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Found 38 results

  1. Hello ColecoVision fans. First and foremost, I'd like to wish you all a very Happy New Year, to you and your families and friends. As you saw one week ago, I made some interesting updates to teampixelboy.com, in particular a few new titles (namely 1942, Bomber King, Ghost and Prisoner of War). All the games now listed in the "ongoing projects" section of my web site constitute my final projects as ColecoVision publisher. And I mean it this time: In the past few months, I turned down several potential projects from programmers who I consider good friends. All good things must come to an end and I want to wrap up all these remaining projects in 2019 so that I may finally retire. For the short term, my plan is to release Uridium, QBIQS, The Cure, Multiverse, Booming Boy and Arcomage next spring. After that, things get a little murky. I want to finish beta-testing Space Shuttle, and I really don't know how long that's going to take. The longer it takes, the higher the odds that a couple of the final titles will get pushed back to early 2020. But anyhow, the plan (for now) is to get everything done and released by next Christmas. You may also remember the eight SG-1000 ports that were announced back in 2017. I've done my part with those projects, and the ball is now squarely in Albert's court to get the boxes, manuals and cartridges manufactured, so that these games may be released via the AtariAge Store. Here's hoping there will be more progress with these games this year. It's out of my hands at this point. As for the ColecoVision trading cards project, I'm going to work on that as free time permits (probably during my lunch breaks at the office) and perhaps I'll be able to release at least one series of trading cards before the year's over. No promises though, other projects on my to-do list have higher priority. And that's about it. No long-winded explanations like I usually do for the first news bulletin of the year, I just want to wrap things up and walk away saying "mission accomplished". This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities. Happy News Year!
  2. Salutations, ColecoVisionatives! I'd like to take a moment to wish you all Happy Holidays! Pursuing the Team Pixelboy tradition, look at the bottom of this post for some free ROMs of past Team Pixelboy releases! Many thanks to Antoni Burguera, Armando Pérez Abad, nanochess and Riddler for letting me post the ROMs of their respective games. Also, I'd like to invite you all to visit teampixelboy.com, as I just finished uploading lots of updates and new material in the "ongoing projects" section. The only box image missing is the one for Uridium. I'll be starting work on the box template of that game tomorrow morning, and I'll upload the box image as soon as it's ready. Sadly, I have yet to receive the electronics for Gauntlet, so I cannot officially release the game today as I had planned. All the boxes are glued, the manuals have been printed, and I even bought a stack of shipping boxes, so assuming I receive the cartridge PCBs soon, it shouldn't be too long a wait. One week from now, I'll be posting another Team Pixelboy News Bulletin, in which I will expose my plans for 2019. Again, Happy Holidays to all of you! This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities. goonies_colecovision_sgm.rom twinbee_colecovision_sgm.rom spelunker_colecovision_sgm.rom stone_of_wisdom_colecovision_sgm.rom knightmare_colecovision_sgm.rom super_pac_man_colecovision_sgm.rom caos_begins_colecovision_sgm.rom majikazo_colecovision_sgm.rom knight_lore_colecovision_sgm.rom mappy_colecovision_sgm.rom rallyx_colecovision_sgm.rom mecha9_colecovision_sgm.rom operation_wolf_colecovision_sgm.rom
  3. Salutations, ColecoVision fans. Welcome to another (much delayed) Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. I'd say it's about time to go over all my projects and give everyone an update on everything. TAKING A BREAK As you are all well aware, it took a lot longer than I anticipated to ship all the budget boxes and honor all pre-orders. And it's not over yet: I just finished sending notifications to the last group of customers about their ready-to-ship games, and I'll be processing orders for the remainder of the week (and probably slightly beyond). I've been gluing boxes, assembling carts and processing orders since January, and I think I deserve a nice break for the summer. So after all pending pre-orders will have been honored, I will take a break until late August. I will continue to answer e-mails, of course, and I will record pre-orders as they come, but I won't actively work to make new copies of games for the next couple of months. I will work on a personal project (which is not ColecoVision-related) during my summer break, and after that project is completed, I will get back on the Team Pixelboy saddle. It's now clear to me that I won't be able to release the usual lot of new titles in time for Christmas 2018, so what I'll do instead is release just two games before the end of the year, namely Space Shuttle and Gauntlet. Why those two games? Because the boxes and cart labels have already been printed. I just need to finish beta-testing Space Shuttle, and complete the manuals for both games, and then all that will be left to do will be gluing boxes and assembling cartridges. I'm sure I can get that done by December. THE OTHER GAMES ON THE HORIZON For the next release lineup (Uridium, The Cure, QBIQS, Booming Boy, Multiverse and Arcomage) my goal for the remainder of 2018 will be to prepare the box templates, so that I can have all the boxes printed early next year. All of those games have already passed the beta-testing phase except for Multiverse and Arcomage, and I'll work to beta-test those games ASAP. I wish I could do more this year, but to the best of my estimates, that's the best I'll be able to do between now and Christmas. If nothing prevents me from preparing the manuals for those games during winter 2019, they should be ready to ship in April/May of next year. That's the plan anyway. The remaining games on my to-do list (namely Jewel Panic, Utopia and 1942) will be released near the end of 2019. MORE GAMES FROM ATARIAGE Many people are already aware of the old Team Pixelboy titles which are now offered on the AtariAge Store. Some are currently sold out, but more copies will be manufactured in the coming weeks. Boxxle and The Black Onyx will eventually be added to the AtariAge Store, but I don't know when exactly. Me and Albert will be working on that. Another project we'll be working on is the group of eight SG-1000 games ported to ColecoVision by Mystery Man last year, namely GP World, Mikie, N-Sub, Sega Flipper, Sindbad Mystery, Star Jacker, Zaxxon II and Zoom 909. All of them have passed the beta-testing phase, and now we need to move forward on the box and manual templates. I will work on the box templates this fall (that job shouldn't take me very long to complete) while Albert will handle the manuals and the cartridge assemblies. We're not currently working with any deadline in mind, we're just going to push this project along as free time permits. Those games will probably be released next year. A HANDFUL OF BUDGET GAMES AVAILABLE When I got the boxes printed for the budget series, some of those boxes had misprints or were damaged during shipping. The printer company sent me replacements for the damaged goods, and they also sent me a few additional boxes "just in case". I've decided to create some brand new complete-in-box copies of some of the budget games with those extra boxes, and they're ready to ship right now! First come, first served! Here's what's available: - Caverns of Titan x 3 - Cold Blood x 2 - Shouganai x 4 - Frostbite x 1 - Danger Tower x 2 - J.E.T.P.A.C. x 2 - Sudoku x 6 CONCLUSION - CALLING ALL PAL COLECOVISION FANS! A customer very recently contacted me and provided evidence that he's experiencing problems with Children of the Night on his PAL ColecoVision console. To be precise, he's seeing corrupted graphics whenever he accesses the status screen. Could someone else who owns a PAL ColecoVision console and a copy of Children of the Night please check this for us? Just start a new game and access the status screen with the (*) key. This concludes this edition of the Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities.
  4. Hello ColecoVision lovers! First of all, I'd like to wish everyone here a wonderful New Year. May you be spared the atrocious calamities which inevitably besiege mankind every year, like war, disease, climate disasters, economic woes, etc. But above all that, may your ColecoVision console (or ADAM computer) keep running smoothly throughout 2015 and beyond. Like, it's important to have your priorities straight, you know... So what does Team Pixelboy have in store for your beloved ColecoVision/ADAM this year? Well, one thing you have to know about me is that I'm not the kind of guy who makes New Year resolutions. Such resolutions are just a way to boost one's ego just long enough to make a good impression among family and friends, and then sweep such "life-changing" decisions under the rug when no one's looking. I'm more into making New Year commitments. Where Team Pixelboy is concerned, I am hereby publicly making one single commitment: To have all ongoing projects finished and behind me before 2015 is over. If the software of any ongoing Team Pixelboy project is not finalized by the end of December 2015, that project will be cancelled, pure and simple. If anything happens in 2016 with Team Pixelboy, it will be related to sales and customer service only. The truth is, I don't even want to think about what I'll be doing in 2016, I just want to focus on what I need to do to fulfill this year's commitment of final closure. What are these "ongoing" projects, you ask? They're all listed on teampixelboy.com, and I'm going to list them below as well, but before I do that, I need to mention that the situation with Eduardo Mello being what it is, there's no telling what's going to happen this year with the second run of Super Game Modules. I'm certainly not going to start making promises on Eduardo's behalf, nor am I holding my breath for whatever Opcode Games has in store for us unsuspecting ColecoVision fans. The first day of the New Year is all about making wishes of good will, and I do wish that Eduardo finally delivers what many have already paid for, but just between you and me, I think the guy's just fed up and that's why we hardly ever hear from him anymore. There, I said it. I think it needed to be said. BOXXLE Mystery Man finished the software of Boxxle last summer, but neither me or him have been able to find sufficient time to beta-test it fully, and that's why the release of Boxxle was pushed back to 2015. Since puzzles are structured in groups of ten and the player cannot move on to the next group until all puzzles in the current group have been solved, you can understand how a single error in the puzzle data could prevent the player from completing a puzzle, and thus prevent him from finishing the game. Thorough beta-testing of this game is therefore essential, and it's something I want to do myself, with Mystery Man's help of course. I'll be spending all my free time in January and February beta-testing Boxxle. JEWEL PANIC I made some good progress on Jewel Panic last spring, but I haven't touched that project in several months. Daniel Bienvenu created some awesome background music for the game last summer, after I showed him a work-in-progress version of the game, and with the Jewel Panic boxes already printed, I definately intend to finish that project. But it won't be easy: Not only do I have to code the remainder of the game's features and find a way to compile the source code (in C language) to produce a bankswitched ROM that works with my Activision PCB, I also have to make sure the EEPROM feature works (to save the high score tables) and I also have to fix some graphic glitches that started popping up at runtime after the last modifications I made to the code. After Boxxle's beta-testing phase is done, I will turn my full attention to Jewel Panic, probably in March and April. FRONT LINE - STANDARD CONTROLLER EDITION Almost two months ago, Eduardo Mello gave me a ROM of Front Line hacked to work with standard controllers, just as I requested, and I have to say the game is surprisingly fun to play! Unfortunately, while I was playing this hack I encountered some graphic glitches which Eduardo has yet to fix. So if we choose to look at it in a glass-half-full kind of way, we can say that a simple graphic bug is all that's standing in the way of Front Line SCE's release. Hopefully this will finally be resolved some time this year. GHOSTBUSTERS, THE STONE OF WISDOM AND SPELUNKER Eduardo made a public comment last summer about having made decisive progress with the MSX port of Ghostbusters, but to this day, he still hasn't shared with me a single beta ROM file of the ColecoVision version. If you're reading this, Eduardo, I don't doubt that you've done a lot of work on it, and that you want to finish the job once and for all, but you should know that the clock is ticking... Eduardo is also supposed to do the MSX ports of The Stone of Wisdom and Spelunker, and as far as I know, he hasn't started working on those ports yet. The boxes for those two games are already printed, and since communications between me and Eduardo are so lacking, I'm currently exploring alternatives to make sure that those boxes will not go to waste. SPACE SHUTTLE - A JOURNEY INTO SPACE You didn't see that one coming, did you? Well, maybe you did because I've mentioned my intention to publish this game several times in the past. Publishing a ColecoVision version of Space Shuttle has been a pet project of mine ever since I discovered the existence of the MSX version. And now, I can say with confidence that's it's finally going to happen, because Mystery Man has graciously accepted to tackle the challenge of porting the MSX game to the ColecoVision. You've seen what Mystery Man can do, and I have full confidence in his programming abilities, so barring any unfortunate real-life incident, the only reason Space Shuttle will not get released on ColecoVision will be because of a technical issue for which Mystery Man can't find a workaround. And by the way, for those who are interested in this game, it's pretty much 100% certain that it will require the Super Game Module to function, because the MSX version requires more than 1K of RAM. It's unknown yet whether it will run on an ADAM without the SGM. Each copy of the game will also come with a controller overlay, but that much is obvious. KNIGHTMARE To make a long story short, Eduardo Mello decided to take Knightmare away from Team Pixelboy and release it under his own Opcode Games label. This is kind of a drag considering all the money I spent on the box art, the PDF box template and the actual printing of the boxes. But you know Eduardo, he could change his mind again, and I'll keep those Knightmare boxes in storage just in case he does (until the end of 2015, that is). For now, I have removed Knightmare from the projects listed on teampixelboy.com. OTHER SECONDARY PROJECTS I have some other projects I want to see done this year, the first of which is putting 5 prototype cartridges of Champion Ice Hockey up for auction on eBay. The game hasn't gone through rigorous testing, so the carts will indeed be prototypes, but in order to avoid eBay's seek-and-destroy protocols towards homebrews, I will avoid using the term "prototype" or "homebrew" in the auction description. I'm not sure when these eBay auctions will happen, but it could be as early as March. Another project of mine is producing more copies of past SGM games (Dragon's Lair, Zaxxon Super Game, etc.) but this will only happen once Eduardo Mello ships the second run of SGMs. I've said this many times in the past to many people, but it bears repeating. By the way, I haven't given up on the ColecoVision trading cards project, but looking at how much I'll have on my plate between now and next December with the final roundup of Team Pixelboy games, I don't think I'll have any time to put on even a single series of trading cards. It's a pitty too, because I definately still want to do it. On a final note, I have arcade posters of SubRoc 3D and Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom, which I used for the box art of SubRoc Super Game and Buck Rogers Super Game. I no longer have any use for these posters, so if you would like to have them, or if you know anyone who would like to have them, please send me a PM. If no one steps forward, I will simply throw them away, as I don't think it's worth the trouble of trying to sell such posters on eBay just to find them a good home. This concludes this Team Pixelboy news bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities. Happy New Year!
