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Found 15 results

  1. Hi everyone, I want to announce a new game in development. Almost done basically (just some dozens of hours of work left . It is a fast paced reaction puzzler in 4k for the wonderful Atari 2600. Restricting myself to 4k was very important to me, since I consider it the original spirit of the machine and indeed, I am now increasingly nervous about the ROM size limit and fight for concepts and bytes already. Some space is left, but sound fx and a few other things are still missing as well. I am very confident, however, that it will see the light soonish. Your screen shows 5 windows. One central and one in each of the four neighboring sides. A quarter of a face in a particular color is given in the central window and you can place it via joystick up, right, down, left if the corresponding tile is still empty - otherwise you're losing one of your precious lives. During all that the timer bar decreases faster and faster... Once a full face is complete, the window is cleared again and you score points. The amount of points depends on the colors as you probably have guessed by now. A full face of the same color gains you 300 points. Having 3 face parts in the same color, still results in 100 points. Only 2 parts of equal color give 40 points and a fully mixed face a mere 10 points. In case you were able to clear ALL windows, a whopping extra 500 points and an extra life are added as well! I started this project as a true one-man show, as for Atari 2600 you have to CODE all the sounds and graphics anyway. Ptoing, a blessed graphician and a friend of mine, immediately had great ideas on how to improve the by then rather simplistic screen design. He is quite a technical guy so once familiar with the basic limitations of the 2600, he came up with several mockups. Most of them found their way into the game for the better! So he did the graphical design of the game (including Title logo and skull . Logo and face gfx are not final though. See below a couple of screenshots. The final game will most likely be available via Atariage which makes me super happy already The colors and some graphics are subject to change This is my first finished game for the 2600, though I did quite some coding on the C64 before and the even more basic cycle counting on the atari really excited me. My only published contribution to the 2600 scene so far was the endscroller in the ATARSi demo Assembloids 2600 is based on Assembloids 2013 which I coded for the C64 and was published by RGCD http://www.rgcd.co.uk/2013/02/assembloids-c64-2013.html which was a new version of the Flash game "Quartet" by Photon Storm. In between we were asked and granted permission to port that concept to the Atari XL/XE as well and it was recently released as 'Assembloids XE'. What better thing to do than to put forward an ASSEMBLOIDS 2600?! The game was so suitable for porting from flash, since it could utilize the colorful bitmap graphics (due lack of scrolling and such) of the c64 and later on the Atari XE. Ironically, the Atari 2600 version uses its sprites for the faces I hope to be able to provide some video footage soon Martin /enthusi
  2. Hello. I am currently working on an RPG for the beloved Commodore 64. I will share more, but I need to know how to put my charset at $E000 from a BASIC prg. A LISTing would be excellent, but an explanation would be okay too (although I will have a lot of questions.) After I get this in, I'll have more to show and tell.
  3. Dear all fellow Atarians almost a year ago, our game Assembloids2600 saw the light. http://www.mobygames.com/game/atari-2600/assembloids-2600 It's been in the AtariAge store summer last year and while it sells every now and then a single unit, I was hoping for it to me more successfull. Not for the money - I have not yet received a single penny, which is totally fine with me. Albert has sent out numerous free copies to me, the box artist, helpers and friends. One of them is in the Berlin museum of computer games even When guests see it on my shelve at home, they sometimes even ask what I had to pay to get it released like that (top notch quality). I am more than happy dealing with a guy like Albert here So thank you Al! Sales for Assembloids2600 recently topped 50 sales (not counting the free units mentioned) which is quite cool already, considering the date! I would love to recapture the past (year) and end with some open questions I have. I hope you do not mind the long text... An early version of the game was presented by a friend at Sillyventure. Some gameplay footage even made it into polish TV back then. But I feel like this is a game that you have to actually play for yourself to get an idea of what it is like. Yeah, cheap selling argument It's simply not like Tetris where watching can be just as mesmerizing as playing it. Before we finished it, we put it on display during the german Gamescom in 2016. It was played by literally hundrets of people and remained busy for 10 hours a day during the exhibition. That helped alot giving it the final subtle tuning. You can follow the thread about it here, even though I started it rather late in the process: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/216403-new-game-assembloids-2600/ Since it hit the AA store https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1094 It got 7 quite positive reviews (thank you . Some rather short, others more elaborated. All of them are highlty appreciated! 