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Found 6 results

  1. darryl1970


    It's Pengo! Here's a demo of Pengo. I hope you enjoy. The full version has Novice, Arcade, and Expert difficulty levels. Each difficulty has its own high score board, when used with a high score save device. (One combined scoreboard when no device is present) Difficulty Levels: (Demo does not have multiple difficulty levels.) Novice: # of Pengos = 5; Extra Pengo = 30,000; Snow-bees start off at very slow speed Arcade: # of Pengos = 3; Extra Pengo = 30,000; Snow-bees start off at standard pace. Average intelligence. Expert: # of Pengos = 3; Extra Pengo = 50,000; Fast snow-bees Demo: # of Pengos = 2; Extra Pengo = 30,000; Arcade difficulty; # Of Playable Levels = 4 I tried to take the best of the arcade and 5200 versions, to make what I feel to be the most balanced conversion. I feel that the arcade can be brutally unfair. The arcade collision heavily favors the snow-bees. It is easier to miss with an ice block, especially on higher levels. Also, the wall stun is delayed in the arcade version. If Pengo stuns a snow-bee that is next to him, the arcade snow-bee will slide into Pengo, kill Pengo, and then it will be stunned. Pengo is momentarily unable to move after pushing or crushing an ice block. My version has a slightly lesser delay after Pengo pushes a block or crushes an ice block. The arcade delay seems to get longer as the snow-bees get insanely fast. It makes the game feel impossible at times. I think the game is difficult enough already. If Arcade Mode is too easy on this version, Expert more than makes up for it. I have not yet decided what to do about the rounds. The arcade game has 16 rounds. The arcade game becomes almost impossible after round 14. It becomes harder to hit the snow-bees with the ice, they crush the ice before the player can push a cube, and they are much faster than Pengo. After round 16, the game loops to level 1, and the difficulty is back to level 1 difficulty. I believe this is because the game is so difficult and cheap at that point, the programmers never expected anybody to get that far. I currently allow the game rounds to continue on indefinitely. I kind of like it this way. The game has 12 different intermissions. The last two intermissions alternate after level 12. Unlike the arcade game, this version does not reset to level 1 after level 16. Update 11/13/2021 Fixed issue where sno-bees travel through star blocks and blocks with eggs hidden inside. I wasn't going to change this, because it can happen in the arcade. I still allow it at level reset, if a sno-bee is trapped in its corner. Fixed issue with sno-bee randomness. This makes the sno-bees a little less predictable. It's been broken for a while. "Pento" can no longer hide on the other side of a star block when all of the sno-bees are on the same vertical or horizontal path. Updated the banner to match the arcade bootleg, "Penta". More TIA harmonies & updated Pokey alternate tune. Other sound tweaks. Minor cosmetic changes PentaDEMO(11-13-2021-AM).a78 PentaBUP(11-13-2021-AM).a78 Update 11/06/2021 - Many updates Refined controls. Smoother navigation. Button action now mimics the arcade, so it can not be held down indefinitely. Credits screen has been added Snow-bees hatch faster Tighter snow-block collision. (Almost too easy now!) Intermission penguins walk from off-screen now. Music is sync'd to where it plays the full tune after level 6. The arcade ALWAYS cuts the tune off. (The intermission can be skipped with the joystick button once the penguins are half-way across the screen.) Additional level layouts: 16 regular and 2 hidden (ZPH & Blob mode) Minor cosmetic changes The most noticeable updates: Refinements to POKEY music. Thanks again @playsoft for the engine and Popcorn POKEY. Intermission has dedicated POKEY music @Pat Brady Brady updated and refined the TIA Engine, adding dedicated harmonies. He reworked the TIA tunes (LEFT DIFFICULTY selects POKEY/TIA) I have no issues with my versa-cart or Dragonfly. POKEY sound is fixed on Concerto (At least is works on my cart). TIA sound also works on Concerto. I did have one issue where the game would crash when I tried to start the game. I erased the game off of my card and recopied it to the card. It has been running on my Concerto for 3 hours now in invincible mode. It's now up to level 80, since the snow-bees forfeit after 2 minutes of inactivity. Half has been in POKEY mode, and half in TIA. PengoDemo(11-06-2021).a78 PengoBUP(11-06-2021).a78 Update 10/23/2021 - Alternating BG tunes; Updated TIA Popcorn This version alternates the background tunes per-round. I start with the Popcorn tune, since that appears to be the original tune used. This also includes an updated Popcorn tune for TIA A new cheat code has been added. This one can be accessed inthe demo: At the title screen: {right, right, right, left, left, left} toggles the