  5. Hello ColecoVision fans! Welcome to another juicy Team Pixelboy News Bulletin! Without further ado, let's get to it! NEXT RELEASES As I indicated a couple of months ago in a previous news bulletin, Joust will be released at the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, in September. The boxes, manuals and cart labels are ready, all I'm missing is the cartridge electronics. I should remind everyone that this version of Joust has all the sound effects and also a proper title screen, so it's a full-featured release, same as all other Team Pixelboy releases. Those who will not attend the Classic Gaming Expo will not have to wait very long to get their copy of Joust, as I will release the game in October, along with Subroc Super Game and The Goonies. I'm not certain of the exact date yet (it depends on several manufacturing factors) but I'm aiming for October. Three more games will be released on Christmas Day, namely Knightmare, TwinBee and Jewel Panic. I'm hoping to release Front Line SCE as well during that time frame (if not October, then Christmas). Ghostbusters and Boxxle will be released in March 2015, if all goes well. Eduardo Mello has not started the work on porting The Stone of Wisdom and Spelunker yet, so for now I prefer not to place a tentative release date on those two games. They will likely be released in 2015, that much is fairly certain. Quick note: I updated teampixelboy.com will the latest status updates for all the upcoming games. ABOUT THE SECOND RUN OF SUPER GAME MODULES A couple of days ago, Eduardo Mello announced that November was his target month for shipping the second run of Super Game Modules. This works out well for me, because if Eduardo ships the new batch of SGMs in November and most of the customers receive their order in early December, then these people will likely contact me to order some SGM games, including my past games like Dragon's Lair. What I will do is build up a list of pre-orders for those games, and in January 2015, I will get the ball rolling on making new copies of all the SGM games according to the demand. I should also mention that for the October and Christmas releases which I outlined above, I will only produce 100 copies of each game initially. But don't worry, I will produce more copies of all these games in early 2015, together with new copies of the older SGM games. THE FORCE IS STRONG WITH GOOD DEAL GAMES I would like to use this opportunity to inform everyone that I recently shipped a new batch of Battle of Hoth to Good Deal Games. This is the last batch I will ever produce for this game, but I should also mention that I have two available copies of Battle of Hoth for sale on my end. Once those two copies are sold, Battle of Hoth will be permanently sold out, and Good Deal Games will be the only place (aside from the occasional eBay auction) where you can purchase the game. I also have one single copy left of The Black Onyx, if anyone here is interested. This game will be permanently sold out as well after this last copy has been sold. ENTER THE COLECOVISION FLASHBACK It's with great pleasure that I can now announce that four Team Pixelboy games will be part of the lineup of AtGames' ColecoVision Flashback console: Princess Quest, Mecha-8, Module Man, and also Destructor SCE. It should be noted that the version of Mecha-8 included in the CV Flashback does not offer SGM-enhanced sounds, but it's really no big deal, as the "standard" music and sound effects are very good. NEW COPIES OF OLD GAMES...? I was browsing through my stuff today, and I found a handful of unused Girl's Garden boxes, 10 of them to be exact. I also found a few remaining boxes for other games like Bank Panic, Konami's Ping-Pong, etc. and it seems like a waste to just throw them away. I'm wondering if there's any potential demand for these. For Girl's Garden, I would be using standard black cartridges, not light pink ones. If you'd be interested in any past Team Pixelboy games, please post your interest in this forum thread, and I will consider your request. No promises though, right now I'm just considering the possibility... This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forums activities.
  6. Hello ColecoVision fans! Welcome to another Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. Today's edition is all about the budget games! GENERAL STATUS REPORT In terms of software, most of the budget games are complete and have passed the beta-testing phase. Kaboom! was completed this past week and is now under beta-testing. Same goes for Frostbite, which received some tweaks this past week and is also under beta-testing at the moment. The only games which are still in development are Remember the Flag and Yars' Revenge. Our friend Armando was supposed to program both those games from scratch, but as I mentioned in the previous News Bulletin, his life has changed significantly these past few months, and he was forced to back out of coding Remember The Flag. Fortunately, Oscar (a.k.a. nanochess) stepped in to pick up the project, and Remember The Flag is currently roughly 50% complete. Armando is working on Yars' Revenge, and both games should be done by the end of November, if all goes well. As for the boxes, as you can see in the pictures attached below, I received the first set of boxes (for Caverns of Titan) a few days ago. Wait, boxes for only one game? Yeah, that's kind of the bad news that comes with the good news: The people in charge of printing and assembling these two-piece boxes are a bit slow, compared to what I'm used to anyway. It takes a couple of weeks to complete a run of 100 boxes, since there's a lot of manual work involved. After they printed and shipped the Caverns of Titan boxes, the printer company asked for two more box templates, which suggests that they've streamlined their production facilities and they'll work a little faster from this point on. But it's still going to take a LOT longer than I had anticipated for me to receive the boxes for all 17 budget games. At least the boxes are ready to use straight out of the shipping box (no glueing required on my part) and they look really nice, so it's worth the wait. On a more positive note, I've done a lot of work on the manuals lately, and the contents of most of these manuals should be finalized by the end of October, if all goes well. I will also be ordering the cartridge PCBs for the first group of budget games later today (more details about these "groups" are given below) and I will assemble the carts for this first group as soon as possible (probably in December). PLANS FOR 2016 and 2017 Given that printing the budget game boxes will be a lengthy process, it seems clear to me that I should ship these games in groups of six, like I mentioned in the previous News Bulletin: First group: - Caverns of Titan - Cold Blood - Danger Tower - Kralizec Tetris - Shmup! - Sudoku Second group: - Heroes Arena - J.E.T.P.A.C. - Shouganai - Stray Cat - Traffic Jam - Txupinazo! Third group: - Deep Dungeon Adventure - Frostbite - Kaboom! - Remember The Flag - Yars' Revenge Some people said they are willing to wait until all 17 budget games are ready in order to have them all shipped together in a single shipping box, while some other people want the games shipped in small lots as they become ready to ship. Many others have ordered only a few of the budget games. In any case, the main problem here is that most people pre-ordered Yars' Revenge and Frostbite, and those are part of the third group. I expect that the printer company will have shipped all the boxes for the first group of games by mid-December. I'm still pondering my options, but for this first group, I will probably contact everyone listed in my pre-order records (probably near Christmas, according to my long-term agenda) at some point in December) and offer to ship the games that are ready. So these shipments will be processed case-by-case. With all this said, my objectives for the remainder of 2016 is: - Prepare the texts of the manuals for all 17 budget games (October) - Prepare the printable templates for the manuals of the first group of six budget games (October) - Prepare the cart labels for all 17 budget games (November) - Assemble the carts for the first group of six budget games (November+December) - Ship the first group of budget games as soon as I receive the sixth order of boxes from the printer (December) 2017 is still far away (from my point of view) so I prefer not to plan too far ahead. All I can say for now is that I will work to get the remainder of the manuals printed (starting in January) and I will also assemble the carts the the second and third group as soon as humanly possible. By the way, I would like to mention that the greater majority of people have now paid in full for their pre-orders of budget games, and I really want to thank everyone involved for their prompt payments. This has helped Oscar's family tremendously. This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities.
  7. Greetings, fans of the ColecoVision persuasion. Allow me to start with the traditional offering of good wishes for the New Year. I hope 2018 will bring you many successes and reasons to celebrate, and I'd like to offer a special salute to nanochess: I hope this will be a good year for you, my friend. I actually don't have a lot of things to say that I haven't said before in previous news bulletins recently posted in 2017, so I'm just going to go over the main topics and provide updates where I can. SPENDING WINTER AT THE POST OFFICE QUICK NOTE: The Ghostbusters cartridge which I sent to my beta-tester for final testing has been confirmed to work on real hardware (ColecoVision and ADAM) and the game is now clear for cartridge production. I'm sure many here will be glad to learn this. I drew up an approximate time table for honoring all pending pre-orders, and assuming that I will receive the boxes of Pacar from the printer company before the end of January (fingers crossed on that one!) I expect that I will be spending most of January and February assembling cartridges, processing orders and shipping packages. Not exactly my idea of fun, especially with winter being extra cold this year, but at least a lot of stuff will finally be leaving my house, and that alone will put a nice smile on my face. After this is done, I will spend a couple of week-ends (probably in March) preparing the box templates for the new AtariAge ColecoVision releases, namely GP World, Mikie, N-Sub, Sega Flipper, Sindbad Mystery, Star Jacker, Zaxxon II and Zoom 909. Once the box templates are done, and once the beta-testing phase for all eight games is complete, the ball will be in Albert's court to get those games properly manufactured and added to the AtariAge Store. I can't speak for Albert on when the games will be released, but I should mention that I will not be recording any pre-orders for these games myself. The sales and after-sale service for these games will be solely handled by AtariAge, as the main publisher. THE NEXT TEAM PIXELBOY RELEASE LINEUP Before anything else, it's with great pleasure that I bring you this glowing little piece of fantastic news: Gauntlet has been successfully ported to the ColecoVision! Mystery Man finished the MSX port yesterday, and from the short time I've played with it, I can say that it plays like a dream! With this said, I decided to reshuffle the remaining lot of upcoming Team Pixelboy releases based on their current levels of completion. The next group of releases will therefore be: - Space Shuttle - Uridium - QBIQS - The Cure - Booming Boy - Multiverse - Gauntlet Those seven games are relatively close to being ready for release, software-wise, so I just need to get moving with box templates, manuals, etc. AND THEN, THERE'S THE REST I will do my best to release the seven games listed above as quickly as humanly possible (I'm hoping for a September 2018 release) but afterwards, I'm going to relax and take my time with the other remaining projects: Utopia is on ice for the time being, and will require a lot of work to get the one-player mode working properly. Me and Mystery Man will be working closely together to get it done, and I have no doubt that such a complex undertaking will represent many hours of invested effort. I am now convinced that Jewel Panic is in need of a complete rewrite, in order to eliminate graphic glitches and get the sotfware optimized and running as smoothly as possible. That job alone will require weeks, if not months. Arcomage is already working and just needs a good period of beta-testing on real hardware. Preparing the manual of this game could be a bit more involved than usual, but nothing really major. Aside from those three remaining games, there's another new ColecoVision game that will be worked on during the course of 2018, and it's being programmed by Antoni Burguera. The only thing I know about this new unnamed project is that it will be a text adventure, which is a type of game I haven't released yet under my Team Pixelboy banner. I don't know if it will be text only, or if the text content will be "decorated" with some static graphics, but either way, base on Antoni's track record, I'm sure it will be cool stuff indeed. Will 1942 be released eventually? What about Bomber King and DragonSlayer IV? Now that Gauntlet has been ported, I will want to discuss those ports with Mystery Man, but for now, I will not commit to a release date for any of the remaining titles. I want to take my time, even if it means releasing those last few games in 2019. TRADING CARD PROJECT I wanted to re-open the section devoted to the trading card project on teampixelboy.com, but given my to-do list for 2018, it's pretty clear to me that I won't have time to work on that project this year. 'Nuff said. CONCLUSION I'm not usually into New Year resolutions, but in light of recent events, I've come to understand that I need to wean myself away from these forums, and I'm planning to do just that over the coming months. Let's just say it's part of my retirement process. Because yes, retirement as a ColecoVision publisher is still my ultimate goal. I'm far away from that goal at the moment, but I'll get there. This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities. Happy New Year!
