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Found 21 results

  1. Freshbroods_NinjaKombat.bas.bin FRESHBROOD(a)Gmail,com is my PayPal. Any donations, however small, will make this project happen sooner! (It's been on delay because I've been struggling with part time work) If anyone is interested, I feel my "proof of concept" passion project has come along enough now to upload it and show you what is possible. I've been fiddling with this off and on for a couple years now. Firstly, this is my very 1st game designed on anything, anywhere. I know zilch about assembly or any other programming language. I delved into Batari Basic as a learning experiment and intro. I know we all prefer originals, but I found a template of an existing game was easier to follow while I learned. While I appreciate all the efforts I've seen from other homebrewers to create fighting games on the VCS, I just knew it was more capable of what's out there now. Some notes: This is a "pixel perfect" version. What I mean by that is that I wanted to recreate as faithfully as possible the higher def graphics using the chunky pixels in Batari- Instead of fighting the program I tried to work within it. Using the more "svelt" bodytype of the MK3 ninja fit very nicely into the 8pixel wide/doublewide frame of batari. I painstakingly studied and overlayed the batari grid over actual Sega Genesis graphics then tweaked them to look as close as possible. (still being tweaked) including jumping arc, height and attack reaches. (still working on the speeds, telegraphs & hit strenghts) but it is possible to get a very playable version that feels like a newer gen I think. I hope you enjoy what I have so far. I'd say it's about 65% complete) The missile has flicker, but at least I can have fully detailed and custom multi colored missiles. I even have barely enough variables left over to create homing missles while the player moves about. (Not implemented- Maybe in "Ninja Kombat 2" There is no sound yet. Not my forte, but if anyone is inspired by what you've seen so far and would like to contribute, I would credit you, maybe even pay a small fee or create a pixel art version of your face and add you as a character? As limited as my knowledge is, I tried to focus on style and substance. Gameplay is #1, graphics a close 2nd. The chunky pixels actually work in favor as every character is a pallete swap but with multiple colors that make them look distinguishable. MK is easier to do than SF2 imo because of the similar body types and fighting styles, but each character will not only have different specials, but also different speeds and hits (when I'm done. Not there yet but very possible to implement- i.e. a fast but weaker uppercut vs. a slower but stronger one) I've tried to recycle sprites as much as humanly possible to get a nice, natural anthropomorphic movement. (Low and high punches for throwing missiles, recycled spin ani for throws, etc..) Holding down+fire while jumping is punch. Just fire- long kick, fire+up, highkick, fire+back, roundhouse.. Others should be intuitive. Standing block will be ala SF2 so you continue to move instead of freezing in place. If hit while holding away, block sprite activates. All specials are down, back, fire.. down, forward, fired.. or rapid down/up. (Not only ease of programming but works better with the stick imo) Yes, I know many are still broken. Still a work in progress.. I am very nearly maxed out on graphic/sprite space.. but there will be fatalities.. of some sort. Anyways.. I've removed a lot of the hit detection and damage- also no A.I. yet in player 2- still working on it. Alot of junk code and notes will be removed by final. Please let me know your thoughts so far, and if you happen to discover any "intentional glitches" please keep those a secret for now so other players can enjoy them! *For a 2p game/demo press Joy1fire on the select screen. After P0 chooses P1 will be able to select. Freshbroods_NinjaKombat.bas.bin
  2. I was playing some of this cool game the other day and wondered if a decent port of this could be achieved on the 7800's hardware. Any thoughts? I also enjoy the SG-1000's port of H.E.R.O. and have to believe that the 7800 would be a great platform for an upgrade to the 2600 versions of both this title and Demon Attack.
  3. In the Facebook group Vectrex fans unite!, a group member named Ralf Kornmann has released a Vectrex port of the classic game "Oregon Trail". This port is a text only so far. No sound. No mini game. Ralf's port of Oregon Trail is improving and is up to version version 1.0.1 so far. Looking forward to future improvements. Fun nostalgic game play. Oregon Trail for Vectrex by Ralf Kornmann release version 1.0.1 download via Facebook Files post. Oregon Trail for Vectrex by Ralf Kornmann release version 1.0.1 download via Google Drive post.
  4. On Retrousb.com they sell a Vs Super Mario Bros cartridge for the nes. What I was wondering, is, Would it be possible to Port Vs Duck Hunt to the nes as well since I heard it has many differences compared to the nes version.