ability to force the background tune. This just unlocks and locks the right difficulty switch, to be used as the versions prior to the alternating tune. Tighened up the collision when an iceblock catches a snow-bee Added a sfx when a snow-bee is crushed PengoDemo(10-23-2021-AM).a78 PengoBUP(10-23-2021-AM).a78 Update 10/22/2021 - TIA Popcorn, for those without POKEY. Sorry for the quick post, but this may be the last for a while. A lot came together, and I think I am winding down to more of a maintenance mode, unless I decide to alternate the background tunes. This contains general clean up in sound. Key Pokey harmonies from a table. PengoDemo(10-22-2021-MD).a78 PengoBUP(10-22-2021-MD).a78 *** Bonus: There are 6 hidden modes that are unlockable in the full version. I compiled a couple into a demo. Pengo doesn't lose any lives, but the demo is only limited to a number of level clears. Blob Mode (Used to test the Blobs. After being on a level for two-minutes, this mode is activated in regular play.) - PengoBlobDemo(10-22-2021).a78 ZPH @ZeroPage Homebrew Mode (Every other board is the ZPH level) - PengZPHDemo(10-22-2021).a78 Update 10/21/2021 - Popcorn added for POKEY sound. LeftDiff = POKEY On/Off; RightDiff = Alternative/Popcorn PengoDemo(10-21-2021-PM).a78 PengoBUP(10-21-2021-PM).a78 Update 10/16/2021 - High Score saves (To clear corrupted high scores, hold RESET & SELECT on options screen.) The previous demo skipped the high score entry screen. This is fixed, and music is added. PengoDemo(10-16-2021-AM).a78 BUP does not support high scores. PengoBUP(10-16-2021-AM).a78 Update: 10/13/2021 PengoDemo(10-12-2021-PM).a78 PengoBUPDemo(10-12-2021).a78 First Public Demo - 10/08/2021 PengoDemo(10-08-2021-PM).a78
  2. Hi guys, I completed this tribute to PENGO for our beloved TI-99/4A. Thanks to Ciro of the http://www.ti99iuc.it/ for the hard testing Download the game: http://www.bleepbit.com/2019/05/12/pengo-tribute-for-ti-99-4a/ I hope you have fun! Luca
  3. One my reasons for getting an Atari 5200 console in the first place was to see how a home console, contemporary with the arcade machines I played very early, performed. So, Pengo, Star Wars Arcade, Pole Position and Robotron 2084 were Arcades I remembered to have played from the period 1982-84. So: Pengo... I played it both with a refurbished orginal controller and an moderated Neo-Geo joystick (which works on many, but not all games). Pengo have you playing the Penguin Pengo in randomly generated mazes of ice-blocks. It is on one screen at a time. You view it from birds-perspective (a bit of a pun there I guess). You can move Pengo in four directions, up, down, left and right, and if you walk to the ice-blocks making up the maze and push the firebutton while moving against the ice-block, you send it across the screen. You are hunted by some strange, but kind of cute´n cartoony creatures called Snow-bees. If they touch you, you are knocked out, and loses a life. You must take out the Snow-bees by pushing the ice-blocks on them, which takes them out. Also if they move along the edge of the game-area, and you also happen to be there, you can turn toward these walls and push them, making the walls occilate and knock out a Snow-be for a few seconds. Move over it, and you wipe it out. Every level has more Snow bees to get of rid. Every time you get rid of all Snow bees on a level (displayed on the top of the screen), you get to another round, new level. You can also push tree diamond-blocks - distributed randomly on levels - in a horizontal or vertical line - to have all Snow-bees on screen knowked out for some seconds; move Pengo over them to wipe them out and get bonus-score. So how is the game? In my my view: awesome!! Multicoloured sprites makes it look very nice. Pengo is cute. The Snow-bees are done really well. It retains the basic feel of the arcade. The music is different than the arcade which had «popcorn». Now, I never liked «popcorn» so I think its a bonus to have original Pengo music for the Atari 5200. Playing it with a third party arcade-stick/joystick (like Wico etc) is the best way, but its not unplayable with the orginal stick; just make sure you really have the stick overtly moved up/down/left/right, not just a little, but all the way, in a firm way, till it touches the edge, etc. But if you have a third-party joystick or an adapter that enables you to use a normal joypad, do that. Unfortunately, I don´t think you can complete the game; not sure, but I think it goes on and on until you spend all your lives. I´d rather prefer like 50 or 100 levels, then a «you made it» comment. I may be rong here, and please comment. So here is my score. (I use 1-10, including 1,5...3,5 ... etc) Graphics: 9 Sound: 8 Playability: Joystick 8,5 / Original Controller 6,5 Lastability: 8 Amusementability: 9 Overall: 8,5 Pengo is awesome, a classic and must-have for the Atari 5200. By: Giles N — Please let me know what you think.