  8. Hello ColecoVision fans! Welcome to the I-just-returned-from-AdamCon summer edition of the Team Pixelboy News Bulletin! Last Saturday, during my presentation at AdamCon 25, I showed release-candidate versions of the games that will be coming to a ColecoVision near you next Christmas, namely Battle of Hoth, Module Man, Mecha-8 and Buck Rogers Super Game. Sadly, since Eduardo Mello has been M.I.A. for several weeks now, I had no version of TwinBee to show. Same goes for Front Line SCE. But there was another project which I presented to the AdamCon attendees, and I think now is the proper time to disclose it on AtariAge... THE FLIP-CART PROJECT Internally, I like to refer to this as the H.D.E.C. project (Homebrew Double-Ender Cartridge) but the public name of this new product is "Flip-Cart". I had a meeting with Sylvia at Moldex last Wednesday (the day before leaving for AdamCom) and I officially got the ball rolling with Moldex to alter the existing metal mold in order to produce these Flip-Carts. Don't worry, the metal mold will still be able to produce regular Coleco cart casings after everything is said and done. So as you can plainly deduce from the paragraph above, I'm talking about a cartridge with two openings (so two PCBs inside the cart) but Flip-Carts differ slightly from Xonox double-enders in the sense that they are smaller, and they are also designed to have one label on each side, so you need to flip them around (hence the name) instead of just turning them around like Xonox double-enders. Flip-Carts will be specifically designed to house 5-11under's 32K PCBs. The interesting thing is that the Flip-Cart casing will actually be composed of two plastic parts which are identical, and are designed to interlock with each other to form a complete casing. This design idea will help to drive the price down, where modyfying the metal mold is concerned. But this new project will still cost several thousand dollars, and to help finance this endeavour, I am planning to create "Twin Packs" of legacy games. The first of these Twin Packs will be the "ADAM-compatible Twin Pack", which will unite the versions of Defender and Super Cobra which were hacked by nanochess earlier this year to work properly on the ADAM computer. Here's a tentative list of other possible Twin Packs I came up with: 02 - "Donkey Kong Twin Pack" (Donkey Kong + Donkey Kong Jr.) 03 - "Mr. Do! Twin Pack" (Mr. Do! + Mr. Do's Castle) 04 - "Q*bert Twin Pack" (Q*bert + Q*bert Qubes) 05 - "Frogger Twin Pack" (Frogger + Frogger II Threeedeep!) 06 - "Pitfall Twin Pack" (Pitfall! + Pitfall II - Lost Caverns) 07 - "B.C. Twin Pack" (B.C.'s Quest for Tires + B.C. II - Grog's Revenge) 08 - "Smurfs Twin Pack" (Rescue in Gargamel's Castle + Paint & Play Workshop) 09 - "Cabbage Patch Kids Twin Pack" (Adventures in the Park + Picture Show) 10 - "Super Action Sports Pack" (Super Action Football + Super Action Soccer) 11 - "Xonox Repro Doubler-Ender #1" (Artillery Duel + Chuck Norris Superkicks) 12 - "Xonox Repro Doubler-Ender #2" (Robin Hood + Sir Lancelot) 13 - "Xonox Repro Doubler-Ender #3" (Tomarc The Barbarian + Motocross Racer) 14 - "Xonox Repro Doubler-Ender #4" (Word Feud + It's Only Rock & Roll) 15 - "Interphase Sam's Adventure Pack" (Sewer Sam + Squish 'Em Featuring Sam) 16 - "Imagic Fantasy Pack" (Fathom + Wing War) 17 - "Imagic Space Pack" (Moonsweeper + Nova Blast) 18 - "Sega Space Pack" (Buck Rogers + Zaxxon) 19 - "Fisher Price Logic Pack" (Linking Logic + Logic Levels) 20 - "SierraVision Twin Pack" (Oil's Well + Sammy Lightfoot) 21 - "Parker Brothers Arcade Twin Pack" (Gyruss + Popeye) 22 - "Parker Brothers Adventure Pack" (Montezuma's Revenge + Tutankham) 23 - "Paddle & Ball Twin Pack" (Strike It + Flipper Slipper) Note that I am fully aware that I'm trying to sell games which many CV fans already have in their collection. I'm only doing these Twin Packs to help finance the Flip-Cart mold. If I add 5$ to the end price of the Twin Packs listed above, and manage to sell just 30 copies of each Twin Pack, then the metal mold alteration will be fully paid for. Of course, I'll be including a custom box and manual with each Twin Pack, while doing my best to keep costs down, so these Twin Packs will be affordable AND worthwhile for CV collectors, even if they already own these games. When I presented the Flip-Cart project at AdamCon, some of the comments I received indirectly gave me a neat idea for additional legacy Flip-Carts: N.K.R. games! N.K.R. stands for "No Keypad Required". Imagine if you played hacks of such games as Venture, Time Pilot, Lady Bug or Pepper II in which you would select your skill level by moving a cursor on the blue skill-select screen and pressing a trigger button to select a skill level, instead of using a keypad key. And when the "GAME OVER" message is displayed, you would press the left or right buttons instead of the [*] and [#] keys to either restart at the same skill level or return to the blue skill-select screen. Then you could play these games with any third-party controller equipped with two fire buttons but no keypad. I think such hacks would make great Flip-Carts, but someone would have to sit down, disassemble each ROM and implement the hack, and they probably could only be done with a handful of early 16K Coleco games (I figure the new cursor-based skill select screen would be coded in the second 16K of a 32K ROM). If I could find someone who would be willing to perform these hacks, I would take care of all the rest... Beyond these proposed legacy Twin-Packs, I'm thinking some CV homebrewers could be interested in using Flip-Carts for some of their projects. I know CollectorVision is already interested, and I'm hoping I can get others interested as well. THE BLACK ONYX IS COMING! Earlier today, when I returned home from AdamCon, I found an e-mail from Mystery Man in my inbox, and he had some really good news for me: He got the savegame function working in The Black Onyx, on real hardware! He was having some trouble with it before, but after some hard work, he ironed out the bugs and now the player can save his progress on the EEPROM inside the cartridge! So that means the release of The Black Onyx in the first half of 2014 is pretty much a done deal! RPG fans rejoyce! This concludes this edition of the Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities.
  9. Hello ColecoVision fans! Welcome to yet another edition of the Team Pixelboy News Bulletin! Alright, now it's time to come clean, so I'll just come out and say it: Quest for The Golden Chalice II - Riddle of the Sphinx was a complete, utter HOAX! There's no such game in development, and I must say I have no plans to develop - and no real interest in creating - such a game in the foreseeable future. But that doesn't mean Mystery Man isn't busy with Team Pixelboy projects this year! Allow me to reiterate yesterday's news bits, just to put yesterday's news bulletin to rest for good. Everything that follows below is completely true, with no hoax in sight! Please note that I updated the Team Pixelboy web site to reflect the information presented below. THE NEW BATCH OF OLDER GAMES ARE FINALLY READY March will have been a very long month for me, with the preparation of all those new copies of my older releases, in addition to several new copies of my 2012 releases. But I'm pleased to say that all these games are now resting in their boxes, and I will contact everyone registered on the Team Pixelboy reminder service this coming Wednesday (April 3rd) to let them know in a personalized manner. I guess I'll be busy packing shipping boxes for the next two weeks! I have a couple of unreserved copies of each game in stock, so if you missed the January 31st deadline for pre-ordering these, you still have a small chance to get some of them if you act quickly. After these few extra copies are gone, all these games will be sold out forever! First come, first served! Also, I would like to point out that I will have only a few new copies of Princess Quest to offer in the short term. I want to make more, but I'm missing the MegaCart PCBs to get the job done. Rest assured that I will produce more copies as soon as possible (as the back-order waiting list for this game is quite long) but it's going to take a while. RELEASE SCHEDULE REWORKED As you may have heard recently, Eduardo Mello will be releasing The Goonies and Knightmare under his own Opcode Games label later this year. This list will also include Spelunker, The Stone of Wisdom, Zanac, Yie Ar Kung-Fu 2 and Ghostbusters. So Team Pixelboy will not be publishing any of these titles, and it's up to Eduardo to decide if and when he will release them. With him concentrating on Goonies, Knightmare and Donkey Kong Arcade this year (as well as the second batch of Super Game Modules for those who missed the first pre-order period last year) you can expect the other games to be released by Opcode Games in 2014, presumably. In the case of Stone of Wisdom and Ghostbusters (and perhaps some others) I believe it's a good thing that Eduardo will be releasing them himself, because then he will be able to use his new Super Game Cartridge PCB to implement game saves on the carts. No emulator supports the SGC format and the AtariMax SD cart doesn't support it either, so beta-testing of these games should be left to Eduardo's care. So now the Team Pixelboy release schedule looks like this: - Mecha-8 - Battle of Hoth - Jewel Panic - TwinBee - Module Man - Buck Rogers Super Game - The Black Onyx You'll certainly notice TwinBee as a new entry in my release schedule, which will be the last MSX port done by Eduardo Mello for Team Pixelboy, but there's another title in the list that you probably were not expecting: Buck Rogers Super Game! BIDI-BIDI! YOU'RE THE BEST, BUCK! Yes people, it's absolutely true! The cartridge version of the ADAM Super Game will be released next Christmas, thanks to Mystery Man. The game is almost ready for beta-testing as I write this, there's just a couple of issues with the software which Mystery Man wants to investigate before he provides me with the first official beta. While he was working on the conversion, I asked Mystery Man to rework the controls to match those of the arcade game: Now you will be able to fire lasers with both fire buttons on the controller, and increase/decrease the game's speed via the [1] and [3] keys on the keypad. After testing this new control scheme, I can tell you that it makes the game much more fun. But purists shouldn't worry, the old control scheme will be restored if you press [*] while the game's title screen is displayed. The Hall of Fame will still be present, but all recorded scores will be lost when you turn the console off, just like with Dragon's Lair and Zaxxon Super Game. ONE LESS MYSTERY FROM THE MYSTERY MAN There's one small detail that was true in yesterday's hoax bulletin: Mystery Man did indeed deliver an early ROM of an upcoming game two days ago, but it wasn't Riddle of the Sphinx. Rather, it was an early build of Module Man! He is currently working on the game and it should be ready in time for next Christmas. ONE THING I FORGOT TO MENTION... There's one important piece of news I forgot to mention in yesterday's news bulletin: While the first batch of 100 carts of Dragon's Lair, Zaxxon Super Game, King's Valley and Thexder featured colored transparent cartridges, all new copies of these games from this point on will feature uncolored transparent carts (same as the Ghostblaster carts). This is because I couldn't get more colored casings from Moldex without paying an exagerated amount of money, so this solution allows me to continue to offer transparent casings at no extra cost, aside from Moldex's usual setup and production fees. In case you're wondering, the first 100 copies of Buck Rogers Super Game will feature transparent brown cartridges, and Mecha-8 and TwinBee will both have transparent dark blue carts (same as Thexder). After the first 100 copies of those three games, the other copies produced afterwards will use uncolored transparent cart casings. This concludes this edition of the Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We (once again) return you to your regular forum activities.
  10. Hello ColecoVision fans! Welcome to another edition of the Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. This bulletin will be relatively short because I want to dedicate it to a single topic, namely the re-issue of my 2010 and 2011 releases. Between December 25th 2012 and January 31st 2013, I let people pre-order new copies of my older releases which were all sold out. The plan was to make just enough new copies of these games in February 2013 to cater to this short-term demand. I was expecting to get something like 4 or 5 pre-orders for each game... I got at least 25 orders for each game, a couple of them even received over 30 pre-orders. Ooof!! Luckily, I have enough boxes to meet this unexpected demand (the bulk of these boxes are being shipped by UPS by my contact in Germany as I write this, and I should receive them in about a week) and I can get manuals and cartridge labels printed locally on short notice. I gave 5-11under the mandate to solder together the cart electronics, and I have all the styrofoam inserts and almost all the cartridge shells I need. My only real problem is time: It's going to take me all of February just to glue together all these boxes, so I won't have time to assemble the cartridges before the next reminder service e-mail (set for February 27th). The cart assembly+testing will therefore happen in early March, and the games will likely be ready to ship somewhere around mid-March. I'm glad to provide new copies of my older titles to so many people, but gosh, this is going to be a brutal amount of work for me (and for 5-11under too, I might add). And that's in addition to preparing new copies of Thexder (if Moldex can finally deliver those transparent dark blue casings to me, with them it's always "they'll be ready next week, next week...") and also a few new copies of Wonder Boy, Princess Quest, Quest for the Golden Chalice and King's Valley to help alleviate the issue of back-orders. Beyond this, there's also a more long-term price to pay for this "successful" re-issue of my older titles. Once I've assembled, sold and shipped all these games, I'm going to be so tired and fed up that I will want to take at least a month of vacation away from Team Pixelboy activities. Heck, I could use that month of vacation right now, to be perfectly honest. If I take this vacation in April/May, that means I will not be able to release any of the new games from my upcoming lineup (such as Mecha-8 or Battle of Hoth) in May or even September. So yes, my friends, I'll have to return to my same old modus operandi of releasing all my games on Christmas. Hey, don't blame me, blame all those perps who ordered so many of my old releases!! Anyway, I will be using this forum thread to post any and all news concerning the re-release of my older titles. This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities.
