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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, I'm new here on atariage, because I need some advice. I have bought in 2008 from Atari2600.com 2 Original Boulder Dash cartridges for the Atari 5200. Yellow one with serial: 080 of 100 Red one with serial: 085 of 100 I have only opened the shippingbox they came in and never the games them self, so they are new and in the seal. So I have the Original shippingbox and bill and email proof form JC Atari2600.com. They are Original FSS release by Atari2600.com see year 2006 (https://firststarsoftware.com/boulderdash-htm/) I only want to know what they are worth today? Many thanks!
  2. Hi guys! I and my friend decided to bring something new to you. The joystick. But we need some feedback before it. Description: We decided to find out a way how to make new Atari Joysticks and similar joysticks with 3D printer. We try to have as similar as possible construction for the same impression of playing games like the original old joysticks. But we have one thing in our construction different. Our Stick will be exchangeable and modulable. We will have more types of sticks and you can choose what type you want. Sticks will have different shape, size etc. Our questions are: 1) Is this idea interesting for you? 2) Are you looking for some new joystick because your old was damaged? 3) What types of sticks do you prefer? What joysticks do you like? What was your favourite joystick in 80/90's? ( CX40, QuickShot etc. ) 4) Would you like exchangeable stick at your joystick ( when you will get tired of the old type of stick you can simply change it for another one ) or you'd rather buy another new joystick when you want to exchange the stick? 5) Is the autofire function important for you? 6) How long stick movement do you prefer? ( short movement is like pressing a small button, long movement is like pressing a key on your keyboard ) 7) Do you like an idea that you can buy only the 3D data for your 3D printer and make it for your own? 8) Do you have some tips why this idea doesn't make sense? For example you can buy really new QuickShot on Ebay etc. Progress: Thank you for your time, sharing and answers! Best regards, EnJoyStick Team
  3. I am pleased to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for the boxed edition of Nox Archaist is now live! Click here to pledge! What's better than a brand new, hand-coded 8-bit classic 80s era tile based RPG? Answer: One that comes in an awesome collector's edition box with lots of cool physical goodies! What's even better than that? When the game will also feature an NPC appearance by Lord British, the alter ego of Richard Garriott, the creator of the Ultima series of games! Pledges include the following awesome stuff: *Full color collector’s game box *Cloth map *Printed manual *Game artifacts such as coins of the realm and various other cool trinkets All Nox Archaist boxed editions will include 5.25" floppy disks for real Apple II hardware and a flash drive for Mac and Windows PC emulators. The game will also run on real and emulated hard drives with ProDOS installed. We can't wait to get Nox Archaist into a collector's edition box and put it in your hands. Click here to pledge!
  4. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 291443090875 For sale is a BRAND NEW AND SEALED collector's edition (Kollector's edition) of Mortal Kombat for the Xbox 360. This comes with two sculpted book end statues that are exquisitely detailed. It also includes the Mortal Kombat Xbox 360 game, some download codes for some free content you can download from Xbox Live, and a 100 page art book. This item is brand new, unopened and factory sealed. Please note, the picture where am I showing what the book ends looks like is one I took of the one I purchased for my own video game collection. I now have 1 other sealed one still for sale.You will get a sealed copy, not the one I opened already. I am just showing that picture for demonstration purposes. Shipping will be $20 anywhere in North America and will include tracking and insurance. Package will be placed inside another cardboard box and some material will be placed inside to cushion it during shipping.
  5. Hello and welcome, I always thought the idea of a real life Atari gaming event was awesome. This system has quick, energetic games that get the blood flowing which is perfect for a social gathering. It's a bummer that this event is only one weekend, in one state. (Cali) And I'm not able to attend those meetups. However, I thought It would be fun to host an Atari Party of my own every week on my Twich Channel: AtariParty I've got around 150 games in my collection, and a supercharger to load games from my pc, so there will be lots of options. Game will be played on an ACTUAL CONSOLE Voting for the next game would be fun, too. I was wondering if this sounds like a good idea to anybody. I will be starting TOMORROW, Tuesday night around 6PM Central Time, and hopefully stream every other Tuesday, too! Hope to see some of you over at twitch.tv/atariparty -blade
  6. Here are a bunch more iPad & iPhone iOS games I have been playing lately. Lots of really fun games that don't cost a lot. Joe Danger Touch 10000000 Super Hexagon The Room Raiden Legacy You Don't Know Jack Pitfall! Momonga Pinball Adventures Dale Grahn Color What mobile games have you been playing lately?
