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Found 26 results

  1. I've decided to try to collect all atari pong systems before the new decade but I don't have a good idea on the prices of each system. So if anyone can give me a price guide (and some tips) that would be awesome. Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm trying to get samples of all the different ICs inside 1st generation consoles. Working systems are fine, but I'd rather scrap a junk system than junk a good one. You can keep the shell, all I need is the chips and pics of the PCB. If you have a system you're willing to send, tell what it is so we can figure out what chip it has in it.
  3. ....mine broke & I'm still kicking myself over it
  4. Recently picked up a pong variant arcade curiosity: Allied Leisure Hesitation The thing has a unique cabinet design and numitron scoring. I wrote up an article about it with an embedded video demo. http://www.arcade72.com/allied-hesitation-1974/
  5. Hi folks, I've just stumbled upon this Youtube video: and there was a link to download the game but the link doesn't work anymore I've tried to search for it (even under rocks..lol) but alas this game is nowhere to be found, so does anyone here has downloaded it before the link went to the twilight zone? Thanks in advanced! =) --- Sly DC ---
  6. user0815


    The original circuit was only splitted in functional groups and divided out of 3 circuitboards. The first board generates the video-signal and the second board generates the ball and the paddles and controls both. PONG is already playable. The third board generates the 7-segment-display, counts the scores and displays they and controls the whole game. The schematic was redrawn complete, the most parts of the logical circuit are identical with the original. There are no great changes regarding the original schematic. See also YouTube

    © [email protected]