  11. Hello, ColecoVision fanatics! I'd like to start this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin with some happy news: Yours truly just found himself a new job! I'll be starting at my new company next Tuesday, and since I expect the training period to be grueling, I'll probably have to slow down my activities related to Team Pixelboy, at least for a couple of weeks. Not a complete shutdown of activities, just a slowdown while I get used to my new job. But before next Tuesday, I want to get the ball rolling on a special project! Read on for all the details! THE NEW BUDGET SERIES Many of you know Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez, also known as nanochess on these forums. He's been hanging around these parts for several years, and I was honored to publish some of his games, namely Princess Quest, Mecha-8 and Mecha-9 under my Team Pixelboy label. He's also the author of the CoolCV emulator, and he's been a great help and all-around nice guy to the ColecoVision homebrew community. Óscar's wife received some very bad news recently: She has stage-4 lung cancer (it has started spreading out of her lungs) and she had to give birth to her daughter prematurely so she could receive chemotherapy treatments. The baby is currently in intensive care. I've decided to help Óscar with the medical bills by starting a new budget-priced series of Team Pixelboy games. These games are mostly ColecoVision ports of MSX homebrew games that were submitted to the MSXdev contests in recent years, and there are a few games coded from scratch as well. All the games of this series will be priced at 29.95$US, and some of the money from each copy sold will be sent to Óscar. This budget series will be composed of 17 games. Each game cartridge will come in a sturdy two-piece box (similar to the boxes used by Parker Bros back in the day) and a 4-page manual will also be included. As you can guess, a 4-page manual implies that these games will be rather simple in nature, but still quite fun to play. Most (but not all) of the games will require the Super Game Module to function. I will provide more details about SGM dependency at a future date. This "budget" project has barely started. As I write this, only a small number of games in this new series have actually been completed and are ready for beta-testing, and the rest will probably be completed over the next couple of months. If you want to help with beta-testing, by the way, please send me a private message on AtariAge. But even though the games are nowhere ready yet, the pre-order period needs to start right away, because Óscar needs all the money he can get as soon as possible, and I also need to determine how many boxes of each game I need to order from the printer company. So here's how pre-ordering is going to work: People will need to pay 9$US for each game pre-ordered, and all the money collected will go directly and immediately to Óscar. This implies that these initial pre-order payments will be NON-REFUNDABLE. When the pre-ordered games will be actually ready to ship, buyers will pay the remaining 20.95$US per game, plus shipping fees. Over the next few days, I will contact (by e-mail) all the people listed in my Team Pixelboy customer records about this new budget series. So if you have purchased Team Pixelboy games from me in the past, please wait for the e-mail I will send you, don't e-mail me about pre-ordering these new budget games. I have a lot of people to contact, so this may take a while, but rest assured I will get around to contacting everyone. So without further ado, here are the 17 games of the budget series, in alphabetical order, with currently available videos/pictures. Caverns of Titan (by Jose Luis Tur) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IC2NnuSVaGM Cold Blood (by Juan Luis Martinez) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_tomZDNjvc Danger Tower (by David Fernandez) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hTbXmnZMj4 Deep Dungeon Adventure (by Arturo Ragozini) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1hToQu3sqE Frostbite (designed by Steve Cartwright, ColecoVision version coded by Antoni Burguera.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGH_6d0T7as (This trailer video was prepared by Antoni Burguera) NOTE: The video above mentions an "amazing soundtrack", but that soundtrack is actually still under development. But the point is, there will be background music in this game to add a little ambiance. NOTE 2: The entire game itself is still under development. Some graphics and features may change between now and release day, but what you see in the video is essentially what you will get. Heroes Arena (by David Fernandez) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e2NtUbIP0w J.E.T.P.A.C. (by David Fernandez) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HQ691DwtfE Kaboom! (designed by Larry Kaplan, ColecoVision version coded by Armando Pérez Abad) (No media currently available) Pretty much the same game as on the Atari 2600, but with prettier graphics. Roller Controller support will likely be included. Kralizec Tetris (by Armando Pérez Abad) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWctbVYxODI NOTE: The video above does not show the two-player battle mode, but that versus mode will definately be included. Remember the Flag (new game designed by Luc Miron, programmed by Armando Pérez Abad) (No media currently available) This is a memory-match game very similar to the board game Match II, with some added bells and whistles. One-player-versus-CPU and two-player modes will be included. SHMUP! (by David Fernandez) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsYB9Q3iFGE Shouganai (by Juan Luis Martinez) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0m1PlWfO3E Stray Cat (by David Fernandez) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-5G5zCrmUA Sudoku (by Daniel Vik) Click here for Generation-MSX entry of Sudoku for MSX Traffic Jam (by David Fernandez) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SltHvRujTe0 Txupinazo! (by David Fernandez) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfakxLvx2xo Yar's Revenge (designed by Howard Scott Warshaw, ColecoVision version coded by Armando Pérez Abad) (No media currently available) It will be the same game as on the Atari 2600, but we're currently discussing possible minor enhancements, both in graphics and gameplay, just to add something new to the formula. Nothing too fancy, don't worry. The people working on these games for Team Pixelboy will do their best to get them ready as soon as possible, but at this time, I am not in a position to set an actual release date for any of these games. It's way too early for that, and there are several unknown variables that keep me from setting such a release date. My general plan is to ship these games to customers in groups of 4 as the software is completed and put on cartridges, but that plan is easely subject to change. But in whichever fashion these budget-priced games will make their way to customers, my end goal is to have ALL orders shipped by the end of September. Releasing 17 complete-in-box ColecoVision games in such a short amount of time is quite a challenge, but certain marketing decisions have been taken that make this challenge doable. In particular, I'm going to prepare the box templates myself for all 17 games, and once these templates are ready, I will show them in this forum thread, and also on teampixelboy.com. I'm hoping people will pre-order as many games as they can, to help our friend Óscar in his hour of need. I would like to take a moment to thank the people who have made this budget series possible in such a short amount of time: - Armando Pérez Abad (who has been a tremendous help in securing most of these 17 budget-priced games, and will be porting several MSX games and coding several new games from scratch) - David Fernandez (also known as Imanok in the MSX homebrew scene, donated a lot of his MSX creations for this project) - Juan Luis Martinez (creator of Shouganai and Cold Blood) - Jose Luis Tur (creator of Caverns of Titan) - Arturo Ragozini (main coder of Deep Dungeon Adventure) - John Hassink (collaborator on Deep Dungeon Adventure) - Richard Cornelisse (collaborator on Deep Dungeon Adventure) - Daniel Vik (creator of Sudoku on MSX, and is also porting the game to ColecoVision) - Vincent Van Dam (collaborator on Sudoku) - Antoni Burguera (main coder for Frostbite, and providing technical assistance for the ColecoVision port of Sudoku) - Carlo Bandini (music composer behind several of these games) - And last but certainly not least, Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez (who is porting some of these MSX homebrew games to ColecoVision) I hope I didn't forget anyone... Apologies if I did. WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER TEAM PIXELBOY GAMES? It's rather obvious that the new budget series is going to take up all my free time this summer, so the release of the "regular" set of upcoming Team Pixelboy titles (Ghostbusters, Space Shuttle, Secret of the Moai, C-So!, King & Balloon, Children of the Night, Wizard of Wor, Utopia, Jewel Panic and Gauntlet) will be pushed back to Christmas 2016. Antoni Burguera graciously prepared a new trailer for Children of the Night, which you can watch below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKMeeItFtN0 FOOT NOTE I unsuccessfully tried selling an empty homebrew Super Action Baseball box on eBay last week. If anyone wants it, please let me know. Just pay 5$, shipping is free. Pictures of this homebrew box are attached below. This conclude this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities.
  12. Good day, ColecoVisionites! Welcome to another edition of the Team Pixelboy News Bulletin! I've got some juicy news for you today, so let's get right to it! THE NEW BATCH OF OLDER GAMES ARE FINALLY READY March will have been a very long month for me, with the preparation of all those new copies of my older releases, in addition to several new copies of my 2012 releases. But I'm pleased to say that all these games are now resting in their boxes, and I will contact everyone registered on the Team Pixelboy reminder service this coming Wednesday (April 3rd) to let them know in a personalized manner. I guess I'll be busy packing shipping boxes for the next two weeks! I have a couple of unreserved copies of each game in stock, so if you missed the January 31st deadline for pre-ordering these, you still have a small chance to get some of them if you act quickly. After these few extra copies are gone, all these games will be sold out forever! First come, first served! Also, I would like to point out that I will have only a few new copies of Princess Quest to offer in the short term. I want to make more, but I'm missing the MegaCart PCBs to get the job done. Rest assured that I will produce more copies as soon as possible (as the back-order waiting list for this game is quite long) but it's going to take a while. RELEASE SCHEDULE REWORKED As you may have heard recently, Eduardo Mello will be releasing The Goonies and Knightmare under his own Opcode Games label later this year. This list will also include Spelunker, The Stone of Wisdom, Zanac, Yie Ar Kung-Fu 2 and Ghostbusters. So Team Pixelboy will not be publishing any of these titles, and it's up to Eduardo to decide if and when he will release them. With him concentrating on Goonies, Knightmare and Donkey Kong Arcade this year (as well as the second batch of Super Game Modules for those who missed the first pre-order period last year) you can expect the other games to be released by Opcode Games in 2014, presumably. In the case of Stone of Wisdom and Ghostbusters (and perhaps some others) I believe it's a good thing that Eduardo will be releasing them himself, because then he will be able to use his new Super Game Cartridge PCB to implement game saves on the carts. No emulator supports the SGC format and the AtariMax SD cart doesn't support it either, so beta-testing of these games should be left to Eduardo's care. So now the Team Pixelboy release schedule looks like this: - Mecha-8 - Battle of Hoth - Jewel Panic - TwinBee - The Black Onyx - Riddle of the Sphinx You'll certainly notice TwinBee as a new entry in my release schedule, which will be the last MSX port done by Eduardo Mello for Team Pixelboy, but the real exciting news is found at the very end of the list! Riddle of the Sphinx??? Where did that one come from? Read on below! RIDDLE ME THIS, BATMAN! A couple of days ago, I received an early work-in-progress ROM from Mystery Man for a game that we're developing together, and which will be released in 2014: Quest for the Golden Chalice II : Riddle of the Sphinx! I didn't have time to add the game to the Team Pixelboy web site on such short notice, but I found it interesting to announce it today, on April 1st. Is this a real game truly in development, or a complete April Fool's hoax? I'll leave you all guessing for now, but just to make you cross your collective fingers a little harder, allow me to reveal a few details about the game. First of all, you will find some screenshots of the game attached below. Now before you get too excited, I need to mention that the title screen image is a mockup (for now anyway, the real title screen will probably look the same) and the other screenshots are from the demo ROM provided by Mystery Man. The demo ROM only contain a few screens used to test the new display engine which he is working on, as well as the menu system. There's also a short conversation with the goddess Isis, which occurs when you approach the pool of water from below. Here's the story of the game in a nutshell: After the Prince returned the Golden Chalice to the Yellow Castle in the first game (and more importantly, after it was discovered that Mardok's dragons could be defeated with a single strike of a sword) the royal guards and the other inhabitants of Larosia returned and kicked Mardok out of the kingdom. But Mardok once again vowed revenge on the royal family of Larosia, and after just a few short months, Mardok put his mischievous new plan into motion: He secretly placed a curse on the Golden Chalice, which would take effect upon the first person to touch the Chalice with his bare hands. The victim was none other than the Prince, who was magically transported to the middle of the desert, in Egypt! With nothing more than the Golden Chalice in his hands, the Prince must now find a way home. The game is a remake of the Atari 2600 game Riddle of the Sphinx (released by Imagic in 1982) but it's more than what you may expect. I mean, let's face it, Quest for the Golden Chalice was simply Adventure with a fresh coat of "Zelda paint", but the sequel will have a LOT more to offer. This will be a 128K MegaCart game, and it's going to be much, much larger than the previous game. You'll be travelling across the vast deserts of Egypt, entering pyramids and other various temples, and also a couple of villages. Most of the items found in the original Atari 2600 game will be used in this ColecoVision remake, and the pyramids and temples will feature elaborate underground mazes filled with dangers and puzzles, in the vein of the first Legend of Zelda game on NES. Fact is, I want to make this game a true Zelda clone. However, at the same time, the game will stay true to its Adventure roots: You will carry only one "main" object at a time (two main objects once you find the "bag" item during your adventure) and you will need to solve puzzles with this important inventory limitation. As you can see in the "inventory menu" screenshot, you will be able to carry up to 12 "auxiliary" items (which are distinct from "main" objects). There will also be a "randomized" variant of the game (same as Quest #3 in Quest for the Golden Chalice) which will give the game ample replay value. Some of the key elements from the original 2600 game will also return, such as the Prince slowing down and growing weaker when he gets thirsty. During your journey, you will meet such characters as Isis, Anubis and a few other egyptian gods, as well as merchants, thieves, the Pharaoh, the Son of Pharaoh, and also the Astrologer (which is proheminently featured in the instruction manual of the original 2600 game). Some will help you, some will work to terminate your life in short order if you give them half a chance. The game's intriguing storyline will unfold via dialogues with these characters. As I mentioned before, the game will be released some time next year. I plan to release the other five games listed above on Christmas Day 2013 (December 25th). This concludes this edition of the Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular AtariAge forum activities.
