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Found 146 results

  1. The retro hunt returns tonight at 8 PM ET!
  2. Hi. My name is Rich and I have a small VR channel on YouTube. I invite you to see my retro console collection on YouTube. I'm about to get to 900subs and I'm doing something special.
  3. I freely admit this episode is all over the place.
  4. This game SHOULD have been fun and COULD have been fun... but it's not. 8 PM ET!!
  5. Hi, I am happy to have this console, but wanna know if anybody tested hack that was present from 2017-2018. I not speak Japanese and not wanna brick console or sth. Just wanna know if there is possibility to reflash stock fw. Saw some videos on Twitch where Mupen64 was used, there is also possibility to use other emulators/cores. Link to GitHub page of project https://github.com/hissorii/retrofd Link to some blog posts http://blog.livedoor.jp/akira2005/ Nintendo 64 on Retro Freak https://www.twitch.tv/videos/169903803?filter=highlights&sort=time
  6. Hunting returns to the local area HPB!
  7. Anyone else going out to Classic Game Fest 2019 in Austin next week (July 27 & 28)? https://classicgamefest.com/ Rob and I will be there. In fact, we are going to have a booth this year as an indy game developer. We aren't selling anything, just showing our existing homebrew games to let people play them on real Atari 8-bit computer hardware and proper CRT monitors. We'll be demo'ing a few sneak peeks of things we've been working on too. Pretty cool stuff I think. And of course, more than anything else we'll be spreading the word about the amazingly active Atari 8-bit computer community and sharing info like how/where to get emulators, ROMs, classic games, new homebrews, and where to chat with others interested in this great hobby (like AtariAge.com of course !). Anyway, if you come out to Classic Game Fest next weekend, be sure to look for us... bitgod - "back in the good old days" -Eric
  8. Alright, so I broke my NES a couple of months ago (it's a long story) and I've been looking for a NES to play my games on and I found this thing on ebay for $25 (including shipping) and i said "what the heck i might as well check it out". After waiting about 4 days, it came into the mail today and I was pretty excited to see what a $25 NES would have in store. So In the box you get: 1. System 1. A/V Cable 1. Power Adapter 2. Controllers So I hook it up to my CRT and pop in Super Mario Bros and already there's a huge problem, it sounds like nesticle. Everything was in a different pitch and Sounded like Mario ate one too many mushrooms, after I was done with that vaporwave version of Super Mario Bros I decided to play some Ninja Gaiden 2 on the system and guess what? There was little to no difference between playing on an original NES and playing it on this NOAC system! After being happy my $25 NOAC system wasn't nesticle in a box I played every game I have in my collection and they all worked, except one and that was Ninja Gaiden 1. So out of all 8 of my games 6 work (seemingly) perfectly, 1 has bad sound and 1 doesn't work at all. The controllers are really above average. They're like if Nintendo made brand new NES controllers but rounded. Overall I give this system an 8/10. This system is a decent NOAC Clone System and it's perfect for someone who just started collecting for the NES but doesn't want to spend $60-$80+ for an original NES. even though it has poor sound quality on some games and May have some terrible compatibility issues it still gets the job done and plays most of the essentials. Basically its like McDonalds, its not the best but it gets the job done.
  9. More hunting from the Dallas area airs tonight at 8 PM ET!
  10. I visit Ben's Game Zone in Ralston, Nebraska tonight at 8 PM ET!
  11. For decades, graphics on the TI-99/4A sucked by contemporary standards. As time marched on, so did the world of static images, leaving the aging TMS9918 all but abandoned for active work. Working with graphics on the TI became slow and cumbersome, compared to modern machines. This 'dual combo' is real easy to use together, and makes using graphics on the TI a viable alternative again. Click on the video for a short example. CONVERT9918 The last two video modes in Tursi’s Convert9918 program take advantage of the F18A video enhancement by Matthew Haggerty. This VGA card can display graphics never before possible on the TI… photos that can actually be recognized for what they are! If you don’t care to use the Slideshow99 program with an F18A, you can still easily use this program to obtain graphics off the Internet for use in older programs like TI-Artist, Page Pro 99 and others. SLIDESHOW99 Features: Supports any file device real or emulated, up to 12 paths allowed, as long as it can give a directory. For instance you can load all your floppy drives with images for a larger slideshow, or use the HDX, or a CF device, or whatever comes next. Number of images allowed is very large, 65,000 per path and 65,000 total. It would be slow with that many pics to sift through though. It supports three modes on the standard TMS9918A: - 2 color monochrome bitmap - 15 color standard bitmap - 225 color half-multicolor (flicker) It supports two modes on the F18A: - 16 color paletted bitmap - 3072 color scanline paletted bitmap (16 colors per line) It automatically detects each image as it's loaded, so feel free to mix and match. IN CLOSING Some of you guys might have wives that don’t relate to our little black & silver object of desire. One might actually hear, “Oh, more crap from eBay” when they see your latest addition(s). Well, the Slideshow99 program might change their feelings. Imagine what your honey will say when she walks into the room and sees photos of the children, grandchildren, your wedding photos or even… her parents cycling through on the TI's screen! She just might warm up to the old TI once and for all! Now even, if you personally think you have no use for graphics, try this program anyway, just to please the 'old lady'. LINKS Tursi’s “Slideshow99” is available at : << THIS LINK >> TI program Tursi’s “Convert9918” is available at: << THIS LINK >> PC program Tursi’s orginal writeup on the slideshow program is viewable : << HERE >> For more information on the F18A video enhancement go : << HERE >> UPDATE: 10/05/2016 Atari Age user Shift838 converted the program for use in the FLASHROM 99! You can get that version: << HERE >> THANKS CHRIS!
