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Found 8 results

  1. I am new to the Colecovision scene but I have noticed in the threads that Flappy Bird & Space Taxi are being ported to the Colecovision. I even read about Zelda for the CV so I thought since that's possible why not some classics like Archon, Trap Door, Mail order Monster, etc. Is there any interest in the community to have some C64 all time classics ported to the CV. thanks
  2. First, here's some potential 7800 ports that I might make: -Thunder Force (Sharp X1/Fujitsu FM7) -Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja -Darius -Salamander/Life Force -Space Gun (Will have Light gun, Mouse, and Trak-Ball support.) -Marble Madness (Will have Trak-Ball support.) -The Fairyland Story -The Legend of Kage (Possible dual joystick support.) Lynx ports: -Magical Drop -Cadash -Aqua Jack -The NinjaWarriors -The New Zealand Story -Chase H. Q. -Bionic Commando -Gradius 1 & 2 Jaguar: -Xexex -Turrican 1 & 2 -Lemmings (Will have mouse support.) -Osman/Cannon Dancer (with spelling and grammatical fixes.) -Magician Lord -RayForce -Metal Black -Gun Frontier -Ghost Lop -Arabian Magic -Pnickies -The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy (with improved controls, I might add.) Before I go, here's Dark Edge, a sprite-based 3D fighting game from Sega: I hope this gives someone here an idea or two... Update: I also wanted to say that many of these ports can also be done the other systems mentioned. Update 2: Come to think of it, Quadtari, Comlynx, and Team Tap support are also on the plate.
  3. Having access to the arcade originals I'd like to see what are all the exclusives to Atari 2600.
  4. I found this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_commercial_video_games_with_available_source_code Hopefully it is of use to our brilliant programmers. Many games, including Elite are on the list.
  5. Atari was probably the first company to license arcade hits to complement their own library which they offered on the VCS and soon third-parties followed suit (Parker Bros, M-Network), or in case of some others (Sega, Bally Midway, etc) ended up spinning up their own companies to make and publish these home console versions. It's interesting how Coleco basically went with the arcade-conversions only, which were so prominently displayed on their boxes. As a kid, I remember seeing that and being impressed by that. But other than Time Pilot (which was not a great conversion), most Coleco games for the Atari always left me cold. Anyways, my list is: Space Invaders Double Dragon Ms. Pac-Man Pole Position Frogger Track & Field Tapper Bump'n'Jump Galaxian Q*Bert 1. Space Invaders What can you say about Space Invaders which hasn't been said? It was truly the killer app for the Atari 2600. It brought them a ton of console sales; compared to Asteroids, Berzerk and Missile Command which came around the same time, this is the one that people recognized quickly (before Pac-Man that is) and you can play it quickly. This is one of the few games that I recall my dad playing with me on the Atari 2600 back in 1982/83 when I had borrowed the game from a friend. I never get bored playing this game. I love picking off alien by alien and there is a ton of variations on the cart to make it interesting especially with two players. 2. Double Dragon Yes, Double Dragon. This is one of my all-time favourite arcade games and I can finish it on one quarter which I just did recently when I was Las Vegas and they had it at one of hotels. I recall some of my friends having it on the Sega Master System and Nintendo, and thinking it was pretty lame. I also remember the Amiga 500 version that my friend had and thinking that it looked better than the arcade. So when I saw it the local Consumers (along with F-14, Commando, Rampage, etc), I bought it right away. Crappy graphics and limited gameplay. But man, I love playing this game. I like the fact that someone actually tried it on an Atari 2600 and squeezed a 3-button control scheme into the poor Atari joystick controller. Most of the time I can finish this game and will one day put on a longplay video on Youtube! 3. Ms. Pac-Man Like Hitman Hart, this is the excellence of execution. It is everything that the original Pac-Man wasn't. I actually only played this game for the first time in 89 and thought it was outstanding. Little or no flicker, different mazes, the bonus and speed were perfect. Reading the stories now about the Pac-Man fiasco, it's funny what a massive difference the extra 4kb made. Ms. Pac-Man drew a new line in the sand for the Atari games and set a new standard. 