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Found 65 results

  1. As big Atari and classic gaming fans, i'm sure just about everyone here who collects has at least one Atari 2600 in our personal collections, and some games. Yesterday, I acquired a rather interesting title on eBay: "Popeye". However, this isn't the normal Parker Bros. release, this is the unlicensed "Taiwan Cooper" version. I bought in in the box for $11. When I think about it, this would be just about the rarest 2600 game currently in my collection. So, how about you guys? What's the rarest game you currently own? (Ps, Photo is from original eBay Listing, I can post additional photos once the game arrives in the mail).
  2. After holding on to these for years I am now auctioning my two rarest video game carts for the TI-99/4a. 1. Navarone "Frog Stickers" (created when Navarone bought over Romox and was still reusing there old cart cases). c. 1986 2. Romox "Princess and Frog" on ECPC edge connect programmable cartridge with paperwork. c. 1984/84 Both are tested and are currently up for auction ebay. with no reserve.. hoping these both make it into someones collection who can enjoy them.. thanks http://tinyurl.com/kk52c5g
  3. Hi, I'm new here. I opened a steamer trunk in the garage last week, and lo and behold, there was my Atari console in near mint condition box (serial number 82184354), along with cartridges in their boxes, cartridge storage container, brochures/catalogs, and silver jacket, which haven't seen the light of day in 30 years. Not all of the cartridges were in the trunk, so I know there's another cache of them on the property somewhere. Including, crossing fingers, Lochjaw w/box. I have a faint memory of buying it on sale from a toy store in the late 80's. And of playing it, of the diver getting stuck to the walls. A colossal search is currently underway. Could be a revisionist memory. Or maybe I have Shark Attack (bummer if so). Stay tuned!
  4. I recently acquired an Atari video music on Ebay fairly cheap and working 😁 but it happens to be missing one of its side wood panels . Considering its rarity is there way to get a replacement peice for it? Also another question I noticed theres different fonts on various pictures of the Avm is there different versions of it? I own the one of the top with "model c240" But most people I seen with it have the bottom version is there any differences besides minimal design change? Thank you- kiko
  5. I just recently got an atari video music from ebay for a fairly cheap price . It seems to be in good shape but however it is missing a peice of the wood side panel . Is there anywhere to get a replacement for that peice considering the rarity of the avm? Another question I noticed theres models that contain different text on the front panel . Is there different versions of the avm? Or was this slight change in design ? I got the model in the top picture Thank you
  6. I recently came across this Color Bar Generator cart not knowing what it was. I actually picked it up with a few games while buying an Atari off of Craigslist. After looking this cart up on AtariAge it looks like it is actually pretty rare. I am looking to see if anyone has any info on what this is and if it is actually worth anything. I've added some pictures.
  7. Sony's Playstation 1 ruled the second half of the 1990s and there were hundreds of great games for the console. However, some hidden gems are still out there for serious collectors. This is Part 2 of my Hidden Gems series with local game collector Reggie.
  8. Ladies and gentleman of the retro computing world... this VIC-20 makes absolutely no sense. It seems to be a bit of a Frankenstein's monster, it has the wrong badge and keyboard type for the model number board (1001006 REV 3), it has a PET style keyboard with mustard function keys, with a silver (not rainbow) VIC-20 badge while the serial number sticker is for a VIC-1001. Clearly the keyboard has been replaced at some point, what really confuses me though are two of the chips on the board, they are a dark grey color with a plaque for the chip type and number, but here's the kicker the pins are gold. Could this have anything to do with the serial number, which to date is the lowest I've seen (102640). Here's a link to a VIC-20 serial number registry (currently mine is at the top) https://cbmvic.net/registry/all, you'll get more detailed info there. Here's some pictures for you to mull over, any help or info at all would be appreciated. It was owned by a fairly prominent journalist (I will NOT tell you his name), so it may have been a 'review computer' sent to him by Commodore, but there would likely be something in or on the case/board saying that. Also I have no means of powering it on yet, seeing as I don't have an a/c adapter that fit's nor do I have the proper video cables. Help, please
  9. I many classic titles available for good prices, make an offer. I havent listed any on Ebay yet... Donkey Kong F18 Hornet Commando Video Jogger Mario Bros+++ Atari 7800 and 2600 Games - I attached Photos of The System - Joysticks - Games Complete All Original PCDOS Nice Joysticks and even the Pro Stick IBM Personal System 2 - Look At IBM on UTUBE _> >>> Model 30 286 I can accept Paypal and All Major Credit Cards Visit my store on Ebay - http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fmyworld.ebay.com%2Farizonasurplusauction
  10. I also have Atari Karts and Zero 5 new in the box on their way here from the UK. They can join my copy of Another World in all their rareness. Question, has Mutant Penguins becoe rare/hard to find? Mine was way too expensive.