  13. Hello ColecoVision fans. I don't have any news to report today per say (I'm keeping the few news tidbit I have for the upcoming news bulletin of January 1st 2015) but I still used "News Bulletin" as the topic title just so people can find this thread more easely in the future. So anyway, I'd like to wish you all a Merry Chrismas. I hope everyone here gets the presents they hoped for. I'm afraid I don't have any new Team Pixelboy games to release today. I came very close to having Front Line SCE ready, but it didn't work out. But I do have a few Christmas presents to offer, which you can download at the bottom of this post! First present: The ROM of Quest for the Golden Chalice Second present: The ROM of Princess Quest, with permission from nanochess Third present: The ROM of Digger, a new ColecoVision game graciously offered by Mystery Man! Digger is the ColecoVision adaptation of an old PC game, and a clone of Mr Do. Please be advised that the game may still potentially contain some software bugs and is offered as-is. As a fourth present, I'd like to offer some secret codes which haven't been revealed before, AFAIK: Quest for the Golden Chalice: 1) Enter 444555 with the keypad at the title screen to unlock Quests 4 and 5. This is the code you receive when you reach the secret screen (the equivalent of the secret screen in Adventure on Atari 2600). Quest 5 is the randomized version of Quest 4, just like Quest 3 is the randomized version of Quest 2. 2) Enter SQUARE (708273) with the keypad to turn the player's character into a smiling square. The game plays exactly the same otherwise. This is also a code you receive when you reach the secret screen. 3) Enter 865336 with the keypad at the title screen, then enter 00 to 53 during the game to warp to any screen. You can also enter 99 to warp directly to the screen where Mardok the wizard is waiting for you, in Quests 4 and 5 (this is applicable to green and red dragon skill levels only). NOTE: You may get bizarre results if you use this secret debug feature in Quests 1, 2 or 3. 4) Sound test codes which you can enter at the title screen: - 687421: Silence - 687422: Main music - 687423: Victory music - 687424: Easter Egg music - 687425: Dungeon music Module Man: 1) Enter 385 at the title screen to activate the debug mode. 2) Enter 777111 at the title screen to unlock the deluxe mode. Deluxe mode offers one extra carryable item (the Magic Glasses) and I'll let you discover what this item does within the game. 3) Enter 222666 at the title screen to access a hidden mini-game! This concludes this new bulletin. We now return you to your regular Christmas activities. quest_golden_chalice_colecovision.zip princess_quest_colecovision.zip digger_colecovision.zip
  14. Hello ColecoVision fans! Today marks the beginning of a major pre-order operation for all upcoming Team Pixelboy games, and I just sent an e-mail to all my active customers to inform them of this (if you are one of my past customers, check your spam box, just in case!). I also installed a major remake of teampixelboy.com which I invite you to visit. The content is mostly the same, but I added images of the boxes (in the "project story" sections) and also new "media" sections with YouTube videos (when available). The whole site is now a bit more fun to browse through, in my humble opinion. The money gathered via this pre-order effort will mostly go into paying homebrew programmers in the short term and also to pay for printing boxes a little later. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will reach my target in terms of collected funds. I have divided all the upcoming releases into three groups, one for September 2015, another for Christmas 2015, and the last for March/April 2016. The games are listed below, and you may notice a few new games that I did not announce in the previous Team Pixelboy News Bulletin of April 7th. SEPTEMBER 2015 New copies of old SGM games: Dragon's Lair Zaxxon Super Game King's Valley Thexder Buck Rogers Super Game Mecha-8 SubRoc Super Game The Goonies TwinBee New releases: Front Line - Standard Controller Edition (only 75 copies available!) Boxxle Spelunker The Stone of Wisdom Jewel Panic Ghostbusters Knightmare CHRISTMAS 2015 Super Pac-Man Space Shuttle - A Journey Into Space Caos Begins Majikazo Knight Lore Mappy Rally-X Gauntlet Mecha-9 MARCH/APRIL 2016 Secret of the Moai C-So! Operation Wolf King & Balloon Mystery Game #1 Mystery Game #2 The new games are: - Knight Lore : A classic isometric adventure game. - King & Balloon : A MSX port of an obscure (but fun!) arcade game. - Mystery Game #1 : You won't find this one on teampixelboy.com yet, because the name of the game hasn't been decided, and I have no screenshots to show. The game is being programmed by the guy behind Caos Begins, and the early demos I've seen indicate that this will be an adventure game along the general lines of Crystalis on NES, but simpler and shorter, as the author aims to make the game fit in 32K of ROM. The Super Game Module should not be required for this game, but that could change as development progresses... - Mystery Game #2 : This one is not listed on teampixelboy.com either. The makers of Majikazo are working on this new title, and they won't even tell me what it is yet! All they were willing to tell me is that it will be a ColecoVision version (coded from scratch) of an arcade platformer, with a dual-player mode (whatever that actually means). The Super Game Module will be required. - Another game may be added to the March/April 2016 lineup, but it's way too early to make an official annoucement, as I'm not sure it's going to happen yet. I will present the "mystery games" in a future Team Pixelboy News Bulletin, as soon as I have something tangible to show, but I'm making them part of the pre-order operation now, because I believe they will be finished and released. HOW THE PRE-ORDER OPERATION WORKS If you are interested in pre-ordering any of the Team Pixelboy games listed, please read the following: 1) Let me know ALL the games you plan to purchase among those listed in the three groups above, so that I can have a clear idea of how many copies of each game I need to manufacture. My usual magic number for an initial run is 100 copies, but I can produce more than that to cover the demand if needed. 2) After you have contacted me, I will reply to you with an estimated price list of all the games. The prices do not include shipping fees. Once your games are ready to ship, I will contact you, and offer you the usual list of shipping options. Once you have sent the final payment (to pay the shipping fees) your games will be shipped. 3) You don't have to pay for all your pre-orders immediately (although if you do, it will be greatly appreciated). You can spread the payments over several months, and I will contact you once every month to remind you that there are games on your pre-order list which you have not yet paid for. 4) The given prices will be "best estimates" only. The final price tags of the games may differ by a few dollars and I may ask you to pay a small supplement together with the shipping fees as part of your final payment. If I over-estimate the price of a game, the difference will be applied as a rebate on shipping fees, if no other games have under-estimated price tags. 5) THIS IS AN IMPORTANT FACTOR TO CONSIDER BEFORE PLACING YOUR PRE-ORDER: The money gathered via this pre-order operation will be spent almost immediately to pay homebrew programmers for their work, and to pay other various expenses (like printing boxes) which means that I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK if you decide to cancel your pre-orders before your games are ready to ship. The September releases are not too far away, but you'll have to be patient for the Christmas 2015 and spring 2016 releases. You do have the option of pre-ordering and paying only on the official release day, but please keep in mind that the whole point of this pre-order effort is to gather some funds to pay for my production expenses. This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities.
  15. Hello ColecoVisionados! Today's my birthday, and I can't think of a better day to spread some Team Pixelboy joy! And boy do I have a lot of news to report today! I'm currently taking a web programming class at my local university this semester, and I really wanted to redo the Team Pixelboy web site using what I've learned, but the teacher in that class just gave us a humongous web programming assignment (HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript all rolled into one, with a little JQuery to spice things up) and it would have been academic suicide to not begin working on that assignment immediately last week. I've got over 20 hours clocked on that assignment so far, and I haven't even begun the Javascript part yet! Yowser! I'd like to say that I'll get around to redoing the Team Pixelboy web site as soon as the semester's over, but I may not get the chance. Keep reading and you'll see why... MYSTERY MAN'S THE MAN IN DEMAND! I've been keeping Mystery Man quite busy these last three months. First of all, we finally got around to doing some serious beta-testing with Boxxle, and we squashed a lot of little bugs in the software. After Boxxle (finally) passed the beta-testing phase, I asked Mystery Man if he would be willing to port the MSX versions of Spelunker and The Stone of Wisdom to the ColecoVision, since Eduardo Mello (who was supposed to do those ports) was still M.I.A. at the time. He graciously accepted and began working on these ports as soon as Boxxle was officially done. He ported both games in record time (I'm still amazed at how fast this guy works) and then he got to work on porting Space Shuttle - A Journey Into Space, which he completed recently. If you've ever played the MSX version of Spelunker, you probably have bad memories of the control scheme in that game. You'll be happy to know that the most problematic of the control issues (namely the jump-off-a-rope problem) has been fixed in the ColecoVision version, making the game quite a lot more enjoyable, but still rather unforgiving if you're not careful. THE PANIC IN JEWEL PANIC A few weeks ago, I managed to successfully compile a 64K version of Jewel Panic, with the help of alekmaul (thanks again, dude!). I still have a lot of work to do on the software, and with my school work and upcoming final exams, I had to bench the project once again. I need to finish this game once and for all in May, because I want to release the game next September. SEPTEMBER RELEASES Since the boxes of Boxxle, Jewel Panic, Spelunker, The Stone of Wisdom, Ghostbusters and Knightmare were printed last year, I should be able to get all those games ready for a September 2015 release, together with the limited-edition release of Front Line SCE. So Knightmare will be released by Team Pixelboy after all? Yep, Eduardo Mello changed his mind (again) about publishing the game and he will let Team Pixelboy publish it. As I write this, I haven't received the release candidate ROM of the game (same goes for Ghostbusters by the way) but if Eduardo can get both games done by the end of May, I should be able to have them beta-tested and put on cartridges in time for the September release deadline. I'M GIVING SANTA SOME COMPETITION THIS YEAR If the above news brought a smile to your face, you ain't seen nothin' yet! You may recall the Team Pixelboy News Bulletin of January 1st 2015, in which I stated that 2015 was going to be my last year as a publisher of ColecoVision homebrew games. I still intend to honor that commitment, but since then, a lot of interesting projects have been sparked into existence, and it looks like Team Pixelboy will end its six-year run next Christmas with quite a bang! Feast your eyes on the Christmas 2015 lineup below! Space Shuttle - A Journey Into Space : Curtesy of Mystery Man, as mentioned a few paragraphs above, the MSX version has been ported to the ColecoVision. I'll be doing the beta-testing on this game myself. The game will require the Super Game Module if played on a ColecoVision, but the SGM will NOT be required if the game is played on the ADAM. And you will find a controller overlay in every box! (Does this feel like a cereal commercial to you?) Super Pac-Man : This is a ColecoVision port of the Sord M5 game Power Pac, done by CrazyBoss. We worked on a new title screen for the game, to make it feel more like the arcade version, but there are a few features missing compared to the arcade game (there's no speed button in the Sord M5 version, for example). Still, it's a very good version of Super Pac-Man for the ColecoVision. Beta-testing is under way, and should be completed soon. Oh, and the SGM will be required for this game on the ColecoVision, but will not be required if you play the game on the ADAM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbl8ih_2HRM C-So! : I've been eyeing this game for years, and I decided to go ahead and have it ported. If you like Mr Do!'s Castle (like I do) you're bound to like this game too. The SG-1000 version is being ported by CrazyBoss, and there's not much else I can say about this project for the time being, aside from showing a video of the SG-1000 version below. I'm not sure yet if the SGM will be required or not, but it probably won't. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJ3HU5--DYk Caos Begins : This is an excellent MSX homebrew which came in first place at the MSXdev'07 competition. The game has been ported to the ColecoVision by its original designer and coder, Antoni Burguera. (Additional credits go to Corbomite Manoeuver for graphics and Carlo Bandini for music.) The game will require the Super Game Module, and will also come with its own custom overlay, because it uses a few keys on the keypad. Feast your eyes on this video of the MSX version below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxPeiPupT1M Majikazo : This cute and fun MSX homebrew is coming to a ColecoVision near you thanks to the Lemonize team (Armando Perez as coder, Miguel Angel Fernandez as graphic artist and Carlo Bandini for music and sound effects). Armando was kind enough to prepare a demo version, which contains the first 5 levels of the game. You will find this ROM attached at the end of this news bulletin. The game requires the Super Game Module, but it will also run on the ADAM without the SGM (you will hear sound effects only, however, no music). The demo also contains two different title screens, and I would like you guys and gals to vote for the title screen you prefer. To see both title screens, press the fire button at boot to see the first title screen, and then wait for the character names display to appear again, and then press a fire button to see the second title screen. Please post your vote in this thread (and also your gameplay comments of the demo while you're at it). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9Bc_ldZZGE Operation Wolf : This is another MSX homebrew which is a rather accurate reproduction of the arcade game of the same name, given the limitations of the MSX (and ColecoVision) hardware. This will also be brought to you by the Lemonize team (Armando Perez as coder and sound designer, and Miguel Angel Fernandez as graphic artist and sound designer). Armando just started porting Operation Wolf to the ColecoVision, and given that the game's difficulty is higher when played with a standard controller, we will investigate ways to adjust the game's features to make it more balanced in terms of challenge. Roller Controller support is not planned, in case you're wondering. As you can probably imagine, this game will definately require the Super Game Module. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTf7Ju3B25k Mecha-9 : Our resident celebrity homebrewer (and all-around nice guy) nanochess is at it again with the sequel to Mecha-8! Design and coding of Mecha-9 has hardly begun so there's basically nothing to show yet, but it will be a top-down vertical shooter like Mecha-8 was. Best of all, just like with Mecha-8, the Super Game Module will NOT be required to play this game, but the music and sound effects will be enhanced when the SGM is plugged in. The following last four titles will be ported by Eduardo Mello. He told me recently that he was willing to port all these games for Team Pixelboy, but since e-mail communications are still rather on-and-off, you should consider these games as "tentative" for now. Of course, I will do everything in my power to get these titles done and ready for the Christmas deadline, but in the end, it's up to Eduardo to get the job done. Secret of the Moai : This will be a port of the Casio MSX game Moai No Hihou, which is a gravity-based puzzle game. It's a rather cute and fun brain teaser, and the ColecoVision always needs more of those. The Super Game Module will probably be required, by the way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkjM4u2sQcw Mappy : This is an often-requested game for the ColecoVision, and Team Pixelboy will be publishing the port of the MSX1 version. Admittedly, the graphics in the MSX version aren't all that great, but I worked on the sprites a little bit with encouraging results, and I am currently trying to get Eduardo to replace the sprite graphics with my own, to deliver a slightly better-looking version of Mappy. The SGM will probably be required for this game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WVYRrYjRBc Rally-X : Eduardo always wanted to port the original arcade version of Rally-X (like he did for Pac-Man Collection) but let's face it, it's probably never going to happen. So I offered to publish the port of the MSX version, which looks like a nice and competent version of the arcade game, and Eduardo agreed to do it. The SGM will probably be required for this game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e55UDKQ89F0 Gauntlet : Another SGM-required game that will be a port of the MSX1 version. The ColecoVision definately needs more action adventure games, and this one is a fan favorite. Eduardo will probably find this one to be a challenging ColecoVision port, because the original MSX1 game is a disk-based game, and the machine code, once disassembled, will have to be completely restructured to run in cartridge-based format. