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Found 23 results

  1. I started this round of the swap box and it came back fully loaded to the gills!!
  2. So I am stuck at home with a Hurricane screwing everything up, mind you it is not here nor is it bothering me but my Local, State and Federal Government are playing it safe, so with that being said I want to take my time and type up an idea. Now I don鈥檛 know how exactly to implement this idea, but I hope by posting it here, better minds can discuss it, fine tune it and maybe just maybe figure out how to proceed. That idea would be a flat screen LCD gaming monitor, a retro capable screen, for me that would be something with the following specs: 路 4:3 aspect ratio (no more than 16:10) 路 20-27 inches diagonal size 路 Inputs like SCART, YPbPr, Composite, VGA and an HDMI 路 Able to handle input resolutions like a OSSC or better yet just have an OSSC processor/firmware inside 路 No remote control 鈥 ease to use on screen setup (of a very ease remote to navigate the On-Screen Menu) 路 One power cord 路 Built in speakers This all came about after recently trying to figure out how to get a reasonable video output out of a few of my classic video gaming systems (In my case Sega Genesis, Neo Geo [consolized] & a PC Engine). This seemed really simple, turned out it really was not. I ordered an YPbPr cable (component) and got an older LCD 20鈥 TV connected up the Genesis and 鈥榥o signal鈥 was displayed on the screen. This caused me to have to go out and learn about all the frequencies, resolutions and aspect ratios. All I wanted was to play the games with a decent picture 鈥 simply. So that led me to the OSSC and Framemeister type devices and the myriad of cables required to do this what a headache. Side Note: I also bought an Analogue Mega SG and although wonderful with HDMI output that looks great I have to play it on a screen that is 16:9 (widescreen). See I don鈥檛 really want to play my games on my 65鈥 living room TV, which might not be the case for everyone, but for my having a smaller dedicated gaming screen that I can setup on a desk and play games would be ideal. So my hope here is to start a conversation about this and maybe get someone that is smart enough or maybe has experience with this kind of thing and maybe, just maybe, could either convince a monitor manufacture to make a dedicated 鈥榬etro gaming鈥 display or someone starts a Kickstater type thing to do just this. I personally do not have the knowledge and experience to do so, but I would back one 鈥 instantly! So I look forward to a conversation about this, and seeing if I am the only one dreaming of this or if there really is a market. Because the old monitors I am going to have to use now are not going to last that long as they are 10 to 15 years old now.
  3. The Arcade Attack Retro Gaming podcast is a weekly dose of retro fun! We aim to make our show accessible to all gamers and do not take ourselves too seriously. We will cover whole episodes on single retro gaming classics, discuss the latest retro news, broadcast interviews with some of the true legends of the industry or whatever else may take our fancy! Overall we are a lively, accessible and entertaining weekly gaming podcast from Keith, Adrian, Dylan and Rob @ www.arcadeattack.co.uk We would be honoured if you checked out the pod and let us know what you think! http://www.arcadeattack.co.uk/podcast/
  4. A friend of mine and I teamed up to make a fun Mike Tyson's Punch Out parody. We're making the main vid this week but here's the trailer!
  5. Basically, 1 More Castle is a new features-based collaborative gaming website focused on retro gaming. Check it out at 1MoreCastle.com! To learn more about what we are all about, consider: Reading the 1 More Castle Manifesto, checking out the roster of weekly contributors, or just follow the Twitter account @1MoreCastle. This is something I am very excited about, and could say a lot more of, but I just wanted to let you know that we want to be your favorite retro gaming website -- and are serious about making that ambition a reality. Starting next week, our talented team will be providing exclusive, high-quality features to the tune of two updates every day, one in the morning and one in the evening. We would love to see you there. A note specifically for AtariAge regulars: I know that I am definitely not an active member of this community and more of a lurker, but I wanted to let you know that Atari systems are definitely within our coverage. One of our team members is actually going to be doing nothing but a weekly Atari 2600 review, and I am already trying to gather guest pieces related to other Atari consoles from knowledgeable retro gamers out there. We hope to be a website that caters to your tastes as well.