  11. Hey folks. We received an amazing Atari donation over at the Personal Computer Museum last year, and we're still sorting through some of it. I thought I'd share some of the educational titles that appear quite rare with you to take a look at. While you might have the software, there's a good chance you've never seen the box - and we scan both the front and the back. Match Up (International Publishing and Software Version) Match Up! (Hayden Software) Shape Up! (Hayden Software) microAddition (Hayden Software) Matchboxes (Broderbund) microDivision (Hayden Software) Factor Blast (Hayden Software) You can also see our Atari 8-bit library on one page (keep in mind, we have a lot more software, but this is what we have cataloged so far) It looks like the manuals are also included for all of them. If there is sufficient interest, I'll consider making the effort to archive those as well - just let us know! Enjoy!
  12. I am selling my CIB Demolition Harbie game for the atari 2600. This game is pretty rare and isn't seen much. It comes with everything, the cartridge, the box, the manual, and the insert. The box has some wear on the corners but is in pretty good condition. PM me with offers on this rare game and we can work out a deal. Let me know on this post if the picture didn't work, thanks. DH.bmp
  13. Does anyone know whether or not the ColecoVision version of the Donkey Kong cart ever came in a white casing... like the Atari 2600 and some copies of the Intellivision version? This is not about eBay auctions of the Atari 2600 port mistaken for the CV port. What I want to find out is whether or not a white case version, with the CV's cartridge slot shape, ever existed for Donkey Kong on this system? Thank you, Ben
  14. More Hidden Gems for Super Nintendo including uncommon 3rd Party Controllers! Games Shown: QBert 3 The Peace Keepers Wolf Child Kendo Rage Captain Commando Firepower 2000 Shadowrun Biometal Stealth Controller Messiah Wireless Capcom Arcade Stick What are some of the more interesting controllers for the SNES?
  15. Hey folks! Just wanted to let you know that the Personal Computer Museum has over 100 Atari 2600 games up for sale and MANY of them are rare and uncommon (including an Ultravision Condor Attack!) They are on eBay. We DO of course combine shipping (and those close to us can even pick them up if you win) so please help support us and bid early and bid often! You can find the listings here (there are some miscellaneous 8-bit Atari items in there too) http://www.ebay.com/sch/syd-da-ney/m.html
  16. As the title said, what's your rarest game you own? I don't really collect 2600, so mines Frankenstein monster by data age.
  17. Hey everyone, I keep getting outbid on eBay for Astal (for the Sega Saturn) and it occurred to me that when it comes down to it i'm just not going to pay what it's "worth". I'm not gonna do it! Attached is my list of what's currently going for more than what i'd ever pay for it. I'm sure there's a lot more games for systems that i'm not actively collecting for right now but own and haven't followed their scene lately. What are the games that you know you'd like to own but just can't pay the ridiculous current asking price? Genesis -Castlevania bloodlines: ($90is- would love to have it for $50 but not paying 80-100 spot for this gem) -Ninja Turtles Hyperstone Heist- Same 32X -Spiderman ($300-$400- Yeah i know i'd regret this as soon as I paid for it. For $35 maybe. I don't even like superhero games. -World Series Baseball- Would pay $10 not $110. Just way too much money for what it is Saturn -Panzer Dragoon Saga: My number 1!! Just not worth $400 dollars to me, plus I know i don't have the time for a 4 disc RPG these days. -Sega Ages: Goes for stupid money these days. I only really want it for outrun and I can get the import of that for a reasonable price -Astal: Just can't bring myself to pay more than $55 for this interesting little platformer. I doubt its $60 and higher interesting -House of the Dead- Would love to have it, have a blast with the rest of the series on my DC. Simply not worth $150 to me. Atari Lynx All the late release curved telegames releases, particularly off road and desert strike among others. Super Asteroids Missile command is inexplicably going for $100 these days. I'd pay like $40 for it. Atari 7800 Tank Command, Mean 18,- Seem like they'd be really fun games. But there isn't a 7800 game in the world worth $400 to me Ninja Golf- Looks cool also, but still not $80 cool Atari 5200 Bounty Bob Strikes Back- Yeah, i'll play it on my Atarimax someday and be glad I saved myself the money SNES Pretty much all RPG's at this point, but mainly Earthbound and ChronoTrigger come to mind, especially since they can now be found on other platforms. NES Too much to list N64 Clayfighters Sculptors Cut-A shit game that goes for like 1k. No thanks Worms Armageddon (Goes for like $300-$400 complete) A superior version readily available for the DC for like $15 bucks. I can live with that. International Superstar Soccer 200- ($100) I don't like soccer and I don't particularly like soccer games, i'll pass at that price. Bomberman Hero the second attack: Rare for the sake of being rare. Best to just stick with the first one. People are asking stupid money for this. 3DO Anything in a "longbox" that gets $100-$200 tacked on just because the long box is "oh so rare" for that particular game. Give me a break. Sewer Shark: I want the definitive version of this game, as 3DO FMV spanks Sega CD FMV, am I willing to pay $80 for it? No.
