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Found 16 results

  1. I have recently been given one of those "reproduction" cartridges by a friend, who mentioned that the PCB inside was different from the standard one. So, naturally I wanted to take it apart. For obvious reasons, I won't name which game it is, or who I got it from. Let's just say that the developers of that game are definitely not OK with those "repros". Here's what's inside: So indeed, that's not the standard PCB. Someone actually spent time creating it. And it has unique features: - no gold plating on the contacts. Because getting red screens is half the fun of the Jaguar, right? - no voltage translation. Go ahead, connect those 3.3 V-only memory chips directly to a 5 V bus. I'm sure it won't hurt the cartridge or the console one bit. - no voltage regulation. Why would you bother with an actual voltage regulator, when you can just use two diodes in series and save 40 cents? - none of that reflow or wave soldering nonsense. Each solder joint is guaranteed to be hand-made, and they're all different shapes, just like snowflakes. You may even get a cold one, free of charge. On the minus side, the PCB edge appears to be beveled, so it may fail to damage the connector on your Jaguar. A waste of opportunity, and a few more cents to be saved here. TL;DR: Don't buy "reproduction" carts from dodgy sources. Even when they're not ripping off homebrew authors, they're trash.
  2. Hi all, Less than a year ago i bought a RSC-repro on eBay but i always wanted to know if this is one of the 50 or 100 atari4you made back in 2012. Could someone tell me? Already asked hozer and the seller of the game but all negative unfortunately... It seems to be a old Atari case with that particular seal in the slot. Label is a repro of original label so maybe it replaced another reprolabel? Rgds Alexander
  3. Hello, first post on this site! My name is Per and I’m from Norway, known as The Hillbilly Gamer. I’m at my wits end and I’m now going around asking for all the help I can get if any. 😂 I have been repairing, refurbishing, modding, cleaning etc games, consoles and periferals for over 10 years now. And I have mastered a lot. I got a request some months ago to help out making some repro snes carts. I my self collect a lot of Japan only games and use my retron 5 to play them in English so I had been playing with the idea before but not jumped in to it before. I went in to it head first and bought my self a GQ-4x4 USB programmer with the adp-054 adapter, a bunch of chips and even a bunch of other stuff for making wire leads etc. Prepared for everything, I thought, I started preparing a bunch of games for reproing. Found a lot of good guides and felt I was getting it. Then when i came around to writing the eeproms it all came to a screeching holt. My fancy programmer has little to no tutorials or YouTube vids and I have tried a lot of things. But my chips do not either write or they do not verify. I have bought more chips, different brands etc. I need to be using the 27c322 chips and I just can’t find any good help with my programmer or the chips. Is there anyone here that can help out? Or point me to somewhere or someone that can? 😂 Im at the point where I am considering I need to buy a “lesser” programmer and adapter to make it all work as I have found lots of tutorials for the cheaper programmers 😂😂😂 hope someone here can help. Per The Hillbilly Gamer
  4. Hello, (this is my first post). I recently purchased a copy of Doom. I noticed it was slightly different than the photo posted on Ebay and I'm confident it's not the one in the photo. I'm okay with that, but I want to make sure it's a real game. The box seemed a little shinier than other Jaguar boxes and I'm afriad it's a reproductions. I spent about $160 (CAN) on it so I really want it to be 100% original. Is there anything I can do to make sure it's original? Also, I was not able to test out the cartridge because I had a water leak and had to box up all my consoles while they replace the carpet.
  5. Hi! This is my fist post here on AtariAge, this seemed like the right place to ask for advice. I recently got a couple of Atari games from an uncle in the USA (to relive the old times :-)). One of these games was Atlantis, but with a typed Atlantis II sticker stuck on the box. Some Googling later, it turned out that this is the very rare competition version of Atlantis with a different scoring system and a lot faster gameplay. The game in general seems to be a lot harder than the original Atlantis. I guess that's why I've never really got that far into it Anyway, looking at the prices these things seem to go for on eBay, we've decided to sell the game as my uncle said he isn't really that attached to it. I've asked how he got the cart in the first place, but he said he could not really recall that, unfortunately. I would love it if this game ended up in the hands of a caring video game collector :-) I however want to absolutely make sure this game is the real deal. Looking at some older topics here, the main differences with the original Atlantis are: -Atlantis II sticker on the box (check!) -Different, much slower scoring system (check!) -Different font for scoring system (check!) -Faster moving enemies (check!) -Slightly higher cartridge weight (not sure, I haven't got a proper scale) I've taken some high resolution photos of the box, cart and the cart in the Atari (in B&W mode only unfortunately, my Atari is a bit crusty. This is the same for all the games I plug into it): So, is it safe to say this really is Atlantis II or are these some other things I can check?