  6. I'm aware that most of you will know the games better as this cowboy from the swiss alps does. I had the idea to post a couple of experiences i made with the games i recently play often on my Intellivision. So mostly unreleased, unfinished or otherwise "crippled" games, it seems the楼 have a special treat on me. It might be just because i have to explore them and can't simply depend on a instruction/manual. That is - you guessed it right - "Space Shuttle" - (i.e) it has a very special might & magic to me. But there are a couple of others i started to fiddle around with and which i started to like much. Unlike to start with "Space Shuttle" i will start here with Number Jumble there isn't much one couldn't know about how to play this game. But it's surprisingly addictive. It's damned good imho, that's why i like to list it here. It sucks a bit in the controls for the vessels, they are very clumsy but i see that as a special hardness. The "worlds", the background art is simply great (for its time). Already this can make you curious about the game. The real fun starts at level 48. First i thought "what for do i need 48 levels of hardness?" Until i played it. Honestly im very bad in arithmetics, at least compared to my dad why would have spilled out the results faster as you can type it in a calculator. If others had a table calculator on their desk, dad had a slide ruler solve longer calculations. But he grew up in a different "galaxy" (time), in his galaxy they used to beat you with a stick when you answered wrong and it was pure self protection to be as good as possible, even better. Daddy left out a class because of his capablity in arithmetics. We no longer beat children with sticks and have to find better ways to teach them Number Jumble is one way. But it's not only educational, else it would bore me and it's by far no childrens game only, it can be quite hard, the skill of the game itself and the equations you have to solve. Recently no screenshots, because i guess you all know the game, but perhaps i post some nonetheles because the background art is really sweet. The equations in level 48 are such hard that a "idiot" like me can't solve them without a calculator, mostly at least if i see a result rightaway of course i won't need it ( [300 / 0] + 1, a division by zero seems to be a favorite, well i guess a lot of ppl will solve them wrong). Certainly you are adviced to have paper and pencil ready - not only for the children, for yourself as well. Lazy cheater as i am i use like i said a calculator, i'm a member of the first button pusher generation. It's a bit sad that they removed the scratchpad from the release on intellivision lives, it would prevent me (at least for the emulation) from using the calculator but with pretty much the same effect that i won't have to solve them. Using the calc isn't such a bad thing, it's still sportive to get faster or to recognize a easy equation of which you think afterwards why you used the calculator and didn't saw the ease of it. I posted in another thread that a young fellow (around 20) tried it out and i started to get proud of my old inty. He acted clumsy in both, moving the vessels and solving the simple equations, but somehow it fascinated this boy who otherwise stated how one could play such old crap - now he knows why, it's a sport. I didn't think i'm really good in it and at level 48 i didn't managed it to complete one level, they always bite my ass. but that is caused a bit in the very beginning i didn't understood quite proper what is ment with "house" and that it's a little crosshair looking circle i have to lookout for. After playing a level 1 game i knew what i had too look for, and could again step up to level 48, it's far more fun A tip if you like to play it and never played it or have little experience with it. Using this system i got fairly good in quite a short time managing myself through a level 48 level, still i haven't completed one. My schoolbuddy Paul was one who could use both controllers either lefthanded or righthanded the same, natively he's a lefthanded like my father was and usually they have this small advantage, in the case for my father it was very distinctive, in his "universe" it wasn't allowed to write lefthanded and thus he was trained very well using both hands in the same way. Nonetheless the meanies are as mean as they can be. They often will lurk around on the screen and suddenly... a blitz-attack. You will shout, you will argue that it's mean, i grant you! (but don't smash your console against a wall, that won't help, i'm experienced in that) but exactly this makes it so addictive, you won't believe it's true, it can't be, those damned meanies. They can follow you in a short distance but keep the gap so you might think you are safe, but as soon as you flip your vessel to shoot them down your'e past. Overall i'm surprised how a arithmetic trainer can fascinate me, if that is one from the Intellivision or even worse "Arithmetic Primer" from the infamous "Champion2711" or "Addition" from Studio II. It can be already sport to get good in "Addition", The simple and mean thing is the scoring, theoretically you can score 11 points, but it's not to reach because you would have to press the proper button right when the numbers get drawn, more as 10 pts you practically can't reach or you have telepathic skills and know the addition before it's asked, nonetheless for the 20 questions i never scored 200, my top score for "Addition" is 194, sometimes you need a little longer to recon the numbers or you will miss if you try to get faster and reach no top score. Ok, it's about "Number Jumble" i liked to post here. "Number Jumble" leaves you more time to answer and for each time unit (which is about 3 seconds i guess) your score for this equation will be lowered by 20%. (and again a fith of it which means you would theoretically never score 0 if there