8 Bit guy featured Assembloids in one of his videos: "Modern games for Vintage systems: Assembloids, Bear Essentials, and Bittboy!" I was quite amazed by it (Just as side note, this generated not a single sale) [no, I did not use a teleprompter there, we just had one shot in a hotel room during vacation which is probably why I look so serious] Since I designed the game to work with Supercharger and actually used it for testing, I made a small video of a rather unique crossdevelopment setup - though most of the game was written on a PC I was very happy personally when Metal Jesus reviewed our game in his youtube channel! http://atariage.com/forums/topic/277618-new-games-for-old-consoles-6-games-for-nes-snes-atari-2600/?do=findComment&comment=4004927 Or a direct youtube link is here: That you enjoy this game means alot to me! In fact, I spent alot of time polishing and tuning the game mechanics to make it 'more addictive'. Some seem to hesitate when they see 'yet another puzzler', but still they enjoy it. I love the style of the 'ZeroPage HomeBrew Video Gaming' channel. They play games the way they should be played Well, reading the manual would be helpful but then again: who did that? Maybe their review is a bit symptomatic? Obviously they enjoyed playing it, yet I hear 'for kids' somewhere inbetween. Are these kind of fun quick games really mostly for kids these days? I had hoped not. (This just made me thinking, no criticism here. I really enjoyed your video alot!). In the end those that played seem to value it for exactly that: quick fun with some addictive component It was mentioned in the Atariage "Party Game ;-)" thread to my delight http://atariage.com/forums/topic/277699-best-party-games/?do=findComment&comment=4007153 Even though some people actually advised against it, as he is known for his harsh reviews, I asked the VideoGame Critic to give it a try. I consider his opinon on games subjective but honest and consistent. It got an A- which I find great! Visitors voted it 'A' even. http://videogamecritic.com/2600aa.htm It also got tagged as 'hidden gem' and 'chicks dig this' (something I can confirm after the huge Exposition here and from my wife+daughter Please read his short review - he summarizes all about the game I hoped people would feel/see. Or on his forum here: http://videogamecritic.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=39461&t=16471&p=156097&hilit=assembloids#p156097 So everyone who played it, seems to really enjoy it. Friends, family, gamers and even professional gamers I got very nice feedback from people here, as well. Thank you guys. I am open for feedback of any kind here So feel free to comment if you bought it and liked it, or didnt like it or decided not to buy it. In case you consider the pricing too high, Albert just told me that a cheaper cart+manual version will be available soon, though. Is the distribution of physical boxes with the sheer amount of releases along with more convenient SD card solutions obsolete nowadays? What do you guys think? Thanks for reading, playing and being part of this community Cheers, Martin, enthusi / PriorArt
  4. A few months ago I became aware of a game (by a small company that a friend & past co-worker of mine works for now) for iPhone and Android called "LEX". It's a fast-action word puzzle that's a lot of fun to play. So... I've cloned it for the Atari 8-bit, of course! You can learn more about it, and download it from http://newbreedsoftware.com/iverba/ (or see attachment). The objective is to get as high a score as you can, by entering words. You get a stack of random letters, and create words by using some of those letters (they'll get replaced by more random letters). Similar to games like Scrabble, each letter is given a point value -- common letters have low scores, uncommon letters have high scores. The catch is, you need to use letters before they run out of time -- in LEX, the letter's color changes (as though it's filling up) from bottom to top; in Invenis Verba, I draw a little vertical line next to each letter -- if any letter "fills up", the game ends! Different letters' meters fill up at different rates -- common letters fill up fast, uncommon letters fill up more