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Found 50 results

  1. The test cards fit the Kurz-Kasch TF-650 test fixture and the ROM adapters fit the Kurz-Kasch ROM tester. If you happen to have any, run across any or know someone who may have a few please let me know! The test cards and a ROM adapter are pictured below. Thanks!
  2. EPROM burning is a new area I am exploring so I am seeking what is probably some very basic information. I've done some searching of this forum and found some good bits of information but not quite enough guidance for a newbie. I ordered an EPROM burner (TL866II Plus). My goals are simple, I want to be able fix and enhance my A8s as in the following use cases: A) create and replace Atari 8bit OS ROMs (on all A8s) and BASIC ROMS (on XL/XE) - 1st example - switch my XL BASIC ROMS from Rev 'B' to Rev 'C' - 2nd example - when an A8 fails a ROM check I want to be able to replace the ROM B) repair/modify/create carts - 3rd Example: turn a Rev 'A' BASIC cart into a Rev'C' cart. - 4th Example: I have sevearl bad carts, the shells and labels are great but the cart itself is toast. I appreciate any/all answers and links to the following Questions: 1) I assume it varies by A8 type but what type(s), size and speed of EEPROM or EPROM do I need to buy for: 1a) OS ROMs (are the OS ROM sizes/types all different in each different A8? any rules-of-thumb like all XLs use the same or 400 and 800 share the same?) 1b) BASIC ROMs (are all the Atari BASIC ROMs 8K?) 1c) cart ROMs (what are the different sizes? 8K and 16K? Others?) 1d) are there EPROM brands better than others? 1e) are there EPROM brands to avoid? 1f) recommended suppliers (Jameco? others?) I am in the U.S. 2) Good places to find reliable original ROM images for OS and BASIC ROMS and for other carts? and what do I look for (i.e. .rom files or other extensions)? 3) If I need new PCBs for repairing my carts, where are good places to source them? Who makes/sells the various 8K, 16K, etc. cart PCBs either bare or populated? 4) When it comes to carts am I better off buying one of the many more modern multi-cart options? What is your favorite? 5a) I've read that there is a faster and more accurate set of Floating Point routines. Has anyone created a modified A8 OS that integrates these improved FP routines? 5b) If yes, who/what/where? 5c) Would faster FP routines cause commercial software to misbehave (i.e. run faster than designed, become unstable or unpredictable, etc.)? 5d) If yes to 4b then I suppose the improved FP routines are of limited benefit. ref: https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=FAST FLOATING POINT source code for the ATARI Thank you!!
  3. BinaryStar

