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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am designing a proto circuit board with a very low pitch BGA part, not sure if there is any Chinese manufacturer who can do this, do you know anyone?
  2. Thats right the original owner of the 4th found Pink Panther Proto, has his other nap prototype cartridges up for sale! I have the following Atari 2600 Nap/Probe 2000 Prototype cartridges for sale! Mega Mania Pac Man ICE Hockey One that is labeled Dragon Fire on the prom. Another ICE Hockey These will be sold to the highest bidder in the following manner: #1.) Highest Bidder on Each Cartridge wins that game, and it will be removed from the set and no longer available for sale. #2.) The $$$ must be deposited into my paypal account in a timely manner meaning: THE SAME DAY and By Close of Business which for these purposes will be @ 5pm CST on which day we reach a sale agreement, if it is Past 5pm CST the $$$ Must be Deposited By 12 or Noon CST The Following Day! ** IF NOT YOU LOSE THE OPTION ON THAT Cartridge and it will be placed back up for sale to the next highest bidder. ** I reserve the right to re-sell any cartridge if #2 stated above is NOT Followed. I Will Check! - This is to avoid those pesky fights over Sales Done, but I didn't deposit $$$ in time, someone else bought a cartridge, I'm going to sue you situations. I reserve the right NOT to sell if the Price doesn't reach what I know they are worth - To avoid you trying to undersell me and steal a genuine nap proto from me. Serious Purchasers ONLY Please. ** IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT THESE ARE PLEASE DO NOT BID OR POST ** It will just slow down the process I need the Sales to go as fast as possible.. So if someone wants to buy the whole lot, make me an offer, who knows the worse that could happen is I turn it down. I Prefer email bids which are for the entire lot, so no matter where I'm at I will get it on my phone and can see it. Private msg me on here w/ Name of Cartridge and Amount Your Willing to Pay, or you can contact me @ : [email protected] with Subject: "Atarti Proto" and put "Name of Cartridge" & "Amount Your Willing to Pay" in the body. Pictures of Nap Cartridges Are Up for Verification Purposes, Sales are OPEN. YES They work, and have been all tested and stored very carefully after such. Just Ask Johnathan Laneer Who purchased the pink panther nap proto from me, for $2000.00 and a Playstation 3 version 1 never opened. Someone asked what are nap prototypes well here is the answer in a picture instead of 1000 words ;') PS: ** THANK YOU for Helping Us Out, As The $$$ from these are going to help My Daughter and I get the essentials for our new apartment... **
  3. This is a cross-post from Digital Press. I've gotten some great Vectrex/prototype information from here in the past though, and I figure you guys would be the be the ones to know. I recently purchased a large lot of Vectrex prototypes and I'm trying to find out how early they are in relation to their production counterparts. I've done some digging but have only been able to find years in which games were released and not actual dates. One prototype in particular, Pole Position, is dated 8-15-83. I've seen it listed as being released in 1983, but no actual reference to the month/day in which it hit shelves. I have about 15 or so prototypes I'm trying to get release dates for, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello all. I new to this site and came here to see who would be interested in my pitfall 2 prototype cart. I see one on eBay for $10,000 and I was wondering the true value of this. Anyone interested please message me. Thanks Mike
  5. Hey guys! Long time reader. I'm not a huge Atari guy, so I need some help identifying this Spider Fighter cart. I knew the moment I saw it that it was not normal, I found it odd. Can anyone tell me if it could be a proto? It is an authentic Activision case, however, the label is completely blank, but still the orange color they used. It has a sticker on the end, which has its product number and title. I would like to open it up and see the chip inside, but I can't figure out how to open it! Any help opening it? Identifying it? Thank you!