  18. hello everyone, big fan of gaming here and always have been. but i've never been a collector, more of a visual artist myself. still play both retro games and current gen stuff on the pc. anyway.. onto the good stuff! i have recently uncovered a treasure trove of some Atari games. some of the games appear to be VERY rare, like Fantastic Four by Adventure International (USA) you can check out my full list of stuff for sale here: (all the atari related auctions should be worldwide shipping) http://www.ebay.com/sch/bubble_eel/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= ebay user name bubble_eel here's some pictures and names of what i've found so far. probably adding some more auctions / buy it now items, but pretty sure the best is up for auction right now. game marked DEALER COPY MORE STUFF LIKE: (all 5.25" disk games) atari astronomy I Midway Battles (user made game) by TDC 1987 financial cookbook ultima II fooblitzky the lurking horror by infocom hollywood hijinx by infocom datasoft games Bridge 4.0 by Artworx Cycle Knight go check it out and bid :] i would really appreciate any help spreading the word, or for other suggestions for websites / forums to promote some of the items. have fun gaming!
  19. What I mean is, how is a console that should have greater supply than demand commanding such prices and thought of as "scarce." This could apply to anything Jaguar related. -Consoles -Jag CD's -Game -Accessories There were 200kish consoles produces, 20k jag cds, thousands of copies of each game. Realistically there are a few hundred, maybe a few thousand (tops) active Jaguar gamers and collectors out there. So my questions is, is the actual scarcity (i.e. prices) manufactured (by greedy hoarder types), or are jaguar and jaguar related items actually hard to come by (i.e. many have been thrown away, are stored in basements by people who don't realize they have them, production numbers lower than actually thought, etc. etc.) Curious to hear your thoughts on this. My take is that it's manufactured as part of the retro gaming craze right now and there is actually plenty of Jaguar consoles, Jag CD's and games for anyone who wants them if the price wasn't so high due to speculation.
  20. Still factory sealed, new and complete in the box, Vidco Copy Cart, packed with 'Dishaster.' In the early 2000s, I bought a little dead stock for sale in a used record/head shop. It was boxed common games and a couple third party controllers however, there were also 2 new-in-the-box sealed Vidco Copy Carts! In 2003, I traded one of the Copy Carts to another forum member. I hung on to this one for another 15 years Because it was the cool point of interest in my collection. Almost pushed 'List It' on this as an ebay auction. Thanks for looking and any advice or serious offers you can make. *edit* couple more photos added to show the instructions on the back.
  21. I came across a pretty amazing 2600 haul a few weeks ago that I couldn't pass up even though my collecting leans more toward the NES era. Some of this stuff is so rare that I wanted to give my fellow collectors a shot at it instead of just throwing it up on Ebay. Obviously I don't have any seller feedback here on AtariAge but I just did a big NES buy on NintendoAge and I've done a lot of trades with feedback on Digitpress.com. Here's the link but you have to be signed in to DP to see it: https://forum.digitpress.com/forum/showthread.php?89996-Andred Here's what I've got for sale. PM me with offers Imagic 2600 Retail Demo Kiosk ($Taking offers) https://imgur.com/a/XYVSi Definitely the best piece. These kiosks were used in store (I've heard K-Mart from a few sources but they were probably in other stores as well). They are designed to allow the demo of 24 cartridges for a set period of time which is controlled by a dial on the back. It plugs into the cartridge slot and controller port (to allow multiple types of controllers?) of a standard 2600 console and has built-in software that allows you to select a specific game and does all the switching. They are incredibly rare now. In doing hours of research I could only find about 5 distinct examples of it. Here's everything I know about the condition of it. It works, as you can see in the images. I'm not selling a console with it but it has little removable metal brackets on the bottom that allow you to put in whatever console you'd like. It had a light sixer in it when I bought it. All the damage to it is from previous owners. Rather than try to do any restoring myself, I've decided to leave it alone and let the buyer restore it to whatever level they'd like. The condition is probably fair to good, as I would label it. Here are the flaws: Broken corner on acrylic shield. shield is also fairly scratched up in places dings and chips in the wood frame (1 chunk is pretty large) 'B' button doesn't work (might be cold solder or the switch could be dead, I can't tell) minor corrosion on metal back minor laminate peeling Even with all those issues, it's a seriously cool collector's piece and looks great on the shelf. Here's the thread after I found it: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/269437-found-an-imagic-kiosk/ I have a general idea of what it's worth but I'm looking for offers on this. Newport Prosticks ($50 each) 2 of these things came in the lot with the Imagic kiosk. Took a while to figure out what they were. Looks like it's a very rare joystick that was only available via mail-order directly from the company. As a result, very few were sold. They're very difficult to get info on and even harder to find. The bad news is they don't really work. On one, the joystick works but the inside bracket that holds the button in place is broken so the button can just be pushed into the body. The other one is completely inoperable. Someone who knows more about these old electronics can probably fix them up and have a great collector's item on their hands.
