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Found 14 results

  1. After a lot of testing, trials and errors...I've finally come up with a decent method of creating reproduction overlays for the Vectrex. I threw together an eBay auction, a basic Web site and created a complete set just to see if I could do it. Surprisingly they turned out pretty decent! While I never intended to create exact replicas of the silk screened originals, these reproductions turned out to work really well....especially because the hardest part is to recreate the white ink that is present on the reverse of the overlays to give the border an opaque background in certain areas when necessary. To the advice of one of my eBay viewers, I'm posting the info in this forum for you to ask me questions, give suggestions and/or purchase reproduction overlays for yourself. Check it out at http://www.skywaytwincities.com/Vectrex (case sensitive). Perfect for the avid collector or those who are new to the world of Vectrex Simple. Affordable. Fun. These reproduction overlays will give your Vectrex games the experience they were designed for without the hassle of tracking down a scratched up original or unboxing a pristine overlay you've got stored away. Did you just buy an awesome Vectrex Multicart? Now that you've got every game made for the Vectrex on a single cartridge, why not get all the overlays to go with them? Recreate the actual look and feel of the original games with newly made and easily replaceable reproduction overlays. How are they made? 1.Each overlay is printed high-res on to a transparency 2.A precision cut (by computer) white silhouette border is generated and affixed to the back of the overlay to make the borders "POP" just as the original overlays do 3.The high resolution transparency and computer cut border are then laminated together to create a bond and add more "firmness" to the overlay allowing it to position easily on your Vectrex Photos of each variation are provided in the eBay auction listed on the "Purchase" page of http://www.skywaytwi...ies.com/Vectrex (case sensitive) with an actual overlay on a Vectrex. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have by emailing [email protected] NOTE: These are not intended to be collectible overlays. They are meant to be used, to enjoy, and to give you a recreated experience of how Vectrex games were intended to be played. Minor blemishes may be present that will not affect game play. These may be visible when the overlay is held up to a bright light source and are not immediately noticeable when on the Vectrex screen. This is due to the lamination process. Special care will be given to ensure the best quality reproduction you can receive using the above described method. Overlays will be shipped in a cardboard backed mailer and will be separated from each other if you order multiple quantities.
  2. I just wanted to be helpful for a change heres a link for vectrex overlay scans these should be exact size of the actual overlay. You could use these just in case you want to make your own overlay link:Vectrex Overlay Download courtesy of http://www.vectrex.nl/ all scans from them vectrex Vectrex VECTREX!!!
  3. Atari 7800 1984 Style Replacement Cartridge Label Bundle Back in 1984 the Atari 7800 was originally planned for release. The cartridge labels at that time had a very unique and modern look. Unfortunately when the 7800 was finally released two years later Atari did not end up using that style of label. To this day many collectors consider the 1984 label style to be far superior then what Atari actually released. 15 different titles in this bundle! (as show above) With that in mind I decided to recreate the 1984 style cart labels for 15 different titles. Each title includes two metallic labels. One for the face of the cartridge and one for the end of the cartridge. These labels sell for $6.00 per title individually, but if you buy all fifteen of them together the price is only $65.00 (plus shipping). This makes each title less than $4.50. This special bundle price will only be available till June 16th (2017). After that the price goes back to $6.00 per title. Until June 16 (2017) each Set of fifteen Labels is $65.00 USD plus shipping. Shipping inside the U.S.A. will be USPS Priority Mail $7.00. Shipping to Canada is First Class International mail USPS $12.00. Shipping anywhere else in the world is $22.00. I only accept payment via PayPal. The stated shipping cost is for up to 2 sets. Any more than that will require more shipping. TO ORDER: PM me with the subject line "1984 Style Replacement Labels" and state how many sets you wish to order and what country it will be shipped to. Be sure to include your PayPal email address in your PM. This is so I can send you an invoice. I'm making these on demand so I will need one week turn around to put orders together. Once your order is ready to go I will invoice you. Then when the invoice is paid, I should have your order in the mail within 24-36 hours (not including weekends/holidays). If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks! This is an example of what the labels will look like. Please keep in mind that it is difficult to capture foil labels in pictures do to the reflective nature of the surface. Remember this offer is for labels only. No cartridges/games are included in this offer. ​(Reference Topic: INTEREST CHECK: New Reproduction 7800 Sliver Labels…)
  4. I've always liked the foil look of Imagic game boxes. So, I thought it might be pretty cool to make foil back imagic overlays. Here's my test pieces: I attached multiple pictures of the same four overlays because it is somewhat difficult to capture the foil look of the overlays with a still image. These overlays would be a little more expensive than my typical overlay (price to be determined). I'm hoping I can offer them for about $4.00 per overlay (might be lower if I can figure out a quicker way to put them together). I realize price is a big factor here. I typically charge $2.00 per for my regular overlays, but the material cost is higher and its a little more time consuming to put these together. Please keep in mind that I can not print the color "white" therefor, any white color on these overlays would just be foil colored. I did alter some of the overlays to show more foil than black. This was a project I started about a year and a half ago, so the images are finished, I'm just trying to determine if it is worth going forward with. Please let me know what you guys think.