  6. I have a brand new Silver jacket which were worn by high score finalists in the 80s. it came from a London office clearout of Porter + Pocock Associates ltd 3 years ago, They where the promotion and marketing company whom made these jackets in ltd numbers. They had only 2 of these, to my knowledge i've not seen any others for auction or sold in the UK or worldwide. Does anyone have an idea of value or would someone be willing to trade for a very rare game; a few i'm after Espial CIB (NTSC or PAL) Playaround titles CIB Cosmic Commuter NIB any lab loaners ; ) anything R7 CIB + in good condition. The size is XS adult so would fit a 36" chest so small/skinny adult. (Its marked as a 38" chest but its more an XS 36 in my opinion) I wore it once for my profile pic but its brand NEW! even has a card in the pocket with care instructions from Porter + Pocock Associates. As you can see the 1983 Centipede champ is wearing the jacket with his video game Olympic style medal. Very cool to wear at a convention or for your collection, there can't be too many of these about. I would not part with the jacket for less than £100 as i've seen only 1 other in 8 years on eBay and i'm obviously not going to find another new one or perhaps even used. Most Atari games can be found again so i think i'm parting with a unique rare item. I've seen the Silver Swingstar windbreakers/bombers fetch $100 http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fitm%2FNOS-Vintage-Swingster-Atari-Silver-Jacket-Youth-XL-Windbreaker-%2F390601687119%3Fpt%3DLH_DefaultDomain_0%26hash%3Ditem5af1acc04f I believe there are a few of those on eBay but not the one I have which is cooler I think, and far more rare.
  7. Hey guys, this is interesting stuff. My friend Marcus Garret, here in Brazil, has just put his hands on this: This is the rather elusive ONYX ColecoVision prototype from Microdigital - the same company who made the Onyx Jr, the only Atari with pause in the world, millitary theme, etc. History goes: last weekend, a Microdigital ex-employee, when cleaning his attic, came across this piece of treasure, and gave to Marcus, who's a dedicated researcher (he wrote 2 books about Atari). At this moment, nobody knows for sure if the proto works, but probably yes. Several pirate carts were found too. You guys can check all the pictures here: https://plus.google....=CPKM7taYm6vHBA
  8. Hello Atari fans. Possibly a boring post but here goes anyway. I've come across an unusual and official Atari brand CX2000/2600 power supply (UK 240V). I say "rare" because i've probably handled over 1000 2600 PSUs as I recondition the Woody 2600 light sixer models and have purchased 100s of job lots over the last 10 years. The label reads Atari CX-2000/2600 (in that order) It's similar in design to the early 1977/78 Cherry Leisure and Ingersol PSUs which came with UK Sunnyvale light Sixers and the PAL heavy Sixers but must have been made in 1982 (after the Val Proto was made obviously). As far as i'm aware it's unique and interesting that is says 2000 first as it if was made with the Val model in mind? Has anyone ever seen a 120V one of these? Probably not that interesting to most of you, but is to me considering the obscurity of the CX-2000 so I must be the only person with labelled power supply for one. A label error but shows the 2000 was on someones mind at the factory in the UK for it to be produced. Any thoughts?
  9. Hey Guys, so lately we have been working on full force to acquire prototypes along their rights to finish the games and publish them. I want to keep this thread open to discuss the games that we have acquired and the status of each game (usually we get games incomplete). -Game Name - Status - Description -Dorke and Ymp SNES - Fully Playable - New World added from source code acquired, New music, bug fixes, and additional boss fights. Available for purchase at http://pikointeractive.com/store.htmland Steam. - Pinkie SNES - Fully Playable - debug mode turned off - Currently WTB CD32 and Megadrive protos. Scheduled to release in 2017 -Indigo ST/Amiga - Fully Playable - Game fully playable dumps available online. We are planning GBA/GenesisJaguar ports along physical CD32 physical release. -Tyrannosaurus Tex GBC - Fully Playable - Proto Rom acquired from fellow Assemblergames member, seems to be fully playable working on a couple of small things that need polish. Physical release for GBC planned for 2017. PC Remaster planned as well as Genesis port planned. -Jim Power The Lost Dimension Genesis - Fully Playable - Optimized to work on both PAL and NTSC, fully playable with all songs, will be released in a planned Jim Power Crowdfunding campaign along with every physical version of every Retro platform. -Video Kid SNES - NOT FOUND - Unfortunately the programmer and sub-publisher lost all data of the SNES version. WTB SNES prototype. Hoping Kaneko Japan has a back up somewhere. -Switchblade II NES - NOT FOUND - Developer who coded mentioned he may have a back up but lead went cold. Currently WTB prototype of the NES version; hoping Kaneko Japan has a back up. -Madness House of Fun Genesis - FOUND - Found the source code which seems to be complete or almost complete. No Binaries. This version is called PJ in the Dreamland. Hoping to get it compiled somehow. -ODEMA GBA - Found /WIP - Found the source code for part of the games, art assets for the full game and very early build of the game. Game will be re-written from scratch it seems. Have a lead of a collector that owns a later proto but not willing to sell. WTB Proto for ODEMA GBA I've been very busy, this is time consuming and expensive, but I'm glad there is progress. Any comments or questions please let me know. Any lead of attainable license/rights protos would be appreciated!
