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Found 17 results

  1. Jaguar was not included in the Atari homebrew awards for 2021 (something I hope gets fixed in 2022) but I thought it would be fun to poll y’all on your favorite new Jaguar games released in 2021. I left out Abyss as it is still not final. I think I got everything that was released, but please let me know if I missed one! Hopefully I am allowed to add poll options if I did. EDIT: people asked for polls in specific categories, and here they are!
  2. Which of these 2 AtGames Flashback Portable's would you recommend I buy? 1) Atari Flashback Portable Console (80 Games Included) (eu) /retro by Atari ESRB Rating: Everyone 2.6 out of 5 stars  7 Xbox One $29.00(15 used & new offers) 2) Atari Flashback Portable Deluxe Edition - Hand Held Console by Atari 4.6 out of 5 stars  7 $29.99(5 used & new offers)
  3. Is the Sega Dreamcast old enough to be considered retro gaming? I'm curious to see what you think.
  4. Checking the status of how a new piece of hardware has an effect on older accessories and user habits.
  5. Concerning the Atari 5200...
  6. Hi, Well with AtariVox+ support on hold, I am interested in knowing how you would like me to proceed. There are 2 types of game types I would like to use for my game. Read the descriptions below and vote on the poll on your favorite. The winner will be considered as a possibility for the game's new type. Strategy: In this genre type, you control the president via the keypad controller. You enter commands via the keypad buttons in the order you would like to execute them. After entering the desired commands you press another button and the commands are run in the order they are entered until they are all executed. Your goal is the reach the goal in the least amount of commands. You will be able to hear speech and save your high score via the AtariVox+ when available. The Atarivox+ is not necessary and would be optional. Having one would add additional features. Simulation: In this genre type, you take care of the president via feeding and training him(think Tamagotchi). Over time he will become stronger and fight the invading creatures. There is the possibility of having different carts with different creatures you can train. One thing I was thinking was having presidents fight each other via a special "tournament" cart. You will be able to hear speech and save your stats via the AtariVox+ when available. The Atarivox+ is not optional and not having it would make the game incompletable. Regards, Heroes & Shadow
  7. Dear Atarians, It's the 10th edition of annual Kaz Kompo contest and on behalf of AtariOnline.pl site I would like to invite YOU to take part. Help us to decide which 8-bit Atari game published during last year was the best. The winners from previous editions: 2014: 1. RGB, 2. Treasure Island Dizzy, 3. The Great Return of the Penguins 2013: 1. Assembloids XE, 2. Deathchase XE, 3. The Hunt 2012: 1. Ridiculous Reality, 2. Line Runner, 3. Callisto 2011: 1. Space Harrier, 2. Marbled, 3. Mighty Jill Off 2010: 1. His Dark Majesty, 2. Ocean Detox, 3. Dr. Mario 2009: 1. Kolony 2106, 2. Nightshade, 3. Ghastly Night 2008: 1. Bomb Jack, 2. Hobgoblin, 3. Knight Lore 2007: 1. Yoomp!, 2. Crownland, 3. Mindblast 2006: 1. Flowers Mania, 2. Klony, 3. Nibbly Shortened version of Kaz Kompo rules: The contest is open to all games released in year 2015 for the Atari 8-bit computers. No matter whether they are commercial or freeware games, awarded in other contests or not, whether they require expansion or not, etc. Important is that they became publicly available between January 1st and December 31st 2015 and by the time of our contest there exists a version that can be treated as "final". If something is missing on the list - let know to Xeen. You can vote by adding your comment in this thread or on AtariOnline.pl or by sending an email to Xeen (mcora @ tlen . pl). All the votes (nickname + given points) will be published with the announcement of the voting results. The authors and co-authors of the games participating in the contest may vote for their own works. Vote for up to 10 games, specifying their order. The points will be given as follows: 1st place - 10 points, 2nd place - 9 points, ... , 10th place - 1 point. It is allowed to vote for less than 10 games, by not specifying some of the places. The voting ends on midnight (your local time) of December 28th/29th, 2016. Several prizes will be drawn among the voters. There are no material prizes for the winning games creators, the only prize is the achievement of being on the podium and the right to use golden, silver or bronze Kaz Kompo winner logo. The full version of the contest rules and the full list of 80 games you may find here (article in Polish, Google translated). The package with all entries is downloadable from HERE. There will be more information in this thread soon, I will present the list of the entries.
  8. In the very beginning ATASM and Atari800Win where the only supported compiler and emulator in WUDSN IDE. Back from this very beginning, there is the feature that WUDSN IDE parses the console output and output files for labels/compiler symbols. The only usage for them until 1.6.x was that WUDSN IDE automatically creates a "<file>.lbl" labels file in XASM 3.0.1 format. This file can be loaded from within the monitor of Atari800Win to have a mapping between addresses and labels. I'd now like to remove that feature for several reasons: - This is 100% Atari800Win specific code that currently also runs in all other situations and on other platforms (C64) - The MADS/Altirra combination works just perfect with the existing .lab & .lst files directly generated by the compiler - The new "Compiler Symbols View" will display the labels directly in the IDE also and offer filtering. - The file is generated after starting the emulator, because parsing the output may take quite some time. Hence it cannot be passed as argument when the emulators is started. The correct implementation would have to be emulator specific, which is possible in theory (the generation of the breakpoints file already works like that) but I currently don't see much of a benefit. Hence I'd like to remove it for the moment. Looking forward to you votes & comment.
