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Found 5 results

  1. Does anyone know if there is a working version of Rogue for Atari 8 bit computers? (not A-Rogue, but Rogue) The only versions I've found are .cas and .xex and none of them work properly/fully in emulation on Atari800MacX or on my stock 130XE (the .xex files; no real, hardware cassette option): all of the versions of the games play but none allow you to access your pack*, the contents of which are fairly important for the function of this game. Am I missing a control option? Are the commonly circulating copies flawed or "incomplete-ware"? This looks like it could be an amazing game. According to what I could find this game should be compatible with 400/800, XL and XE. Thank you very much for reading and considering my question! Thank you for any help or insight you all might have! Apologies if there is an answer to this question posted previously elsewhere; I searched google, AA and atarimania and some .rom and .xex sites but could find little more than the non functioning versions of Rogue and 1 youtube depicting Rogue working on an Atari 8 bit computer. * To clarify, when the white cursor + symbol is moved over the pack contents nothing happens; there is no menu popping up for accessing/using the pack item contents.
  2. Serguei2


    Hi ROGUE40 Here an utility for playing Epyx Rogue on 40 columns under Dosbox. You'll find it at: http://agisite.zxq.net//utils.htm Myself, I like playing Rogue on 40 colums because everything is bigger. The game is not included so you have to find it. Bye. Robin Gravel
  3. So after completing my XB version of Oregon Trail, I decided to go a different direction entirely and, since I saw a thread from about four-and-a-half years ago regarding a Rogue-like game for the TI: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/157876-roguelike/ but never seeing a resulting game, I thought it would be a cool idea to run with. I also saw a similar game on Jim Gerrie's TRS-80 MC-10 website, specifically here: http://jimgerrie.blogspot.ca/2013/01/grail-of-gods-port.html which is itself a port of a DarkBasic 20-line challenge, so I thought this looked promising and doable. The only issue I could think of was how slow it would run on a stock TI. That concern proved well-founded. I programmed it in Extended BASIC as it's so much easier to use than standard TI BASIC. The game absolutely crawls in Normal speed in Tursi's Classic99 and is playable but still sluggish in CPU Overdrive. Thus I compiled it using Harry Wilhelm's XB compiler, which presented its own challenge in additional manipulating of the code to get it compliant with the compiler's known requirements, plus a couple of other things that don't seem to compile properly even though they are supposed to, or don't work the same as in interpreted XB. The common thread for the things that didn't work right involved strings. Regardless, I came up with workarounds and am pretty satisfied with the end result. So what I ended up with is a simple 8-level dungeon crawler using ASCII characters. I gave up on generating random mazes pretty early when it was taking 10 minutes in CPU Overdrive to get one level to 10% completion. So I "borrowed" the dungeon layouts from the "Doom" dungeon in Ultima III with very minor adjustments. The levels are 17x17 (15x15 explorable due to the border), each with static locations for gold, traps, potions, starting location, and exit, plus random placement of monsters, weapons and armor. For those playing it, I will note that there is really no difference in any of the weapons or armor that you find. A rusty dagger will increase your weapon meter exactly the same as a magic claymore, the same as cloth gloves will increase your armor score as much as plate armor. The original was like this, so I didn't deviate from that, at least for this initial version of the game. I just wanted to make certain I could get something like this to work and was happy to find that I was able to. Also, the only plot is to get to level 8 and claim the Grail of the Gods. Goals can be to see how much (or little) gold you can get, how high a rank you can achieve by wiping out all of the monsters, or how low a rank you can achieve yet still reach the Grail. Hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did programming it. The attached ZIP file contains the compiled version of the program (GRAIL-C), the XB source that the compiler used (GRAILEB), and a txt file of the program listing with some explanations at the beginning of it. Latest version available in this post: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/271679-grail-of-the-gods-a-rogue-like-game-in-compiled-xb/?p=3922022 GrailOfTheGods-TI-XB.zip
  4. So, just for kicks, I wrote a kinda small BASIC program filled with print commands, and a few pokes and colors - to make this "mock screen". Why can't ROGUE on A8 look like this? I'd think it'd be much simpler to program probably? I've seen the ones by Epyx, and by Mastertronic(though I could not get the Mastertronic version working properly) - and they look nothing like what I remember Rogue to be. I also took a look at A-ROGUE, which was listed in an issue of Antic(Vol. 6, Issue 1) - and it doesn't play very well. There doesn't seem to be any "room" structures, it's just a massive maze of hallways, and I don't get it. I couldn't even find the way to the next floor. Making a version of ROGUE that's all ATASCII can't be that hard, can it? Feels like it would be easier than trying to draw all those fancy graphics sprites.
  5. Since I realize that not everyone visits the Development forum and as I have completed work on the final version of the game, I wanted to make the announcement on the main TI forum. The original post in the development thread is here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/271679-grail-of-the-gods-a-rogue-like-game-in-compiled-xb/ ...and the final version of the game with two 8-level dungeons can be downloaded here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/271679-grail-of-the-gods-a-rogue-like-game-in-compiled-xb/?p=3950704 arcadeshopper and I have been discussing a physical cartridge release of this game. If you would be interested in one, please make a post below and we'll get working on putting together a package for this game. Ciro has already designed a label for the cart which looks mighty cool! It can be viewed here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/271679-grail-of-the-gods-a-rogue-like-game-in-compiled-xb/?p=3951690 Hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did programming it~!
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