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Found 6 results

  1. *** Post edited with ordering details *** (please view in HD for less lossy image and higher overall video quality) downfall+ is a single player arcade-action gravity/platform survive-em-up. Use the left and right buttons on the d-pad to guide Barry from platform to platform, avoiding the open depths below and the dreaded scanline zero above as you journey deeper into the unknown. Collect candied fruits and sushi treats for bonus score. Backdrop colour changes denote level increase, more devious platform layouts and larger rewards for collectables gained. Three power-ups can be found to aid your quest: Jet Pack, Balloons and Jump Shoes. Use B to activate. When you hear "bankowanego" your power-up is about to expire - be prepared! Rotary controls, Pro Controller shoulder buttons and Heiko mode are also available to those who dare. The cartridge supports BJL file loading (BJL cable required) and Jagtopia CD bypass via button presses at boot for quick and simple access to these extras. For info on how the release will get under way, either read through or skip to the bottom of this post. There are no lists and no pre-payments or pre-orders, just wait a little while and we'll offer all the info you need in this post, cheers. Some background to the release: downfall was originally a quickly created game we made in under two weeks as a last minute AC2011 party release, we supplied it in a number of formats so as many people as possible could get to play and we also released the source code. Later that year, GGN ported the game to the Atari Falcon030 computer. This port took advantage of the Falcon's extra memory (4-14MB vs jaguar's 2MB) and hard disk space to allow for massively enhanced background visuals. The gameplay remained largely unaltered, but the port allowed for optional Power Pad rotary control (somewhat experimental). CJ approved of the enhancements and vowed to one day remix downfall with prettier, more Falcon-like visuals. As downfall became the game most people requested in cartridge form and kick-started a glut of similar games on other platforms we kept that idea on the back burner until recently. It was clear people loved this simple little game! So what we ended up with was downfall+. Gone are the 5 rather 'wooden' parallax layers of the original and instead we have something with an equivalent of 128 independent scroll depths, making use of the tool GGN created for designing the Falcon's level backdrops, giving a very smoothly textured backdrop appearance. Further to this, the results were post-processed to give a real-time lighting effect and further depth/highlighting of the rock face (this is more apparent when playing on a large screen rather than viewing the video or gif above). The sprites were reworked into something more in-keeping with the new game branded as a SuperFly DX prequel. The Sinister Developments sound routines have been left by the wayside and now the game benefits from the use of U-235's remarkable Sound Engine, and with it the added bonus of rotary controls as per the Falcon game. Support for the Pro Controller's shoulder buttons is also present if you prefer exercising your index fingers to a left-thumb work out. The music from the original is still present in-game, but the title screen, along with its new rather psychedelic look, has a great track from 5o5 - parts of which you can hear in the trailer. RaptoR also pops its toe in there to help with some minor enhancements. downfall+ is a 4MB ROM supplied on Jagtopus cart. It supports high score saves and also webcodes for the Reboot website. While our QR code generation for high score entry via smartphone is ready (it was initially planned for inclusion in SFDX!) we simply ran out of space to include it in this release due to the asset requirements of the game, but it will be implemented in future games. downfall+ is only made possible for us due to the 4MB cart size of Jagtopus. "Heiko mode" from the Falcon game is implemented as an option for downfall+. This game mode does not alter gameplay whatsoever and is just a graphical variation inspired by CD-i's amazing and legendary Jaguar downfall video. The game will not be released as-is in digital form. If people really, really wish to have a digital copy for their skunkboards as opposed to a physical cart or the freely-available-for-personal-use original downfall, then our best advice would be to pester RGCD as they already have a system in place for this with C-64 and adding Jaguar binary sales should be trivial. For us though, that's not something we wish to pursue. downfall+ story - edited highlights: more or less strange than the original story? You decide! downfall+ is the prequel to SuperFly DX and tells the story of Young Barry. In the days before he became a super-star everyman super-hero, before he met and fell in love with Kylie, before he learned to equip rocket boots and to fly space ships, all Barry wanted to do with his life was eat candied fruit and occasional sushi delicacies. If he could engage in these activities while dabbling in a spot of spelunking, even better. Barry lived for candied fruit. Oranges, Grapes, Water Melon - he adored it all. If it was sugar-encrusted and came from a tree he was all over it. Deep in the Fruity Forests, Barry discovered the Sweet-Smelling Caves of Almost Certain Doom. While that name initially put him off, his inquisitive nature got the better of him and he ventured inside. It was in these caves that he honed his parkour skills, deftly leaping from one ledge to the next in search of stashes of Fruit Candy, stowed away by the mysterious Fruit Candy Fairies. Little did Barry know that his penchant for these crunchy caches would lead to his ultimate downfall(+). ... As Barry fell deeper into the unknown depths below, he decided right there and then that if he did indeed ever make it out of this predicament alive, he'd much prefer to do so on a rather more steady incline. He'd most certainly had enough of this vertically scrolling backdrop for one lifetime and instead dreamt of the day he could take a rather