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Found 16 results

  1. Will Mrs. VectrexRoli find out that Roland got new Vectrex stuff? Is Tony´s collectors guide really 100% complete? Is the YASI overlay from VectrexMad well made? And how are the new VecAdapt and the game “Sternenkrieger”?... Well, let´s find out! http://youtu.be/VJaycM161ns
  2. After a lot of testing, trials and errors...I've finally come up with a decent method of creating reproduction overlays for the Vectrex. I threw together an eBay auction, a basic Web site and created a complete set just to see if I could do it. Surprisingly they turned out pretty decent! While I never intended to create exact replicas of the silk screened originals, these reproductions turned out to work really well....especially because the hardest part is to recreate the white ink that is present on the reverse of the overlays to give the border an opaque background in certain areas when necessary. To the advice of one of my eBay viewers, I'm posting the info in this forum for you to ask me questions, give suggestions and/or purchase reproduction overlays for yourself. Check it out at http://www.skywaytwincities.com/Vectrex (case sensitive). Perfect for the avid collector or those who are new to the world of Vectrex Simple. Affordable. Fun. These reproduction overlays will give your Vectrex games the experience they were designed for without the hassle of tracking down a scratched up original or unboxing a pristine overlay you've got stored away. Did you just buy an awesome Vectrex Multicart? Now that you've got every game made for the Vectrex on a single cartridge, why not get all the overlays to go with them? Recreate the actual look and feel of the original games with newly made and easily replaceable reproduction overlays. How are they made? 1.Each overlay is printed high-res on to a transparency 2.A precision cut (by computer) white silhouette border is generated and affixed to the back of the overlay to make the borders "POP" just as the original overlays do 3.The high resolution transparency and computer cut border are then laminated together to create a bond and add more "firmness" to the overlay allowing it to position easily on your Vectrex Photos of each variation are provided in the eBay auction listed on the "Purchase" page of http://www.skywaytwi...ies.com/Vectrex (case sensitive) with an actual overlay on a Vectrex. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have by emailing [email protected] NOTE: These are not intended to be collectible overlays. They are meant to be used, to enjoy, and to give you a recreated experience of how Vectrex games were intended to be played. Minor blemishes may be present that will not affect game play. These may be visible when the overlay is held up to a bright light source and are not immediately noticeable when on the Vectrex screen. This is due to the lamination process. Special care will be given to ensure the best quality reproduction you can receive using the above described method. Overlays will be shipped in a cardboard backed mailer and will be separated from each other if you order multiple quantities.
  3. I just wanted to be helpful for a change heres a link for vectrex overlay scans these should be exact size of the actual overlay. You could use these just in case you want to make your own overlay link:Vectrex Overlay Download courtesy of http://www.vectrex.nl/ all scans from them vectrex Vectrex VECTREX!!!
  4. Does anyone like to use particular overlays for a range of games? For example, the Rip Off overlay looks like it might work for Webwars, and vice versa. Many others look very similar as well. What are your favorite overlays to mix and match with other games? I'm especially interested to know what homebrew games go well with certain overlays, since I'll have a VecFlash and a small collection of official overlays pretty soon.
  5. Hi, Can we trade overlays here? I was wondering if we could? I can trade one of the following overlays: Astrosmash B-17 Bomber Buzz Bombers AD&D (Cloud mountain/Crown of Kings) Demon Attack Minotaur/AD&D Tarmin Night Stalker Sub Hunt Word Fun Word Fun (2 of them) I'm looking for: Auto Racing Bomb Squad Bowling Chip Shot Golf Slam Dunk Basketball (1 or 2) Golf Tennis Thunder Castle Triple Action Dracula Microsurgeon Land Attack? homebrew? others...but not as important please msg me if you want to trade.