  7. I recently finished a project where I had to gut these from new aftermarket controllers.These function with the Nintendo entertainment system. These would serve as direct replacement in an old worn out NES controller and work great. I have about 19 of them. PM me if you want all or one of them.
  8. Just letting you guys know, I created a forum just recently which discusses retro gaming and collecting as well as some modern gaming. It discusses anything from pickups to emulation to modern gaming. But we prefer to stick to the retro stuff It hasn't been getting much attention, so please take the time to check it out, thanks! http://www.coolretrogamers.proboards.com/
  9. Hey guys I came across this a couple days back and I need some input on it and I know you guys are the right ones to ask. This one is outside of my field of expertise so any info to be contributed would be greatly appreciated and I'm apologizing ahead of time if this is a dumb question.. I'm trying to figure out if this Atari is NEW in Box or just CIB??.The AC adapter definitely seems new as its in its original box that seems to have never been opened. Were these atari 2600 vader systems " factory sealed" when they were produced or did they just come enclosed in this box? Looking at the box there is no sign of where it would have been sealed with sticker, No signs of glue, etc. I was told this was brand new and "never used" but i wanted to run it by you guys and see what your opinions were on it. Like i said this isn't my cup of tea. I've tried doing my research but couldn't find too much on this one. I saw a vader system bundled with 2 controllers, pac man, and combat on EBAY and it said sealed in the listing, however this particular console didn't come bundled with that stuff so I didn't know if that listing was relevant to my current situation. Let me know what you guys think? Thanks again!
  10. hello im listing some very rare atari NOS (NEW OLD SEALED ) stuff today. please see my lates ebay listings here : https://www.ebay.de/sch/m.html?_odkw=atari&_sop=3&_ssn=retronrare2014&item=162664594560&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1313.TR5.TRC2.A0.H0.Xatari+800.TRS0&_nkw=atari+800&_sacat=0 some Atari 400/800 titles are : FROGGER - CARTRIDGE (NOS) MAD-NETTER (TAPE) (NOS) ZAXXON (TAPE) (NOS) PITSTOP (TAPE) (NOS) DIMENSION X (TAPE) (NOS) ADVENTURELAND (TAPE) (NOS) BLUE MAX (TAPE) (NOS) Atari 2600 / 5200 Cartridges: Rescue on Fractalus! (NOS) - ATARI 5200 RIVER RAID SKATE BOARDIN Robot Tank etc. rare BREAK DOWN from Dynamics Hamburg still avaible : ) have phun
  11. I'd like to buy a NEW/un-used Atari 2600 CX-40 controller. Thanks!
  12. I'm only posting this new web app for info on an old console due to that this app is accessible through a modern device. Anyway, if you go to http://vectrexmuseum.com/mobile/vecapp.php you can find some info on a new web app for iphone, Ipad etc. If you go to he web browser on your device go to:http://vectrexmuseum.com/mobile/ you can find ebay auctions for UK, Germany ,and USA.
