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Found 18 results

  1. Honest question: I've got a PAL Jaguar I bought in the UK years ago, which of course was set to 50hz. I finally decided it was time to look at modding it to 60hz, which I've always avoided because I didn't want to cut the case and add the switch most tutorials discuss. I didn't realise until now that the significant part of the mod is whether R140 bridges two points on the underside of the board, and the switch only acts to connect/disconnect those points. So I simply took R140 off the board, and now I have my 60hz Jaguar. Which leaves me with the question: are there good reasons to add the switch in the first place, good reasons to switch back to 50hz? Should I truly want to cut the case to install a switch? I like to keep as close to factory as possible.
  2. Hello there :) Would a DB9 to usb cable make it possible to use the atari joystick to play emulators on pc? Will it register input? USB 2.0 to RS232 DB9 Link: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B0758BWVXF/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_EJ5HWJR2DVX7W4J0S9BX?ref_=d6k_applink_bb_dls_failed I asked the support teams of this cable from Amazon. They told me they don't know but I should try comparing/matching the pin assignment. Unfortunately I have no clue. Does anyone have experience or have the tools to try? Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱
  3. Is there anyway to backup save game data such as high scores to a computer? Before I decide to purchase a SaveKey, I just wanted to check if I can backup my data so that I can transfer my saves to an emulator if I'm ever traveling and not at home. It would also be great to backup my saves for data preservation. I'd love to have a micro SD port or a micro USB port on the SaveKey to make it easier to connect to a computer. Thank you for your help!
  4. I have a modded 2600 to Composite/S-Video but need to use a Retron77 instead. I tried to convert to HDMI. Even Bought a RetroTink. Nothing works. From previous research the current theory was that the TV demands a specific signal that's within HDMI's official spec. So I'm wondering... mainly taking a shot in the dark...to see if anyone has this TV and overcome this. Or overcame this issue on a do TV entirely. Perhaps with a specific after market converter or something. Thanks
  5. Does anyone have an original cart for AtariArtist that they could give me some details from? I'm trying to make an icon of the cart and I just can't find a high enough resolution scan of the label to read the copyright message at the bottom under the Atari logo. If anyone could type that out for me or upload a clear picture I'd really appreciate it!. I've attached a pic of the bit I can't read on any picture online. Thanks guys!
  6. What's the easiest way to get an old complete w/ case iPod? I've been looking to start an Apple collection and my first main target are the iPod series. I have checked ebay and most of the iPods for sale are 200+ with the case and everything. I personally think flea markets aren't the best place to find cheap updated stuff. Anyways if anyone can name a website or place or just something to tell where I should go for finding old discontinued iPods for cheap. For Ex: the iPod Nano 3 gen is more expensive than the updated version in the official Apple stores we have now!
  7. Hello, I'm currently a newbie to Batari Basic and Visual bB for the Atari 2600 and had only begun to set up both programs. I installed both Batari Basic 1.5 and Visual bB build 568. So far according to the Windows 10 installation method I had extracted both zipped files and placed them together in a folder labeled "Atari2600". From there I launched the Visual bB configuration wizard and ran the install_win batch file. From there I am able to launch the Visual bB however I get error windows claiming to be script errors. I'm able to skip or ignore these messages and go into the program, from there everything appears to work as normal and I'm able to compile my code which at the moment has only been a playfield. When I test my code in the built in emulator, I'm then presented with an error regarding the file which will not allow me to run the code. Could I have possibly made an error while installing both programs or made an error with the configuration wizard? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Got my self one of these things a few weeks back and its missing a cable. Using it without obviously does not power the system, but it can be powered via a PSU and powering the 2600 on its own with out on in the ROM scanner wont give it power But changing the cart requires powering the 2600 on and off for it to read. So does that little cable also reset the system when a game is changed via the face buttons? If thats the case anyone got a spare? Or can they point me in the right direction of making one? (Single pole connection?) I did buy something that looks like it off T'ebay, but it seemed to not do anything
  9. While browsing on reddit earlier, and discussing the whole scarcity of the Mini NES, someone posed the question whether other consoles (outside of those Nintendo have made) have seen the same issue before with low supply and high demand, scalpers buying them up, not being able to find them, etc. And while I do recall the PS3 and PS4 were initially difficult to find, it actually made me wonder about how things were in the past. So I thought I'd pose the question here and try to get a little insight from people who may recall: Were some of our beloved retro systems, when they were new to market, subject to the same problems we see with consoles like the Wii and the NES Mini? Does anyone remember if the Atari 2600, Colecovision, Intellivision, etc., were hard to find when they were first introduced to the market, and especially around the holidays, or were they just kinda always there and easily available to anyone that wanted one?
  10. When I compile the following code and run it, I get a strange (to me) result: MODE 1 #A1 = $0800 #A2 = $0816 PRINT AT 160 COLOR 7, <>#A1 PRINT AT 180 COLOR 7, <>#A2 WHILE 1:WAIT:WEND This prints 65535 twice. What's going on here? Is there something involving variable assignment that I'm just not getting? Thanks! (Edit: I'm using the --jlp switch.) (Edit 2: Compiling without the switch makes the error go away. Do I have to do something special to use the variable space afforded in the switch?)
  11. Hello, I just have a simple question about terminology related to arcade machines. What is the "art" on the flat or slightly slanted part of a typical machine that contains the buttons and joystick(s) called? Not the side art or marquee, but the part with a simple design that fits around the buttons. Thanks!
