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Found 12 results

  1. Hey there! Came back from CORGS 2022 with a few Game Panic 3 / BLT Blast double enders left. Can catch them on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/Gemintronic $55 includes autographed manual, cart, sticker and universal game case with custom insert. BLT Blast is a tiny shooter where your flying bacon gets bigger every time the score bonus goes up. ROM here: https://theloon.itch.io/blt-blast Game Panic 3 is a Game & Watch / LCD-esque single screen sequel where you must collect carts and avoid baddies ZeroPage Homebrew showcased it here:
  2. Well I didn't quite make Christmas... But I did get it done in 2020! Realms of Antiquity: The Shattered Crown is now released! Digital edition is available immediately, collector's editions are in pre-order and will ship late January/early February. I've put together a website for it here, you'll find links to the store to purchase it on the product page: http://quixotic.adamantyr.com/ If you have questions, check the FAQ on my website for answers, and post here if you can't find what you need. I'll update the FAQ accordingly! Excelsior! Time to see how long before I have to release a new build...
  3. Merry christmas my dear 99er friends. This is from me for you, a christmas edition of Web99, which includes all indexed Disks from my collection. It's based on Web99 v0.5 Beta 3, which includes the export to Classic99, a prototype of Grom 2 Basic Decoding and a preliminary User Manual. http://www.ti99.eu/web99/Web99[2015-12-25] v0.5 xmas edition.zip [Download is 731 Megabytes] Summary: Index consists of 52689 Ti Disks Clones. Index consists of 27966 Ti Disks. Index consists of 383935 Ti File Records on Ti Disks. Index consists of 196044 Ti Files based on Ti File Binaries. Index consists of 174603 Ti File Binaries. Klaus L. Vienna
  4. On releasing the Commodore 128 port today I realised I never officially released the TI-99/4a version. I did post the development story in the Development board, but never the (so far) completed version. In 1992 I wrote a C128 80 column version of the game LUDO in BASIC. With the retrieval of my old hardware my retro hobby was rekindled beginning 2020. That is why I thought it would be fun to revisit my 1992 BASIC code and port it to the machines I an now again using, now using C to speed things up, Now have finished versions for the TI-99/4a, the Oric Atmos and the Commodore 128 (80 column mode). To do is still a ZX Spectrum version TI-99/4a version attached. Unzip contents to your disk emulation location of emulator, TIPI or other solution and start the LUDO main executable (the file just called LUDO). Would love to hear feadback if you like it and/or if you encounter issues/bugs. Full source code, documentation and the other machine versions at: https://github.com/xahmol/ludo LudoTI994a-v199-20210531-1535.zip
  5. chesterbr