  13. Well just a few days ago I received my Sega Card Catcher for the good ol' SG-1000! Now incase you're wondering, the Card Catcher lets you play My Card games, instead of just cartridges. The card games are like PC Engine HuCards, and were made as a cheaper alternative to the cartridge format. While the cards had less memory than the carts, surprisingly many of the cards had much more complicated games than the carts. All time classics such as Gulkave, Dragon Wang(don't laugh), and H.E.R.O. were exclusively made for card. Along with my card catcher, I got 4 games. Here is a short review for each. Monaco GP- This is a re-issue of a cart game, and is a mighty fine conversion of the 1979 classic racer. The gameplay is like Bump n Jump on ColecoVision and NES, but on steroids! The game is extremely fast, with lots of obstacles on the road, and many sharp turns and jumps that you have to make. Who knew there was ice in Monaco? Also, you can set the difficulty from one enemy car on the road to three! There is much replay value in this game, and while you win the race at 80,000 points, the game keeps going after the limit of 999,999 points! Monaco GP is a lightning fast racer that will test your reflexes while being extremely fun too! Grade: A- Dragon Wang- Just the title alone is enough to make people curious. It's the only beat'em up on the system, and a pretty good one too! DW was basically Sega's response to the success of Spartan X(Kung Fu Master), and shares many similarities. You control Dragon Wang through 4 stages(though I have heard that the game loops), while kicking and kicking(no punching) enemies. On each stage, there are a number of floors. There is a boss on each floor. For example, on the first stage you have to fight Bosoh, Nunchan, and Warpman. On the next stage you must fight those 3 bosses plus RB-TT(a robot, how awesome?). From each boss Wang gets a key, and he must have all the keys to beat each level. There are also lots of traps on each stage. Watch out for the waving balls(don't laugh), non-fatal trap doors, and gates that you have to kick through. For being the only fighting game on the SG-1000, Dragon Wang is a really good game. Why only really good? The difficulty is rather high, and many people give up after the first MINI-BOSS!! Don't worry, with a day or two of practice you can beat this game. I've only owned this game for a day and I can get to the last stage(Jonathan beats me)! Give this game a try and you will at least have some fun. Grade: B+ Champion Ice Hockey- I don't like sports games. This is an ice hockey game. That means your players slip and slide everywhere. I've only played this game once, but it was too hard for me. Team Pixelboy is converting this game to ColecoVision, so maybe it's good, but I have no idea. Grade: N/A Drol- This is one of the few computer ports for the system, and a rather fun one, too. Drol is a game by Aik Beng where you control a robot that moves down platforms through trap doors while shooting many different monsters. On each of the three levels, Drol must save someone. On stage 1, he must save a girl and a crocodile, stage 2 a girl and a lizard, and on stage 3 the kids' mom. Drol can not only shoot but fly as well, making him able to go up trap doors and shoot arrows, swords, and flying birds into roast chicken! After the 3 levels, there is a cutscene and the next round starts. I can only get to the end of round 2, but round 2 introduces flying drones, and now the enemies can spit at you. There are 5 rounds in total. Drol is a highly original concept that has been executed very well, with lots of bright and colorful graphics, fast-paced shooting, and happy music. This is a game that you have to play! Grade: A Hopefully you all enjoyed these mini-reviews. If you are interested, here is a link to a list of sg-1000 roms and a picture from the ebay auction. Happy gaming, and long live SEGA.
  14. New MiniVex controller for Atari 2600 / VCS combines a joystick, paddle, and driving controller all in one unit! Up until now, MiniVex controllers were made for the Vectrex (with the exception of the MiniVex Pedal I, which is compatible with both Vectrex and Atari) but this one is strictly Atari compatible. Compact size fits right in your hand, see second photo for size comparison. ONE cord and ONE plug, you can play your favorite games, one after the other, without having to unplug and plug in all the different controllers. Case is made of tough steel, has a weighty feel to it. Two toggle switches on the back. One selects joystick or paddle function, and the other toggles between paddle "A" and paddle "B." The black button on the back enables and disables the driving controller. Two buttons for your convenience, no matter if you're left or right handed. Either button can be used with any of the three controllers. Driving controller on the left, paddle on the right. Joystick in the center has the feel of an analog stick but functions like a digital one. All new parts used in the making, so there'll be no jittering during Breakout or Indy 500. This and other MiniVex controllers are hand-made by me, so they aren't cosmetically perfect. They do come with a 30-day repair guarantee. A handful of these will be auctioned on eBay during the next few weeks, as they get made. The hand-making process is slow, and how many will ultimately be made remains up in the air at this point. Please see this and my other eBay listings under seller name "classicgamesandcarsfan." Larry
  15. I recently bought a broken intellivision off of eBay, and after messing around with it i believe that the problem is the CPU. I don't have a working unit, or any other units for that matter. I was hoping i could find a new cpu (preferably a whole board, in case there is any other problems with it) from someone on this form. I really want to try and play some intv games, especially since they are cheap.
