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Found 15 results

  1. Check out my realistic arcade bezels for Retroarch using the current MAME core. Realistic North American Arcade Bezels with Artwork https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1j_G-Uixx4&list=PL3KJBrqmANQ58S3Xb5r9D3M_mLzpnF6nK&ab_channel=OrionsAngelOrionsAngel Realistic Arcade Candy Cab Bezels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YTftV_UQ2k&list=PL3KJBrqmANQ4_xoiFGPOsoorSDU90n-x9 Coming soon Realistic Arcade bezels with frame reflections https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-phssSmi4K8&list=PL3KJBrqmANQ5g42y6KOvrt6ipPU1Qtevx&ab_channel=OrionsAngelOrionsAngel Check out more bezels at my Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/orionsangel
  2. I have pictures below of items I have that I would like to get rid of. EXCEPT, I'd like to have one of the controllers refurbished and one of the trackball controllers refurbished so I can play with them. All cartridges are unboxed. All games work, except for Defender and the Sean Kelly multi-cart. Instruction manuals are included for these games: super breakout, did dug, choplifter, centipede, pole position, qix, defender, galaxian, berzerk, space invaders, ms pac man, missile command, pac man, super cobra, star wars, pitfall, meteorites No manuals for these games: qbert, joust, star raiders, astro chase Assorted 5200 system manuals are pictured. Assorted keypad overlays are pictured. The box top is in very bad shape but the bottom is ok. None of the controllers work completely. Some start games and move characters but most all buttons do not work. The trackball controllers work but not completely (one will only go up but not side to side, the other has buttons that don't work). The Wico controller works well and comes with the Y adapter. The Competition Pro controller comes with the Y adaptor. It works but you have to really push up to get it to go up.
  3. Hi again! I just listed a hardly used Intellivision Flashback. The listing comes with the Intellivision Lives supplemental overlay pack. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the controllers and overlays will work with an original Intellivision. http://www.ebay.com/itm/251934852410?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Also, I am having issues with BB codes. Any tips?
  4. Besides the Games that came with overlays, I was wanting to know what games you guys thought might benefit from having an overlay that didn't originally come with overlays. I have the ability to reproduce Jaguar overlays (minus the button embossing, so mine are flat) and I thought it would be a good idea to not only offer the originals (reproductions of course) but custom overlays for games the didn't come with them. The overlays are 100% plastic (no paper). They are made the same way I make Colecovision and Intellivision overlays if you are familiar with those. Here's a few pics of some reproductions I've made to give you an idea of how they look: Let me know what games you guys think would benefit from overlays that didn't originally come with any.
  5. Hello Everyone: Im trying to get the overlays to work on my htc evo phone with jzintv. Does anyone know which folder the jpegs should go, and exactly what they should be named?? I tried the rom folder, and the same name as the game, I also checked the overlay box in the emulator and restarted the rom, still no good, I have checked for help with this all over the internet and still no luck. Even the youtube video shows them running, but does not show how they are named, or where they are on the phone. does the size of the jpeg matter??? ive tried large and small still no luck... Any advice is greatly appreated.... Many thanks and Regards: Aaron...
  6. I've decided to seriously moderate my Vectrex addiction and limit myself to what really works for me and now I'm about down to the last stuff I intend to sell. This is all 22 U.S. GCE commercially produced screen overlays, along with the matching cartridges and manuals, offered for lot purchase. I have this cross listed on that one world wide website for $700 BIN or Best Offer. I'm looking for offers. More than half of these overlays are in what I consider excellent condition. The others are average. See photos for which is which. Hyperchase has a tiny dent and would otherwise be considered excellent by me. Manuals are average. Scramble is colored in. Cartridges are good condition, some excellent. I am not keen to break this lot up. The only exception would be a competitive offer where you leave a few games behind but take most. I am definitely not breaking up titles to sell overlays without carts, unless you plan to undervalue the stuff you are leaving behind. .. I have the three light pen games with manuals as well and haven't decided to sell yet. Inquire if you are interested. .. Few last things I'll be selling when ready will be broken/disassembled GCE Vectrex control panel, never built Vectrex controller kit by AtariAge Rolo, Starblast controller, Spike's Circus loose PCB and possibly Logo loose PCB and one more original Minestorm overlay. Also an unused no-buzz kit.