  5. I don't know what your Data Age carts look like, but mine didn't look that great. The truth is, trying to just repair the label is a no go. There is no good way to go about it. So, I decide to just remake the entire label. These are not perfect reproduction as I'm unable to print the color "white". For that reason I did change the Data Age logo and titles to "black" (which is used by Date Age on a couple titles so it's not totally unoriginal). Also, the foil label material is a little more shiny than the original. I think over all they turned out well. Taking pictures of foil labels is a little tricky (a lot of reflection). I'm hoping to do a short video to show how these look in normal light and how to replace the label. All my labels are laminated and computer cut to fit the carts they are designed for. If you guys are interested in buying some of these replacement labels just PM me. I have these titles: - Airlock - Bermuda Triangle - Bugs - Encounter At L5 - Frankensteins Monster - Journey Escape - Sssnake - Warplock They are a little pricy at $5.00 each (in some cases more expensive than the carts themselves) so obviously these would be for those that really want their carts to look good. I do have a minimum purchase of $20.00 (not including shipping). Shipping is $7.00 priority inside the USA, $15.00 first class to Canada, and $22.00 anywhere else). Just PM me if you are interested. If you guys have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.
  6. UPDATED (2/21/2013): One year after the last batch... COLECOVISION BOXES HAVE RETURNED!!! Starting out the current run: DONKEY KONG I have had just enough time to make a short run of 20 boxes. Life's been busy the last several months, but I still love doing this, and I hope you do too! Get 'em while they're hot! The current revision has some noteworthy differences, namely: New DK video game cabinet Redesigned side text Slight change to copyright text Greater accuracy in design layout More true-to-original overall Boxes are priced at $14.00 USD + Shipping price of $2.50 in the continental United States. Shipping to Canada is now $8.55. Shipping price to Europe is now $12.75. Please PM me if you live in Europe just to verify. PM me if you would like to order and I will reply with a confirmation. Make sure your address is either in Paypal or your PM for faster shipping. Boxes will ship today through next week. Thank you AtariAge/Colecovision Community for all of your support! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Up next... Original description of replica boxes follows below... -------------------------------------------------------------- The box layout has been faithfully redrawn in CAD format using precise measurements from Coleco stock. This box is printed using high-quality laser toner, printed from 600 dpi files, and printed on heavy card stock that is on par with original Colecovision box releases. Inside you will find a redesigned insert that keeps the cart and instructions snugly in place. Finally, the box is treated with a UV-protective finish that gives each box a terrific glossy shine and firmness that will keep your box looking sharp for years to come. The box design was produced in the style true to the primary releases of U.S. Colecovision cartridges in August 1982. The artwork has been completely redrawn with no copied or jpeggy pixelations here! The screenshot on the back of the packaging has been modified from the "artist's rendering" on tube-type television to an actual flat-panel type screen cap. --------------------------------------------------------------
  7. There are a handful of Jag carts that are so expensive that it's worth having other AA'ers take a look to authenticate or at least offer a second opinion on before making a purchase. That's what this thread is for! I figured it might be easier than starting a new thread for each and every game and instance. Enjoy.