more horizontal approach to mid-air navigation... * * * * * * * * * * The bottom line: downfall+ cartridge with label and insert, supplied in universal case (see Elansar/Orion collection for examples), packaged in sturdy mailing box: GBP£45.00 + s/h As above but with CD-R copy of original game, old-style Reboot release in small case (see Beebris) - essentially the same as the ejagfest micro-release release in 2011: GBP£60.00 + s/h s/h details: UK 1st Class Signed For £5.00 Europe Small Packet - proof of sending but no signature, no insurance and at your risk £6.00 Europe International Signed For Small Packet, insured to value of item £12.00 USA Small Packet - proof of sending but no signature, no insurance and at your risk £8.00 USA International Signed For Small Packet, insured to value of item £14.00 Others - please ask In order to purchase, please send a PM to sh3-rg, let me know which options you have chosen and your PayPal email address and I can send you a payment request. Remember, prices are in £GBP sterling and that's how we'd like payment, please. You don't have to pay the PayPal fees, but if you feel like it there won't be any complaints :0) I'll be sending games out every Saturday following payment, or earlier when possible. Better photo of an original downfall ejagfest microrelease, thanks to CJ: The reason for the two options is that we are looking to use this downfall+ release to liquidate our game-production investments and re-invest in larger quantities for a full-scale release of Rebooteroids. When we realised what can happen with a limited release of sought-after titles between runs, it was decided in order to do Rebooteroids "properly" and to be fair to everyone, we'd need ample supply of hardware materials up front (the lead time for flash carts isn't trivial). This is in-keeping with our "self-funding" ethos and also allows us to put out a game that has been the most requested for a cart version re-release. We make no secret of the fact that by purchasing the more expensive option, you're not only getting a nice extra collectible copy of the original, but you're helping us see Rebooteroids released either sooner, more fairly or both. It'll be 1 copy per person to be as fair as possible to everyone and sales will take place either here via PM, jagware.org PM, NexGam.de PM or facebook message. We don't have a store front at this time and do not wish to put up an all-access PayPal Buy Now button. The side-effect of this is that it potentially deters any non-fans looking simply for a quick investment opportunity. Basically if you're active in the community you're all set. We can't promise that things will work this way in future due to the nature of online store-fronts and the volumes future releases might see, but for now at least we're happy to do things the way we always did, person-to-person. * * * * * * * * * * downfall+ ©2014 Reboot/Jagware. A jagwareboot production. Brought to you by: Cyrano Jones, GGN, sh3-rg, Neo_rg, mSg_rg, 5o5, Sauron, Shaun, LinkoVitch, remowilliams, christos, partycle and probably some other xunts you remembered and we didn't (sorry!). PUSH. THE. BUTTON.
  2. sh3-rg

    AC 2013

    The meeting that used to be known as Jaguar Connexion, AC, was held in Congis, France last weekend. The event was great as usual and it's always fun to meet up in person with friends you maybe only get to see once every few years (hi GGN!). Reboot, U-235, CVSD, SCPCD Corp, Groovybee and many others were there tinkering away with their vintage hardware and one or two more modern devices Here's a video I took of the various machines, games and presentations from the event... ...and also a 2Mb Jaguar slideshow ROM of 640x480 photos (some mine, some borrowed form the links in the thread on Yaro): Was also nice to personally place the Jagware Collection copies in the hands of some of the other contributors to the project. \o/ The theme for the speed coding competition was to make a retro/8-bit Baroudeur style game with multiple screens, collects, against the clock and with multiple endings and simple static screen gameplay. Linkovitch made a nice start on a game "Gaztee's Quest For The Golden Cucumber", Matmook's offering was an interesting and graphically pleasing platform adventure, CJ even produced a quick game while sat on the other side of the planet almost 12 hours out of sync with the rest of us, the first level having a cool scrolling dungeon that was only visible around the player (using a rmw object for lighting) - I think thi scould well form the basis for a decent little Jaguar game with a little thought and care. GGN and Ukko worked on a great little game for the Falcon that had the dungeon revealing as the player discovered more of the map, it also had an interesting Typing Of The Dead inspired monster chase level! Away from the stuff going on around me, other platforms such as the Intellivision (Groovybee), Wonder Swan Colour, Lynx (great stuff from Fadest!), Game Boy Advance and Colecovision saw entries. The results of the competition seemed a little surprising to some, including myself, but the point of the compo is never to "win" but to spend 24 hours or so arsing around making rubbish games you'll never finish Personally, for future AC events I'm definitely going to take a step away from the compo stuff and try to explore the event more, chat to my friends there a lot more, play more of the old machines and eat more pizza/baguettes/croissants 'cause I can stay at home and stick my head in my laptop producing utter garbage for a day without all the travelling either side EDIT: D'oh! Forgot to mention, I demoed a few new Reboot games such as Full Circle: Rocketeer (late Beta version), a couple of complete mini games that will round out some re-release projects later in the year, some less complete mini games and also a few proof of concept type builds of various things we're worked on over the years. Lots of useful feedback there from those who saw and played. EDIT 2: Also worth mentioning, two Jagwares had their birthdays around the time of AC and received some nice gifts - see if you can spot who in the slideshow ROM...
