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Found 25 results

  1. Selling off some games I don't play anymore and are taking up space. I'd rather they go to a new home and to someone who will play/use them instead of sit around and collect dust. Buyer pays shipping (will do international) and I take payment via PayPal. Prefer it if the payment is sent as a payment - I'll pay the fees. I'm willing to take offers too, though I already have the prices dropped low so don't stretch it too far! I'll test every game that I can test before payment and shipping to verify that it works - if anything is wrong then I'll let you know immediately. Ask for pictures and ye shall recieve, it's time consuming to photograph every game individually before they're even close to sold but I'll try to get them ASAP upon request. Strikethrough means pending sale but not yet sold. PS2: Drummania (JP import) - $2 Lethal Skies (no manual) - $2 Final Fantasy X Greatest Hits - $2 Ys III (JP import) - $20 JoJo Ougon no Kaze (JP import) - $10 PC jewel case: $1 each. Beast Wars Transformers Close Combat Kyrandia 1 Pandora's Box Police Quest Collection + SWAT Robots Red Baron II Space Hulk Star Trek Armada Star Wars Force Commander Star Wars Rebel Assault 2 Star Wars Tie Fighter Werewolf PC DVD case: Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 - $3 Command and Conquer 3 (UK release) - $5 Command and Conquer the First Decade (double width DVD case) - $5 Darwinia - $2 Fallout Trilogy - $5 LEGO Rock Raiders (UK release) - $4 MechWarrior 4 Compilation - $15 (small box game. box is a bit banged up but it's still decent) Misc: Megadimension Neptunia VII - $10 (PS4) Trauma Center Second Opinion - $4 (Wii) Kirby's Epic Yarn - $5 Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo - $10 (3DS) Item Getter - $2 (DS import) Mushroom Men - $2 (DS) Resistance Burning Skies - $4 (gamestop case and game only) (Vita) Sly Cooper Thieves in Time - $4 (gamestop case and game only) (Vita) Gundam Blue Destiny Trilogy - $15 (Saturn) Mobile Suit Gundam - free with Blue Destiny Trilogy, $2 otherwise (Saturn)
  2. I'm not sure if anyone can help me with this, but ! Here goes ! I recently found a good emulator for the NEC PC6001. I need it to complete a video for my youtube channel but I'm having difficulties getting it to run a .cas image for pac-man that I found on Archives.org. I have't been able to find an alternate image of this game anywhere online. I do know it exists because of this. http://p6ers.net/hashi/emupacman.html I've tried to make it work in Mess & with PC6001VW Emulator to no avail. Anyone know where I can get an alternate rom image to work with this emulator. Because so far I'm turning up nothing in my searches. Attached are the clips I currently have.
  3. From the album: My Collection