  5. I am new to the Colecovision scene but I have noticed in the threads that Flappy Bird & Space Taxi are being ported to the Colecovision. I even read about Zelda for the CV so I thought since that's possible why not some classics like Archon, Trap Door, Mail order Monster, etc. Is there any interest in the community to have some C64 all time classics ported to the CV. thanks
  6. SO I have had a 2-port 5200 for years didn't realize there was even a 4-port until a few years ago. But I see a few things that are different. First off my 2-port controller door has a textured finish, the 4-port does not. Secondly the 2-port door appears to be solid, whereas the 4-port I can vaguly see through it, like smoked glass. Sor of like the grill where the power light comes through. Also the 4-port dosen't use that RF-all in one box deal it has a seprate powwer supply like the 2-port does. I have never seen another 4-port that hasn't used the box before, is this common. Also my 2-port states "Sears discontinued" Sticker on the bottom...a sad reminder. I am confused is either one worth more than the other? I think I'll just keep one in the bedroom and the other in Living room so I'm covered any where I am at home
  7. This thread is asleep for now. I'll wake it up at a later time. Hey everyone. I'm looking for a 2 port atari 5200 system that has the s-video and composite modifications. It doesn't have to be in perfect condition, but just no major things like pieces missing from it or anything like that. I'm open to any reasonable offers! I'm also looking for a Wico Command Control joystick and keypad here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/245536-wanted-wico-command-control-joystick-and-keypad-for-the-atari-5200/
  8. I just got an intellivision flashback a day or so ago. And shortly after, I thought, What games would have been great for the intellivision? My list: space invaders, Ms. Pacman, Miner 2049er, asteroids, River Raid, Beamrider, frogger, Star Wars, the empire strikes back, defender, Starmaster, H.E.R.O.,Gigolo, and Stampede. ,
  9. Over in the Doom community, an effort is underway to port Jaguar Doom to the PC platform. Because, why not? https://www.doomworld.com/vb/source-ports/91624-calico/ Screenshots: However, some rendering issues have popped up as of late. Stuff like this. If you are interested and want to see what is done so far, or are willing to help in any way, here is the Github repository: https://github.com/team-eternity/calico-doom
  10. As an experiment, I decided to whip up a port of the "Graphics Match" game from the TI-99/4A User's Reference Guide in JavaScript, using the p5.js JavaScript library. Here's what I came up with: https://zacharyfruhling.github.io/GraphicsMatch/ Enjoy! Zachary Fruhling
  11. This is a more targeted continuation of the blatantly hijacked thread <here>. Executive Summary of this go-forward: The NanoPEB being periodically peddled on eBay is a wonderful little device, providing 3 virtual disk drives which map to a Compact Flash card, a 32K RAM expansion, and an RS232 serial port. Unfortunately, the serial port was set up in such a way that virtually all existing Terminal Emulation software packages take one look at that serial port, and promptly throw their dish on the floor. The technical details of that I leave to vaster minds than mine to explain. Meanwhile, I have slapped together what I think is a toy many of us would like to have and use, a WiFi modem that is RS232 compatible and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The prototype has been proven with several IBM-ish 8088 machines, and I have been surfing Telnet BBS's with it. I would like to test and use it with my TI-99/4A plus NanoPEB, but the terminal software always stops me, since none of them like my serial port. My current quest is to find, make, beg, borrow, steal or barter a package into working with the NanoPEB. The ultimate goal is to publish details of this very simple modem, so that others in this community can make their own for less than $10 and a few minutes work, and go BBS surfing using their household WiFi, Telnet, and a T-99/4A with either an "original" serial port or a NanoPeb. I'll explain how once it's tested, as I don't want folks clamoring to build one only to find that it doesn't work in this plane of existence. The modem itself works in another environment, but I'm a firm believer in end-to-end systems testing. Besides, I have a NanoPEB, so I'm greedy and want it to work with my TI-99/4A. So that's the lay of the land. In our last episode (thread) InsaneMultitasker had generously thrown me a software package thinking it might work. I'm sorry to report that it doesn't. It runs well up until the moment any byte is actually sent down the line, then it crashes. (Cursor stops blinking, and no keys respond.) To be thorough I connected a null modem cable between the NanoPeb and the modem, (they normally dock directly), but the behavior was the same. The quest continues,...