  4. At first I thought "This couldn't possibly be the same Pengo that I used to play on Atari consoles back in the day." Well IT IS. They added a story mode and some time limits but the gameplay is basically the same. Then I thought "Well this makes perfect sense. Sega made the game, Sega owns the IP, so they must have printed a whole bunch of copies since it was cheap and in-house." Well THEY DIDN'T.
  5. Again, I may be like 30+ years after other people here as to classic atari-console game-mastery, but found out: In Pengo, the standard way of taking down a Snow-bee is to push an ice-block on it. The second way is to push the wall of the gamefield when Snow-bees are close to it. It knocks them out for 4 seconds or so, so you can just walk over them to take them. The third way is to push 3 diamond-blocks in a vertical or horizontal line, which give a huge bonus and knocks out all Snow-bees on screen for 4-5 seconds. Walk over as many as possible to take them out. Now I discovered a fourth way. To complete a level (called bird), you must take out a set number of Snow-bees. There are limits as to how many are on screen at-once. And here is the trick: as soon as one Snow-bee is out, several ice-blocks begins to blink in the color of the Snow-bees on that level. If you are quick and destroys the flashig ice-block before the Snow-bee spawns, you actually get one more on the counter of how many are taken out. So you can take out Snow-bees (before they come out to chase you), by destroying the flashing ice-block when they are about to emerge from these. In two of images provided you’ll see a destroyed color-flashing ice-block and in the next image the Snow-bee-count decreased from 4 to 3. Good gaming!
  6. For trade: Odyssey 2: Power Lords (loose cart) Atari loose carts: Mr. Do's Castle R8 Rubik's Cube R8 Atari Video Cube R7 Cosmic Swarm (NTSC) R6 Cosmic Swarm (PAL/Australian) R? Demolition Herby (B&W label) R6 Frogger II: Threedeep R6 Marauder R6 Mines of Minos (PAL/Australian) R? Pengo (bad end label) R6 Pengo (good label) R6 River Raid II R6 Room of Doom (NTSC) R6 Room of Doom (PAL/Australian) R? Tapper R6 Threshold R6 Crypts of Chaos R5 Double Dragon (bad end label) R5 King Kong (missing end label) R5 London Blitz R5 Miner 2049er R5 Mr. Do R5 Pigs in Space R5 Private Eye R5 Snoopy and the Red Barron R5 Strategy X R5 Tax Avoiders R5 Kool-Aid Man R4 Krull R4 Masters of the Universe (black label) R4 Pick n Pile (PAL) R4 Sub Scan R4 Spiderdroid R3 Tapeworm R3 Atari VCS CIB: River Raid II (sealed) Intellivision: Demon Attack CIB + sealed Nintendo 64: Backup Z64 CIB (256 Mbit version) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z64 ------------------------------------------------------------- Wanted: Atari 2600 games boxed (or empty box and manual where specified). Alien (box and cart) Earth Dies Screaming (box and manual) Spacemaster X-7 Beamrider Cosmic Swarm (2nd version artwork only) Mines of Minos Room of Doom Front Line Mr. Do (box) Roc'n Rope (box and manual) Smurfs: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (box) Time Pilot (box) Subterranea Burger Time Thunderground Spy Hunter (will take a loose cart) Stargunner (box) Jawbreaker (box) Marauder (box and manual) Threshold (box) Sub Scan (box and inserts) No Escape (Black box) Demon Attack (Silver box) Moonsweeper Quick Step Subterranea Laser Gates Atari 2600 games loose carts or otherwise: Boulder Dash (loose or CIB) Quadrun Subterranea Alien Q-Bert's Qubes Atari accessories: Questar joystick KY Enterprises FingerTip Controller Supr Stick Professional Joystick TVS/Total Video Supply Game Safe Any commercially-produced carrying-case type storage for Atari 2600 cartridges in very good condition Odyssey 2 games: Power Lords Atlantis Frogger Popeye Q-Bert Super Cobra Tutankham Commando Nocturno Mage treasure chest version Any homebrew games besides Amok and Revival Studios releases (already have them) Brazilian games (unreleased in U.S.) Multi-carts Other Items: Imagic dealer catalogs, shirts, or other merch Odyssey Adventure magazines Electronic Games magazines Atari Age magazines Power Lords toys and accessories Tron action figures (original 80s) Tron Legacy PS2, Xbox, Wii controllers Atari Force mug, t-shirt Activision patches Centipede Championship patch Demon Attack poster PM me if interested.. Serious inquiries only, please..!
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