  12. A few weeks back I had an opportunity to buy a 5200 diagnostic cartridge and was sent a picture of the other items that were purchased by the seller from what appeared to either be a technician’s collection or a store owners old stuff. This “kluge” cart was in the picture so I jumped on it, but opening it did not help answer any of my questions lol. Curious if anyone would know any reasons for all resistors or if the guy just did it to see
  13. Is there an 2600 emulator that can be embedded in a java program? Or is there a way to start up an emulator and load ROMs from a java program? (if in wrong forum lemme know)
  14. Its known that not long before Atari Inc. was split in two during the height of the video game crash, they were developing an adapter that would allow the 5200 to play 7800 games. It was shown 1 or 2 times in official catalogs, then never heard from again after the corporate split in which Warner sold the console and computer divisions of Atari to Jack Tramiel. Overall, do you think that Atari had it going, or should they either have scrapped it at an early stage or should they have instead made a Supersystem adapter that allowed the 7800 to play 5200 software on the 7800? Also, what happened to the engineers responsible for the designing of the adapter after the splitting of Atari Inc?
  15. Persistent RAM Intra-Tech Computer Products Before I try this in my 800... Any idea what I have here? What the two switches do? Is it rare/valuable? Edit: Wait... I found this. I should have searched first :-)
  16. Hi guys! I and my friend decided to bring something new to you. The joystick. But we need some feedback before it. Description: We decided to find out a way how to make new Atari Joysticks and similar joysticks with 3D printer. We try to have as similar as possible construction for the same impression of playing games like the original old joysticks. But we have one thing in our construction different. Our Stick will be exchangeable and modulable. We will have more types of sticks and you can choose what type you want. Sticks will have different shape, size etc. Our questions are: 1) Is this idea interesting for you? 2) Are you looking for some new joystick because your old was damaged? 3) What types of sticks do you prefer? What joysticks do you like? What was your favourite joystick in 80/90's? ( CX40, QuickShot etc. ) 4) Would you like exchangeable stick at your joystick ( when you will get tired of the old type of stick you can simply change it for another one ) or you'd rather buy another new joystick when you want to exchange the stick? 5) Is the autofire function important for you? 6) How long stick movement do you prefer? ( short movement is like pressing a small button, long movement is like pressing a key on your keyboard ) 7) Do you like an idea that you can buy only the 3D data for your 3D printer and make it for your own? 8) Do you have some tips why this idea doesn't make sense? For example you can buy really new QuickShot on Ebay etc. Progress: Thank you for your time, sharing and answers! Best regards, EnJoyStick Team
  17. I was randomly reading some computer magazine PDFa when I stumbled across this review. The game is callrd "High Score Screen Burn Slow Burn" I'll comment after the review.... "An experimental game where you play it by not playing it! Start the game. Watch for a minute or two. Walk away. Come back in half an hour and check in. Walk away. Come back the following day, week, month. Check in. Do you have the high score yet? The game AI controls the square as it bounces and moves around each room trying to find the exit door to the right. So, it’s a game that plays itself – for the most part. The secret to the game is: you can control the object in the room, as long as the square is in a room with an object. Once in a room with an object, you can control it with the joystick and move it towards the square to get the points for it. Also, you can press the fire button and the object will change shapes. Rotate through the different shapes (and different beeps are sounded for each shape) to choose the one you want before running into the square. Once the square is touched by the object, points are rewarded, and the object disappears from the room. Now wait until the square goes into a room with another object. If you listen to the game, it will beep when the square does enter a room with an object. The big exciting change at 100 points is the change in the player's color. The points are also doubled once you hit 100 (and tripled plus another color change when you hit 1,000, etc.). The percentages are skewed towards the lowerpoint objects (lower sounds), so it can take a few presses to get a higher sound (higher points). The beeps are based on a C chord, so there are: low C, low E, low G, high C, and (after hitting 100 points) high G. Analysis The best non-game homebrew out there." Doesn't that sound interesting?? Has anyone here played this? I'm 58 years old, so the 2600 came ou wheb I was a teenager. I don't want to sound over the top or asnything, but I'd be interested in tryimg this game out The 2600 is over 40 years old, but she's still learning new tricks......I didn't mean THAT kind of trick. Gee, get your mind outta the gutter! .The PDF can be found at https://download.file-hunter.com/Magazines/EN/8 Bit Annual/ and it in the 2019 issue on page 161. To see the entire site, go to https://download.file-hunter.com/. I hope the programmer is here among us. I would like to know how he came up with the concept.
  18. Hey all, As I didn't really see a 'dumb questions' topic, I'll just ask here: I've dusted off my Atari Lynx yesterday and tried to boot it using the original power cable. Sadly it didn't really seem to want to boot (it did get power when I fiddled a bit with the plug part that goes into the Lynx). So I scavenged for 6 batteries, put those into the Lynx and it boots without any issues. So either the power port is dirty / worn out or the adapter (the plug part) is dying. To verify this, my plan is to get an universal power adapter with a 3.5 mm x 1.35 mm plug (if I'm correct, that's the one the Lynx uses?). I could also look into somehow cleaning the power port (I'm not sure how to go about that though...). Any advice or does this problem sound familiar to anyone? In the meanwhile I'm looking for my second device as well (which may still be at my parents actually), which also has it's own power adapter... I'm at least trying to get a completely working Lynx to get the McWill mod done. It feels a bit of a waste if it only works with batteries... Thanks in advance!
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