would be fractures of one, but we have only integers, 0.000000......1 isn't zero and is integer 1 thus i guess 1 is the lowest possible score but for this you will have to wait quite long). Of course the real fun starts with a competition, but it's really good to play as a single player sport, you like to get better and it's not to clear to me why. As much as i like shump games many leak exactly of this goal, this final addictive thing which makes you play it again and again. Number Jumble has it, as simple as it might look at first bite as hard and challenging it is at second. The levels advances quite for the four worlds you can play, each finished level will double your scoring, 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, but in the same manner the skill will grow from a started game at level one to a final skill level of 12, which is honestly quite hard for an "Arithmetic Primer" who has to start at level 1. Of course for a grown up an addition or subtraction like "17 + 54" should be no problem, but if you think of a beginners child who has to start with "1 + 3" it's quite hard. Fairly level 1 starts very easy, but already then 0 is used quite often, "0 plus/minus 0" funny but it has it's reason. To finish a world, respectively to double the score multiplier you have to reach the "House" or better lets say "Transporter" symbol. It will beam you back to the selection screen of the beginning and double the score multiplier. Any once completed world won't double it again, you will have to play all 4 worlds to reach 8x. However you are free to choose from any world, while always only three of the possible 4 are to select from. The typing of the answers on the keypad is also something you have to get used to. Equations which are diplayed as a line, i.e. 12 + 7 you can type in naturally like you are used to from left to right, 1, 9. If the same equation is displayed as column, 12 + 9 ---- you will have to type it in from right to left 9,1, don't ask me why or what was the idea behind. fortunately you can flip the inserted numbers with any action button before you press enter. It's however a source for errors if you lose conciousness. "beep" "argh damned i forgot to flip the numbers" Like i said it's fun to play, i love the style of it and it turned out to be an addictive game. Explore it yourself if i infected you and post screenshots of it here.
  7. I wanted to share with everyone a huge classic and modern video game store near where I live. It is called Game Over Video Games. It is located in Arlington, TX which is sandwiched between Dallas and Ft. Worth. I took a ton of photos inside and I will detail everything. Hope you enjoy it!!! :-) Here we have Atari 2600 games and accessories, Intellivision, Colecovision, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Sega Master System, NES, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega 32X, SNES, Playstation, and N64 games and accessories.
  8. From the album: My video game room tour.

    Here is my game room and a complete tour of it.
  9. It is time once again as the 9th annual Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition thunders in! Date: June 16th, 2012 Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm Place: Spirit Bank Event Center - South Ballroom Admission: $5 for everyone ages 8 and up. Please contact me ASAP to reserve space for this year's event as several exhibitors have already claimed some space! Full details at the website: http://www.ovge.com Hope to see you all there for 2012 event!
  10. So i noticed recently that the PS3 has: -Both Wolf 3D and Doom I and II in the store -Many 16 bit Genesis games (and the Genesis compilation disc) -Midway Arcade Games Game (a bit pricey new these days...) Of course these all look glorious through HDMI What other good compilations exist and are worth tracking down for retro fun on the PS3?
  11. What is your favorite console generation and how would you rank the generations from favorite to least favorite? Here is how I would rank the console generations, along with a brief reason. 1. 4th Generation - 4 great consoles (TG-16, Neo Geo, SNES, Genesis) and each of them had their own identities and specific game genres that made them stand out. They also went out of their way to attack the competition in print ads or TV. 2. 6th Generation - Quality of 3D games improves. This generation was able to catch up with the arcades in terms of graphical quality. A good chunk of my 6th generation games are arcade ports. 3. 5th Generation - For me the PlayStation was king of the Japanese RPGs. Sega Saturn had some great arcade ports of 2D games. Though I am not a fan of the Nintendo 64, they stepped it up when it came to 3D games. 4. 3rd Generation - The reason why I don't rank this higher is because it was dominated by one system. The NES reigns supreme. I need to say no more. The Master System could have been a lot more, but sadly it didn't get the chance to. 5. 2nd Generation - A ton of systems in this era, though shit hit the fan during this time. Still a lot of memorable systems and games from this era, with the 2600 being my favorite. 6. 1st Generation - Mostly dominated by Pong. I love Pong. I have to give them a pass, since this was the very beginning. 7. 7th Generation - While there were games from this era that I enjoyed, there are too many issues about this generation that turned me off. Notably DLC, constant system updates, and patches, the unreliability of the 360 and the slowness of the PS3. 8. 8th Generation - Mandatory installs for games with the systems having limited hard drives. Why should you have to spend more money to get a bigger hard drive? These are supposed to be video game systems, not PCs. Not too many games that I find appealing. Too much focus on big budget titles. Games that would draw my interest may not get physical releases and thus get relegated to digital downloads.