  12. The TI-99/4A Super Cart was one of those things Texas Instruments 'SHOULD' have made back in the day, but didn't. So what exactly is a Super Cart and why did we all want one? The Super Cartridge is basically an Editor/Assembler cartridge with an additional 8K of RAM that gave us some additional utility, flexibility and ease of use. Some examples: 1) With the ability to store a configurable menu system (like Quikload), we no longer needed to load one program just to load another program. It was a great time saver as it was always right in memory ready to go. If you got a new program, you just updated the menu. 2) (My favorite) was the ability to run 4A DOS. Interestingly, with the advent of the new FlashROM 99 and FinalGROM99 4A DOS has made a resurgence, but will probably be supplanted with the new Force Command DOS by Jedimat42. ═══════════════════════════════════════════ There are multiple methods for building a Super Cart. THE 'OLD SKOOL METHOD' Instructions on the old way to build an 8K Super Cart are at the Mainbyte site: <<HERE>> There is also a 4 bank version (which I never had) : <<HERE >> NOTE: You'll also need a double sided 'donor cartridge' like a TI-Invaders or Munchman If you are unable to make one yourself, keep an eye out on eBay, they've been known to show up from time to time. Better yet, ask in the TI section here on Atari Age, someone may be willing to build one for you. THE NEW METHOD (Better in my opinion) By clicking <<HERE>> you can buy a new, modern and ready to go PCB . Of course you'll still need to acquire an old Editor/Assembler module to get the required GROM chip. ═══════════════════════════════════════════ One of the most useful programs for the Super Cart (IMHO) was 4A/DOS, which is available for download below. The ZIP contains copies the documentation, the cover, and is in the following formats: FIAD, FR99,HFE, DSK & NanoPEB. I recommend downloading this program and looking at the included PDF of the user's manual. You might find that for a user with only disk drives or a floppy emulator, that this is truly the way to go. You'll be able to swap disks or images on the fly and keep using DOS. 4A/DOS is also compatible with the 80 column mode on the F18A! EDIT : Attached is a SuperCart resident MENU LOADER called "QUIKLOAD". This program is, in my opinion, the BEST menu loader available for the SuperCart . UPDATE: A lot has happened in the TI community since this entry was first posted and in the decades since the Supercart had it's "Golden Age". With cartridges like "Extended BASIC 2.7 suite", the FlashROM 99 and now the FinalGROM 99 the Supercart has become more of a collectors item and educational project. NOTE: If you are interested in 4A DOS and downloaded the program from the old link above, please download the new "REV-02" version of my manual below. QuikLoad SuperCart.zip 4A DOS (2016).zip
  13. I’m an alphabetical collector!
  14. Until the Wii Virtual Console, you couldn't play this on Nintendo!
  15. Hi, I recently bought RF and have few questions. Cheats I've read on some thread that it could use Retron5 cheat files, before my vacations was searching Cyber Gadget's site and found usefull cheat editor made by them, but 1. it is only in Japanese and second it crashes when I am trying to open Retron5 xml. Talked with CG and they're not plan to release it translated to English (shame as fuck). Any one know similar app that handles this XML files? And last question is it possible to add other cores from RetroArch to this console? Thanks, Have nice day.
  16. 😀 Hello all Did you miss me? Back with another game review this time Burning Fight. Its a good beat'em up but unfortunately got crowded out back in the day. Feel free to check out my game review, hope you enjoy it. Anthony hope I got this right LOL as the format has changed a little and its been a while.
  17. Thank you to everyone who is helping me get to 1K!
  18. What the heck is this thing and what even does it do??
  19. Long before I knew the term roguelike there was ToeJam & Earl baby!
  20. Nintendon't do Mötley Crüe! 8 PM ET.
  21. Hi, I hope I posted this in the right forum. Just wondering if other homebrew/hackers have seen this project? https://32blit.com/ It's currently being kickstarted here, by the reputable pimoroni: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pimoroni/32blit-retro-inspired-handheld-with-open-source-fi You don't just get hardware and a SDK, looks like they'll be providing lectures (twitch.tv videos tutorials) and dev support (via discord). Which I think is pretty cool for learners (Lua) or pro's (C++) a like. I was a Net Yaroze member (Sony's programmable playstation for hobbyist) in the 90's, and a program like this which provides education, support, community and custom hardware, to make video games is pretty rare! And this is also English (UK based) which again, is also nostalgic for me! It's powered by a micro-controller, with 1MB of RAM. Brilliant 3.5” IPS screen 400MHz ARM Cortex-M7 Analog thumbstick and D-pad Built-in speaker 4+ hour battery life It's very under powered (by today's standards) but it's heart is 'real' retro (blitting pixels), yet powerful enough to do some interesting gameplay! And as good console manufactures, they're also developing tools: * Sprite editor- prepare spritesheets, palettes, and animations * Map editor- layout levels, define dungeons, and become a map master! * SFX editor- create those essential bleeps, bloops, and crashes * Music editor- compose a four-channel 8-bit masterpiece for your project It's all opensourced (firmware/sdk), toolchain is win/linux compatible, and they also have royalty free assets (pixel art, SF BG audio) They also have a few interesting blog post too: Tilt Particle effects Anyway, I'm not affiliated with the project, I'm an excited backed, beta tester! For me it's interesting seeing hardware and software coming together, pre gamedev! Seeing as there's talk about playdate and Intellivision Amico already here, I thought I would put it this here also What you guys think? Mike. http://mgarcia.org
  22. If you're wanting to build a 2-stick Robotron controller or a large-scale 3D Printed single-player console, you may want to check this out: For even more detailed information, please see this video for how to print/wire everything up: All the latest information can also be found at : http://wagnerstechtalk.com/opencade
  23. Once again Genesis does what Nintendont!
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