  6. Have some genesis games I'm looking to sell. All are repros except for Golden Axe. MKII unlimited is in an original MKII cart and uses its original pcb. Truxton uses a sega cart and pcb as a donor as well. The labels for those are glossy and professionally printed. Golden Axe is original in original box and artwork. no manual Zero wing is a repro the whole way. It uses the now infamous European translation. The PCB is a high quality Muramasa with a rom chip, not a flash chip. The cart is clear and painted glossy silver on the inside for a gun metal type effect. Professional quality box art and label too All games are NTSC, Shipped in a box USPS first class, US only please. If you buy all of them at once or a few I'll ship priority mail. Payment through Paypal, I will provide tracking. Golden Axe 25 shipped MKII unlimited 25 shipped Truxton 20 shipped Zero Wing 45 Shipped
  7. Has anyone made a Genesis repro with a Master System ROM on it, thus eliminating the need for a powerbase converter? I've checked around but I haven't been able to find any information on how to do this (if it's even possible).
  8. Once again, not mine. I also view this kiosk more as a re-imagining of the Vectrex sale and demo kiosk (display stand) rather than a strict reproduction of the original kiosks. Still a nice build effort and detail nonetheless. GameGavel.com site item URL: www.gamegavel.com/item.cgi?show_item=0000941769 " repro Vectrex Kiosk #4 of 10 Item ID: 941769 Current Time: 5/4/2014 3:02:58 PM EDT Listed: Monday April 28, 2014 8:00 PM EDT Ending: Wednesday May 7, 2014 8:00 PM EDT Ends in Ends in 3d 4h 57m + Bid Information Quantity: 1 Available Buy Price: None Starting Bid: $250.00 Reserve Status: This item has no Reserve. Bid Increment: $3.00 Bids: (History) Current Bid: -- by -- Next Bid: $250.00 Listing Details you are bidding on a repro Vectrex Kiosk #4 of 10 this unit breaks down easy! will need to ship in 2 separate boxes one for the top and bottom boards and one for the lining. these sold for 400.00 item is used but in great shape still. Shipping In U.S. - $50.00 International - See Item Description NO Local Pickup Available. Your Seller Welcome! I'm Rick Weis, Gamer, Collector and President of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. most of these items are from my collection and just looking to find them a good home! Thanks for checking out my auctions! rick63 (593) DigitalPress Member Rick Weis AtariAge Member Rick Weis NintendoAge Member Rick Weis Located in vancouver, WA Member Since May 10, 2008 View all listings by rick63 View eBay Feedback rick63 (1738) " Read more: http://vectorgaming.proboards.com/thread/984/repro-vectrex-kiosk-10-gamegavel#ixzz30mSY6alu
  9. UPDATED (2/21/2013): One year after the last batch... COLECOVISION BOXES HAVE RETURNED!!! Starting out the current run: DONKEY KONG I have had just enough time to make a short run of 20 boxes. Life's been busy the last several months, but I still love doing this, and I hope you do too! Get 'em while they're hot! The current revision has some noteworthy differences, namely: New DK video game cabinet Redesigned side text Slight change to copyright text Greater accuracy in design layout More true-to-original overall Boxes are priced at $14.00 USD + Shipping price of $2.50 in the continental United States. Shipping to Canada is now $8.55. Shipping price to Europe is now $12.75. Please PM me if you live in Europe just to verify. PM me if you would like to order and I will reply with a confirmation. Make sure your address is either in Paypal or your PM for faster shipping. Boxes will ship today through next week. Thank you AtariAge/Colecovision Community for all of your support! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Up next... Original description of replica boxes follows below... -------------------------------------------------------------- The box layout has been faithfully redrawn in CAD format using precise measurements from Coleco stock. This box is printed using high-quality laser toner, printed from 600 dpi files, and printed on heavy card stock that is on par with original Colecovision box releases. Inside you will find a redesigned insert that keeps the cart and instructions snugly in place. Finally, the box is treated with a UV-protective finish that gives each box a terrific glossy shine and firmness that will keep your box looking sharp for years to come. The box design was produced in the style true to the primary releases of U.S. Colecovision cartridges in August 1982. The artwork has been completely redrawn with no copied or jpeggy pixelations here! The screenshot on the back of the packaging has been modified from the "artist's rendering" on tube-type television to an actual flat-panel type screen cap. --------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Hi Everyone, this is my first post here, but I've visited occasionally for over 10 years. Last week, while not entirely sober, I purchased a 5200 Diagnostic cart from ebay, and it just came in the mail. I think that it may be a reproduction, and I'm not sure if I should report the seller or not. I was hoping someone could help me make a proper identification. Some reasons I think it is a reproduction are below: The label is very clean and shiny, in better condition than any of the games I own. The back screw was missing, meaning someone had taken it apart at some point. The board does not match the one shown at http://www.atariprotos.com/5200/software/diagnostic/11.htm The ROM was definitely re-soldered at one point, you can tell because the solder is much shinier than the rest of the board, and there are burn marks from de-soldering. PINs 15/16 are directly soldered together, I don't know if this is by design, or just a mistake on whoever put the chip in. I had trouble uploading pictures the first time around, so I will post this first, then upload them as a reply.