  7. I've always liked the foil look of Imagic game boxes. So, I thought it might be pretty cool to make foil back imagic overlays. Here's my test pieces: I attached multiple pictures of the same four overlays because it is somewhat difficult to capture the foil look of the overlays with a still image. These overlays would be a little more expensive than my typical overlay (price to be determined). I'm hoping I can offer them for about $4.00 per overlay (might be lower if I can figure out a quicker way to put them together). I realize price is a big factor here. I typically charge $2.00 per for my regular overlays, but the material cost is higher and its a little more time consuming to put these together. Please keep in mind that I can not print the color "white" therefor, any white color on these overlays would just be foil colored. I did alter some of the overlays to show more foil than black. This was a project I started about a year and a half ago, so the images are finished, I'm just trying to determine if it is worth going forward with. Please let me know what you guys think.
  8. What we have here is my entire Intellivision collection. It’s a pretty sweet collection containing 44 games (most of which have their manuals and overlays with three that are CIB), a boxed intellivoice and an original intellivision. I got almost all of it at an estate sale about 5 years ago. I’m not a fan of the Intellivsion and I never will be. I’ve hung onto it all these years because it was a feather in my cap to own it. But, it’s just taking up space and I have no good reason to hang on to. So to prove that I'm not a hoarder... here it is looking for a home that will value it. I’m the second owner, so far as I know, and all come from a smoke free home. I originally posted this here, but after a day of being up and not a single page view, I'm not going to waste my time waiting. It's now up on ebay. Hardware Original “Model 1” Intellivision - In working condition. At some point I had it open, washed the thing out and cleaned the contacts in the controllers. Intellivoice – Comes with the original box, but no manual. Also in fine working condition. It says B-17 Bawwwwmer just fine. Two plastic game cases (see photo), each able to hold 20 games and their manuals. One has a little damage on the lid where the front tab broke off, but both have intact hinges. Games Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Manual and overlays Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Treasures of Tarmin - Loose Cart Armor Battle - Manual and overlays Astrosmash - Manual and overlays Auto Racing - Manual and overlays Backgammon - Manual and overlays Beauty and the Beast - Manual and overlays Bowling - Manual and overlays Boxing - Manual and overlays Burger Time - Manual and overlays Centipede - Loose Cart Checkers - Manual and overlays Demon Attack - Manual and overlays Donkey Kong - Loose Cart Dragonfire - Manual and overlays Golf - Manual and overlays Horse Racing - Manual and overlays Lock ‘N’ Chase - Manual and overlays Math Fun - Manual and overlays Microsurgeon - Manual and overlays MLB Baseball - Complete in Box NASL Soccer - Manual and overlays NBA Basketball - Manual and overlays NFL Football - Manual, playbooks and overlays NHL Hockey - Manual and overlays Night Stalker - Manual and overlays Pitfall - Loose cart Poker & Blackjack – Complete in box Reversi - Manual and overlays Sea Battle - Manual and overlays Skiiing - Manual and overlays Snafu - Manual and overlays Space Armada - Manual and overlays Space Battle – Complete in box Space Hawk - Manual and overlays Star Strike - Manual and overlays Triple Action - Loose cart Tron Deadly Discs - Manual and overlays Tron Maze-A-Tron - Manual and overlays Word Fun - Manual and overlays Vectron - Loose cart Intellivoice Games Bomb Squad - Manual and overlays B-17 Bomber - Manual and overlays Space Spartans - Manual and overlays
  9. Hi, Can we trade overlays here? I was wondering if we could? I can trade one of the following overlays: Astrosmash B-17 Bomber Buzz Bombers AD&D (Cloud mountain/Crown of Kings) Demon Attack Minotaur/AD&D Tarmin Night Stalker Sub Hunt Word Fun Word Fun (2 of them) I'm looking for: Auto Racing Bomb Squad Bowling Chip Shot Golf Slam Dunk Basketball (1 or 2) Golf Tennis Thunder Castle Triple Action Dracula Microsurgeon Land Attack? homebrew? others...but not as important please msg me if you want to trade.
  10. I just wanted to let you guys know that this is my next project to tackle. Now that I've got the CV-02 trading cards out of the way for now, I decide to focus on overlays. I think I pretty much have the process down, I just want to nail down a few unknowns in my manufacturing process. I'm going to be doing ColecoVision overlays in tandem with Intellivision overlays (for those of you that like both systems). I believe the technique I'm using should translate well to both platforms. Please see this topic for reference on what I have right now: Does anyone make reproduction overlays? More to come so stay tuned.