  9. How do you start a poll? I know I've been on AA for close or more than 6 months, but I still can't figure out how to start one. No one has told me and I am still confused. Once I'm in the Poll of the Week section it says you cannot start a new topic where it usually says to start one. Do you have to subscribe?
  10. Hey everyone, I have recently become interested into Nintendo Game & Watch, mainly because of all the cool exclusive sequels to real arcade games. I have discovered lots of Mario games, but even more Donkey Kong games. There are actually 7 DK games, but only 4 are platformers! I have already bought DK, DK Jr. Widescreen, and DK II. DK Jr. Tabletop/Panorama is really fun on my computer as well. I wanted to introduce these excellent LCD handhelds to you guys, as we all love Donkey Kong. If you have never played these games before, or don't have much money, I have provided the following links for you: http://www.pica-pic.com This site has both Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. New Widescreen http://www.madrigald.../sim/dnload.php This site has both Donkey Kong Jr. Tabletop and Panorama versions, and The legendary Donkey Kong II Have fun.
  11. Hey guys, What is your favorite Pitfall game? I'm interested in the series, and I don't know where to start. Also, make a list too and explain why you picked that game as your favorite. Happy gaming!
  12. Following an idea by Kevan I saw in the TI99/4A forum, I decided to start this poll so all Colecovision fans can vote for his/her favorite 2012 Colecovision game and of course comment your decision here. The number of released games in 2012 rise up to the astounding number of 24 new games! (please correct me if I'm wrong) In the TI99/4A forum they are going to send a small trophy or plaque to the author of the winning game. That's an interesting idea. Anyway, I'm only starting the poll, if someone or a group wants to give a kind of prize they're free to take their decision As only one game can be voted, votes aren't public. Enjoy it! EDIT: I'll keep it open until Sep/21/2013 if I can find out how to close it
  13. Hey gang! I decided to make a poll about the "Blue Bomber". Out of all the original series Mega Man games released in nearly a quarter century span from the first in 1987 to the tenth in 2010. Which of the ten games is your favorite. Mine is a tossup between 2 and 3. But have to give the slight edge to the second installment. The music is superb, debut of passwords and energy tanks, two levels of difficulty (normal and difficult), difficult is still relatively not too hard, and some of the most innovative robot masters. 3 has some of the great features like the second and can do multiple things like jumping high (especially when falling into a hole), freezing enemies, and slow motion using controller 2. The debut of your canine companion Rush was a great feature. Help you navigate over pits, reach high places, and navigate underwater. And also his brother Protoman makes his debut. The negative though is Dr. Wily's Skull Castle was not much of a challenge and was too easy and short in my honest opinion. My vote goes for number 2 with 3 being a very very close second. Which is your favorite one in the series?
  14. Its known that not long before Atari Inc. was split in two during the height of the video game crash, they were developing an adapter that would allow the 5200 to play 7800 games. It was shown 1 or 2 times in official catalogs, then never heard from again after the corporate split in which Warner sold the console and computer divisions of Atari to Jack Tramiel. Overall, do you think that Atari had it going, or should they either have scrapped it at an early stage or should they have instead made a Supersystem adapter that allowed the 7800 to play 5200 software on the 7800? Also, what happened to the engineers responsible for the designing of the adapter after the splitting of Atari Inc?
  15. Had some partial kernel code for several years for a puzzle games inspired by a rather popular casual game. I had worked out most of the general rules and kernel rendering but that's it so far. Recently crafted an animated gif to roughly demonstrate.
  16. So guys. Halloween is about a week away. And Castlevania comes to my mind as one of the most played games for me during that time of the year. Which one in the series is your favorite? For me it comes to a very tough choice between Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse and Super Castlevania 4. I have to go with the third version. It is my second favorite NES game of all time behind The Legend of Zelda. Graphically it was very impressive and for the later period of the 8 bit era, the music is simply stunning and has one of the best soundtracks to come for the system; well the whole series is known for some of the most memorable soundtracks. You can have Grant, Sypha, and Alucard help you out on your quest to hunt down Dracula. A first in the series is choosing your path to get to Dracula's Castle instead of a default selected path. And lastly the controls are executed perfectly and put a big spike in improvement from the first game and gives you a great challenge. It was a tossup for 3 and 4 as they are both A+ games along with Symphony of the Night. I am biased as the NES is my favorite system of all time. It is Dracula's Curse for me.
  17. And well, here is the complementary poll by suggestion of Crapahute (thanks! )
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