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Found 10 results

  1. I just got a PEB (see my avatar). It has a full high ss/sd drive, memory, rs-232,-code cards installed. I know there is many, many ways of getting files to the TI-99 from the internet using the PEC; HxC drives, IDE card, Mod RS-232 card, TIPi card and probably more. BUT, some are no longer get-able and others are still not available. So, what do you all think is the best and most cost effective way of getting files to the TI-99 from the internet. I'm leaning to replacing my full high ss/sd with 1 or 2 HxC floppy emulators. Any thoughts on the subject?
  2. Hi all. As I am waiting for some new keyboards to arrive for my 4a (mine died), I bought a second 4a with joysticks and manuals from a guy down the street from me. This 4a seems to be in a bit better shape, and the keyboard fully works, although I do get a bit of key-repeat happening here and there. Also came with TI Invaders. The first came with Moonpatrol. I'm up to two games! :-) Once I was happy with the operation of the 2nd I plugged the PEB in and tried to get some disk access as I haven't been able to try it out yet. I have no idea whats on the disk, but at least the drives (DSK1 and DSK2) do recognize and spin! So far so good! I should mention that I do not have the disk manager cart or the extended basic cart, so I have to putter around with just normal basic. Later tonight I hope to try out some simple commands to the serial ports to see if it works too. Well, so far so good. More updates to follow.
  3. I'm trying to add my Lotharek as DSK2 and DSK3 to my PEB with a single Tandon drive. For this I'm using a standard PC floppy cable with TWO floppy connectors, one of which is twisted. When I connect the Tandon drive only, I can catalog DSK1 just fine. When I connect the Lotharek only, I can catalog DSK2 and DSK3 just fine. (Note that jumpering the Lotharek appropriately will take care of the twisted cable, I think.) If I connect both, though, then cataloging either DSKx yields "DISK NOT INITIALIZED". I've also tried removing the resistor pack on the drive (I suppose this is "A" in the photo, not "B"?!), but it didn't affect the result at all. (Or are you supposed to plug in something else instead?) Is my approach misguided? What's the difference between attaching a single cable with two connectors to the main controller plug and attaching two cables with a single connector to both main and rear-facing controller plugs?
  4. So, I just bought a flex cable off eBay. I already own the PEB box but it's empty other than a PSU. I have never put power to the PEB so I have no idea of the PSU is good. I couldn't wait for my flex cable to get here before I asked some questions. 1) Assuming the PSU is totally shot, can they be replaced with modern ATX PSU's? I don't remember the form factor of it (need to get it out of storage). I could always recap the board but I like modern PSU's whenever I can. 2) Does the speech synthesizer connect to the side of the TI and the flex cable into the side of it? Or can the two be used together? 3) What kind of floppy drives can I use with the PEB/TI? I want to get a TIPI but I like actual drives too. Thanks!
  5. About 15+ years ago, I obtained a FREE (yes free) PEB from someone. It appeared to be in good shape. It was (is) empty. No floppy drives or cards. So, I never even put power to it. Recently, I obtained a flex cable for it so I thought it was time to see if this thing works. I have read the fan is super loud. After opening up the case, removing some cobwebs and other small critters, it's alive! I have to admit, it's not as loud as I was thinking it would be. No louder than a typical PC of the time. And I've got the top off. I may upgrade the fan sometime in the future with something quieter. Anyway, I'm excited about it. I've wanted a PEB since I was a small kid and I finally got mine to power on. This is only phase one of many phases to come. Time to start looking for cards. :-) Video Feb 03, 6 24 09 PM.mov
  6. Hi All, Looking for help - bought a HRD off eBay. It only reports 182K, gets errors on the memtest, however it loads the DSR OK and seems to function as it should. (have not tested for corrupt files) In any event - I suspect some of the jumper wiring might have come off over the years and need some assistance. Anyone have a build manual? Anyone have this card??? http://www.tyde.net/2.jpg If you have it - can you look at the expansion jack pad and tell me if yours looks like mine??? http://www.tyde.net/1.jpg In general, it's a clean looking card that appears to have suffered no electrical (visible) or physical damage. I'd love to put it back into service (I run a pretty big 35 year old database on my TI99). Is there anyone out there with the skills and time to take a shot at fixing it? (it's beyond my skills to do a component level debug - though I could probably fix anything if I knew what to do). Any assist would be very much appreciated... Cheers, Arthur...
  7. So, I'm going to be away for a few weeks (more than a few) and away from my home-base where I can record new videos. So, in this thread I wanted to post those videos that have been created in the past couple weeks. I will be creating more, I know in the last video it appears it's the last, but it isn't, I just knew I'd be away for several weeks (i.e. 5ish due to work assignment out of town ). I have more ideas after this series that I want to develop but I won't be able to for at least a month and I have new items on order that have not arrived to review. So, it's not the end of the TI 99/4a Wagner's TechTalk videos. If you haven't seen these, I hope you take the opportunity to look around and hopefully it will be fun/helpful for you. Please comment below with any recommendations and I'll do my best to add them when I return in late April (I will have internet access, just not the ability to create new TI content as my TI will be at home and I won't be). Best to all! -Jon Part I - TI 99/4a Home Computer Introduction and History - Part I https://youtu.be/mFZgnH32Kag Part II - AWESOME TI 99/4a Upgrades - the nanoPEB - Part II https://youtu.be/hsQD0i4pZFk Part III - Preparing and Managing the nanoPEB CF Card with TI99dir - Part III https://youtu.be/cJ5v9d3LeJg Part IV - TI-99/4A Part IV - Various Upgrades: Video converters, TI99Sim, FlashRom99 and more! https://youtu.be/-0bffE-61qo
  8. I finally went and bought myself a PEB, listed as untested, and complete with RS-232, Disk Controller, and 32K cards. And as seems to be usual with untested systems, it doesn't work. (at least not entirely) I typed in the following program listed in the Disk Memory System manual, in order to test the drive: 100 OPEN #1:"DSK1.X" 110 CLOSE #1 The LED on the controller lit up for a fraction of a second, but the drive itself was lifeless, with me getting an I/O ERROR 00. The manual, however, says that I should normally get an I/O ERROR 06, and that 00 means that the drive could not be found. For what it's worth, the drive spins up when the PEB is first powered on, and the LED on the drive lights up when shutting it off. Where should I start with troubleshooting this? (BTW, I thought that members here were exaggerating about how loud the PEB's fan is; turns out it really is that loud )
  9. Just purchased an empty PEB and want to find a disk drive and disk drive controller card for it. Also looking for a 32K Memory card.
  10. http://www.codesrc.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=SCSI2SD I am considering one of these for my TI. I am using the WHT SCSI card. Anyone have any thoughts on whether it will work or not? What about size limitations?
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