low paying game connection then it should already be ready to be used like that. By the time I got that answer Keith Robinson was so sick that I never talked to him before he died after I got that message from Tex Tiexera. Well I waited a year to see how the new intellivision company was going you people proper time to mourn and reorganize and stuff. During the time Keith Robinson was still alive, I heard Tom Tallarico originally stating he was helping to work on a Neo Intellivision. One of his suggestions was to have multiplayer games in any combination of players as local bot and remote. so you can have two on a couch challenging another two on a couch. And this is when no one was following in television except for real hardcore people. Steve Roney basically said "We'll let you know." Then I heard an Amico announcement saying games weren't meant to be played online because you have to make compromises online. From the perspective of me making Netrogames that sounds like a targeted attack. Then I heard he was taking suggestions from other people. I was bringing natural games back up about how if my theory was correct you don't have to compromise between making an online multiplayer game and a local multiplayer game. A complement of getting Bill hold and Miner 2149er, aka new Miner2049er. And I mentioned how my brother and I kind of added a personality and kind of went through our unique slapstick stick and made some funny skits that always involves Bob being melted In the end by a mutant. and most of the irony came from the fact that he's so full of himself that he doesn't see the danger around him. I know that's not the way Bill Hogue created him but then again in that day, it's hard to convey personality and character except in instruction booklets. I mentioned some interesting things, like how the Xbox 360 did well in the download game, because they did customer service well. They made sure you had access to a demo of the game to try before you buy for anything that wasn't on disc. They were the most popular of the three download services. Nintendo and Sony for the most part was caveat emptor. Considering the fact that you can't trade it to anyone once you buy it that's a very consumer unfriendly status. Then I heard the Xbox One dropped required try before you buy because developers were complaining too many people were trying the same flavor over and over and not buying the rest. My solution was if people are willing to download it for free, away the developers and system can make money off it would be to have advertising that is unlinked to the game play in moments where at least affects the game. No one of my friends cringed when I said that they said there's no way I'm watching an advertisement in the game. then again I countered with in the old days a lot of people said there was no way they were paying for TV and we got cable TV and now internet TV. and I said there might have been an odd model used in video games except for the fact that memory was precious when it was measured in k, so the only real option for an ad was to incorporate it in the game like Budweiser Tapper. There was no real way to have independent ads play let alone rotate them every so often, due to limited memory. They say if you want Game of thrones you better pay for it. I say for every Game of Thrones there's a Walking Dead. Both are successful and use different models. There's only one time I've seen a completely free paid for by sponsor game and that was on the Xbox 360 and it was one versus 100. Every 10 questions they have three or four 30 second commercials one of them being the main sponsor Sprint. But as soon as the federal government forced cell phone carriers to limit the bandwidth for emergency purposes, Sprint couldn't be too much different from AT&T Verizon and T-Mobile in terms of plans, so they just pulled the advertising money out of one versus 100 because, I was one of those people helped by Sprint getting internet where no land-based connection would go. they thought no reason advertising Sprint on a video game if it's not going to be a Gamer-friendly cellular ISP. Thankfully I was grandfathered in. as I said the one thing I hate is buying games online that are blind Faith with sucks to be you if you don't like it after you buy it. However my friend would turn off something because there's an ad. and I suggested to television that just like Tom talarico has practices of no pay to improve your character, no random loot box lotteries, which are pro consumer and Pro game removes, I thought the option to use commercial sponsorships to release free games would be a tool in the toolbox that in television could allow if they so decide to fund it that way. And because I knew there'd be people like my friend I suggested, just like those Pro consumer games and a $10 limit, you can have limits on Ad funded games like maximum 5 minutes of ads per hour of gameplay, pick one model or the other, don't double dip, or you could use the add model for free samples and then when the customer feels comfortable pay full price. Also no content for media that's considered to inappropriate for the intellivision core audience. You know sort of like how they have green level trailers saying the trailer is rated for all audiences but the movie being advertised is rated PG-13, all previews would be appropriate for 10 year olds and the highest rated media you could advertise is pg-13/t/tv14. That's if the game is rated E10 drop both those numbers if the game is rated E. Then we could follow some rules that were in place for broadcast TV, like there has to be clear intros and outros to designate between the content and the commercial, and for example, if Sonic is in the video game, there could be no Sonic products advertised in that show nor can Sonic do any character endorsements on the show that's on commercial time. Which brings up an interesting situation. Nickelodeon's Double Dare (not to be confused with Goodson's Double Dare) was the first hit that made basic cable worth owning. Then with fox bought the rights to syndicate certain years of the episode, one thing changed that was very important. during the Nickelodeon days they said all contestants got a copy of the double their home game. However they had to drop that on the fox days because even though it was following the long goodson toddman tradition of home games given to every contestant, it violated self-promotion laws on broadcast TV for kids. As I said Amico could voluntarily follow those similar anti-self promotion laws. And I received the ads have to be appropriate for the content that's attached to the ad. So all add content on E10 rated games has to be E10 or friendlier, and all ad content on E games has to be E. I told him that it was mainly a pro consumer move because one thing I hate to do is buy a game in the blind and be stuck holding the bag. plus the fact that he has an internet port but I heard BANNED online gaming on the amigo. Not just gotten rid of the requirement requirements of online but forbidden it. and then the funny thing he does is he comes out a few days after I wrote the letter about the ad and he makes a public policy stating no ads ever on the game, when I was suggesting it as a pro consumer move and a rebel move, he turned around and said no ads is a pro consumer move and he makes it sound like a rebel move even though Nintendo and Sony and Microsoft never allowed ads independent of content since one versus 100 when Sprint was paying for the free game. How is being exactly the same policy as Nintendo Sony and Microsoft being a rebel? No you was taking suggestions so what are the odds that the people he took suggestions from average people, volunteered on their own I want no ads. People were complaining about loot boxes and pay to play. But as was never a subject because nobody did them. and then he took my suggestion of saying having ads as one of many tools in the toolbox could help alleviate the feeling of getting stuck with an unwanted ROM and if I was the only one who suggested it then he publicly reflected it. Considering the fact he reflected Netrogames when that was supposed to be a way to make online games seem closer to home, and only by my prompting does he make a pledge opposite of mine for the same reason as mine, consumer friendliness. Since Tom Tallarico is stuck on all games must have multiplayer local but are forbidden to have multiplayer online, I think a new name for covid-19 and Wuhan flu could be Keith Robinson's Revenge. I know rationally these are pure business moves, but it just seems like the new policy was introduced a couple days after I wrote an opposite policy advocacy, makes me think Tom Tallarico has some issues with me. Maybe I'm sort of some voodoo doll representing Keith Robinson's afterlife and it's not personal against me but him, with my project being the last project he approved before he died. if that's the case then what better way to tell the maker of a system who forbids online play for making the only way to play these games is on separate couches many blocks apart. Those house gatherings will no longer have neighbors coming in. The only way you can play these games are online. If that's the case, let's just hope time Talerico learns from this and makes online and option actually. And heck with my Netrogames it'd be easier and take less programming to do it. On the countdown to 4/3/21 we're probably in the mid hundreds. You already have a modem built in. All four cell networks have this capability built in of low-ping Gaming. It's not late to turn back. And if it's true that covid-19 is actually Keith Robinson's Revenge, this is the exact message he wants you to listen to.
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