  11. I found this on nintendoage: http://vintage.nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?StartRow=1&catid=5&threadid=157265 Someone bought an Atari 800 Super Pacman "prototype" from Best Electronics and VGA graded it as an actual prototype. He got it back from VGA and is now attempting to sell the graded "prototype" on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1984-ATARI-800-XL-XE-SUPER-PAC-MAN-PROTOTYPE-GAME-CARTRIDGE-VGA-NG-CERTIFICATE-/141834394587 Pretty sure the "protos" Best sells are repros, but I wanted to hear it from the Atari experts first. If VGA indeed graded a repro as an authentic prototype, this is a serious blow to their credibility as a company.
  12. Hmmmm... eBay Auction -- Item Number: 270849765539
  13. I'm in the market for boxes for a few of my colecovision games Illusions Root Beer Tapper Donkey Kong Spy Hunter and about 10 others. i'd like to know if anyone has good to VERY good condition boxes that they'd sell or trade OR if there is someone who can make these boxes as they were back then...today.
  14. I've been doing some research on Atari 2600 controllers recently, because of a project I'm starting in 2 months or so. And I have a few questions for you guys, that no doubt know a lot more than I do on the subject matter. 1) Let's start easy: the CX-50 Keyboard Controllers, the Star Raiders video touch pad and the Kid's Controller are practically the same thing, there's only external differences right? 2) The trackballs. I've seen 2 different ones, the CX-22 and the Pro-Line. And correct me if I'm wrong but, not counting hacks, there are no original 2600 games that support the trackballs in "trackball mode", right? They only work when the trackballs behave like joysticks, is that right? 3) This one's about Wico joysticks, the Command Control ones. They are high-quality controllers, I've heard, with metal base and stick, and internally they use leaf switches. I've seen how leaf switches work, and they seem very easy to repair, if they ever malfunction. So I'm asking Wico owners here: how good are these Joysticks? I think they look cool, and maybe I'll buy one (or two) in the future, but give me some feedback first. 4) I own a pair of Atari Flashback 3 Joysticks. They should work just like regular CX-40 Joysticks, right? 5) I've seen sites selling new reproductions of Atari joysticks. Is anyone making repro paddles out there? 6) This one is less important, but I'm curious: can you use joysticks to play Indy 500? Or does it only work with racing controllers? Well, that's all for now. Also, tell me if there's some other controller that I should check out, I like controllers
  15. I have a large catalog of labels to choose from. I will only produce those labels that I've cleaned up myself. These labels are 100% reproduced by me and printed on high quality sheet labels. The labels are then laminated and computer cut to proper size. You get a peal and stick label that is glossy and smudge proof. I have way too many labels to picture and I have more than just Coleco branded Colecovision labels. Including: Coleco, Atari Soft, Parker Bros., Activision, and many more. Please PM me for my current list of titles and prices. (Many labels are just $2.00 each) Pricing is based on the type of label. Please keep in mind there is a $20.00 minimum purchase (not including shipping charges). Shipping is $7.00 inside the U.S.A. via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping OUTSIDE U.S.A. is $12.00 USPS First Class International mail. I except payment via PayPal only. PM me if you are interested or just have questions. Thanks! P.S. Here's the thread that started all: Colecovision Labels Thread. Again, please PM me for my current list of titles and prices. Update (11/30/2016) Updated description text and picture with new costs.
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