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Found 6 results

  1. Got my membership pack from Abbuc today, and that is a tasty membership number. Anyone got other significant numbers? Off the top of my head, 11, 12, 65, 80, 130, 410, 810, 800, 400, 551 are the obvious ones.
  2. I am using this bit of code to decide if the velocity is going to be positive or negative when a new game is started. GetRandomByte lda Random asl eor Random asl eor Random asl asl eor Random asl rol Random ; performs a series of shifts and bit operations rts jsr GetRandomByte ; generate a random number lda #%10000000 ; 1 in most significant bit mean greater then 127 bit Random ; was it less then 127? bne RandomVX ; if it was then branch lda #$ff ; set the starting duck's x velocity to -1 jmp RandomVXDone ; and jump cause we're done RandomVX lda #$01 ; set the starting duck's x velocity to 1 RandomVXDone sta DuckVX ; store duck's initial x velocity jsr GetRandomByte ; generate a random number lda #%10000000 ; 1 in most significant bit mean greater then 127 bit Random ; was it less then 127? bne RandomVY ; if it was then branch lda #$ff ; set the starting duck's x velocity to -1 jmp RandomVYDone ; and jump cause we're done RandomVY lda #$01 ; set the starting duck's x velocity to 1 RandomVYDone sta DuckVY ; store duck's initial y velocity However no matter what the velocity always stays the same. Bin: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ikjnebg1moyn0k4/duckgame.bin?dl=1
  3. I had a thought earlier about theoretically using the object positions at startup to seed a random number generator. Since the objects' positions are determined by timers which you can only reset, not read, you would have to use collision detection against the playfield. Since the playfield only gives you 4-color-clock precision, you could perform some HMOVEs followed by another collision detection to get exact precision. At least, that's the theory. It would probably take a bit of ROM space to do, so it may not be practical for small games, or any games, for that matter. Regardless, it is a fun idea. Are the object positions actually random at startup? I would assume they are always unknown, but are they usually set to the left edge of the screen? I wrote a simple program that does no CLEAN_START, simply sets object colors and clears some TIA registers, including the playfield. The kernel draws 5 rows, first drawing Player0, then Player1, Missile0, Missile1, and Ball. Player/Missile0 is blue, Player/Missile1 is green, and Ball is red. Running this in Stella always puts all objects on the left edge of the screen, but frying Stella will randomly move the objects a bit (they stay close to the left edge, though). Harmony (1.06) won't draw Player0 at all, Player1 is always in the center, Missile0 can be anywhere on the screen, Missile1 is always a bit left of Missile0, and Ball is always with Missile1. I am guessing that this has to do with the Harmony cart, however, and it wouldn't act this way if you wrote an EEPROM. If anyone has an EEPROM burner, I would love to know how this code runs. ObjPosTest.bin ObjPosTest.asm
  4. In my code, I have an internal timer that when it runs out will gosub to what is supposed to be something that will change what direction player 2 is pointing and then reset the timer. The problem with my code is that the rand will only work once. The timer setup: dim Timer1=f.g dim Timer2=h.j Timer1=20 Timer2=1 main Timer1=Timer1-Timer2 if Timer1=2 then gosub randomgenerator:Timer1=20 The random selector: randomgenerator if rand<20 && rand>0 then p1_orientation=1 if rand<40 && rand>19 then p1_orientation=2 if rand<60 && rand>39 then p1_orientation=3 if rand<80 && rand>59 then p1_orientation=4 if rand<100 && rand>79 then p1_orientation=5 if rand<120 && rand>99 then p1_orientation=6 if rand<140 && rand>119 then p1_orientation=7 if rand<160 && rand>139 then p1_orientation=8 if rand<180 && rand>159 then p1_orientation=9 if rand<200 && rand>179 then p1_orientation=10 if rand<220 && rand>199 then p1_orientation=11 if rand<240 && rand>219 then p1_orientation=12 return Thanks!
  5. The "River Raid Bold" thread got me thinking about this game: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/293861-river-raid-bold/ So here's a simple River Raid hack. The terrain and enemy placement is partially randomized, based on player input. Basically the LFSR that's used to generate the map is clocked an extra time, every time the player fires a shot. The "preview" you see before starting the game is still the original layout. Whichever level you start out on, looks like the original map for at least the first screens' worth, until you start shooting. Carefully counting your shots will result in repeatable maps. The random enemies still follow the rules of the game: the balloon doesn't appear until level 3, the diagonally-moving enemy planes don't appear until level 5, etc. Lower levels have fewer enemies, as usual. As usual, even-numbered levels split into multiple paths with islands in the center of the river, and odd-numbered levels only have one path. The random terrain doesn't actually make the game more difficult, except that it means you can't memorize the maps. The "Press START key Use joystick 1" text has been replaced with "Randomised by Urchlay", so you can tell which version of the game you're playing. Also, for reference, the md5sum of the ROM is 0842355056c3f7f8598a9ae38df3ccfe. Download here: http://urchlay.naptime.net/~urchlay/src/river_raid_random_hack.rom This is a raw ROM dump. In your emulator, select "Standard 8KB cartridge". If anyone's really interested, I can post a .xex file and/or a .car file with a header.
  6. I know that the 2600's RAM and stack are in an unknown state when first turned on and that's why we clear the RAM and setup the start immediately. I was wondering if there are any registers that still are in an unknown state after clearing the RAM and setup the stack. I ask cause I would like to use that to seed my random number generator function.
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