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPqXbs3ZjDY So that's no less than 11 games scheduled for next Christmas! And a 12th game may be added to this list, which will be a new title made specifically for the ColecoVision by the author of Caos Begins, Antoni Burguera! I'll provide more information on this new game in a future Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. NOTE: As I stated at the start of this news bulletin, I've been too busy with school work to update teampixelboy.com, so don't bother looking for additional information about the above games on the web site. I'll add them when I find the time, but that may take quite a while. It's just not a priority for me at the moment, and besides, I figure this can wait until I get around to redoing the entire Team Pixelboy web site later this year. BETA-TESTERS NEEDED I'm currently in need of beta-testers for Caos Begins and Majikazo. Send me a PM if you're interested. Later this year, once the release candidate ROMs are ready, I'll be needing beta-testers for C-So!, Operation Wolf, Mecha-9, Secret of the Moai, Mappy, Rally-X and Gauntlet. You can send me a PM about these if you want to help, but I will not select beta-testers for those games immediately. Selection of the beta-testers will happen in May or June only. TEAM PIXELBOY DOING PRE-ORDERS? HELL JUST FROZE OVER!!! As many of you are aware, I'm currently unemployed, and I have to watch my expenses. I think I've acquired a pretty solid reputation over the last few years as a guy who honors his commitments when it comes to meeting deadlines and getting ColecoVision games released on schedule. Getting all the above games released by the end of this year is going to be rather expensive (not to mention very time-consuming) and I'm going to need some help in the finance department. But instead of seeking private funding from a few individuals like I did last year, I'm going to do a sort of crowd-funding effort. In essence, I will let people pre-order the games they want, and pay in advance for them. The problem with this proposition is that I won't know the final price tag of each game until the games are fairly close to their release day. The cost of preparing the printable templates (for boxes and manuals) tends to vary greatly from one game to the next, and there are other factors that influence production costs as well. So I will try to "guesstimate" the final price tag of each game, and when you (the buyer) will pre-pay for the games you want, I will warn you that you may have to pay a small supplement on release day, to cover the difference between my "guesstimates" and the actual final price of each game. The "guesstimated" price tag will not include shipping fees, obviously, so buyers will have to pay shipping fees on the day their pre-ordered games are ready to ship, and whatever supplement applies will be added then. The main goal of this pre-order effort is to be able to pay the homebrew coders (Mystery Man, Armando, Antoni, CrazyBoss, nanochess and Eduardo) as soon as their ROMs have passed the beta-testing phase. Otherwise, I would be forced to make them wait until the games are released (either after September or after Christmas) and this can be problematic, especially for Eduardo Mello because he needs money soon to help in manufacturing more Super Game Modules. Another objective of the pre-order effort will be to pay the printer company for printing all the boxes in a single print order (like it's usually done each year). I haven't worked out all the details of this pre-order effort yet, so please DO NOT contact me (via PM or e-mail) about this for the time being. I will post another Team Pixelboy News Bulletin roughly a month from now, and I will explain all the details of pre-ordering then. By the way, since Eduardo Mello has started to ship the second run of SGMs to customers, I am considering going ahead with the production of new copies of all my old SGM games, at least in a limited on-demand fashion. I think it would be appropriate to include these old SGM games into the pre-order effort. More on that next month... SOME GAMES TO SELL I have a few games in stock, which are listed below. Since I will be concentrating on preparing all the new games for next September and next Christmas, I do not plan on manufacturing any more copies of these games anytime soon. So now's the time to purchase these, if you're considering it: - Gulkave = 4 copies (these are my last remaining copies, I'm out of boxes for this game!) - Girl's Garden = 5 copies - Peek-a-boo = 3 copies - Pitfall II Arcade = 2 copies - Destructor SCE = 1 copy - Star Force = 1 copy - Wonder Boy = 4 copies - The Black Onyx = 2 copies - TwinBee = 3 copies Send me a PM if you want to order any of these. ABOUT CHAMPION ICE HOCKEY The five prototype carts of Champion Ice Hockey have been ready to sell for a while now, but I've decided to wait until Eduardo Mello has finished auctionning off his five Hang-On prototype cartridges before I put my own prototypes on eBay. Prototype #2 of Hang-On is currently up for auction on eBay, in case you missed it. AND JUST BECAUSE YOU WERE BEGGING FOR AN UPDATE... ... retroillucid still owes me 238$. Will he ever pay his debt for the Team Pixelboy games he bought from me (and later sold for pretty much 100% profit)? The saga continues! This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities. majikazo_promo.zip
  16. Hello fellow ColecoVision fans. This is my 6000th post on AtariAge, and the timing is just right for me to deliver another news bulletin, which is really just a quick update on last month's bulletin. RELEASE SCHEDULE CHANGES I have decided to do some minor changes to my release schedule: October 2014: - SubRoc Super Game - The Goonies - TwinBee - Joust Christmas 2014: - Knightmare - Ghostbusters - Boxxle You may notice that Jewel Panic has been bumped off the 2014 schedule, and I think the reason should be obvious: Seven games to release between now and Christmas is already a lot, and with me going back to school this fall (to get a university certificate) there's just no way I'll be able to get any work done on Jewel Panic any time soon. So it seemed logical to replace Jewel Panic with Boxxle for a Christmas release. October's exact release date is still undertermined, but I can say that I'll be preparing 100 copies of SubRoc Super Game, The Goonies and TwinBee towards that date. The situation with Joust is a little nebulous right now, because I'm waiting to see how many unsold copies of the game there will be after the Classic Gaming Expo. If the game sells out completely (I guess it's possible, although I don't know the attendance numbers CGE usually gets) I'll try to produce more copies of Joust towards the official October release. If there are many unsold copies left, I'll just tell my loyal customers to buy a copy from those unsold stocks (directly from Sean Kelly) and I'll prepare fewer new copies on my end. Whatever happens, I'll make sure to make enough copies for everyone. ABOUT THE OLDER TEAM PIXELBOY TITLES The pre-order operation for the older Team Pixelboy games has been going pretty well over the last month. I have roughly 10 copies of each game reserved so far, give or take a few. I won't have time to prepare all these copies by October, but I'll work to get them all ready by Christmas 2014. There's still time to reserve copies, so just drop me a PM if you want in on the action. Check the forum thread of the August 1st news bulletin to see what's available. A LITTLE SURPRISE! In last month's news bulletin, I indicated that I found many leftover boxes for many of my old games, but there is one detail I deliberately didn't mention: I also found a couple of unused boxes of Quest for the Golden Chalice! Even better, I happen to have a couple of golden QftGC cartridges which I had made in error last year, so I'll have two CIB copies of the game ready very soon! I have decided to auction off these last two copies on eBay, so keep an eye out for them! A LITTLE GIFT TO THE COMMUNITY FOR MY 6000TH POST... Recently, I was in the mood to do some preliminary graphic work for a potential port of the TRS-80 game "Downland". I've got the background graphics all figured out, and today, as part of my 6000th post, I am making these graphics available below, together with the general map of the game. I have no intention of programming the game myself, or even publishing it if another homebrewer decides to tackle the project, but if this game gets made on ColecoVision by someone, I would just like to be credited for the graphics. I didn't have time to prepare any sprite graphics, but if you look at the various character tiles I prepared, you will notice that falling water drops are meant to be implemented with tiles, except while a water drop passes in front of an object like a jewel or a money bag, then it is drawn using a sprite. This helps to reduce sprite flicker to a minimum. So the actual sprite work left to do is minimal (the player's character, the bouncing ball, the bird, and maybe other game elements I didn't think of). The information bars at the top and bottom of the screen are also left undone. Easy stuff to complete, really. As for the gameplay itself, this YouTube playthrough of the TRS-80 version will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about Downland (this video is only part 1, be sure to check out part 2): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Os6qUWRARws This concludes this news bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities.
  17. Hello to you all, ColecoVisionites and ColecoVisionistas! Before the surface of the Earth is reduced to a pile of smoking ashes in 2017 because Donald Trump mistakes the red nuclear launch button for the snooze button on his bedroom alarm clock, I'd like to wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year! So without further ado, allow me to outline what's coming from Team Pixelboy in 2017. THE BUDGET GAMES I will be devoting all my efforts in January and February towards assembling the carts of the budget games. As you can see in the pictures at the bottom of this post, I've made some progress with this recently, but I still have many weeks of work ahead of me to assemble well over 1000 more cartridges. I also attached below a preliminary screenshot of Yars' Revenge provided by the programmer of the game. The graphics are subject to change, but I expect they won't change much between now and delivery day. As I write this, the assembly work is stalled because I ran out of metal screws. I ordered more screws a couple of days ago, and I expect to receive them next Friday, or maybe a little later. In the mean time, I will finish the print templates of all the manuals. Six of them are ready, and the texts of the other manuals are about 95% done, so I just need to wrap things up, prepare the final templates and pass them along to my local print shop. As for the boxes, like I mentioned last week, my contact at the printer company told me that he should be able to speed up the print work for the rest of the boxes starting in January. I have only received 200 of the 1800 boxes so far, and another shipment of 100 boxes is on its way to me right now. OTHER UPCOMING GAMES I've been focussing on the budget games since last summer, and I must admit that I've been mostly neglecting all my other ongoing Team Pixelboy projects as a result. At this point in time, I'm not really sure when the next batch of "regular" Team Pixelboy titles will be released, but I'll put some serious effort into that as soon as the budget games have been shipped. For now, the least I can do is provide a quick status report on each of these upcoming games. Here it goes... Ghostbusters : Eduardo Mello is in charge of this MSX port, and he hasn't worked on fixing the remaining bugs in the software since my beta-tester first reported these bugs back in summer 2015. Even worse, roughly six months ago, my beta-tester discovered that the game does not function correctly on his ADAM computer (the controller stops working at the "equipment purchase" screen) and I confirmed the problem with my own ADAM soon after. That's one more reason why I cannot release this game in its current state. Hopefully 2017 will be the year this accursed game will finally be released. Space Shuttle - A Journey Into Space : The ColecoVision port of the MSX version was completed quite a long time ago, and I haven't found the time to beta-test it yet. Yes, I want to beta-test this one myself, mostly because I want to work on the manuals of the game in parallel. At least the box template and the controller overlay are done and ready. Secret of the Moai : The port is finished, but the game has been giving my beta-tester some trouble. I enlisted the help of another beta-tester to try to make further progress, but it's like everything fell into a black hole. And my neglect of this project hasn't helped either. On the plus side, the box artwork is ready so I will prepare the box template of this game in early spring. C-So! : This one passed the beta-testing phase quite a long time ago, and the box artwork is also ready, so I should be able to push this game out the door in all deliberate speed, once the manual has been prepared and everything has been printed/assembled. King & Balloon : Same as C-So! above, the software is done and ready to be put on cartridges, and the box artwork is also ready (and quite beautiful too!) so that's another one that shouldn't pose too much trouble for me to release. Children of the Night : Yet another game that passed its beta-testing phase, and the box artwork is ready too. I want to mention that given the size and scope of this game, I hired two beta-testers for it, and they both loved the game, so I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of you ColecoVision fans play this totally new and original creation. Wizard of Wor : I received the final release candidate of this game back in October, but again, I neglected it because of the budget games. I'll be looking for a beta-tester for this game fairly soon. Gauntlet : No real news to report on this one, I'm afraid. I haven't received any kind of progress report from the guy in charge of the MSX port. I'll have to check up on him soon... Utopia : Beta-testing is going well, and even better, Mystery Man recently delivered a new version of the game with the one-player-versus-computer mode implemented! As I write this, I haven't shared this new ROM with my beta-tester yet, and from what Mystery Man told me, this one-player mode is rather basic and will probably require some minor tweaks over the next couple of months. Zombie Incident : I'm happy to report that this game has passed the beta-testing phase and the box artwork is ready too, so this will be another "easy one" to release. QBIQS : A playable work-in-progress version was sent to me in early November, and it plays great! But there are some minor things that the programmer wants to implement (I will contact him again about this shortly) so I'm going to wait until the ColecoVision port is truly completed before hiring a beta-tester for it. I like this game a lot and I'm glad to be publishing it. Uridium : To put things bluntly, not much has been done with this game yet. Nanochess hasn't begun porting it to ColecoVision, as far as I know, and I'll have to put some time aside next spring to prepare the box artwork. Arcomage : The game is fully ported, and I even have a test PCB ready for the beta-tester. But this beta-tester is the same one who is currently testing Utopia, and I don't think it's a good idea to have the same person test two games in parallel. So I'll wait until Utopia is behind us before we shift our attention to Arcomage. I was expecting to have the box artwork ready by now, but the artist landed a new job recently so he had to put the Arcomage box artwork aside for a while. But from what he's shown me so far, the artwork is going to rock! The Cure : As I mentioned last week in the previous News Bulletin, I received an advanced work-in-progress ROM that already plays wonderfully well. I'm waiting to receive the final release candidate before going ahead with beta-testing. The same artist who did the box artwork for Caos Begins, Majikazo, Secret of the Moai, C-So!, Children of the Night and Zombie Incident has accepted the commission of doing the box artwork for The Cure, so I think we can all expect some great box artwork for this game! Jewel Panic : This game is on hold for now, and I will resume working on it once the other games above are all mostly done. The game already plays well (with no sound) but there are a few minor graphic glitches I want to take care of. I've learned a few things about the inner workings of the ColecoVision since I last worked on this project, and I believe I'll probably need to recode the game from scratch (again) in order to reach truly smooth gameplay. The list above is a long one, as you can see, and I'm not sure all these games will ship before the end of 2017. I'm also hoping to add one or two titles to this list, but it's not a sure thing yet so if there's any good news to report, I will make announcements in a future News Bulletin. HOW TO PRE-ORDER? It seems like a long time ago now, but most of you probably remember that I set out to release three groups of Team Pixelboy releases. The first two groups were released, and the third group (composed of Ghostbusters, Space Shuttle, Secret of the Moai, C-So!, King & Balloon, Children of the Night, Wizard of Wor, Gauntlet and Jewel Panic) was put on hold in favor of the budget series. Since then, several new games were added to the long-term release lineup (Utopia, Zombie Incident, QBIQS, Uridium, Arcomage and The Cure) and I have refrained from recording any pre-orders for any of these newer titles. The first thing I want to mention is that there is no need to send me an e-mail to check and make sure that you are still on the pre-order list for the third group. I keep very precise pre-order records, and I keep backups of those records too. So rest assured that you are on the list for whichever games you pre-ordered from the third group, and I know which games you have already paid for and which ones you haven't paid for yet, if any. For the newer games (for which I haven't recorded any pre-orders yet) PLEASE do not send me an e-mail to place your pre-orders. As I mentioned before, I'm currently concentrating on assembling the budget game cartridges and I want to get that done as quickly as possible, so responding to e-mails about long-term pre-orders will only be a time-consuming distraction. Not very long after the budget games will have been shipped to all customers, I will send an e-mail to everyone in my customer records and I will also post a Team Pixelboy News Bulletin, in order to give everyone a chance to pre-order the newer games. I will need to do this in order to determine how many boxes of each of these games I will need to have printed later in the year. So please just hold on tight, you will definately get the chance to place your pre-orders later this year, in an orderly fashion. It's just not a good time for it right now. WHAT ABOUT THE TRADING CARDS? I want to conclude this News Bulletin by mentioning that, over the last couple of years, some people went through extraordinary lengths to supply me with scans of games boxes and other hardware packaging, which will eventually be used for series of ColecoVision trading cards. To be honest, I don't think I will be able to get much work done on this trading card project in 2017 (I may work a little bit on it during my lunch breaks at the office) but I feel I have a moral obligation to get those trading cards done. So for now I just want to confirm that I haven't dropped the project, and I still think about it from time to time. But in all likelihood, these ColecoVision trading cards will only become reality in 2018. I have too many games to release this year. This concludes this New Year edition of the Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities. And again, Happy New Year!