slowly. The current release of the game (1.0, my first beta release) contains two dictionaries: English (4800 3- to 8-letter words), and German (2000 3- to 8-letter words). Others can be made, which I'll get into a little below. (It's late, so in the end, I'll probably wait for people to ask for help before I try to explain everything in too much detail.) Due to how I've constructed the dictionaries, only 15 ASCII characters (A-Z) from each language's alphabet are used. (I pick the most frequently-used letters, then grab all of the 3- to N-letter words that contain just those letters. In English, based on the /usr/share/dict/american-english file on my Ubuntu laptop, it uses A, C, D, E, G, I, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, T, and U.) I've also had success generating French, Italian and Spanish dictionaries. I've been developing this game on my Linux laptop, entering TurboBASIC XL code as plain ASCII into a text editor, and then using a tool I made during the NOMAM 2014 contest to convert that to ATASCII, and fire up Atari800 emulator to actually load and run the code. I made another simple tool (in PHP of all things; it's because I use it all day at my day job!) to come up with, and store/pack the dictionary files. I use a binary search to find words in the dictionary -- you can't just enter random junk and get points, it has to be a word -- and it's playable but kind of slow in straight TubroBASIC XL. Therefore, the ATR disk image I released (at the site above, or also attached to this post) contains the compiled TBXL, which runs much faster. (Note: I'll be tweaking the meter speed, since now that goes a little too fast.) I've also posted the source code & tools & instructions I use to build the game, so if you have a Linux box handy, you should be able to play with the code. (Maybe I need to post it to github? ) Anyway, tell me what you think! And be sure to check out LEX, which is a lot of fun to play. (Oh, and they recently open-sourced their code!) iverba-1.0.atr
  5. I was originally going to make keep this as a mini Atari art project to see how many levels I could remake from Super Mario World in Bb, until I realized that more of the game was re-create-able than I thought(if I use tricks like making the game in separate roms giant file sized PS1 game style). Right now, these are just the levels with not much point(no enemies, powerups ect) and Iggy/Bowser can't hurt you. I posted the pictures on a status update of the stand-alone levels. Though I'll link these again https://imgur.com/a/f0KpE2k I'll also list the levels percentage completed : Bowser Boss - %30 complete(cannot harm each other, and starts off in a blank space until you press left/right) Iggy Boss - %50 complete(no collision with lava, or the boss, no way to attack) Yoshi's House - %100 complete(this was a useless level in the original and same will be here) Top Secret Area - %95 complete(no power-ups) Yoshi's Island 2 - %10 complete(level map done, nothing else) Yellow Switch Palace - %99 complete(needs a level end). Star Road 2 - %40 complete(lacks enemies, level completion, and gravity). Star Road 3 - %10 complete(just the level map done). As for the rest, of everything. Due to Nintendo's strictness with Mario(and their IPs in general) the project will not be finished past this point . If Nintendo does see this. I will take down these roms by any Nintendo rep's request. I will share these for now though. Bowser Battle.bin Iggy Fight.bas.bin StarRoad2.bas.bin TopSecretArea.bas.bin YellowSwitchPalace.bas.bin YoshiHouse.bas.bin
  6. Hi All. I finally decided to register with Atariage!! I'm glad i did (thank you Jay!). Some of you may be aware of my previous Aquarius game AQUARIWORM that was released last year on physical cassette tape via Cronosoft (the first commercial tape release for the Aquarius in over 35 years!)... Well, just yesterday my new Aquarius game BOMB CATCHER 2 was released! Again, as a physical cassette tape through Cronosoft!! Both Aquariworm and Bomb Catcher 2 are available to purchase from Cronosoft's main site for a very modest fee. I make no money for the sales, it all goes towards keeping the homebrew market alive, thanks to the awesome non-profit Cronosoft. I am a retro computer collector and restorer with over 100 machines (not inc dupes!) in my collection. The Aquarius was my first computer! and I still own it! I love writing games for the wee blue key underdog! Aquariworm is also available as a digital download (BC2 will follow suit) via itch.io and any donations go to the Centre for Computing History Museum in Cambridge. So if you want a couple of new games for your Mattel Aquarius.... then click the link! https://cronosoft.fwscart.com/MATTEL_AQUARIUS/cat5357733_4720275.aspx I'm hoping to code more games for the platform as time goes on, and I'm already working on a platform game.