  10. Hi, I picked up 3 Activision PAL Proto Label games (all working with typed top labels! which is nice) Pitfall II, Pressure Cooker and Robot Tank. Two have the same front label one has the Activision logo on it twice (Pitfall II) which I think is the gem of these Three. Some provenience is that the original owners friend used to work at Activision UK in Slough, Berkshire (Activision Europe Headquarters), were I found them. He was given them in the late 80s with tons of Activision games (so adds up) Plus I know my labels. So these games have only been in the hands of Activation staff members and surfaced from his friends cupboard recently. So none of these have ever been sold at auction or traded. . I didn't quiz the owner on the original owners staff name but works as a programmer today but in Java Script or whatever people use these days. I didn't really want to put too much attention on these, he just called them demos and said they might not work as one or two initially had a black screen when he loaded , so he almost didn't want to take my money but I after cleaning they are now all working (so I took a risk on these). oh and I didn't pay him peanuts for them; unless you call £90 ($150 derisory on untested/assume dead games in a lot). I didn't poach them on eBay the seller ended the auction because the consoles and some of the games were non working so was of course he was surprised when I offered £90 afterwards but I’m fair and not greedy, I'm a collector and Atari fan first! trader second. I have a few collectors names that deal in Protos in Europe so these will be up for trade elsewhere. (If I have no luck on here). I would be looking to trade on rare CIB games to collectors (not traders), a PAL CIB Espial would be nice (god that game is hard to find boxed - please revise rarity AA ; ), lab loaners and anything R7+ CIB or loose rare games and I’m willing to split this lot as I would say these have varied values, Pitfall II being the gem for me although the label is slightly faded on that one, the other Two have excellent labels. I'm not a Proto expert but I’ve collected for many years (historically in the thousands) but have slimmed my collection and I’m moving on to other things non Atari so I don't really need these on my shelf but was great to bring them back to life and to hold them (if only for a while). I'd rather these went to a collector that is as happy as I was to find them. I have a figure in my head on trade value and would prefer Private emails to [email protected] unless your just adding info or being helpful. I've sadly noticed Trolls on Atari Age threads (come on guys really?) must of us are knocking on 40. Well I say "Trolls" but people making unhelpful and contrived comments to poach games or to put down other peoples trade offers. I just put up a trade on a BOMB! CIB "Great Escape" and although its not the ultra rare NTSC version (its rare to find complete even in PAL land) - the first response I got was "your no way going to get a CIB miner II" (that's for the person that might have a Spare Miner II and not have a CIB BOMB with mint cart. I consider that unhelpful advise. Not even a Hello! just "your not going to get what your asking!" I didn't even mention condition as I have not with regards to trades on these. It's up to the people offering trades to decide what they are willing to offer not the people that have nothing helpful to contribute. It's not like CIB BOMB (albeit PAL) is Space Invaders so trample on someone else's thread. Although these are Third-Party Protos, Activision pretty much showed Atari up on many games so it's nice to be holding a Pitfall II Proto which was programming a feat thanks to David Cranes Patented DPC (Display Processor Chip) Which I think was the only game that ever used that specific Indexing chip (not extra RAM or ROM carts; for which there are many) (I'll have to get better at Pitfall II to find out if it's the full version so will have the theme no doubt imbedded in my head for the next few days. I'll try not to have a nervous breakdown (or I could turn the volume down) solved! I'm welcoming helpful advice, trades, ROM identification (not sure these are EPROMS) they feel the same weight as standard carts and it's hard to see the ROM differences without opening them up, which I’m not keen to do but I know some of you might be able to identify the ROM without opening. All the games worked although Pitfall II needed a clean but it loaded after a few attempts, Pressure Cooker Seemed to end early but will try and play them all today but could be final versions, i'm not sure but they do have cat log numbers typed onto the top labels. I'm not claiming these are ultra rare but I think they are seldom found. Antony
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