  4. So I just installed Chasm: The Rift on my DOS PC and I noticed something really weird. It auto-centers the crosshair whenever you move backwards in unlimited mouselook mode. It's beyond annoying. Especially when compared to Quake's +mlook (in the console) where it does none of that shite. I understand that it wasd+mouselook did not really become the standard until the early 2000s but to have any auto-centering and no way to turn it off is annoying as hell.
  5. I have a lot of games I'm trying to get rid of so I wanted to offer them here before they end up at the game store. I may entertain cash offers but mostly looking for trades at the moment. Maybe closer to the end of the week for cash. I have my wishlist along with the other stuff in the attached link. Feel free to offer any items that aren't specifically on my wishlist, especially NES/Famicom, SNES, and PS1 games and/or accessories. Action/platformers, puzzle, and horror games are good for me. Send me a PM with any offers, and please get your offers in by Friday around 12:00 noon EST. Edit: Continental US only please https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/134tHlI07W4mDp5KlxVfEpaE6t_-P4xLgUSyQTTnA5sc/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Hi, I loved Battlezone when it came out in the 1980s. I just discovered yesterday I could play it online via my PC. I have to use the arrow keys and space bar to aim and fire. I'm looking for a joystick with a usb that I could use. Any suggestions on joystick/controller that will work, and where to buy it? Thanks, Chris P.S. I can't wait to get higher scores using a joystick.
  7. Hello all. I've been hunting for these CIB for-bloody-ever so I thought I'd check here. I do not care about what region it is! So, what I'm looking for is a big box version of both. I do want a disc and or a jewel case+insert+disc too, but I really want the big box release. At this point I'll take almost anything I can get. Especially with Star Command: Gold since this seems to be lost to history as there is no information on it I can find. Even wikipedia has nothing about it. I wonder if the Gold version was a disc only pack-in for something and that's why I've never seen any CIB materials for it. I'm half tempted to locate any contact from either Metropolis Digital or GT Interactive to see if they can help me out with some info on the Gold release. This is my second favorite RTS of all time behind StarCraft so I'd love to be able to get all releases. I already have my original big box Star Command: Revolution and another big box of it new/sealed. I've attached the only decent pictures I could find of these for reference.
  8. https://www.fangamer.com/products/undertale-ps4-vita I'm unsure of how many people here played Undertale, but this is a pretty big announcement if you ask me. I greatly enjoyed the game for the music and characters. Very nice game overall, and I'd say best played if done so unspoiled. I'm not surprised by a physical release for PC, but I'm pretty interested in how they handle some of the elements for the PS4/Vita... Considering some of the things that happen in-game. Any other fans of the game on the site?
  9. I'm working on an Atari 2600 music program, and I'm trying to figure out a good way to get music data from the Atari 2600 to the PC. The best idea I've had so far is to encode the data into audio, and to have the PC record the audio and decode the data. Anyone have any thoughts on this? It seems like it would be pretty easy to modulate the 2600 audio signal into a bitstream that would be reasonably easy to decode on the other end. Transfer rate would probably need to be slow, but the total transfer would probably only be 500-1000 bytes. Other ideas I've had are to display the data as hex and have the user transcribe it. I currently have this implemented, but it's a bit tedious and error prone to transcribe hundreds of bytes of data. Another idea is to use the Atarivox to store data, and then use the 2600daptor to transfer the data to the PC. This seems like a good method, but then the user has to buy $75 worth of extra gear. With the audio method, no extra equipment is needed.
  10. I am currently living in a small apartment, and my girlfriend will be moving in soon. In the interests of maximizing space, I am considering putting my numberous systems into storage and getting a nice emulation setup hooked up to my new TV. How anyone here ever done this, and did it work out for you? Now, what kind of a computer is needed for good emulation? I know next to nothing about hardware, and won't be building a machine. I'll just go to Best Buy when my tax refund comes back and buy a PC. Ideally, I would like to run stuff up to the Dreamcast era smoothly, if that can be done. If not, I'll settle for a machine that runs the classics. Any recommendations on an out-of-the-box machine that does the job? Also, any suggestions for controllers? Also, has anyone here had experience with a first-gen hacked Xbox? Thanks!
  11. http://youtu.be/mOWfaZ5o35U Six Racing games that time and most gamers have forgotten. Does anybody else remember the awesome racing game called Stunts? Suggestions for Part 2?
  12. Infocom crafted some of the best stories and characters in their 80s text adventures. I talk about two compilation sets that hold over 30+ games plus Leather Goddesses of Phobos. What do you think of Text Adventures? Did you play them back in the day...or still play them today? Which were your favorites?
  13. Sprybug recently requested that I capture some video footage of a homebrew he was working on, Super Mario Bros 2600, to verify that it worked properly on real hardware. I have a video capture device for my PC that is capable of capturing analog composite or S-Video. I sometimes use it to capture gameplay footage directly from the console. Because my Atari doesn't output composite video, it is necessary to use an old VCR as a middle man. The VCR I am using is busted (in other words, it chews up VHS tapes and spits them back out) but the audio/video portions of it work fine. So, I proceed to connect the coax cable from the Atari to the VCR, and from the VCR to the TV. Next, I connect the A/V cables from the VCR to the capture device. It is a Hauppauge brand USB dongle which supports analog NTSC and PAL video formats, both S-Video and Composite. I set up the game and begin recording in standard NTSC definition 720x480i. Here is the result: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF25v7LL5m8 The video feed is roach quality and almost entirely grayscale. I have used this capture device to record from both retro and modern consoles like NES and GameCube, and the colors always display flawlessly. At first I thought that the composite video (yellow cable) was to blame, so I turned the system back on, and switched the TV set to "game" (A/V) mode, disconnect the RCA cable from the capture device and plug it into the TV set. Once again, the colors were crystal clear and vibrant on the TV, ruling out the possibility of a bad cable. Why does the Hauppauge capture device work with all of my other consoles but not Atari?
  14. Papa

    XBOX arcade cabinet

    From the album: Custom Arcade

    This was our first custom made cabinet! It has been painted black and upgraded to an HD screen. It houses a 2.7 Ghz PC with Windows XP serving a modded XBOX. It uses an I-PAC with an XBOX adapter so it can be used for either the XBOX or PC. It also has the right side controls wired to an Atari controller PCB to play an Atari 1040STE that is in there, too.