4. Pole Position Obviously I like arcade conversions where I was okay playing them. Pole Position is one of the very arcade games that I had mastered and could finish most of the times. The graphics and sound were not great, and the automatic acceleration is one compromise that had to be made. I just love the fact that the same arcade track was converted into the 2600 and the sense of motion that you get. One of the finer examples of arcade conversions for the VCS. 5. Frogger I remember playing Frogger in a dingy backroom in a restaurant (circa 1984) in the small town I lived in for most of my teens. I always like the game and was okay in it. I was very surprised how good the Atari version was when I first got it in 89 from a used book store. The gameplay was all there and while the graphics weren't great, they did the job. And yes, I've seen the Starpath version (which is phenomenal), and just went with Parker Bros version because of what it does with its more limited resources. 6. Track & Field There are times that I look back at how much money I spent on Hyper Olympics and wonder what else I could have bought with that allowance that went into that game? Another Atari cart (Spider Kong) or perhaps a LCD hand-held game? Hyper Olympics (aka Track&Field) was awesome and I could make it past the first round no problems. This Atari conversion is really good and it's (un)fortunate I never knew of it around 83/84 because perhaps I wouldn't have been so fixated on Activision's Decathlon. All the events are in there and they even have the head-to-head races, not to mention allowing you to enter your initials. I have to get myself a proper controller (or build my own). 7. Tapper I've never seen this game in the arcade, or at least don't remember. I bought my 2600 cart off eBay and was surprised how good it is. It has 3 different levels and the playability is top notch. It's a very fun game and I can play it for long periods of time. I have played the arcade version in MAME and I can't say this is the type of game I would have sought out in the arcade, but it's a fun with a good sense of humour. 8. Bump'n'Jump I don't remember playing it in the arcade when it first came out but noticing after I got a copy of it for the C64. Always thought it was a fun game to play and once you had a sense of the road pattern you could do really well. I found a copy of this at a flea market in Pickering and probably the best $10 I spent for a M-Network game. 9. Galaxian After the dominance of Space Invaders, there were two sucessors: Phoenix and Galaxian. I always wondered why Atari got both licenses and I suppose it was partly to ensure no competitor was able to get it. I thought that this conversion was well done and the movement and difficulty were just right. Like Space Invaders I can easily spend a couple of hours playing this over and over again. Weird that I was never really into shoot'em ups, but considering that I played Galaxian quite a bit when I was younger, I have to say that this conversion is pretty good considering we're dealing with some significant constraints with 2600 hardware. After reading about the tricks and limitations of the 2600, I can't help noticing things like flicker, solid colour for the attacking aliens and playfield used for the formations. Overall, it's a great game and perfect to relax for a while. 10. Q*Bet Just saw with the talk from the creator of Q*Bert and it's interesting to hear about the development history, it's worth the 45 minutes of your time. The Atari 2600 did a pretty good job considering the graphical limitations and is probably the worst looking of them all. It's a pity that the last row had to be sacrificed with in my mind throws the feel of the game off and makes it for a cramped game at times. It is one of my favourite games on the 2600 and always brings me back to play another round.
  6. I gotta say, Space Invaders SNES looks just like the arcade version graphically, but it's a little off in the sound department. Anyone else got any good ports of arcade games?
  7. Hello, I am a new member at Atariage despite my frequently viewing the site I would like to know other's opinions on which arcade ports are best so that I have an idea of what to purchase in the future In terms of best, accuracy does not bother me too much- as long as the game is enjoyable After searching online a bit, I have become interested in the following games: Battlezone Gravitar Phoenix Ms. Pac-Man Crystal Castles Joust and of course many more =) I own a few common ones such as Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Missile Command, and Popeye- its only that I hope to expand my library with my favorite genre of games; Arcade =D I would love to hear any comments, recommendations, or any other feedback Thanks in advance
  8. I’m having a weird issue with my Genesis model 2 where only controller port two doesn’t work. On one game specifically “Thomas the tank engine and friends”,I don’t get any controller action from either side. I’ve desoldered and soldered them back on a couple times but to no avail. Here are some picks hopefully someone can help me bring this puppy back to life.
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