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Found 11 results

  1. To all those in the retro gaming community doing it hard at the moment, this is for you ! Second book done the NEC Supergrafx Digital Encyclopedia is FREE!!! Download it here https://screenpedia.online/?post_type=product just add it to the cart as normal and you wont be charged. Thanks too all that helped in this quick turn around it is much appreciated and if you find any errors please PM me.
  2. You know... some Intellivision Cartridges would make an awesome ramp for an Evel Knievel to make a new historic jump over not 1, not 2, but 3 Intellivisions! Or a jump over tons of Carts lined up in a row. I hope to make this happen in 2021... This is just one of the things I noticed while doing a HUGE Unboxing video today, a wonderful gift from Casey Nydahl. He gifted me a huge assortment of Intellivision goodies and I made a 20 minute video unboxing it all. This is when I stumbled across the angle of an Intellivision Cartridge could make a great ramp for Evel. Now.. to buy a new Evel Knievel and stunt cycle so I can make this jump later this year. LOL. Of course I may need to make a real ramp as odds are the cart will just make Evel endo! Until then, come along for a humble and exciting unboxing... one I will remember forever in my Intellivision Life.
  3. Recently got a 2TB retro gaming package from a third party vendor that has Sega Dreamcast games on it. Downloaded ReDream to run the games, and I gotta say it has performed brilliantly. Definitely something to look into if one is wanting to a great way to play Dreamcast games along with many other systems.
  4. From the album: Games! Games! Games!

    First purchase from the AtariAge Store: Lady Bug and Pac-Man 4K! The first of many!