  7. lulrik

    Atari super pong Ten

    From the album: lulrik collection

    Atari super pong Ten, NTSC version

    © lulrik

  8. I got my hands on a APF TV fun console ( pong clone) there is the unboxing, enjoy http://youtu.be/fZn5lxkxNoo?list=UUvnu7BYyJoCPs1tHTNpNNLA
  9. ive just leared of the little oddity known as "marx tv tennis". its an electro mechanical pong console, I never would have guessed such a thing existed. I know electromechanical arcade machines were popular before affordable displays became avalible, and ofcouse in timeless classics like pinball and skiball, but never had heard of such technology in a home console. does anyone know of any other electromechanical home consoles? the marx tv tennis 1974 odd isn't it? you know, in that I must find one now kind of way.
  10. At the flea market I probably hit he best possible place. I didn't find anything rare or something like that but I did find some amazing deals.So here's the story: I wanted to burn a hole in my pocket that day so I looked up all the local flea market or swap meet or whatever you call it. The closest one that I haven't been to yet was this small one that was actually 2 hours from where I live, but had a great website, so then I packed some water and started driving away to this place. Once I got there it was actually double the size of what had been described on the webpage. Although its size I did't find one game until I came to one stand. It was a two brothers(I think) who were renting a double booth and selling old and new records. At the corner of my eye on their stand I saw a Colorsport 8 (pong clone) complete in a 70s like box. It screamed 70s more than anything else! The box was in PRISTINE condition.The two guys knew what it was and we talked over it alot and one of them told me that he had owned a game store but wasn't interested in that stuff anymore. He knew prices but never gave a price over the fair line. When I finally asked him where he would land the price on that console he said $10 .I screamed inside my head. Bought it in a heartbeat but I also asked if he had anything else then he took out from under part of the table a HUGE chest. The chest was covered in controllers of all types games for the nes, snes, VCS you name it. I bought almost everything for about $20. AWESOME :-o !!! I looked around the other part of his stand and found the jackpot: I saw an Odyssey 2,an intv, and a 5200 all lined up with all of the correct hook ups. He said a dollar a piece. I couldn't control my excitement. Next to all of that he gave me a complete Super Metroid for $5. Since he didnt care much he also gave me some 2600 commons for free . When I went back to my man cave I found that not one thing he sold to me was non-working. A couple weeks later I bout a gamecube ps1 cib dreamcast and a sega saturn 5 each and all also worked. I completely cleaned the guy out. so happy :) :-D ;-) :grin: :thumbsup:
  11. http://www.arcadeattack.co.uk/al-alcorn/ Needless to say, if this guy had ballsed up Pong, the video game industry may not have existed today. Now we’ve blown your mind I’m pleased to see he absolutely smashed Pong so let us introduce the gaming legend, godfather of the industry which we love, Al Alcorn. Enjoy Adrian
  12. Next Saturday, September 30 we are arranging Retrogathering 2017. It will be our 16th event counting since the beginning as a forum meeting in 2006, now clocking in at around 800-1000 visitors on a day. This year we will (of course!!) have a major exhibition on the Atari VCS/2600, including displaying a few games that were dug out in the desert the other year. We'll try to display as many commonly available models as we have access to, including Sears Telegames and the 2800, as well as having some overlap to Activision while it doesn't celebrate any even number of years (ok, 38 is an even number). We will also have an exhibition on the Street Fighter series of games, movies and memorabilia. The market will have a bit over 50 tables of vendors selling video games and vintage computer stuff. There will also be an auction for those who didn't make it to get an own table. We'll have a gaming section of some 20+ different consoles and computers (mainly the common ones this time), plus a half dozen arcade games. There will also be game competitions such as Warlords tournament on the Atari 2600, Pinball Dreams highscore competition on the Amiga and our main event, the inofficial Swedish championship in Atari Hockey-Pong. Our reigning champion since three years ago is unable to make it this time, so we'll be crowning a new champion. There will also be a quiz relating to old advertisements. There will also be a speaker in terms of Per Håkansson who approached the Atari agent Cherry already in the late 70's to introduce the VCS in warehouses. Per later moved on to introducing the Pac-Man franchise and much more. Another new item for this year is that we'll have a decidated children's room with beads and some video games, for those parents who prefer to enjoy rest of the expo on their own and children who prefer doing something creative instead of just tagging along. Location: Växhuset, Västerås Date: Saturday, September 30 Opening hours: 10-18 (members in our association get in at 9:30) Entrance: 100 SEK Website in Swedish: http://retrogathering.se/?page_id=4123
  13. Hi everyone, Just got an APF TV Fun (model 401A) -- my 1st First-Gen home video game console, and along with the Telstar, aesthetically my favorite Pong-alike console. I paid almost nothing for is "as-is", so it wasn't exactly a shock when it wasn't in 100% order, but I'm pretty sure it's fixable. With batteries, it powers up, I get clear video and sound (though I assume the TV is SUPPOSED to continue the static since the sound effects come from the console -- or is the TV supposed to go silent?). The ball bounces and the score is kept. It never restarts on 0/0 when turned on, but some other seemingly-random score combination. 0/0 comes up whenever I hit the "Start" button". The four game variations all seem to appear just fine, as well as the fifth option, when the selection knob is set between any of the other two modes. But there are no visible paddles onscreen. The game seems to start up right away and start serving away, so maybe the start button is involved in this. Even with frantic knob twiddling, I can't seem to return a serve. Everything else seems to be working properly, though. The red light comes on when switched on. It looks like Pong, it sounds like Pong, the picture's nice and clear, the ball angles and speed change when I flip those switches, so other than the paddles, it seems fully-functional. I've opened it up, cleaned it out, looked for loose connections, and re-seated the main chip in the socket. Now, I'm really not terribly knowledgeable about electronics, but I'm not bad with a soldering iron, as long as the instructions are paint-by-numbers style. I realize I could get a working unit for $15 (and will if I can't fix this), but I may as well try to repair the one sitting in front of me. It's so good looking. Could any experts suggest places to look (beyond "look for loose wires/connections", I'm on top of that) that might help me pinpoint the problem? Regions of the board, or maybe specific components that would affect that part of the output signal? Here's the manual: http://pongmuseum.com/share/APF-TV-Fun-Model-401-manual.pdf ...and here's some other reference material: http://www.raphnet.net/divers/tvfun_repair/index_en.php I can post video/pics of what's coming out if that would help. But just imagine Pong... you know, without paddles. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me fix this. I don't make it to this corner of the site much, but whenever I do, there's some amazing stuff to be found.
  14. This is my first Intellivision game review. Check out Ultimate Pong!
  15. today my vga to hdmi converter arrived i ordered from ebay so i decided to plug everything together and do some games playing i had already installed the f18a the other week and know that it works fine because i have played games using it briefly to test it the games i attempted tonight that a[[eared to cause issues are the following: pong from the pong / computer space box set, this game does nothing at all. i know the game works because it works fine on the same machine using the vdp chip and still works on my French board the re release of moon patrol, this game works however it crashes in about 2 seconds once the game has started (in my case beginner mode) the issue occurs if the vga to hdmi box is connected or not can anyone confirm this or know what could be the issue? could changing the f18a jumpers offer a fix? anyone have any ideas?
  16. From the album: RetroElectroDad Console Collection