    2048 2600

    Hi! I just released 2048 2600, a port of the 2048 game to the Atari 2600. It is a very simple program, with lots of to-dos, but I had to release it while 2048 is still a thing . Its source code is freely available, and since I could not have done it without the many useful tips and tricks I've learned on this forum, I wanted to share it here first. The ROM is attached, but the source code and more information can be found from here. Cheers, Chester 2048.bin
  6. Hello, Since the progress on the Automation DVD has been really slow and we'd like to release the content while people still remember Automation or the Atari ST in general, we thought we'd better get started! For those who wonder why we should do a thing like that in the first place: Firstly, there are a LOT of bad dumps of Automation menus floating around the internet which the games don't work (when of course it's not the emulators' fault!). Secondly, we do plan to have some exclusive content in the DVD. Lastly, it's nice to have something "official", right? Anyway, to get to the point, we're going to release each menu in sequential format, starting from 0 and going all the way to 512. However, the condition to release a menu will be that at least one of the games in that menu gets reviewed. We'll try to do as many as we can, but if you think you can help, feel free to join in! Here's when the action will take place, please read the full announcement and rules first. Thank you for your time!
  7. Down! released Sinclair ZX-81 computer Revival Studios is proud to present their third game release for the Sinclair ZX-81, called Down! In Down, the player needs to escape a burning village by manouvering downwards into the caverns beneath the village. Fall down from platform to platform while picking up items to gain points. The game features, include: - Fast and addictive arcade gameplay - Running animated character in just a few tiny monochrome pixels - Internet Highscore uploading - Online rewards - Support for AY-sound boards - ZXpand joystick interface support Screenshots: The game runs on a standard ZX-81 with 16KB ram and is available on cassette tape, as well as digital download. For more information about this and other new zx81 games, visit: http://zx81.revival-studios.com/
  8. Hi everyone, After some time on the real life, i remembered that never release here the Jewel bits version. On those days, tried to fix some problem with the background music, with some assist with Raster (still there), but never found what strange move on memory changes the read sequence of the music. However the game use all the 64K Atari memory with lot of data compresion. It's a minor bug that can be overpassed with pressing PAUSE option button. I know some new visitors never had seen this game before, so I think it's good idea to leave a post here on Atarimania about. You can download the FREE xex file here: http://www.atarimani...bits_25685.html On Hi-score section, i had seen some people finish the game, and that's incredible, at least for me, because is really very hard. I think this part is a little out of topic, but those authentic efforts inspired to me to do a Jewel bits remake for the smartphones: (Free iStore version) http://itunes.apple....d628843189?mt=8 (Free Google Play version) http://market.androi...bitspremiumcell I use some pokey effects on it, so i expect some of Atarians could enjoy, especially those who like Jewel bits. For those who has other phones, i leave a little video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35yNTwQBnmw
  9. BLACKOUT! Is officially released and ready for purchase! For the moment we only have 23 copies available (out of the planned 25 due to bad chips). If these copies do well, we will do a second release of 25 carts, and then a third larger release for CD. Followed by the free binary release! Key features of the game: • BJL Loader. Yes, that’s right! This game can also be used as a development tool for aspiring coders! • Game Box Printed in non-laminated uncoated cardstock similar to the original box style and designs used for old Jaguar releases. We went against the glossy boxes because lamination peels over time. This release includes original Atari bags, white cardstock inserts, and game instruction card. Each box is numbered. • Game Features 4+stages with over 40 levels total. Power-ups, a timer, pumping music by C-Trix, and some goofy extras. This game is more than just another lights out. Media: NOTE: 50hz PAL Mode is disabled in this release. This is due to originally starting with buggy video code and finding this out much later in development. Reworking to accommodate PAL video mode would be more trouble than its currently worth at the moment, which would delay the release considerably. We apologize in advance for those using only PAL systems, however a 50/60HZ Mod switch will take care of this as the video mode for the game only runs in NTSC 60hz. If booted on a PAL machine it will display an error message informing of the swap necessary. Future developments have already had this issue resolved and should not be a problem. We personally dont believe in releasing a certain number of hard copies and then not making it available to download for those that have missed out and causing people to resell releases for insane prices. Hence the free release later on. We hope this helps curb the issue a little bit... Your continued support of homebrew development releases from ANY group will allow developers to continue releasing hard copies for those that would like them. Check out website for a Paypal purchase link and please limit to 1 copy if possible so everyone may have a chance. If the link doesn’t allow you to purchase anything, that means we ran out of copies. Enjoy!! www.stormworksinteractive.com
  10. Just tried Cave1K NTSC and it consistently (i.e., every time) crashes outright when there's a collision.
  11. At the Amiga 30 Years event in Amsterdam last Saturday, I showed RJ Mical, one of the creators of the Atari Lynx chipset and the creator of the famous Amiga Boing Ball demo (and Amiga GUI), my two Boing Ball demos for the Lynx. He was surprisingly enthousiastic about them, which was awesome. I wrote about it here in Karri's (who I also met there) 'Lynx on the big screen' topic and was asked to release my demos here. The first demo is a replica of the original Amiga Boing Ball demo. All graphics were taken from the original demo and adapted for the Lynx, same with the sound sample. It uses multiple frames of animation for the rotation of the ball. The audio pans left and right with the ball on the Lynx II. The shadow transparency is created by drawing the shadow sprite every other frame. This will only look right on the original Lynx display, because of the slowness of the display. The second demo is also a Boing Ball demo, but updated for the capabilities of the Lynx. It uses the scaling ability of the Lynx and the multiplication ability of Suzy to calculate and draw the ball bouncing in 3D space. For every frame it renders either just the colors of the image, or just the brightness, mixing them together to create a shading effect, showing many more colors than just 16. This also only works correctly on the real Lynx hardware. Color cycling is used for the rotation effect of the ball. It draws the ball sprite from its top-left corner, which is much faster than from its center and then uses tables to adjust the position to scale from the center. It also uses a fixed point division table to calculate the perspective projection. The third 'No Game' demo uses a lot of transparency effects for the parallax background, sparks (inspired by QiX), rainbow text and 'no game' text anti-aliasing. The white flash effect fades both the palette colors and the gradients. It displays lots of colors at once and also doesn't look right on emulators. All three demos were written in assembly, using Bastian42's SDK, in 2002, for a Lynx multi-cartridge developed by Ray Ryland, which unfortunately never saw the light of day. They were to be used in empty slots of the cartridge, instead of a boring message. At the time I was also exploring tricks to make the Lynx display lots of colors at once, together with Sage. Years later I showed my demos to Lynxman and he asked me to write the small demo to be included in the Lynx anniversary edition of his excellent flash cartridge. This is the first time I'm releasing my demos to the public, they are just simple things, but I hope you enjoy them. LynxDemosByLamerDeluxe.zip
  12. After almost 20 months of anticipation, Left Turn Only Productions proudly presents, Christmas Carol vs. The Ghost Of Christmas Presents A new and original game, packed with retro-arcade game action. The game will be released in cartridge, packed in a beautiful "gate-fold" style box, complete with full-color glossy manual and hand-controller overlays. Carol will make her grand debut at the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, so if any of you are attending, please stop buy the Left Turn Only/Elektronite booth. We will have few games and other goodies ready to sell. General release and online purchase options will be announced later in the official web site for the game, at: http://www.ChristmasCarolTheGame.com http://www.CarolVsGhost.com So bookmark the page, and watch this space, and remember... The children of the world are counting on you. Can you save Christmas?
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