    © 2018 Robert Menes

  5. We are happy to announce our new project, Mastema out of hell! If you love oldstyle platform games, easy to play and hard to complete Here some pics: And here the trailer: If you want help us on our project, support us on kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1636272660/mastema-out-of-hell?ref=nav_search
  6. So, this week-end, the Pixel Anthology 2 will take place, at La Bazoge, near Le Mans. In France, indeed. Organized by the non-profit association Rétrotaku, it will host about 40 machines from every era, all playable, and will host games, guests and stuff. Why am I talking about this here? I am a member of Retrotaku, and so I though you might like to see what it's like to set up that kind of event. I'll be posting pictures and comments about the event, but also of the setup, the after, and the result of this adventure. First step was to decide the machines we will display, and to associate them with the televisions. All of our TVs are donations, and mreo than often, they came with no remote control. and on a lot of those late TV, there is a serious lack of buttons that allow us to switch on A/V. So it was important to sort out TV with no remote controls with consoel with SCART out that switched on the A/V, and console with composite output that didn't. And sole older SCART specs are finiscky with modern TV too so that had to be done. And also, printing posters and putting them on cardboard to indicate where the fun is going to take place, and pointing out things we had and things we don't so we know what's good or not. And all of this in a good, joyful atmosphere. Stay tuned!
  7. Hi to all ATARI ST Fans out there! I just found this Forum! I have written a “new” game for the ST and it is ready for free download and being played! Perfect for Christmas! J Actually it is based on a game that I have written in 1991, but within the last weeks it has been massively enhanced. It started with bugfixing. And ended up in a much bigger and completer game than it ever was in 1991 (for example: the game engine that was originally designed to run levels of 10x10 squares, can now operate with levels of 200x10 squares). With new graphics by Melanie Schober and a music Soundtrack by xFalcon. And I did not want to stop at the game itself. I have a full Layout being developed for a fictions poster and even a packaging design. Also a full instruction manual exists ready for download. The ATARI community was very helpful and brought in many new Ideas that made the game what it is now. The history of the Update can be found in the Atari-forum.com. http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=27083 If you understand German there is even a more complete history on Atari-home.de: http://forum.atari-home.de/index.php?topic=11381.0 (German game review: http://www.jungsi.de/laserball-2014-retro-atari-st/ ) And the development has not stopped yet. xFalcon is just composing new music tracks for the game! Main Features: - Puzzle game with 53 levels in 6 Campaigns - Trainer Mode with 10 training levels - Multi Lingual – at the moment German and English - “Modern” features like “continue last game” - New game elements that did not exist in the 1991 Version like beamsplitters. - High Score list - Multi Player Mode (ok… not really… only one after the other…) - Drag and drop level editor with level and campaign management tool. - PDF manual and concept art. (seem to) run well on original ST´s and in Emulators. Btw: all was written in GFA Basic Hope you enjoy it! And if you do, please share it! And keep me posted if you have any ideas that would enhance this game! Links: Download: http://www.hd-videofilm.com/atari Screenshots and concept art here: https://www.facebook.com/laserball2014 Youtube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3nav120nvDZErnRZZWOYYsd_pLFjGvg0
  8. Help! I need advice on how to use CLRMAMEPRO to format games which have CHD's. I wish to format "Firefox", "M.A.C.H. 3", "Red Earth", and "Road Riot 4x4" to run on MAME 0.34 Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. What do we struggle with the most when creating a new ColecoVision homebrew project? Of course, the answers depend on the person experience, the game idea, the tools and materials available, and so on. I would like this poll to show a full view of a game project from start to finish. Since a conversion doesn't worry about the game idea and most of its code and data, try to think about a ColecoVision project made from scratch and what is most troublesome in a full project. Let's exchange on this topic, give tips and tricks, perhaps find ways to reduce the bottleneck time parts. Maybe this can show where we should focus our effort on, even find or make some missing tools in our toolbox. Vote and reply why you voted that way! Let's begin our talk!
  10. Ola Retrogamers, A month ago I finished my second prototype of a cool little mini-arcade, powered by a Raspberry Pi, housed in a reimagined 1980's tabletop, with fullsized arcade buttons and joystick: the STAR FORCE PI. I'm currently exploring the possibility to bring this system to a crowdfunding platform, and could use some feedback from some old-school gaming enthusiasts. Check out the attached picture of the finished Star Force Pi prototype, dubbed 'Stormtrooper', and read on: WHY I MADE THIS: I was tired of playing emulated games on the PC with a inappropriate controller, and I was disappointed with options like the NeoGeoX. If you get an arcade mod bartop, they're usually 9inch screen models, expensive, pretty bulky and not portable at all, and a full-sized arcade is just not an option for me. Those iCade's are crap, and handhelds don't quite deliver the same experience. So, I bought a 1984 GrandStand Star Force game, and I stared at it for a month before I decided to go ahead and build my own mini-arcade. I bought an Arcade Kit from hdhardsoft.de, added fullsized arcade controls to it, and it worked! Very well actually. To finish it, I made a video, a poster, a box and a quickguide for good measure and put it onto Facebook and people seem to love it. Originally I was going to make an how-to instructable, but it would mean sacrificing perfectly good tabletop machines for the shell, and that seems such a shame. So, I thought maybe I can build it into something that people could buy via Kickstarter. WHAT'S MY PLAN: I first made a prototype to see if I could do it, then I made a second one to see if I could make it more functional and desirable, and I just finished a third one to send off to the engineer (Hartmut @ hdhardsoft.de) of the internal arcade kit I used so he can develop a custom shield to sit onto the Raspberry Pi inside the mini-arcade (he's on-board, getit). This production piece will be the model for eventual tooling. I've also asked a 3D animator to make some mock-ups of custom housing and started emailing with a production company to get a per-unit-price estimate, so I can have all the elements ready before I go to Kickstarter and detail the plan: a modular mini-arcade that's portable, easy to use and easy to develop for. It's focused on emulation classic systems first of all, but if it gains a decent-sized backing, I want to extend into gamedevelopment (not personally, but in support of developers): The first focus is a solid device, with off-the-shelf components, built into a customizable shell, with full microswitch arcade feedback, good video and stereo sound. The second focus will be to regain the cartridge culture, by approaching developers (NV-DEV:TEAM specifically) and asking if they'd like to bring their game to the Star Force Pi in SD-card form. Of course, this will include cases, manuals, decals etc, in much the same spirit of the TurboGrafX HuCard. The third focus would be on connecting two Star Force Pi's together and play two player games on two devices. Street Fighter II. Head-to-Head. Awesome. WHAT WILL IT DO: Anything it is able to do on the current Raspberry Pi really, we just add the peripherals, put it into an attractive package and at the very least allow you to make your own magic. Actually, that's a bit simplistic, we'll be discussing with the engineer and the creator of PiPlay for a Star Force Pi specific emulator package, who's already providing support for Hartmut's arcade kits. The nice thing is that software is entirely on the SDcard, which means developers control their own content and upgrades, as do you. We'd just be supplying templates for the casing and artwork. Additionally, there's HDMI-out and USB-in on there as well, so for multiplayer, or ScummVM games that need a larger screen sometimes, you can connect it to a monitor and use any USB controller/mouse/keyboard on it. PRICE: I think a fully functional Star Force Pi with power adapter, in packaging, pretty box and fun manual should not exceed 199 euro. It's a psychological pricepoint, anything beyond that would just feel like a rip-off. I spent between 250 - 300 euro on the build, but this can be brought down with a production series. YOUR FEEDBACK: So that's why I'm here! I'm a guy that grew up with Sega, wishing he had a NeoGeo, and am now at the age I can afford one, but can't have 12 systems hooked up and hijack the TV or PC everytime I want a quick game of Splatterhouse! With the Star Force Pi I have my own little desk unit to game directly: no fuss. What do you think? Would you want one? What could we do better? What should I look out for and take care off? I'm just a guy with a screwdriver that wanted to play Metal Slug with proper arcade controls and was small enough to carry around - how can I best share this with other retrogamers? Check out the first video I made showing the 'Stormtrooper' prototype: Cheers!
  11. Planetvb is hosting a Virtual Boy coding competition. The compo will run from Sept 1st until Dec 31st 2013. The winner will get their project released on 20 physical cartridges, complete-in-box. The VB has been extremely well documented. You can find everything you want to know about the hardware over at planetvb. There also exists code examples, tutorials, documentation, a coding environment, and more. Developers can use emulation to work on their projects. I am sure planetvb members would be happy to test on actual hardware using their Flash Boy linkers. The Virtual Boy is a really fun system to use and has a lot of potential. All it needs are some creative coders to release some new games and applications for the system. For more info: http://www.planetvb.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=373 *News borrowed from the Neo Flash off-topic forum and posted here by permission.
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