  6. I realize that not many games on the Colecovision utilize keypad overlays since many of the game don't need the keypad for anything more than level selections. With that stated, I happen to like the Intellivision just as much as the Colecovision. For that reason I like overlays. After going through the manuals of many colecovision games, I found a few that use the keypad for at least one function other than level select (I do realize that many of the CV have a replay/back to options screen option with the keypad). Most of these titles have nothing more than a Pause feature, but I figured that is good enough for an overlay. Here's the list. If I missed one (or you just think a game needs an overlay), please add it to the list (currently I'm not look at homebrew titles): - Beamrider - Dukes of Hazzard - Galaxian - Heist - Choplifter! - Destructor - Illusions - Bump n Jump - Congo Bongo - Mr. Do - Omega Race - Pitfall - Pitfall II - RootBeer Tapper - Sliter - Star Trek - Subroc - Tarzan - TimePilot - Victory I know people feel better about these kind of things if they can see examples. So, here are six I've come up with so far: Pictured are: Dukes of Hazzard, Heist, Beamrider, Galaxian, Destructor, and Choplifter! Let me know what you guys think.
  7. After extensive research and testing (and money), I've finally came up with a good way to manufacture controller overlays. These new overlays have a very similar look and feel to the originals. These are not just simple scans and just printed back out. Like my cart labels, I've taken the time to clean-up/redraw the artwork of each overlay. The overlays are reverse color laser printed on to high quality transparency film. Then a thin layer of white laminate is applied to the back side of the transparency. This laminate does two things. First, it's used as the "white" coloring for the overlays and Two, the laminate adds protection to the image of the overlay. These overlays are 100% plastic, no paper or paint is used to manufacture them. The overlays are then cut by hand using metal straight edge and exacto knife. The four main corners of the overlay are then 1/4" round die cut to make it easier to slide the overlay in and out of the controller. I have a total of twenty different game overlays available. Eight of which I need to give a big thanks to Piexlboy for allowing me to manufacture his eight homebrew overlays that he created. Here's the list: Piexlboy homebrew overlays: - Aquattack - Astro Invader - Boulder Dash - CV Drum - Gateway to Apshai - Miner 2049er - Quest for Quintana Roo - Spectar ColecoVision overlays: - 2010 (modified slightly) - Blackjack Poker - CPK Picture Show - Dam Busters - Dr Suess - Facemaker (modified slightly) - Fortune Builder - Mouse Trap - Smurf Paint 'n' Play - Spy Hunter - War Games - War Room I'm making these on demand. Normally only takes a couple of days to put an order together. The charge is $2.00 each (or $4.00 per set of two) + $5.00 shipping (first class mail to USA or Canada). As always I never take money until your order is ready to ship. I take payment via Pay Pal only. PM with your Pay Pal email address and your order if you are interested. If you guys have any questions, please ask.
  8. I love vectrex homebrews and all new games for our retro consoles..... Anyway what's your favorite homebrew for the vectrex. By the way later this year is the vectrex's anniversary!! My favorite homebrew is from http://www.classicgamecreations.com/ , Vecmania!
  9. Remember me? I'm the guy who apparently took the Vectrex community by storm when I jumped head first in to creating overlay repros for every game conceived for the Vectrex. Well...guess what I found in storage the other day when doing some spring cleaning? Yep...you guessed it...my unsold stock of repro overlays (in various stages of completion...many of them just shy of the final lamination step to add firmness). Well since I got out of the hobby of producing these, I'm offering up the entire stock as a package deal. I'll detail each overlay I have and the stage/condition it is in. For those of you who don't know....here is a reminder of the steps I took to create these (important to read through as I'll rank each overlay by the stage it is in). #1 - laser print overlay graphic on transparency #2 - plot/cut white adhesive backing with plotter #3 - apply precision cut labeling to the back side of overlay to add opaqueness where required (this step took the place of the white ink) #4 - laminate transparency and trim to size OK....here is what is included in the booklet organized by the name of the overlay and the stage it is in. PLEASE NOTE...if I rate something at stage #2 that implies that the plotted white adhesive backing IS included...it is just not applied. Blitz - 2 Blitz - 2 City Bomber - 1 City Bomber - 1 Clean Sweep - 2 Clean Sweep - 2 Mr. Boston Clean Sweep - 2 Mr. Boston Clean Sweep - 1 Mr. Boston Clean Sweep - 2 Clean Sweep - 1 Dark Tower - 1 Hangman - 1 Heads Up - 2 Heads Up - 1 Hyper Chase - 1 Narrow Escape - 1 Performance VX - 1 Performance VX - 1 Performance VX - 4 Rockaroids - 1 Space Wars - 2 Space Wars - 2 Space Wars - 1 Space Wars - 1 Spike - 1 Spike's Water Balloons - 1 Spin Ball - 1 Starhawk - 1 Star Sling - 2 Star Sling - 1 le Tour de France - 2 So that's it. Any of the #2's can be assembled pretty easily by just laminating them. The #1's would require some finesse to repeat the step where I plotted the white labeling on the back but this is a techie-oriented crowd and I'm sure you could figure it out. That's 12 overlays that just need to be laminated and 19 that could be used without the white backing (or you could create your own solution for that). Anybody interested? Shoot me a message and I'll let you know my price. In their peak, the finished versions sold for around $14 a piece.
