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Found 29 results

  1. Hi all, please enjoy my lighthearted review of the Apple Macintosh LCiii vintage computer from 1993 on my YouTube channel , which was kindly donated. RGVX. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZqKeOnzUmo
  2. http://www.jeuxvideo.com/videos/chroniques/431783/l-histoire-du-jeu-video-la-jaguar-console-rugissante.htm
  3. i have just done the first 2600 review on my channel and it will be the first of many to come as i've not done any games on this great system yet and there are some really great ones to cover ! if anyone has any requests then please let me know, i'm looking for strange and interesting homebrews and other such things ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9HNHs3rNdA
  4. So many great new iPhone & iPad games for cheap! temple run brave major mayhem bastion buster spirits mikey shorts rayman jungle run king cashing blast a way nova 3 flow shine runner toucharcade app Let me know what mobile games you have been playing lately!
  5. VintageGamer has reviewed Asphalt 6: Adrenaline for the Mac! Take a look... VIDEO REVIEW
  6. Here's my unboxing and review!
  7. Here's a video that I put together for Scramble. I cannot say enough good things about this homebrew! NOTE: Be sure to play the video in one of the 60FPS modes on YouTube for best results. I'm not sure why the flicker looks so much worse in this video than it does on the screen. I was capturing it from a Raspberry Pi in 1080p with an El Gato capture device. I'm sure that probably has a lot to do with it. The game is loads of fun and I swear the flicker does not look as bad when playing it through normal hardware!
  8. Greetings, I been playing Atari games for a long time in life and when started to make game reviews with my friends. We offcorese made a few videos about Atari games! So far we made videos of Solaris and Alien, but we are working on one for Adventure and have lots more planed! Here are a few links: Solaris: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgvckjwYn3k Alien: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ue4cxnv5lDU We are gonna do lots more. Please check them out and tell what you think. wwe are new to the hole video editing thing. the Solaris do have audio issius, at the time we didn't know how to fix but we do now. thanks for your time
  9. I love reviewing weird and unusual games that most people may not have heard of and a few months ago I started sharing some of my favorite games from the Lynx. So far there are three episodes to this "Lynx retrospective" where I discuss the games. It starts with Electrocop, then Gates of Zendocon, followed by Slime World. My next one will be a conclusion video (unless suggested otherwise) where I showcase a few more games for the system with little snippets about each one (Blue Lightning, Paperboy, Hydra, Gauntlet, Toki, Rygar, and California Games to name a few). I thought fans of the system would get a kick out of it ^_^ I hope it is found to be enjoyable... Episode One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LP5EHK0JLLw Any feedback or suggestions for more games would be welcome. Should I give games like Blue Lightning their own video or should I just end it with the compilation as mentioned above?
  10. Here is a video of me beating quickman with this thing. It's alright, for $20 you can't go wrong. For those of you who haven't heard, play asia released a bluetooth adapter for NES last week. It's alright !
  11. Is the Atari 5200 worth collecting? This is meant to be an overview for people who have never owned the console and know very little about it. I did a big shoutout to AtariAge in the video. Hope you guys & gals like it...
  12. Here's my video review of the the Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion Volume 1 and Stella Programmer's Guide! Enjoy!
  13. Here's my review for the excellent "Alien Ooze" by Scott Dayton and what a game it is ! (sorry I've forgotten how to link again so that the video appears here :-/ ) https://youtu.be/_4E7-tNb8bA
  14. I review three different manufacturers of video game console dust covers and shares the results. All of them are completely different from the other and some are better than others! 1) The Pat Rat Shack on Etsy.com - Canvas with logos (https://www.etsy.com/shop/pkrah) 2) papa*nannysfunstuff on eBay - black pleather with white embroidery (http://stores.ebay.com/papa-nannysfunstuff) - This is also @OLDJD right here on AtariAge! 3) http://www.DigitalDeckCovers.com- generic but also supports audio stereo equipment DISCLAIMER: This video was NOT sponsored in any way and the review and opinions are all mine.