  22. Can anyone here help me identify this lapel badge I bought around 20+ years ago? It was bought from the Computer Exchange in London after they had visited the Atari HQ clear out sale. I was told that it was given to employees after 20 years of service but I can't find any info on this item anywhere. It has (CTO 1/10 10k DGLGE) stamped on the back... which is something to do with the percentage of gold content. It's a tiny, shiny, lovely little thing with some sort of jewel/gem in the base. Any ideas? Thank you! Oh, it came in a smart brown velvet lined little box with a tiny note that says O C TANNER (www.octannerjewelers.com) and then some inspection notes about the item. I've just edited this next bit as I have discovered it is the original box as the CTO logo on the back of the badge is the mark of O C TANNER - who made badges for years of service. So, I've kind of begun to answer my own question haven't I! Here's where I found the CTO info (www.treasurenet.com/forums/what/142265-solved-gold-tie-lapel-pin-possible-diamonds-what.html)
  23. This was posted recently: https://kotaku.com/the-wii-u-is-getting-harder-to-find-1822623761 Yes, they didn't make a ton of them, but there are currently like 3-4 on CL locally, and at least half are for pretty reasonable prices. Seems like a bad time to sell a Wii U really, better off in 5-10 years when it's like a Sega Saturn or a Dreamcast and really is a bit more rare.
  24. I recently came across a ton of atari 2600, intellivision and colecovision games,I found some xonox colecovision games and I was wondering if anybody might have some additional information on some these titles. The xonox games include 1. It's only rock n roll 2. robin hood 3. sir lancelot 4. motocross racer 5. Artillery duel 6. Word feud. your help would be greatly appreciated! I couldnt find them on ebay etc. Im trying to get a feel for what they are worth and the true rarity of them, and Ive done some research on a few rarity game lists and some of these games seem to hold some value but i would like some additional feedback/info. Also, where would be the best place to sell them if I decided to sell them? Thanks.
  25. What video game items do you think will be rare in 50-100 years? Here is my take: Any CD games: I have really questioned my choice lately to invest in expensive Saturn/Sega CD games. They are just SO fragile. I'm on my third copy of road rash for the 3DO. I think CD games will mostly be trash/dust 100 years from now and thus will be super rare in original form. Cartridges on the other hand seem to last forever. Weird to think that it may be easier to find super mario brothers in 2100 than a working copy of crash bandicoot. CD Based Consoles: I think many will still exist, but will have been re-purposed to utilize roms via SD storage or whatever the storage of the future is. CD/drives, loading trays, lasers are fragile and have a definite shelf life. People will repair and replace these but I think a lot of people without the time/motivation/resources will just trash them, making them rarer than say a Sega Genesis, which just works and will forever. Certain controllers: Right now Nuons are relatively cheap, but good luck finding a controller. Some classic systems have durable controllers, but I've noticed a lot of joysticks aren't overly hearty (5200, 7800) and who will actually make the parts to repair these? There are a number of systems that I can see controllers getting quite rare for. OEM PSU's: Once these fry, they are gone. I see many consoles in 2100 being powered by replacement PSU's (not that that matters to most people.) Handhelds: I think many of these will get trashed because the factory screens suck so bad compared to modern LCD screens. There are great replacement options out there (have done my GBA, Lynx, Nomad, and GG) but these are niche solutions for people with the time and money who care about these gems of gaming. Most don't have the patience/resources and I can see many of these biting the dust. Anything in a tan/beige box: Most people aren't going to want to get involved in the alchemy necessary to get these systems looking new again. People at my local play n' trade avoid yellowed systems like the plague and I admittedly think they look ugly as hell. How many SNES's will still be nice and grey in 2100? I definitely think systems prone to yellowing will be rarer (than black systems like the genesis) and rarer still in good "like new" condition. What else do you think time, durability or collecting trends will make rare in the coming decades?
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