  12. We are just Launched Retro Games Monthly Subscriptions Services that delivers classic Nintendo庐 and Sega庐 games to people who love the classics. We let gamers experience classic videos games that they might not otherwise have the chance to play. Never get duplicate games or games you don鈥檛 want Once you subscribe, you will be directed to a short form to fill out that we will use to match the best games to your likes. You will get to choose the types of games you like, a wish list of games you want if we can get them, and a list of games you own or don鈥檛 want. It really couldn鈥檛 be easier! Choose your gaming platform and the number of games you want to get each month. 1 Game Per Month (Nintendo)$14.99 per Month. Select 2 Games Per Month (Nintendo)$22.99 per Month. Select 3 Games per Month (Nintendo)$28.99 per Month. Select 4 Games Per Month (Nintendo)$32.99 per Month. Select 1 Game Per Month (Sega)$14.99 per Month. Select 2 Games Per Month (Sega)$22.99 per Month. Select 3 Games Per Month (Sega)$28.99 per Month. Select 4 Games Per Month (Sega)$32.99 per Month. Select
  13. I was just talking to a friend of mine who is helping me to program a game on the commodore. Somehow, the topic of the Pc masterrace came up. I guess because we were on a pc, an ancient one, but a pc. Anyway, he came up with something: If the PC Gamer can claim to be PC Master Race, then why can't a retro gamer have a title? We should really, considering that some of our machines practically began the game industry. Then we thought of "Retro Royalty", and maybe making a club of some type for it, or at least adding some kind of membership/forum thing to my website. I thought it sounded dumb, but hey, it's just a thing. It's nothing serious, just a play on words for something that we like to do. (I play games on PC also) What do you think? Is it stupid?
  14. ... and doesn't make you feel guilty for spending sound money on obsolete and dirty plastic objects?
  15. We just found this video on youtube about the cart-based system in a Jaguar shell. Way cool and exciting! There will be a gold cart pack-in for preorders, after the system is announced. The video tells a little bit about the system (will play games comparable to Atari-PS1) and then shows a bit of video of work-in-progress of pack-in game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbFjBmVT_J4 Please watch and share your interest to support old school!
  16. Hi friends, If you don鈥檛 need any convincing and are already interested in checking out a new podcast dedicated to retro gaming, then cool! Here are the links: Episode 1 鈥 Lawnmowers! Episode 2 鈥 Attack of the Canadians! Otherwise, here is my humble pitch: Collaborative retro gaming features site 1 More Castle now has our own weekly podcast, affectionately titled 1 More Podcastle. We just released our second episode last night, but I can already say that we are proud of our product and hope to gain some early adopter fans that can stick with us throughout a long haul of conversational fun. So the key question is: 鈥淚s 1 More Podcastle worth listening to every week?鈥 While I hope the answer is 鈥測es,鈥 if I were completely honest, the answer is probably closer to 鈥渕aybe.鈥 So, in order to help you make your decision whether or not to give it an honest chance, here are some specific details about the podcast. Our scene is 100% retro. In episode 2, there is a brief tangent about Assassin鈥檚 Creed, but even then, it was used as a point about one of the flaws of modern gaming. Now, we believe video games are generally great and the modern scene is not an enemy 鈥 but this podcast is explicitly, totally retro-centric. You will hear about the NES, Sega Genesis, Turbografx 64, PS1, Atari 2600, etc. Our episodes are fairly short. The second episode clocks in at just over 30 minutes. If you鈥檙e the kind of person who likes a solid 90-minute 鈥榗ast, you may need to listen to 3 of our episodes back-to-back-to-back! We are aiming for a format that would approach 45 minutes at its longest. Our tone is lighthearted and breezy. Our draw is the Retro Showdown. Our format is fairly simple: Typical intros/icebreaker, a retro gaming discussion question, a musical interlude鈥 then the Showdown. We have three hosts, who each give a 2-minute pitch about the retro game they picked for the episode. Then we go into about 10 minutes of free-for-all discussion/debate/argument about whose game is best. This is fun for us, so we hope it鈥檚 fun for listeners too. And here鈥檚 the kicker: Listeners can vote on the episode page for their favorite game of the trio presented. We argue, you give us feedback on whose argument was most convincing, and leave a comment too if you want. I am not very iSavvy myself, but I believe we are available on iTunes as well. So if you like podcasts and you like retro gaming 鈥 really, just try us out. Let me know what you think! Thanks.
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