  11. I was thinking about offering reproduction overlays for the 5200. I'm wanting to see if this is something that interests the community. These would be made like my ColecoVision reproduction (ColecoVision Overlays Available (Reproduction)) overlays. Let me know what you guys think. These are the overlays I have done so far:
  12. This has been a long time coming. I'm am now able to make Super Action Controller overlays. I've put a lot of time/money into this project. The trick was to get totally repeatable results. I'm finally at that point. From what I can tell there are a total of six original Super Action Controller overlays: • Baseball • Football • Front Line • Rocky • Spy Hunter • Star Trek I had two original SA Baseball overlays in really good condition to get the sizing from. Once I had those scanned in, I was able to make very accurate cut masks in CAD. These reproduction overlays are not just some copy and paste images from the inter webs. I have redrawn all six of these overlays. I also made some very minor adjustments (mainly in color and text placement). I'm not 100% ready to take orders on these, so right now I just want to get an interest gauge from everyone in the ColecoVision community. I'll post pricing in the next day or so. Let me know what you guys think.
  13. I have found a way to make reproduction/replacement overlays for the ColecoVision that I feel will translate to the Intellivision as well. In the picture below I have three repro overlays: Sharp Shot Armor Battle Lock'N'Chase The Horse Racing is an original Intellivision overlay that I used for reference. Over in the ColecoVision section of AA I posted that my method was tested to 120 cycles (a cycles is, putting the overlay in controller, push all the buttons and then taking it back out) and the overlay still looked great. Here's that topic for reference: Does anyone make reproduction overlays? I'm considering offering for sale Intellivison overlays as well if there is enough interest. For those interested in how these are made. First I clean up each image (in some cases, I redraw them). Next, each one of the overlays are printed on photo quality paper. The overlay is then laminated front to back with one piece of continuous lamination. This means the leading edge of the overlay is not cut, protecting the lamination from catching on the controller when being inserted. This will keep the overlay from de-laminating. Let me know what you guys think.
  14. Need some uncommon/semi-rare overlays at the moment: Jetson's (need one) Championship Tennis (need one) Scooby Doo (need one) Worm Whomper (need one) PM if you have any for sale or trade. I also have another WTB thread where I'm looking for a Learning Fun II manual.
  15. GONE/SOLD! INTRODUCING THE ALL NEW FOR ATARI 5200 This keypad overlay set was made to help fill a void that that exists in the Atari 5200 overlay library. Some new overlays were made for titles that previously didn’t have overlays and others got a small visual upgrade where possible. Only 100 75 (See Update Below) sets of this collection are being produced. Once these sets are gone, they're gone. This home-brew 60 overlay set includes: • 29 pairs of Atari 5200 styled controller overlays for titles listed. • One pair limited edition metallic controller overlay keypad covers • 1 Limited edition metallic “Atari 5200 Super System” cartridge label. Overlays are shrink wrapped in a great looking Atari 5200 styled mini game box. In all there are 30 pairs (60 overlays total) in this set. I have 50 sets made up and ready to go right now. If I sell out of those I will make more, but I will not make more than 100 75 sets total (See update below). After the sale for the Super Overlays sets I will be selling the overlays individually (minus the special metallic keypad overlay pair and cart label which are exclusives to this set). The cost is $50.00 per set (plus shipping). That puts the cost just below $0.85 per overlay (individually they will cost $2.00 per overlay which is my standard price for all controller overlays). Pricing is as followed. Each Overlay Set is $50.00 USD plus shipping. Shipping inside the U.S.A. will be USPS Priority Mail $7.00 (which includes tracking number). Shipping to Canada is First Class International mail USPS $12.00 (which includes tracking number). Shipping anywhere else in the world is $22.50. I only accept payment via PayPal. The stated shipping cost is for up to 4 copies. Any more than that might require more shipping (please inquire). TO ORDER: PM me with the subject line “SUPER OVERLAYS OFFER" and state how many sets you wish to order and what country it will be shipped to. Be sure to include your PayPal email address in your PM. This is so I can send you an invoice. Once the invoice is paid, I should have your order in the mail within 24-36 hours (not including weekends/holidays) [this time frame is for the first 50 copies sold only. More time will be needed for additional copies to be made]. Remember there are only 100 75 0 copies to be sold and no more will be made. Orders are first come first serve (Basically in order of PM's received)! Project Background: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/256340-interest-check-new-reproduction-overlays/ ***UPDATE*** SINCE I DIDN'T MAKE ALL 100 COPIES OF THIS SET AT THE START OF THIS PROJECT I'VE DECIDE (DUE TO TIME NEEDED FOR OTHER PROJECTS) TO REVISE DOWN THE TOTAL NUMBER OF AVAILABLE SETS TO 75. THIS NUMBER REFLECTS THE ACTUAL NUMBER OF SETS THAT HAVE BEEN PRODUCED AS OF 11/9/2017. ONCE ALL REMAINING COPIES ARE SOLD (CURRENTLY 18 15 0 ) I WILL NO LONGER PRODUCE THIS SET.
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