  3. Here's an xmas morning Jaguar release, featuring some French realtime 3D fun! It's a quick invitation to Sommarhack 2016 in Sweden 8-10 July. If you download the binary (4mb ROM), be aware best results will be had on hardware. It should be OK on PAL or NTSC machines and will run at 50 or 60fps accordingly, but emulation might lead to iffy audio syncing, which isn't ideal in such a prod. Here's the video for the lazy xmas lamahs :0) Merry xmas, Jaguar fans. wiggle.zip
  4. Reboot of Jagware and RGCD are pleased to announce the imminent release of Kobayashi Maru:Final. KM:F is an updated and fine-tuned version of Reboot's freely-released game of a year ago. The game is our version of an arcade favourite from the early 80s. Use your rotary controller (adjustable to allow for sensitivity of your particular spinner) or regular Jaguar pad to steer your warpship in this arcade space shooter, battling countless drones and huge boss craft in ever-tougher waves of attack. Featuring subtle use of the Jaguar's RMW graphics capabilities, background graphics blend together as you tear around in the upper atmosphere over 4 worlds. This version of the game has updated graphics, new sound effects, webscores and of course supports Memory Track game saves. The physical copy comes cellophane wrapped in a standard DVD box with full colour printed inlay and full face printed, glass-mastered CD, direct from the factory (100% professionally produced in the UK). Cost and shipping charges will be available on the RGCD site once the game becomes available (should be by the end of the weekend (Sun 2nd Dec) if everything goes to plan). Attendees at the recent eJagfest 2012 event were offered the game early at a discount as they supported the super-limited mini format release of the original version last year - thanks to all who picked it up at the weekend. Why are we now using a publisher and not making/selling games ourselves? We have limited time to work on our games for various reasons - we'd rather use that time making the games instead of assembling boxes and burning discs etc. Reboot's future releases on CD will be sold to generate a profit to be used towards the huge costs involved in manufacturing our (Jagware) flashcarts and allowing us to create bigger, better games in future (for example Rebooteroids) and offer them at a really good price without the need for pre-orders etc. Supporting our releases via our new publisher will hopefully help us reach our target of producing our first jagtopus flash cart-based games in the new year. Can I contact you directly to obtain KM:F and future releases? Please don't contact Reboot for copies of the game, we only have our own personal copies. Wait for the RGCD announcement next weekend and order via their site, thanks.
  5. Hello everyone! In preparation for the full reboot I'm working on, I've been putting together a remake (reasonably faithful to ZX Spectrum version) of Chimera. Full details are on my blog at http://www.chimera2010.com - you can download latest builds there for Mac and PC. Nothing fancy yet. The Mac version requires Mountain Lion sadly, but other than that, they should both work. Remember, this isn't the reboot with the new features I'm going to put in, but just a remake (re-release?) of the original, written from the ground up in C++ using the Cinder Library for the OpenGL stuff, not that it needs any hi tech or anything. I've been working on this in what little spare time I have. I'd love your feedback! Oh and possibly also your help. I'd like to know if anyone is able to get the original Atari graphics for Chimera for me in some modern format. It would be dead easy for me to replace the existing Speccy graphics and I'd like the player to be able to select which port they'd want to play. Personally, I always loved the look of the Atari version, and it was the version I loved the most, even if it ran way too slowly! All the best!
  6. I know it's hard-to-find, but if you have one for sale or trade, please let me know! Thanks!
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