    © Jay "Papa" Caraway 2015

  15. milsorgen

    Icewind Dale

    From the album: Snapshots

    A classic is a classic.
  16. A few months ago, the alpha version of this game caught my attention an onlive 'indie showcase,' but I was too late to try it out. The full version is due out friday (though I don't believe onlive will be carrying it). If you haven't seen it, take a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr3QHJJnAUA It claims to be a roguelike, and with random universes, permadeath, and short gameplay sessions it seems to hit some of the high points of the genre with a theme more compatible with my tastes. Cost on it will be $10. Did anybody here jump on the kickstarter for beta access? It'd be nice to get some more details on mechanics. On the down side, I'm reading resolution problems running it on 1024x600 netbooks, which is where I was hoping to play it. It seems like about the perfect netbook game, so that is a shame. It wants 1280x768, IIRC. I believe there will be a demo shortly after release, and I may have to wait for that to try it.
  17. THE STORY: I was looking at computer cases the other day for my big PC, as it's getting older, and while the hardware is all still good and plenty fast for me, I figured it might be time for a cosmetic upgrade. Everything looked like the same boring thing. I was like "Man I wish I could get a case that has a retro look...then got to looking at some cool case mods...and then it hit me! For those that don't know, a case mod is where you shove PC innards into something besides a regular computer case. I had a buddy that shoved PC components into an old Xbox case, you can look online and see everything from giant, custom made beautiful cases, to the downright strange (a computer case made completely of ice...somehow?) I looked online, a casual search showed that nobody seems to have made a case mod out of an old Intellivision...so I decided that's what I'm going to do! Space-wise, there obviously isn't enough room for my big PC to fit into the Intellivision, but I have a little server/HTPC on my living room TV, and with some experimentation last night it looks very possible to fit everything inside! THE PLAN: I have a broken Intellivision I bought to fix the controllers on my working one, so it'll be perfect to use and not sacrifice a working unit. Only downside is that there is only one complete controller, so I plan on having that one for realism, and the other side I'll maybe 3D print a cover or some sort of clever thing to make it nice (besides, I might need the space for airflow or the power supply...). I can cut away most of the mounts for the Intellivision innards, and cut out the appropriate holes for the GPIO, power, & USB header I've got my little server/HTPC, it's in a tiny HTPC case, and consists of a mini ITX board, card reader, hard drive, and power supply (also had a DVD drive...but I can forego that): The ITX board just barely fits without cutting, so when I cut the hole for the GPIO, it will fit perfectly, and the CPU fan aligns just right with the center controller cord grille. I can take out the ITX mounting plate from the case, so the board will be secure. The hard drive is a 3.5in, but I have an extra 2.5in laptop drive that will be better for space, I figure I can mount it on the upper cover somewhere. The card reader may not fit, I was planning to put it where the cartridge slot is, but it looks a bit too long for the upper cover mount. However...I may not use the upper cover mount screws...so that will be a wait and see. If not the card reader, then just the smaller USB header that does fit. The power supply will be the biggest hurdle. It simply doesn't fit no matter where I put it, too fat. I'll probably need to buy a new one, but even the smallest kind will be tough to fit without lots of cutting. Alternatively, I may try to open the power supply up and see if I can mount the innards to fit. Since it is very low power (the thing draws less than 40 watts at full throttle!), it doesn't need a whole lot of airflow, so I think as long as a I keep the CPU fan & power supply fans unblocked, I won't need additional cooling. The Intellivision already has some vents underneath the wood grain, so it will be a good intake from the bottom, exhaust up top flow. Obviously mounting everything will be custom, I'm thinking a shopping trip to Frys Electronics to get some stuff for mounting. I'll attempt to keep everything as hidden as possible, but that missing controller will be a dead giveaway either way As far as keeping it look nice, the Intellivision has seen better days, but should be fine after a good cleaning. I'll try and keep most of the mountings and screws and things on the bottom or back of the case where they can't be seen. I think for the sake of airflow and possibly mounting things I may need to put taller "feet" on the console, but it shouldn't be noticeable. I'm thinking I might put a hinge on the cover, so I can open it up easy. I think I'll start by cutting away the old plastic mount moldings in the Intellivision so I can start figuring out where exactly to put things, I'll post some pictures tonight. I know there are easier things to do, yes I'm aware of the Raspberry Pi, & other such items. But I want a full-blown Windows PC that I can nicely display on my living room TV, and I already have almost all the parts for it! Hope 'yall enjoy reading, and hope I can get it done in a reasonable amount of time. Should be a pretty fun project I think. Let me know if you have any tips/ideas, or questions!
  18. The original 3-disc King's Quest Collection. Contains King's Quest 1 - 6 and two complete Laura Bow games as well as a bunch of other extras. Also including individual cd-roms of V, VI & VII and The King's Quest Companion book which covers KQ 1 - 5. $50 for everything shipped within the US. Shipping to anywhere else, pm me for quote.
  19. Not sure if anyone posted about this or not but, just in case....... Custom Atari 2600 PC by Hard Drives Northwest
  20. Hi guy, I love developing and remaking old Atari 2600 games. Please vote for the game you like most. Sry forgot one. Dragon Fire^^ Pitfall Remake: http://thetravelergame.blogspot.co.at/ Dragon Fire Remake : http://dragonfireoldschool.blogspot.co.at/ Both are still in development. Take care.
  21. I have an Atari 7800 that I've modded for composite video. Now I'd like to start learning how to write software for it. I'm already familiar with 6502 assembly (from the NES), but will need to do a deep dive into the MARIA chip (so far, how you access this seems crazy! ) and any other idiosyncrasies of the 7800. My question is, after writing and compiling on the PC (Windows), is there a way to run/test what I write on the real hardware? Or am I limited to running/testing in emulators on the PC? Something like a cartridge with a serial cable connected to the PC where I could compile on the PC and update the cartridge via the serial cable would be wonderful... does anything like that exist? I just had a vision of a Raspberry Pi Zero W in a 2600/7800 cartridge case connected to the PC over WiFi... LOL!
  22. Austin