  7. Hey, since I've already posted asking for help with this, I thought I may as well introduce my project: Air Hockey Which may be usurped by RealSports Air Hockey once the Intellivision releases its contender to Air Hockey, and finally Super Air Hockey with it's at-table perspective and red label when the Atari 2600 gets re-released as the Atari Jr. Only Kidding. Move your paddles in not one--but TWO distinct directions! Hold fire to move TWICE AS FAST! Hit reset to reset the game when YOUR FRIEND STARTS TO BEAT YOU! Realize it's still just a work in progress when THE PUCK STARTS TO CLIP WITH THE PADDLE! Here's a screenshot of it so far: Still a work in progress, here's the ROM so far: airhockey.7-25-2017.bin airhockey.7-26-2017.bin airhockey.bas airhockey.7-27-2017.bin
  8. Hello All; I am a new developer to the 2600 programming scene and I haven’t really got any previous assembly programming experience especially in 6502. I have been working on a game in which the player is a spaceship that can move freely around the playing field and there will be enemies and other things coming down the screen that the ship has to blow up, dodge collect ect.. The code I have uploaded is my best effort at putting together a framework to create such a game. However I have stumbled into several issues I feel I need advice from a more seasoned developer. The first issue with the drawing kernel is that I don’t keep track of the player line correctly when jumping to another mini kernel to draw an enemy as well as the player. I was wondering if anyone could look at this code and advise me how the code could be modified to fix this issue. The second issue is that I am struggling to keep a constant scanline count when I add more complex routines after drawing the frame. This is because of loops that can take a varying number of cycles to complete depending on the items on screen and the more branching gets introduced. I have an example of this in my “game field processing routine” And finally to progress the framework further I need to be able to horizontally position the enemy sprites independently. I haven’t even tried this as I feel I need advice on how to do this as the positioning routines I know of all require you to consume two whole scanlines to enable the fine positioning. There is a whole raft of other things I want to add like animation of sprites but I want to get a solid foundation before I progress the game further. Any help would be greatly appreciated! src.zip kernel.bin
  9. Attached is a new game, still rather rough but I'm interested in any feedback. I may have gone a little overboard on the dark humour here, so if you're easily offended, please run back to mommy, please be warned! ZombieAttack!.xex Zombie Attack Manual.pdf P.S. Imp is still being worked on, I'm finding the level design to be a major pita, but hopefully we'll see something soon.
  10. I just finished programming my first 2600 game. It's called Boy and it's 8k. It's the only game I know of that combines a brother's love with an emotional phone call along with the effects of eating way too much gas station beef jerky. It will probably end up being a worldwide sensation... but for now, I would be content to see it make it onto a handful of cartridges that I can give to family and friends. Currently, I play it on my Harmony cart. Can anybody kindly provide some information as to how to make this happen? I'd like to have the carts made by the end of June. I'm sure there are answers somewhere on this great site but I haven't found them. Thanks! The exciting title screen... Should I answer the phone? Is it Boy? Will his love make me uncomfortable? Why did he eat so much of that gas station beef jerky?
  11. Hi everyone, as of this week, Assembloids 2600 is available in the AtariAge store. https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1094 Thanks Albert! And also thanks for Thomas Jentzsch who published his savekey code which enabled us to support it for this game and all of its skill levels. I set up a simple score chart here: http://assembloids.de/scores.html and I will update it with incoming scores pasted to this thread (or other sources). Would be great to see what people reach. So far the highest scores I saw were from Sven the graphics artist who made the game with me and my wife (myself as well . During the German Gamescom last year we witnessed several people returning to our stand to improve their play. The attached file is an animated GIF from some shots during that event. I believe the highest skill levels pose a serious challenge to anyone (and quite possibly to your heart). Best wishes and thanks to all of you who helped getting this game done and out! Cheers, Martin
  12. Hi, I would like to announce that we (XXL, Odyn1ec & me) are working on "Hobgoblin 2" for Atari XL/XE - a conversion of BBC Micro game by David Parsons. Our version should be ready this year, and let me present you the first teaser: You probably remember "Hobgoblin" (2008), the conversion of the first part. This time there's going to be much more changes of the original game (including new in-game graphics and a new level). In the video you may see the animation for the loading screen. The team: - code: XXL - title screen and ending screens, game logo, loading animation, the video: Jarek "Odyn1ec" Wyszyński - in-game graphics, new level design: Adam Wachowski - music: XLent, Michał "Caruso" Brzezicki, Michał "stRing" Radecki