  8. Kelsey owns two retro gaming stores in the Seattle area and deals with counterfeit, fake and reproduction Nintendo games all the time. In this video she gives you some of her best tips and tricks for determining if a Nintendo game cartridge is real...or FAKE! This video is a must watch for any serious Nintendo game collector! What other systems do you often see or hear about fakes? Are Atari 2600 fakes even a thing?
  9. A couple years ago I came across a Atari 2600 prototype game by Zimag named Pizza Chef. I rather enjoy this game even if the sound effects are annoying. I'm currently now working on reproduction box art and need suggestions on what needs to be put in the illustration box. My current idea is just a chef spinning pizza dough yet I don't think that would fit well with Zimag's theme. This is what I have so far, work still needs to be done on the logo and clearing up text.
  10. For those that don't know, back in May 2017 I offered new reproductions 7800 cart labels in the 1984 style format. See INTEREST CHECK: New Reproduction 7800 Sliver Labels… example pic: Well, I'm now in the process of adding more 7800 labels to my catalog and I'm wanting to know if you guys think I should stick with the '84 style only or if I should redo the originals but in color as well? Let me know what you guys think.
  11. Hi Everyone, this is my first post here, but I've visited occasionally for over 10 years. Last week, while not entirely sober, I purchased a 5200 Diagnostic cart from ebay, and it just came in the mail. I think that it may be a reproduction, and I'm not sure if I should report the seller or not. I was hoping someone could help me make a proper identification. Some reasons I think it is a reproduction are below: The label is very clean and shiny, in better condition than any of the games I own. The back screw was missing, meaning someone had taken it apart at some point. The board does not match the one shown at http://www.atariprotos.com/5200/software/diagnostic/11.htm The ROM was definitely re-soldered at one point, you can tell because the solder is much shinier than the rest of the board, and there are burn marks from de-soldering. PINs 15/16 are directly soldered together, I don't know if this is by design, or just a mistake on whoever put the chip in. I had trouble uploading pictures the first time around, so I will post this first, then upload them as a reply.
  12. I have a large catalog of labels to choose from. I will only produce those labels that I've cleaned up myself. These labels are 100% reproduced by me and printed on high quality sheet labels. The labels are then laminated and computer cut to proper size. You get a peal and stick label that is glossy and smudge proof. I have way too many labels to picture and I have more than just Coleco branded Colecovision labels. Including: Coleco, Atari Soft, Parker Bros., Activision, and many more. Please PM me for my current list of titles and prices. (Many labels are just $2.00 each) Pricing is based on the type of label. Please keep in mind there is a $20.00 minimum purchase (not including shipping charges). Shipping is $7.00 inside the U.S.A. via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping OUTSIDE U.S.A. is $12.00 USPS First Class International mail. I except payment via PayPal only. PM me if you are interested or just have questions. Thanks! P.S. Here's the thread that started all: Colecovision Labels Thread. Again, please PM me for my current list of titles and prices. Update (11/30/2016) Updated description text and picture with new costs.
  13. Hey AtariAge! Thanks for everybody's feedback and support on my endeavor to create reproduction Vectrex overlays. The price has settled in at $9.99 per overlay and they are available on eBay (or at www.vectrexoverlays.com). I'm going to be offering a special rate for members of AtariAge - $6.99 per overlay plus a flat shipping rate of $5.15 regardless of quantity. All you need to do is email me through AtariAge with your request, I'll send you a PayPal invoice and you can buy overlays at a special AtariAge price. If you were one of my original buyers, I'll offer you two free overlays with an order of three or more (I've created new home brew overlays since you ordered your first set). Enjoy! (Check out the eBay auctions for photos and descriptions...come back to AtariAge.com to request your overlays for a discount!)
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