    Well guys, I think I am going to wrap things up here. I've got some back problems and will be out of work for the next week as a result, and I want to minimize trips to the post office. I don't think anything left is going to sell anyway. So, thanks to everyone that helped out! It's been a crazy-busy week for shipping stuff out.
  23. patjakker


    From the album: PC Big Box

  24. I have opened up a pre-sale for HDX boards to modify your TI rs232 card to support the HDX1 DSR http://www.arcadeshopper.com/wp/?page_id=11#!/~/category/id=5051340&offset=0&sort=nameAsc For more information on HDX read on: Have you looked at Fred's site? http://home.vodafonevast.nl/fgkaal/Software/sw_ti99hdx.html#ti99hdx Basically HDX makes a network like connection over the rs232/2 port to a windows PC. It is a DSR replacement on the RS232 card and provides a device HDX1 that connects to software on the windows PC. Providing a "hard disk like" device to access v9t9 format files on the windows hard disk. Theoretically you can point classic99 to the same folder and run/access the files there on your PC without having to convert/move/copy them somewhere else. It also allows the use of TIPRINT on the windows pc to emulate printers and you can print to HDX1.PRINTER on the TI and it comes out on your windows printer. Both of these software packages can run on the PC with just a regular straight through serial cable. But to use them "seamlessly" on the TI requires the RS232 modification which uses the board I am selling. The board loads a new DSR into a battery backed static ram (very similar to minimem's memory as he borrowed that design) and that DSR has instead of RS322/2 it has the HDX1 device. A RS232 splitter cable is required to split RS232/2 off of the main connection for the connection to the PC. The cable required other than that is straight through DB25-DB9. To use HDX without the board you load the program CFHDXS1 on the TI and that allows a limited DM2K interface with HDX1 support built in. This is what I've used for months to transfer files to the TI from the PC, all I do is us TIDIR to put the files in my HDX files directory (or a sub directory) then load the software on the TI, go to HDX1. and there's the files and directories. Long as they are v9t9 format (TIDIR lets you easily convert to that if they are not) they come up and are copy, move, eXecuteable from CFHDXS1 or any program if you have the modified RS232 card. TIPRINT lets you print to RS232.BA=xxxxx. etc.. and it comes out on your PC's printer. Again with the HDX board modification you can print to HDX1.PRINTER and it will figure out the rest. There's also a Disk transfer program that works with the HDX board that will copy your disks from the TI directly to a DSK image on the PC in a "disks" directory. And you can copy DSK files back to real disks on the TI as well. I have used the software version with both Corcomp and TI rs232 cards and they worked fine. I haven't tested with anything else.. The modification of the card for the HDX board ONLY works on a TI card. No 3rd party cards. I am going to purchase a few extra RS232 cards and build them up with the HDX modification and offer them for sale if people are interested in the mod but not the build I am sure a few others are as well based on the quantities ordered from the pre-order. Greg
  25. Wanted to know how many of you knew what this topic was about just by the title. Who remembers playing against your friends at a dial up game such as Doom, Duke Nukem, or Command and Conquer. The ones where you would set up your dial up modem to call your buddies house so you could battle 1 on 1. The idea is very funny to me now considering how we play multiplayer games today. I remember my friends modem calling my house to make the connection and one of my parents would inevitably answer the phone. I would yell from the basement (where we kept our pc) "MOM DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE!!!". Then I would call my buddy up and say "sorry my mom answered the phone lets try again" Of course this all took place after 8:00 pm cuz god forbid I tie up the phone line during the day. Wow kids got it so good these days............ Now I want to play some Duke Nukem 3d. I wonder if anyone made a mod or crack for that game that would allow me to play it over the net nowadays......... Think I'm going to look into that tomorrow.
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