  15. http://intellivisionrevolution.com/entries/intellivision-homebrew-games/brett-weiss-reviews-match-5-for-intellivision A good review by Brett Weiss. >> Direct link to Brett's review
  16. I'll go ahead and say that I own way too many Dragon Ball Z fighting games. I have acquired Budokai 2, Budokai 3, Tenkaichi 3, and now this lulzy piece of work. There is really no reason for all that sweaty anime fighter action to be sitting on my shelves; I am giving way too much of my money to Infogrames (I can't quite justify calling them Atari Inc.). On the bright side, I waited till this one off technical fighter dropped to five bucks at the local EB. And you know what? I kinda like it. It sure isn't Street Fighter II, but this one's made in the same spirit. No more camping and spamming beam attacks like in the other DBZ games; Super DBZ demands legitimate skill to play and win. The character list is a lot shorter than the other games, but let's be frank; if this was any other franchise, 18 fighters would sound like a pretty good list. It's not this game's fault that there's 150-plus "stwong guys" in Tenkaichi 3, most of whom you'll never bother with anyway. And it all serves to make Super DBZ a more balanced, polished fighter, with legitimate differences in play style from character to character, while no one fighter is nerfed or overpowered. Does it really play that well though? For the most part, I think so. Beams and ultimates have been toned way down, so in this game, you're going to have to get up close and personal. This means things you wouldn't usually expect to see in the other DBZ fighters - things such as blocking, combos, and... well, reflexes. There, I said it. This isn't your little brother's DBZ fighter. An interesting note; this game's aesthetic is drawn from the original manga, not the anime. That means Piccolo only has three fingers, the color palette is more subdued and "painted", and comic-style sound effects permeate the game. Is it a big deal? Not really. But worth pointing out. Is there anything to complain about? Sure, why else would I wait for this game to go to five bucks? First of all, air combat is totally borked. Collision detection simply ceases to exist above the ground. I prefer to keep my fights on the ground, where the engine doesn't have a seizure deciding whether or not I sucessfuly punched Vegeta in the dragonballs. Also, if you're used to all the story crap, extra play modes and other bonuses the Budokai and Tenkaichi series are padded with, you'll find Super Dragonball Z to be pretty short on features. There's arcade, survival, vs, training, character customization, and... well that's about it. I hope you have a friend, because you're not going to play this game by yourself for long. But for what it's worth, I liked this game. I don't think it will ever see a sequel; it didn't sell well at all, and it's ported from an arcade game that was already two years old to begin with. But maybe that's a shame, because amid all the button mashing, over-produced DBZ fighters in the pile, this one manages to be a legitimate fighting game. 7.5/10
  17. hello, folks. i've taken some of the criticism of my past atari 2600 videos to heart and have tried to not get so off track in this review and have actually talked about some of the aspects of the game although i do go off on some tangents at times ! let me know what you all think and let me know what you think of the great game that is turmoil ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4z5fxNWb-Q
  18. The Vectrex home console was a bit of an anomaly back in the early 80s, with it's vector based graphics, built in TV and analog joysticks. Now, that classic & rare console has been lovingly brought to the iOS platform along with many of the games. I review the iPad version along with the iCade and come away impressed! If you are having problem starting the app, it's because your iPad is jailbroken...
  19. I just received a copy of the English edition of the Revival homebrew magazine, Issue #45, which showcases Christmas Carol in a wonderful review by Michael Thomasson, of Good Deal Games. The French edition has another review by editor RayXambeR. Both give the game an 8 out of 10, and offer some very nice compliments. (shucks!) Below is a photo of the two page spread on the magazine, for those who don't have a copy. That said, Revival is an outstanding magazine, published quarterly, covering the homebrew scene of all retro-consoles--including our very own Intellivision scene! It is always a good idea to support their efforts. You can find out more information about the publication on their web site. Thanks to Michael and Cyril--and all other reviewers as well--for giving my game a chance and for taking the time and effort to write their reviews. Thanks also to all who played the game. I'm really overjoyed by the community response. -dZ.