  12. Hello there! I've been trying to confirm serial port operation with Altirra/x64 2.40 (800 OS-B NTSC / 48K). What I'd like to do ideally is redirect the screen print output (typically using POKE'ing X,Y cursor screen location) to the serial port. Failing that a method of just sending the same print screen data to the serial port. Before doing that of course (if possible!), I'd like to test the serial port emulation in Altirra using R: How is this configured to test the functionality with a terminal emulator such as Putty? -ChromaBurst
  13. After my experience with 2600 Midnight Magic and the response I decided to try a whack at porting a simpler but motion oriented game, Seaquest. I don't intend to make a career out of porting 2600 games -- for sanity reasons, if nothing else -- but this was a fun little game I remember that was good for quick runs growing up, and I figured I'd try a game that was a bit more sprite heavy. Again, this is a close-as-possible port of the original 2600 game, based on the original binary code. Porter's comments: Midnight Magic was a 16K banked game, but Seaquest is just 4K. No banking to rip out. This time the porting cost was +0.5KB. Joystick 1/2 for controls, Start for Game Reset, Select for Game Select (1 or 2 players), Option flips both left and right difficulty. B&W/Color hardwired to Color. Default is easy difficulty, switching to hard slows down the shots. Like many 2600 games, this was made for NTSC and it will play slower and with a bit funny colors on PAL. Sorry, but the game doesn't have fraction tables and PAL GTIA colors are significantly different, and I'm porting these games as-is. Adaptation is an exercise left for the reader. Decoding sprite positioning from a 2600 display kernel... sucks. I had to duplicate some data to emulate player reflection. As I expected, repeating sprites would be a pain. Seaquest displays up to five 8-bit player sprites on a scanline plus a missile, so a straightforward mapping to GTIA sprites wasn't an option. Since only one of the players was repeated I reimplemented the enemies on top of the playfield. There's also quite a lot of interesting code in the game to deal with the case of you shooting out one of a group, by recomputing a new horizontal position and switching the NUSIZ1 pattern to match the remaining enemies, which took me a while to figure out (I couldn't figure out at first why the sharks were jumping when shot on some waves). If someone wants to try putting this in ROM, there was one location that I used self-modifying code (because I was lazy). Dethreading the player sub and torpedo from the entire display kernel was annoying, but the huge pain in the butt was the divers. It turned out they were rendered using the ball, by moving and re-sizing it on every scanline. Once I figured this out I was able to rip out a ton of the display kernel and remap the divers to a regular GTIA player. The entire display is shifted a bit left than I would have expected. I didn't notice this until I put in the sea bed and started comparing the position of everything. I've kept the existing positions, but one side effect is that you can spot sprites popping in on the right side. Based on the 40-bit playfield, I think this is correct and was intentional to prevent sprites from wrapping around HBLANK on the TIA, but I don't have a real 2600 to verify (the right part of the screen is cut off in Stella). Unlike MM, Seaquest does use hardware sprite collisions. Fortunately, GTIA's collision capabilities are a superset of TIA's and this was easy to map. The TIA 5-bit div 6 sound is a problem here again, this time more apparent as it affects the player shots. I've mapped it the same way, but it doesn't have the nice metallic sound. I thought about trying high speed IRQ emulation, but bands of background gradients made this difficult. seaquest.zip
  14. Ok, so after the Oregon Trail (California Bound) Project, I am rather bored, and need a new challange! Are there any games (Preferably text-based) that you would like to have on the TI-99 series? Depending on the size of the project, the game(s) may or may not get their own thread.
  15. I've been looking for a newer version of Stella for the PSP and haven't had any luck finding one. I don't know anything about what's involved in porting Stella to the PSP and doubt I'd be able to do it on my own. I know Stella for the PC is still being updated, but does anyone know if there is someone still working on porting it to the PSP or if there is someone with the skills and the free time to do so? If there's any documentation on how to do it, I'd be willing to give it a shot myself. The reason I'm so interested, is because I carry my PSP and use it as my main portable system, since it's able to emulate so many different consoles. I play 2600 games more than anything else, but some of my favorite games won't work on the latest PSP version of Stella which seems to be from 2009. Also, if you guys think I might have more luck on a dedicated PSP forum, I'd be willing to give that a shot, if anyone can recommend a good PSP site.