  13. Hi All, I've been trying to get brave enough to stick this game out into the ether. So here I am taking the plunge! It's basically my own take of the 8-bit game, Nadral. I did this purely for the pleasure of it (!) and to further my batariBasic skills. I didn't actually have any intention of sharing it with the world, but I figure nobody has tried to cram this game in to the Atari 2600 before! So it's not exactly a polished release... The game is called Oof Rescue! for reasons which I have explained in my blog. I hope it's okay to link to it from here? The binary is at the bottom of the blog: https://www.bpharoah.co.uk/oof-rescue/ Despite my best efforts to crunch the bytes down, I've pretty much filled up all the banks available. So the enemy AI is very basic. However, I did cram in 6 enemies, 25 maps, 8 levels and 412 rooms - so I'm pleased with that! Please be gentle with me! Edit: I've just got this working with Stellerator in the browser: Play Oof Rescue! oofescape.bas.bin
  14. Hi everyone interested, while we are at the middle of creating our entry for the 30 years Lynx compo organized by atarigamer.com, I thought it might be nice to share some details on tools or concepts we use. I will happily answer questions but some replies may take a while during the compo We work on a rendition of Assembloids, a fast-paced action puzzler. The concept was originally developed by Photonstorm for the flash game 'Quartet' and we ported it to C64 and Atari2600. The original artist contributed to the C64 variant back then and we have the official ok to spread the love across multiple systems. The Atari Lynx surely was missing so far! We try our best to give it some different style and touch for each system and to make the best use of the given hardware. Not too long ago we formed some hobbyist homebrew game-dev group 'PriorArt' and you can find us here: http://priorartgames.eu For Assembloids Lynx, I (Martin) work on the code, Oliver 'v3to' Lindau does most of the main graphics and Kamil 'jammer' Wolnikowski is the man behind the sound effects and music. I get most fun out of developing for any platform when I have everything understood from scratch and am aware of every single byte written. This also means that all bugs are my own So everything is written in assembly language and I usually write my own tools. For this game the only external tool I use is 'sprpck' that basically does exactly what I need and had not time/motivation to write my own converter Thank you for it! But no other libraries, loaders, converters or routines by others were used. This may sound tedious but it is half-the-fun. Of course this approach heavily relies on information available somewhere and I thank in particular: Bjoern Spruck for detailed information and examples, Bastian Schick for much of the legacy documentation and pioneering work, Karri for sharing thoughts and enthusiasm, And LXdev for his 'Diary of an Atari Lynx developer' which was a great start! And also Bernd Thomas for his flashcard that I needed alot to test things on real hardware which still differs alot from emulation, Sascha 'Luchs' for hints and contacts and a couple of hardware-tests, i.e. for the true RGB image routine the Retrokompott podcast (with Oliver Lindau) who triggered my urge to look into the Lynx, Igor from atariage.com for constructing a 'center of knowledge and information' for the Atari Lynx + everyone involved in emulation-development which is the key for anything getting done today [sorry if I forgot something while writing this up, feel free to ping me or simply comment here] And, naturally, my own group mates for their patience during endless (still ongoing) test-iterations Preferring coding in assembler from scratch, I soon needed/wanted some own loading routine. The one I now use loads pretty fast and the whole loader fits into the smallest possible decode-unit of 50 bytes. There is an Atariage thread about the start of my routine. I also prefer to stay optimal and not 'waste' space (this is purely emotional these days as 128KB or 1MB hardly make no cost difference anymore). Anyway, Assembloids Lynx suits into a 128KB cartridge. This is already way too much text so I will take a break here and add details here and there Cheers, Martin 'enthusi' Wendt
  15. Hi guys, it's been a long time since the last time I browse this forums, I'm happy to see that everything is still alive (sort of). A few years ago I started to learn about 2600 programming (almost 10 years :s) I made a few tests and even started a "game" but but I left it because I didn't have any cool ideas for my game, I found the code a few days ago and I was thinking in finishing this up, but I don't have any ideas yet (in 10 years... good thing I'm not a game designer) I'm a big fan of Yar's revenge and when I first started this I was thinking of something similar but back then I couldn't think of anything and I can't yet lol. So I'm reaching for you guys, If you have some great idea to finish (or keep going) this game it would be awesome, I'm including the bin, right now is nothing but a demo (the spider-web in the corner was some sort of neutral sort (like yar's) and that's it, any idea guys!? Thanks! zi.bin
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