  10. Here is an update to my Realistic Arcade Bezel for Shinobi for use with Retroarch and MAME
  11. I still have my screen printed, die cut, poly carbonate, Test Cart overlays for sale. They are exact reproductions of the original test cart overlay used in the GCE/MB factory. They are ideal for hobbyists to help ensure they have their Vectrex display adjusted correctly. Use this in conjunction with the Vectrex service manual. They also make good overlays for some of the Vectrex games, e.g. add a gun sight to VecFever Battle Zone and Red Baron. Please don't confuse these with the floppy ink jet printer produced overlays. See my overlay spec here. The pricing is as follows and covers postage and packing: UK - £10.30 EU - £12.75 US/Canada/Australia/Japan - £13.50 In addition to the 100% perfect overlays above I also have some 'b' class Test Cart overlays stil remaining. 'b' class indicate that they are not 100% perfect. The 'b' class overlays have a small blemish or light scratch on the back. These imperfections can be seen when holding up to the light. When the overlay is placed on the Vectrex the imperfection is impossible to see. As 'b' class overlays are not 100% perfect I am selling them at reduced prices: UK - £6.30 EU - £8.75 US & other - £9.50 Hey, at the above prices, get one 'a' class and one 'b' class. The 'a' you can put in your collector's cabinet, and the 'b' can be part of your work bench To purchase please contact [email protected] or visit my site www.vectrex.co.uk for more info.
  12. Hi! A friend of mine is trying to sell some Brazilian (Digiplay) overlays and manuals that she found at her house (this stuff belonged to her older brother back in the 1980s). She created an Ebay account to sell these items, so I'm sharing it here to give a hand. You can see all 10 auctions here: http://www.ebay.com/sch/rgruner7/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= She's offering interesting stuff like Brazilian manuals and overlays for The Power of He-Man, River Raid and Tennis (among other titles). Happy bidding and thanks for reading!
  13. How many overlays came with each of the Sesame Street games? Looking at the manuals it appears Alpha Beam with Ernie came with two, but the other three titles only came with one. I have seen eBay auctions that show more than one overlay for the other games though. That could be due to a variety of reasons, but one of which could be that they actually shipped with two.
  14. It has occurred to me I never posted this in the proper place in the forums, but I have been making and selling Vectrex overlays - check the thread here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/256790-homemade-vectrex-reproduction-overlays/ they are $13 ea + $7 US shipping / $15 int'l shipping to paypal.me/stevenkray
  15. I'm copying this over from I post i made on the Vectrex Fans unite facebook page: I make homemade Vectrex overlays by hand and my inkjet. Ready to take on the second batch of orders - the first ones have all been sent out! I find the quality to be great! I can do the original GCE releases only, no homebrew or unreleased games. The first batch was me figuring out the final process and pricing. They are $13 each and shipping is $8 US / $14 international (for one or up to 10). Send payment via paypal to [email protected] (good and services). In the note tell me which ones you are ordering. Or PM but paypal method is by far the easiest. Thanks and I hope those of you who ordered in the first round are pleased!
  16. Hey AtariAge! Thanks for everybody's feedback and support on my endeavor to create reproduction Vectrex overlays. The price has settled in at $9.99 per overlay and they are available on eBay (or at www.vectrexoverlays.com). I'm going to be offering a special rate for members of AtariAge - $6.99 per overlay plus a flat shipping rate of $5.15 regardless of quantity. All you need to do is email me through AtariAge with your request, I'll send you a PayPal invoice and you can buy overlays at a special AtariAge price. If you were one of my original buyers, I'll offer you two free overlays with an order of three or more (I've created new home brew overlays since you ordered your first set). Enjoy! (Check out the eBay auctions for photos and descriptions...come back to AtariAge.com to request your overlays for a discount!)
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