  18. Salutations, ColecoVisioneers! It wouldn't be the first Team Pixelboy News Bulletin of the year without me wishing you a Happy New Year, now would it? I do wish you all a good year, full of good health, good fortune and good games. Myself and the others guys associated to Team Pixelboy are going to do our best to deliver some great games this year, and with this news bulletin, I'm going to explain my plans for 2016. COMING TO A COLECOVISION NEAR YOU IN FEBRUARY 2016 I really wanted to release several games on Christmas Day, like I do every year, but as most of you know, it just wasn't meant to happen this time around. The good news is that all the manuals are done and ready (except for the manual of Ghostbusters, but I'll get started on it soon) and so all I'm missing are the electronics for the cartridges. I'll be spending most of January glueing boxes and assembling carts, and then the games should start shipping in February. As I write this, the few remaining bugs in Ghostbusters still haven't been fixed, so I cannot guarantee that the game will ship in February (but rest assured I'll keep nagging Eduardo about it) . Gauntlet is also off the February lineup (see explaination below) but the other games (Super Pac-Man, Caos Begins, Majikazo, Knight Lore, Mappy, Rally-X, Mecha-9 and Operation Wolf) are good to go. After examining the software of Gauntlet more closely, Eduardo Mello determined that the game was "practically unportable" to the ColecoVision, as the original MSX game requires 64K of RAM and contains self-modifying code. So he decided to back out of the project. I can't blame him, it really looked like a monster of a porting job, but the boxes and cart labels for this game are already printed, so I couldn't just let go without looking for some kind of alternate solution. Luckily, a few weeks later, I was introduced to a new guy who goes by the nickname of Dimmu, and he's apparently an expert at analyzing MSX software for porting purposes. Dimmu volunteered to have a serious look at Gauntlet and has set out to make it work on the ColecoVision. This will take some time, but in a few months, we'll know for sure if Gauntlet can be ported or not. For now, I'm simply going to push back the release date of the game to later this year. Also to be "released" in February will be the Super Tank prototype carts. Carts #2, #3, #4 and #5 will be put under auction on eBay and all eBay earnings will be going to Mystery Man (except for a small percentage which I will keep for myself). Note that cart #1 has already been sold, as someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse. WHAT ABOUT KNIGHTMARE? As many of you know, a software defect was recently identified in Knightmare which causes the game to crash and reset suddently, randomly and without warning. The cause of the problem wasn't precisely identified, but Eduardo Mello managed to create a new version of the software, which is currently being tested by a few friends. This new revision seems to be working perfectly so far, and after a few more days of testing on real hardware, we'll be able to put our stamp of approval on it. From that point on, I will want to organize a general recall of all Knightmare cartridges. Some people have also experienced problems with certain other cartridges, more notably The Stone of Wisdom. From what I can see, these seems to be compatibility problems between "modern" cartridge PCBs and certain revisions of the ColecoVision motherboard, and many people do not experience any problem playing the games on their ColecoVision. Over the next 24 hours or so, I will contact all the customers who bought Team Pixelboy games over the last six months, and I will ask them to quickily play-test all their recently-purchased cartridges, and let me know if they encounter any problems. The idea is that since many people who bought these games last year will also be purchasing games from the upcoming February lineup, I could include the replacement cartridge of Knightmare (and any other cartridge that needs to be replaced) in the package of new games shipped in February. That will save everyone some money in shipping fees, especially me. THE LAST LINEUP After the games of the February lineup will have been shipped, I will be working over the remainder of 2016 on the last lineup of Team Pixelboy games, which should be released in September or October, if all goes well. The games to be released at that time will be Space Shuttle - A Journey Into Space, Secret of the Moai, C-So!, King & Balloon, Children of the Night, Wizard of Wor, Utopia, Jewel Panic and hopefully Gauntlet. If Ghostbusters is not ready for release in February, it will be released in September/October. And after those last games will have been released, my dear friends, I will make my exit as publisher of homebrew ColecoVision games. I will stick around to sell games until all the demand is properly taken care of, but no new games will be developed under the Team Pixelboy label. All good things must come to an end, but I'll be going out with a nice "bang" of great games. This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities. Happy New Year!
  19. Hello ColecoVision fans, and welcome to another Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. As the summer of 2013 is about to start (May has always been firmly part of spring for me, even if the weather gets a little hotter towards the end of the month) now seems like a good time to post a couple of news tidbits. HIBERNATING DURING THE SUMMER, BUT NOT REALLY Early this morning, I sent the latest round of reminder service e-mails to all my customers with pending pre-orders. I'm glad to say that I recently finished preparing a new lot of the 2012 games (many thanks to 5-11under for meeting my end-of-month deadline) and I can finally honor ALL remaining pre-orders starting today. However, all my ready-to-ship copies of Wonder Boy and Mopiranger are already spoken for, so I will need to produce a few more copies of those two games eventually. Anyway, after all paid orders will have been shipped (over the next week or so) all Team Pixelboy sales activities and reminder service activities will be suspended until August 30th 2013. This break is necessary to allow me to work on the box templates of the new games to be released next Christmas. Furthermore, my stocks of SGM games is limited at the moment (and it will be even more so after all pre-orders will have been taken care of) and I will not prepare more copies of those games until September. If you've recently ordered a Super Game Module from Opcode Games (as part of the second run of SGMs) but haven't contacted me yet about ordering one or more of the 4 SGM launch games, it would be wise to let me know right away which games you plan on buying, so that I'll know how many copies of each SGM game to produce next September. So please send me an e-mail to help me build the waiting list for the next batch. NEW SECRET PROJECT REVEALED! Many of you will remember my (very) limited release of Super Action Soccer on eBay, late last year. I was left with many unused plastic boxes (I had to buy a bunch of them from ULine in order to use just a few) and I recently had an idea for using them: I'm going to release a new limited-edition hack, namely "FrontLine - Standard Controller Edition"! The game itself will be the same, the only difference will be that it will be playable with regular stock controllers, unlike the original retail version which forced players to use Super Action Controllers. 75 copies of this new version will be produced, and each copy will include a black mini-cartridge, a keypad overlay and a mini-manual. The whole package will look a lot like last year's Super Action Soccer package. Aside from ordering a supply of mini-cart homebrew kits from PkK recently, I haven't really started working on this project yet, but I will do so this summer. Eduardo Mello will be in charge of hacking the original ROM, and he told me it should take him "just a couple of days", so it's only a matter of him sitting down and doing it. Once the ROM hack is done and ready, I will get the cartridges, manuals, overlays and cart labels done ASAP, and I will release FrontLine SCE soon after (so you won't have to wait until next Christmas to see it released). I will post some pictures of the overlay, cart label and manual once they are done. Since the release will be limited to 75 copies, and I'm pretty sure many collectors will want to snatch them up, I am contemplating releasing the ROM online. It's only a small and simple ROM hack, after all, and I don't really have a problem with people playing FrontLine SCE on their AtariMax 128-in-1 or SD carts. The mini-cart package will be for ColecoVision collectors first and foremost. ADAMCON, HERE I CON! ERR... COME! I'd like to use this opportunity to confirm that I will be attending AdamCon 25 in Kingston, Ontario this summer. According to the latest information, the convention will be held between July 18th and 21st 2013. I will do a small presentation of all upcoming Team Pixelboy games, namely Mecha-8, Module Man, Buck Rogers Super Game, Battle of Hoth, and also TwinBee if Eduardo finishes the MSX port in time. This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities.
  20. Hello ColecoVision fans! Welcome to another edition of the Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. This edition certainly won't match the awesomeness of the previous one, but I do have some interesting tidbits to share today which you'll definately want to know about. NEW GAME ADDED TO 2012 LINEUP: ZAXXON SUPER GAME! After Quest for the Golden Chalice and Dragon's Lair, Mystery Man strikes again! He completed the conversion of the Coleco Adam version of Zaxxon to cartridge format, and mostly everything is in place to allow me to release it this year, along with the other games in the 2012 lineup. I added Zaxxon Super Game to the official Team Pixelboy web site (and I also updated a few details in other sections of the site). PURCHASE SURVEY UNDERWAY This week-end, I will be contacting everyone listed in my customer records, to ask them if they plan to purchase the SGM games which I will be releasing over the next couple of years, namely King's Valley, Thexder, Dragon's Lair, Zaxxon Super Game, Spelunker and The Stone of Wisdom. Getting a good idea of the demand for these games is important, because I need to know how many boxes I should have printed for each game, and how many cartridge casings I will be needing. So if and when you receive this survey e-mail, please reply to it. If you are not currently listed in my customer records, and plan to purchase the Super Game Module and some of the games I will be offering, send me a PM to let me know, so that your purchase intents may be noted in my survey response data. STILL LOOKING FOR A TRANSLATOR I'm still looking for a japanese-to-english translator for the in-game texts and manual texts of The Stone of Wisdom. If you know of anyone who may be able to help me out, please PM me. This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities.
  21. I would like to start this News Bulletin by saying that this is my 4000th post on the AtariAge forums! Wow! What a milestone! And it's also the right time to share all the latest Team Pixelboy news with all of you ColecoVision fans! THE 2012 RELEASE LINEUP I would like to remind everyone that my next lineup of ColecoVision games will be released on December 25th 2012. I still don't know what the pricetag will be on each of these games, but I'm pretty sure this will be settled in early December. Anyhow, in terms of how I operate, this year will be no different than previous years: On Christmas morning, I will be sending an e-mail to everyone listed in my customer records, and from that moment on, I will operate on a first-come-first-served basis. So if you want your copies of these games, better not wait too long to reply to that Christmas e-mail once you receive it! (And please don't send me an e-mail 24 hours in advance to try to get ahead of everyone else, such e-mails will be ignored.) I won't have time to glue together a full supply of boxes between now and Christmas, so initial stocks available on release day will be limited: - Wonder Boy (40 copies out of a total of 75) - Mopiranger (40 copies out of a total of 75) - Princess Quest (40 copies out of a total of 75) - Quest for the Golden Chalice (40 copies out of a total of 100) - Dragon's Lair (SGM required) (80 copies out of a total of 100) - Zaxxon Super Game (SGM required) (60 copies out of a total of 100) - King's Valley (SGM required) (50 copies out of a total of 100) - Thexder (SGM required) (50 copies out of a total of 100) After the holiday sales rush is mostly behind me, I will glue together the remaining boxes and honor as many orders as I can with the "remainder" lot of copies. Considering that Opcode currently has close to 200 paid pre-orders for the SGM (I expect he will reach at least 220 pre-orders by next December) I can say with absolute certainty that 100 copies of Dragon's Lair and the other SGM games won't be enough to satisfy the immediate demand. You can rest assured that I will waste no time in January to order more transparent cartridge casings (and the electronics that go inside them) and prepare more copies of all the games as soon as possible, but I'm afraid a good number of you will have to be patient. I'm just a lone and humble CV homebrew publisher trying to keep his head above water, and I do have a day job. MORE COPIES OF PAST RELEASES Speaking of preparing more copies of my games, the e-mail I will send to my customers on Christmas morning will also include an offer to pre-order new copies of some of my old games which are currently sold out, namely: - Pitfall II Arcade - Track & Field - Destructor SCE - Circus Charlie - Star Force - Ninja Princess - Golgo 13 - Bank Panic - Konami's Ping-Pong I still have several copies of Gulkave in stock, and also 3 copies of Girl's Garden left, so that's why they are not listed above. I will not produce any more copies of Girl's Garden (after those last 3 copies have been sold) or Peek-a-boo because I don't have any light pink and dark pink cartridge casings left, and I have no plans to produce more. For the other games, I will produce only enough new copies to satisfy the immediate demand, so you should all consider this as a limited-time offer. If my total initial stocks of Wonder Boy, Mopiranger, Princess Quest and Quest for the Golden Chalice are not sufficient to satisfy the demand, I may produce more copies of those games as well, but it's not a sure thing yet. I'll make my decision about that in January or February, depending on demand. THE REMINDER SERVICE There is yet another item that will be included in the Christmas e-mail: I understand that I will be releasing a lot of games on the same day this year, and not everyone has pockets deep enough to buy them all on release day, especially not in this economy. Last year, I ran a layaway plan, which a lot of people used, but in the end, I had enough copies of my games for mostly everyone. This showed me that a layaway plan, with hard payment deadlines, is not really necessary. So this year, I'm going to offer a simple reminder service: I will send customers an e-mail at the end of each month, to remind them of the Team Pixelboy games that they want but haven't bought yet, and they can choose exactly when they want to buy them, even if it takes them months to come up with the money. This reminder service will NOT be a way to reserve copies of the games, however. I will still operate on a first-payed-first-served basis at all times, so if you wait too long, the games you want may be sold out by the time you're ready to pay for your order. A little discipline in your gaming budget next winter will go a long way, if you really want these games in your collection. The reminder service will be tied into the offer to buy new copies of my past games (Pitfall II Arcade, Track & Field, etc.), and also into the release of supplementary copies of the SGM-dependent games (Dragon's Lair, etc.) so the e-mail customers will receive at the end of each month will be more like a customized newsletter. LATEST NEWS CONCERNING THE SUPER ACTION SOCCER COLLECTOR MINI-CARTS I'm getting close to receiving the last couple of parts I need to complete the packaging for my Super Action Soccer Collector Mini-Carts! The overlays are printed and I attached a picture below to show you what they look like. Aside from that, I'm missing the filler piece that will be placed inside the clear plastic box, and this should be done by next Monday, if all goes well. It was supposed to be a wooden filler, but it will actually be a metal piece with a very cool feature! I'm not sure yet on exactly what date these Collector Mini-Carts will be put under auction on eBay, but I think it's safe to say that it's going to happen sometime in November. A GLIMPSE INTO NEXT YEAR If you've been keeping up with the threads devoted to the SGM in the Opcode sub-forum, you know that Eduardo and I recently reached a tentative agreement for Team Pixelboy to publish The Goonies, Knightmare, Yie Ar Kung-Fu II and Zanac for ColecoVision. All four games will require the SGM. While I'm very happy and glad to be publishing these games, it will however force me to change my plans drastically for 2013. I can't say for sure when these four new games will be released. What I wanted to do was to get all the boxes printed in mid-March, so that I could release games throughout the year instead of making people wait until Christmas 2013. I still intend to do this, but how I'm going to pull it off with these four new additions to my outsourced lineup (and the few other games that I have in the pipeline which will be announced on January 1st) is anyone's guess. I'll do my best to make it all come together. WHAT ABOUT BASICVISION? I don't even want to think about it until late next year. Besides, what would you rather have? A bunch of new games to play on your CV, or a programming language that only a select few among us will bother to use? The answer is pretty obvious, and I have to put my efforts where it counts. So I'm sending BasicVision back into its little cave and it will hibernate for another year at least. If I find the time in 2013, I'll try to do preliminary work on BV, but I expect that I'll have my hands full over the entire course of next year with the next lineup of Team Pixelboy releases. So 2013 will be a repeat of 2012, it seems... Oh joy... This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities.