  20. The first time I played Spelunker was on the NES and found it to be extremely difficult but also addicting. I can't really explain why a game that can be so frustrating also has that one more go appeal. Since the game was one of my favorites on NES and I really like the box art I decided to pick up a copy of Team Pixelboy's version on the Colecovision. Game play: I felt like the Colecovision version was a bit easier overall (which is a welcome difference for me as I am not that good). This version was a bit more forgiving in the distance that you can fall without dying. The stalactites seemed to be spaced out further and the minecart seemed to move slower making it easier to control. Graphics: The graphics and sounds being both impressive for the Colecovison and pretty similar to the NES. I really like the two tone color of the walls and floor of he cave. Controls: The controls seem simpler and less tricky than what I remember on the NES. I felt like jumping off of a rope was more straightforward in this version which was a plus for me. Sound: The sound is similar to the NES version and I have a love/hate relationship with it. I enjoy the music in the game but it gets repetitive after a few rounds. I really wish there was a way to turn off the background music but keep the helpful sound effects. The warning sound for health and the tune is plays before the ghost appears are really helpful. The repetitive sound for the bat doesn't help me as I only hear it when he visible (and apparent) anyway. Sometimes I find the bat sound annoying if he happens to be on screen for an extended period of time if I have to ride elevators etc. My criticism is really about the design choices of the original developers, not team pixelboy's implementation (which seems to be spot on). Overall: Since the Colecovision version is on-par with the NES in terms of graphics and sound and seems easier overall, I think this may be my new preferred version of the game! I made are review video showing the box, manual, and cartridge along with gameplay footage (captured from my Collectorvision Phoenix) so I thought I would share it here:
  21. Food Fight - so I had to check it out. I didn’t think this would be my type of game. It looked a bit minimalistic, and... throwing food at chefs..., hm, well... But... it was ported from an Arcade so I thought, well, they often playtest stuff to get it to be easy to pick up on, playable etc. And boy was I right about the latter! It was actually a very fine, little, charming game... I’d say certainly inspired from the concepts being thrown around in gaming-companies at the time (early 80ies): cartoon-like heroes, silly tasks and game-objects, much to do on 1 screen with black background for the player, coloful chuncky objects. You control this kid on the screen, -usually a black playingfield filled with game-elemtents, in 8 directions. Lo and behold; a huge Ice Cream on the other side! This you are to run for and ... eat!! But 4 chefs come up of the ground and moves towards you to get you. If they touch you, you loose a life. So heaps of fruits and nuts and corn(?), lays in piles strewn around ...almost like ammunition. Walk over one heap and you pick up 1 food-item to throw as 1 projectile. Stand over the food-pile; and you can throw rapidly lots of food around you. The point is not to take out the chefs, but just to get that Ice Cream as speed-runny as possible. Points adds up after each level for: time, foods not used. So Graphics: 8,5/10 I played on an CRT TV - and it looked like a beatiful homerepresentation of the Arcade. Not exactly 1:1, but very close. Its all feel-good, light hearted and coloful designs and characters Sound: 7,5/10 Nice ‘get ready’ music and satisfying slurks-slap sound when hitting. Nice early-80-ies arcadey sounds. Gameplay: 9/10 Plays like a dream. Very simple mission: get the cream, shoot the chefs. But its all smoothly done, with crisp and clear controls. It feels good to move this kid/bratt-character around. Responsive and nice. Standing knee deep in hacked-apart ...melons are a good position from where to launch satisfying pulps of, well, ...melon-pulps...unto those chefs... Seriously: silly task but plays very well!! Its all from the age of Pac-Man, Donkey Kong etc. So I got to round 23 on easy. But could only take it for a few goes. My First Impression is: 9/10 (I’ve not learnt to take good pictures of my own gameplay, so Screenshots are stills from YouTube) What do you think of the game? Opinions on this ‘First Impression’-piece? Was it worthy an of Ice Cream after work, or a tomato thrown in my face? Let me know. (but in words please)
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