  16. Hi everyone. First post here. I am looking to purchase a new (in box/unopened) Atari 2600. Are there any out here being sold? Thanks!
  17. Hi everyone. First post here. I am looking to purchase a new (in box/unopened) Atari 2600. Are there any out here being sold? Thanks!
  18. Hi friends, If you don’t need any convincing and are already interested in checking out a new podcast dedicated to retro gaming, then cool! Here are the links: Episode 1 – Lawnmowers! Episode 2 – Attack of the Canadians! Otherwise, here is my humble pitch: Collaborative retro gaming features site 1 More Castle now has our own weekly podcast, affectionately titled 1 More Podcastle. We just released our second episode last night, but I can already say that we are proud of our product and hope to gain some early adopter fans that can stick with us throughout a long haul of conversational fun. So the key question is: “Is 1 More Podcastle worth listening to every week?” While I hope the answer is “yes,” if I were completely honest, the answer is probably closer to “maybe.” So, in order to help you make your decision whether or not to give it an honest chance, here are some specific details about the podcast. Our scene is 100% retro. In episode 2, there is a brief tangent about Assassin’s Creed, but even then, it was used as a point about one of the flaws of modern gaming. Now, we believe video games are generally great and the modern scene is not an enemy – but this podcast is explicitly, totally retro-centric. You will hear about the NES, Sega Genesis, Turbografx 64, PS1, Atari 2600, etc. Our episodes are fairly short. The second episode clocks in at just over 30 minutes. If you’re the kind of person who likes a solid 90-minute ‘cast, you may need to listen to 3 of our episodes back-to-back-to-back! We are aiming for a format that would approach 45 minutes at its longest. Our tone is lighthearted and breezy. Our draw is the Retro Showdown. Our format is fairly simple: Typical intros/icebreaker, a retro gaming discussion question, a musical interlude… then the Showdown. We have three hosts, who each give a 2-minute pitch about the retro game they picked for the episode. Then we go into about 10 minutes of free-for-all discussion/debate/argument about whose game is best. This is fun for us, so we hope it’s fun for listeners too. And here’s the kicker: Listeners can vote on the episode page for their favorite game of the trio presented. We argue, you give us feedback on whose argument was most convincing, and leave a comment too if you want. I am not very iSavvy myself, but I believe we are available on iTunes as well. So if you like podcasts and you like retro gaming – really, just try us out. Let me know what you think! Thanks.
  19. We are pleased to announce that the three winners of the Nox Archaist graphics contest are: Bill Giggie : shark and palm tree mmphosis-apple2 : portcullis Kurt Brenson : street lamp Many thanks to these individuals and everyone who participated in the contest! Please email us at [email protected] to confirm your contact information for receiving contest prizes. Here is a link to gameplay videos and screenshots showing the winning tiles: http://www.6502workshop.com/2016/08/graphics-contest-winners.html Also, follow the URL below to check out the latest Nox Archaist feature - the ability for players to illuminate the night with a torch or other player generated light source. http://www.6502workshop.com/2016/07/new-feature-player-light-source.html Thanks, 6502 Workshop Team http://www.noxarchaist.com
  20. After almost 20 months of anticipation, Left Turn Only Productions proudly presents, Christmas Carol vs. The Ghost Of Christmas Presents A new and original game, packed with retro-arcade game action. The game will be released in cartridge, packed in a beautiful "gate-fold" style box, complete with full-color glossy manual and hand-controller overlays. Carol will make her grand debut at the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, so if any of you are attending, please stop buy the Left Turn Only/Elektronite booth. We will have few games and other goodies ready to sell. General release and online purchase options will be announced later in the official web site for the game, at: http://www.ChristmasCarolTheGame.com http://www.CarolVsGhost.com So bookmark the page, and watch this space, and remember... The children of the world are counting on you. Can you save Christmas?
  21. The homebrew community enjoys robust support, with new PCBs being produced for new games and repros. But eventually, the hardware will fail and disappear. Is there a cost-effective way to produce new, but technologically authentic pre-crash consoles?
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