  22. Hello ColecoVision fans. Lately, I've been receiving e-mails from people who have expressed concern about the state of their pre-orders of Team Pixelboy games, and although I wanted to wait a little bit longer before posting this news bulletin, I think I should just set the record straight right now, and then afterwards direct anyone with questions to this forum thread instead of typing out long-winded e-mail replies over and over again. A few weeks ago (a couple of days before January 1st) I updated teampixelboy.com by moving the latest releases (Ghostbusters, Secret of the Moai, Wizard of Wor, etc.) from the "ongoing projects" to the "completed projects" section of the web site. I did this because I shipped a few copies of these games to a few selected people during the Christmas break, and in my book, once I ship a complete-in-box copy of a game to someone, then that means this game is officially released. Usually, the moving of games to the "completed projects" section of the web site coincides with me starting to honor all pre-orders and shipping games to customers. However, the current situation is different, and far more complicated, than previous years: Many customers are not only waiting for the latest Team Pixelboy releases, but also for boxes of budget games (for which they received only the cartridges and manuals so far). So my plan was (and still is) to wait until I've received the last lot of budget game boxes from the printer company before I start shipping everything. The goal is the ship the budget boxes together with the new games, in one single package, for each customer. The good news at this point is that the final lot of budget games boxes is currently on its way to me as I write this, and I'm actually expecting to receive them within the next 3 or 4 days (and this is the main reason why I wanted to delay this news bulletin). But that doesn't mean that the wait is almost over. Far from it, for the greater majority of my customers. Right now, I have roughly 40 copies of each new Team Pixelboy game ready to ship. These copies are reserved for customers who paid for these games way back in 2015, and all of them are also waiting for budget game boxes. So when I receive the last budget boxes from the printer, my first order of business will be to ship the games and budget boxes to those customers who have been waiting for a very long time. That alone is going to keep me busy for a while. Once that first group of pending pre-orders will have been processed, I will be faced with the challenge of gluing over 530 more boxes and assembling over 530 more cartridges, in order to honor all the remaining pre-orders. And of course, many of those remaining customers are also waiting for budget boxes, so I think you can perfectly understand when I say that I'll be busy gluing boxes, assembling cartridges, processing orders, buying shipping boxes and preparing/shipping packages over the next couple of months. I'm just one guy doing this, I have an 8-to-5 job, I go to the gym three times a week, and I have all kinds of real-life stuff to take care of, so I manage my available free time accordingly, as best I can. So to you who is asking "when am I going to receive the game(s) I pre-ordered", my answer for now is simply "I don't know". I haven't decided yet who I'm going to prioritize after the first group of pending pre-orders. But the bottom line is that I won't stop until every pre-ordered game on my waiting lists has been shipped. I can only hope that's enough for you, because for me this is just the calm before the storm. Some people are going to receive their games only in late March, perhaps even early-to-mid April. This is really the best I can do. Thanks for reading. This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities.
  23. Hello ColecoVisionites! Welcome to another (again, quite overdue) Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. I have a few things to report on this glorious Labour Day, but it's really just a short-and-sweet update concerning ongoing projects. BUDGET SERIES I'm currently waiting to receive the boxes of Deep Dungeon Adventure and Frostbite. They should arrive at my doorstep any day now, and after these boxes will have been received, the remaining boxes to print will be those for Kaboom!, Remember The Flag and Yars' Revenge. I estimate that I will receive the last lot of boxes in early-to-mid November, and I will begin to ship all boxes to all customers at that time. Of course, some customers are only waiting for the boxes of Deep Dungeon Adventure and/or Frostbite, in addition to other budget boxes I have already received, and those customers will see their lot of boxes shipped within the next few weeks. There's no need to make these people wait any longer than they have to. About Yars' Revenge, I have had no real update from the programmer of the game since last May. I've been told he's working on a big project for CollectorVision (which mostly explains why he put Yars' Revenge aside) but I know very little beyond this. According to the last update I got, the software of Yars' Revenge is mostly finished, except for a few final tweaks. I'm still hoping Yars' Revenge will be finished by the time the budget boxes have all been printed and shipped to me. HERE COME THE CHIP-TUNES! About a week ago, I shared the information above via e-mail with everyone who purchased budget games, and I also used the opportunity to pass along a message from nanochess' brother, Adán, about his original sound track CDs of Mecha 8/9 and Sydney Hunter, to get funds to finance his trip to Barcelona to attend RUMSX in December 2018. Since then, Adán has been contacted by several people, and he started a thread on AtariAge which you can find here. Here's hoping you'll get the funds you need to attend RUMSX, Adán. OTHER UPCOMING TITLES As you can see in the picture attached below, this past week I received the boxes for my upcoming releases. All the games of that lineup have passed the beta-testing phase except for Space Shuttle, and the manuals and cart labels of several of those games have already been printed, and I'll go pick those up at my local print shop near the end of this month. I took some time to update the project status sections of all those games on teampixelboy.com, by the way, so go take a gander if you want more info. However, while progress has been pretty good lately, I'm not sure I'll be able to release these games before Christmas. I still have to beta-test Space Shuttle and prepare the manual(s) of that game, and I also need to work on the manuals of Children of the Night and Ghostbusters. All those activities promise to be rather time-consuming, and add to this agenda such mundane jobs as gluing boxes, assembling cartridges, and the several necessary trips to the post office to ship budget game boxes, and I've got myself a pretty busy autumn. Also, I recently bought myself a Nintendo 2DS, because Metroid - Samus Returns, and I also want to see a few movies and have something that vaguely resembles a social life. So really, my plate will be full between now and Christmas, and I can't guarantee that all copies of Ghostbusters, Space Shuttle, Secret of the Moai, C-So!, King & Balloon, Children of the Night, Wizard of Wor, Zombie Incident and Flicky will be ready to ship before the end of the year. But I'll do my best, and if I do go beyond the Christmas deadline, I'll work hard in January 2018 so that the extra wait won't be too long. AND THE 2018 LINEUP? Antoni Burguera has done some nice progress on Multiverse, but I haven't seen the game yet. Uridium and QBIQS are mostly done, and The Cure entered the beta-testing phase a few weeks ago. Beta-testing Arcomage is proving to be quite a problem, and I still don't know if Mystery Man will be able to port Gauntlet to the ColecoVision (but he will give it his best shot, of course). There's been no progress done on Utopia lately, but I did get the controller overlays printed for that game, so at least that much is done. There's not much else to report, aside from the fact that among the tentative titles (1942, Bomber King and DragonSlayer IV) the most desired game is 1942 (according to the survey I ran recently) so if Mystery Man decides to do at least one of those three games, it will probably be 1942. This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities.
  24. Welcome, ColecoVision fans, to a quick-and-dirty update regarding my Team Pixelboy activities. ONE DOWN, EIGHT OTHERS TO GO With only one month left before Christmas, it is now painfully obvious to me that I won't have time to fully beta-test Space Shuttle - a Journey Into Space, or even finish the manuals of the game on time. So I've decided to push back the release of this game to next year. I know it sucks for those who pre-ordered the game (and even pre-paid for it) but I have to make hard choices in order to make the most of what little time remains between now and the end of the year. Aside from this sad bit of news, my plans remain unchanged: I will prepare roughly 35 to 40 copies of each game (Ghostbusters, Secret of The Moai, C-So!, King & Balloon, Children of the Night, Wizard of Wor, Zombie Incident and Flicky) and I will ship them to people who pre-paid for those games back in 2015. After the Holidays, I will continue to glue boxes and assemble carts, and honor all pre-orders as quickly as I can. And once all those games will have been shipped, I will turn my attention to Space Shuttle. BUDGET BOX ANTICIPATION As I mentioned in another forum thread earlier today, the boxes for Kaboom! and Remember The Flag were shipped by the printer a couple of days ago, and I expect to receive them during the second week of December. I really can't say whether the boxes of Pacar will arrive on my doorstep before Christmas, so I definately don't want to make any promises at this point. But at least we're getting there. I really can't wait to get all those empty budget boxes out of my house! On the plus side, if I receive the boxes of Pacar in January, perhaps I could ship the budget boxes and the new 2017 Team Pixelboy titles in the same (large) shipping box. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. ATARIAGE STORE GALORE! I'm happy to announce that several old Team Pixelboy titles will be made available for purchase, all complete-in-box, on the AtariAge Store, just in time for Christmas! The titles in question are: - Girl's Garden - Peek-a-boo - Pitfall II Arcade - Track & Field - Destructor - Standard Controller Edition - Golgo 13 - Bank Panic - Konami's Ping-Pong - Wonder Boy - Mopiranger - Battle of Hoth - Module Man - Joust The story in a nutshell: I found some old unused boxes of those old Team Pixelboy games, and I was considering just throwing them away, but after a quick chat with Albert, we decided to use those boxes to produce a few more copies to be sold exclusively at the AtariAge Store. I've given full liberty to Albert to set the prices of these games himself, so the prices will be known when the games appear on the AtariAge Store within a couple of weeks. Quantities will be rather limited before Christmas, but I can supply Albert with more boxes and styrofoam inserts afterwards, and Albert will manufacture the cartridges and manuals himself (which implies AtariAge will handle all warranty issues on those carts). One interesting detail I should mention is that all the games that were originally offered in Activision-style cartridges (namely Pitfall II Arcade, Track & Field, Golgo 13, Bank Panic, Wonder Boy, Mopiranger and Module Man) will be offered by the AtariAge Store in regular Coleco-style carts made of black polycarbonate plastic (which is a little shinier than regular ABS plastic). The cart labels were redone to reflect this change. I'm mentioning this detail mostly for the benefit of collectors who like to collect all variants of homebrew ColecoVision games. This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities.
  25. Hello ColecoVisioneers! Welcome to another edition of the Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. I'd like to start by wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas, and a more general "Happy Holidays" for those who do not recognize themselves in this holiday. I'm afraid I don't have much to offer this year in terms of special gifts, but at least I can give you the ROMs of Front Line SCE and Boxxle. Find them attached at the bottom of this post. Boxxle is a 64K game that uses an auxiliary EEPROM to save the player's progress and also to store puzzles created with the puzzle editor, so you'll need nanochess' CoolCV emulator to play it. Not sure if it plays properly with the latest firmware update on the AtariMax Ultimate SD cartridge, but the savegame features are unlikely to work. Front Line SCE plays the same as the original Front Line, the only difference is that you need to use the (1) and (3) keys on the keypad to rotate your gun left and right. I also have very little to offer in terms of actual news today, and that's because I'm keeping most of the news updates for the next News Bulletin of January 1st 2017. For now, I can at least mention that I'm expecting to receive a third lot of budget game boxes next week (or early in the week after) and my contact at the printer company assures me that he will step on the accelerator pedal starting in January to get the rest of the budget game boxes printed. We'll see if he will honor this commitment. I can also share a few pics (attached below) of The Cure. You will immediately notice that the graphics in the cut-scenes have been much improved over the ones in the original MSX version. I can also confirm that The Cure will not require the Super Game Module. The programmer recoded the music and sound effects for the ColecoVision's native sound chip, and the results are very good. Aside from some minor graphic alterations, the main game looks and plays the same as the original MSX game, which is definitely good news any way you look at it! Wow, this must be the shortest News Bulletin I've ever written, especially for Christmas. I'll have a lot more to say one week from now, as I will outline my release plans for 2017. This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities. boxxle_colecovision.zip front_line_sce_colecovision.zip
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