    Where home video gaming started for me. My first game console circa 1977-78.

    © Trevor Briscoe

  17. Hi! I am looking for a Odyssey console. I do not care if it's a Run-1 or Run-2. I would be interested include two controls, 6 games, RF switch and antenna cable only, also would be interested in buying it in its original box. The most I can pay for Odyssey are $ 155 plus shipping. Thank You. Sorry for my terrible English, I am that I am Spanish and I had to use the Google translator.
  18. Let´s have a look at the very interesting Pong game console ES 2201 from Philips. This came out in several European countries in 1975, the system had even game cartridges and the controllers plugged into those cartridges and not the main unit!
  19. Hi all! I'm new to this forum and in need of help. I'm working on a documentary about the history of Silicon Valley and I'm seeking someone with a working Pong arcade console in the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area. We are hoping to film Atari Pong gameplay as soon as possible. I've looked into buying a home console but it seems like all the home console versions of Pong don't look like the original 1972 version. Is that true? All I need to do is film the screen. Looking for the best, most authentic looking pong to film. I've been in touch with the Strong Museum and the Atari Museum but those won't work for logistical reasons. Let me know if you have any other ideas! And PM me if you know any collectors in the area! Thank you so much. - new to all things atari
  20. Hello all I just got Coleco Telstar Arcade console ( buddy at work) However there was no Ac adapter ( can find anything on the underside) Would anyone know if a Atari Adapter ( 2600 ) would work? Cheers
  21. lulrik

    Radiola Pong

    From the album: lulrik collection

    Radiola Pong SECAM

    © lulrik

  22. Well, today I decided it was ok to add a cheap Pong clone into my collection. Found an Allied Tennis Tourney in decent shape about a two hours drive away from me. Some say it isn't worth squat, but all it is missing is two tubes in the TV inside and it looks nice anyways.
  23. Just as the title states, what are your favorite/top pong consoles? I ask this, for I have been ever increasingly interested in purchasing a pong console- and while an Atari branded one is nice in terms of "authenticness", there are a vast amount of other consoles varying from look, design, games etc. As pong museum says, "and the ball was square . . ." haha
  24. Hello I'm new to the forum and I was hoping that someone would be able to help out with pong consoles. I had never owned a pong console so needless to say I was very excited to get it up and running. It only seems to make a continuous beeping sound when I power it on and I only see horizontal lines. I have the tv set to cable channel 3 and that's the channel I get the best picture from, all other channels give me static. Once I opened it up I noticed that there is a single yellow wire missing around where the switches to adjust difficulty and game type are. I've included a few pictures as well. I also tried adjusting the rf box with an alan wrench as I heard adjusting that on pong consoles can get them to work on digital tv's. If it is repairable and anyone has any suggestions that would be very much appreciated.
  25. Up for sale a boxed Bentley pong system that came out in 1983- eBay Auction -- Item Number: 321483119121
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