  16. Does anyone remember the game "Chicken" on 800xl, I used to play it daily it had really simple gameplay similar to frogger and was very addictive. I'm wondering if anyone has done a 5200 port, I would love to have the rom on my atarimax sd cart! If there isn't a conversion for "chicken" maybe a port of "freeway" from the 2600 system?
  17. Fellow atarians, We've just opened this poll in Atariteca: Vote for what you consider the best port, hack or enhanced/extended game developed this year for Atari 8-bit computers. IMPORTANT: This time we are NOT going to take in account "downvotes" against the entries -haters gonna hate... So please, feel free to vote for your favorite(s) as many times you want: http://atariteca.blogspot.pe/2016/12/el-mejor-port-hack-y-version-extendida.html Regards, - Y -
  18. Hi everyone. I tried asking this question in the other thread, however my issue has some different symptoms. I bought a Atari 7800 from the flea market, got an original power supply with it.. happy as a clam. I have a 7800 controller as well, the odd one. Issue: I plug in the controller to controller port 1, and nothing happens, I plug into controller port 2 and I have full control over player 2, but still nothing on port 1. I plugged in a sega genesis controller as I read it works with the 7800. It does the same thing, does not work on port 1, does on port 2. So I decided to try and open it up and look at the soldering points. I noticed the controller port itself moved ever so slightly when i pressed on it. Not much, but that was enough for me to think I should take a go at re soldering the pins. So i did, I suck at it, but i feel that the redo's were done with proper contact,, they are a little goopy, but they look like they should work. so I plugged everything back up, and still the same issue persists.. I'm happy that this place exists, and I am hoping that if many of you are good enough to successfully mod your 7800 to have composite video/S-video as i've been reading, that perhaps you can work with me on this to see if I can resolve it, thanks. side note, maybe I can take some pictures of my poor soldering job... but you guys know what the board already looks like I suppose.
  19. Hi guys, New to the site but, a longtime vcs fanatic. I also play OSU! on my spare time as i love elite beat agents. I was wondering how difficult it would be to create a simple port of Osu!. Here is a small video of it in action. I have been reading andrews assembly language tutorials and know some assembly language. I also own a an Atari 2600 and Harmonary cart. From read the technical specs, it looks like i will have to simplify it quite a bit. Can someone please tell me the feasibility of this? Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Vcsu!
  20. Hi all - I just busted my cart port surround on my Atari 7800, so I'm looking for a replacement. This is the black plastic one screwed to the main PCB from underneath. Many thanks! Matt (Wakefield, UK)
  21. Midnight Magic on the Atari 2600 was one of my favorite pinball games when I was growing up, and on a whim I decided to give a shot at porting it to the 800. The results are attached. I've tried to match the original version as exactly as possible. Notes: Most of the code from the original 16K cart is in this version, including all of the physics code. I've relocated it from $9/B/D/F000 to $4000-7FFF. Thankfully, the original programmer used different addresses for the banks, which made it much easier to disassemble. What was a pain was correcting all of the false labels caused by offset indexing (LDA table-10,X) and tracking down the code that was doing LSB address comparisons and broke when the tables were moved. On the 2600, the screen is generated almost entirely using the players, with a few tiny bits done using the playfield and the missiles. The ball, well, is used for the ball. The amount of HMOVE and player repeating in the ~3K display kernel was insane and so I chucked the whole thing and rewrote a new display kernel on top of a mode E playfield, thus the bloating to 20K. It could probably be squished back into 16K for a 400 or 5200, but I was too lazy. Priority between the ball and the rollovers/unders are probably wrong in a few places since I completely redid the sprite usage. The game does not use sprite collisions, which made porting easier. All collisions are done algorithmically using an RLE collision map and a series of per-object collision routines, which take up most of the cartridge. The game runs four physics ticks per VBLANK. The audio is matched as closely as I could, with 1.79MHz 16-bit paired timers to hit the right frequencies. One notable difference is that the drop and catch targets don't quite produce the right sound -- this is because POKEY can't quite emulate the 5-bit div 3 mode. Most of the rest of the sounds just use pure tone, which was easy to map. Game Reset and Game Select have been mapped to Start and Select, and Option flips both the difficulty switches. The BW/Color switch is hardwired to Color; in the original game setting this to B&W causes the second player to run on autopilot, which I thought was useless (and took a while to track down). pinball.zip
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