    Skull Shot

    I forgot to post this here yesterday - so here's a belated Halloween gift "Skull Shot!") Supports Sega Light Phaser (with adapter) or Vectrex Light Pen in Port 2. Start the game by pressing button 3 on the Vectrex controller in Port 1 (when using lightpen) or fire on the Light Phaser. Pressing button 4 on the Vectrex controller to start allows the game to be played with an analog joystick instead of light gun/pen. Download here : http://binarystarsoftware.com/bin/SkullShot_v090.BIN Make your own lightgun adapter by following my instructions here : http://www.binarystarsoftware.com/?p=282
  4. A good assembler has ROM section headings. These are a way to cleanly divide the source code into settings, so you can definitely figure out at which address each section starts. Think of an assembler as if were like Microsoft Word. Section headings could appear as solid-colored bars with text on them. The user should have control over what color to make the bar. They also might have control over the font. For example, your main program header might look like this (note that all images are simulated): Notice I used the Roco font. Anyone familiar with Sonic The Hedgehog 2 will recognize this, but it's the actual font, not the Sonic 2-rendered one. Every computer program needs a vertical blank (or "V-Blank") routine. Its header might look like: One common thing to have in any program are math routines. So, you might include a section like this: For a hardware/software implementation, fonts could use a bitmap. Up to 96 different character glyphs can be stored. In addition, the numbers could be made a little bit bigger if the user chose to. Each character's bitmap can be stored using 1, 2, or 4 bits per pixel. For each character, the size needs to be specified, as well as where its glyph data can be found. For file storage, section headers could use this format (each pair of letters represents a byte): hh ff rr gg bb ll tt tt ... hh = Token for a section header (a fixed value). ff = Flags. If bit 7 is set, restart the numbering at 1. If bit 6 set, toggle whether the number is shown for this and later sections. rr gg bb = Section header color, a 24-bit RGB value. ll = Length of text. tt = The text shown. It doesn't include "Section #". It's in ASCII. Let's say that the section header token is $00, and I'll use the vertical blank section header as an example. The byte stream in the source file would look like this: 00 C0 00 60 20 0F 56 42 4C 41 4E 4B 20 52 4F 55 54 49 4E 45 53 The 00 signals the start of the section header. C0 means to make this section #1, and turn on section numbering (by default, it's off). 00 60 20 is the RGB value. It produces a dark green color. The 0F determines how many characters there will be in the section's name. The rest is the text, in ASCII. The text says "VBLANK ROUTINES". Section headers are not taken into account when compiling a ROM. They are there to cleanly divide source code. When the file is opened, the number of headers is counted, and section numbers are assigned accordingly.
  5. For quite a while now, I have been looking for a ROM of the ATASCII Animation program that was for the Atari 800, "Atari Toons". I used every search engine I know of, trying to find a ROM of it, and I have also been to a ton of ROM sites as well, but I can't seem to get ahold of one. I also can't find any physical copies of it on eBay or Amazon. Can someone help me out?
  6. Hi everybody, Talking to a homebrewer here at AtariAge the topic of large ROMs (128KB+) came up. One part of the bankswitching schemes which always put me off is the amount of memory used by routing overhead and the hotspots. Yes, I know that in the great scheme of things that may end up being negligible, but the whole point of using bankswiting is to have more memory available and large ROMs require a larger number of hotspots So I was thinking if a trade off with RAM could be acceptable, why not have a hotspot in RAM and bankswitch according to the value saved in that hotspot. The idea is that a write to that specific address would trigger the bankswitch. A read to that address would not do anything as the bank is already selected. Using a full byte in RAM, the cart could have 1MB of ROM available (256 * 4096). Coding would be as simple as loading the accumulator with the desired bank number and storing it into the hotspot address in RAM. With one additional RAM byte, the BS routine could route a call to 256 distinct subroutines in the new bank (see diagram below). And a relatively simple one-size-fits-all solution could be created by using another RAM byte and a single dispatch sub-routine: Does anything like this exist already? Would it make sense to use it for very large ROMs?
  7. Dear AtariAge forum Recently I found out interesting 3DO stuff. - In some Japanese 3DO FZ-1 theres is a single SOP44 ROM chip which does contain BIOS and Kanji fonts on the same package. The second ROM slot on the board is left blank. - SOP44 3DO ROM chips can be read as if they were 29LV160 chips (eg. AM29LV160**, MBM29LV**, MX29LV160**, ES29LV160**, HY29LV160**, the asterices being any letter) - BIOSes can be written on to AM29LV160DB and AM29LV160BB. Probably on the rest of the afore mentioned chips too. - The RSA check can be removed from the BIOS by changing the two occurrences of 000313A0000111A0 into 000313A0000011A0. It is important to leave the 000213A0000111A0 as it is. - Without RSA check all arcade games and unlicensed games will run on home console 3DOs - M2 games did not run on such systems yet and probably won't Member Tajigamer was a invaluable help during these explorations! Keep on preserving stuff, kind community! Ben
  8. Zimmers has the 1581 Update-5 and -6 ROMs by TFSS with a little information but not complete. Specifically, Update-5 says: The is pretty self-descriptive but is there an accompanying documentation showing how to perform the installations of the additional hardware? What about this parallel transfer routine in Bard's Tale III? On a side note, Zimmers has what looks like the source code for the original 1581 ROM. I have mused upon the notion of an HD version or a dual-drive version of the 1581. Just because. Could be fun but not sure I want another "fun" project on my desk right now.
  9. sh3-rg

    AC 2013

    The meeting that used to be known as Jaguar Connexion, AC, was held in Congis, France last weekend. The event was great as usual and it's always fun to meet up in person with friends you maybe only get to see once every few years (hi GGN!). Reboot, U-235, CVSD, SCPCD Corp, Groovybee and many others were there tinkering away with their vintage hardware and one or two more modern devices Here's a video I took of the various machines, games and presentations from the event... ...and also a 2Mb Jaguar slideshow ROM of 640x480 photos (some mine, some borrowed form the links in the thread on Yaro): Was also nice to personally place the Jagware Collection copies in the hands of some of the other contributors to the project. \o/ The theme for the speed coding competition was to make a retro/8-bit Baroudeur style game with multiple screens, collects, against the clock and with multiple endings and simple static screen gameplay. Linkovitch made a nice start on a game "Gaztee's Quest For The Golden Cucumber", Matmook's offering was an interesting and graphically pleasing platform adventure, CJ even produced a quick game while sat on the other side of the planet almost 12 hours out of sync with the rest of us, the first level having a cool scrolling dungeon that was only visible around the player (using a rmw object for lighting) - I think thi scould well form the basis for a decent little Jaguar game with a little thought and care. GGN and Ukko worked on a great little game for the Falcon that had the dungeon revealing as the player discovered more of the map, it also had an interesting Typing Of The Dead inspired monster chase level! Away from the stuff going on around me, other platforms such as the Intellivision (Groovybee), Wonder Swan Colour, Lynx (great stuff from Fadest!), Game Boy Advance and Colecovision saw entries. The results of the competition seemed a little surprising to some, including myself, but the point of the compo is never to "win" but to spend 24 hours or so arsing around making rubbish games you'll never finish Personally, for future AC events I'm definitely going to take a step away from the compo stuff and try to explore the event more, chat to my friends there a lot more, play more of the old machines and eat more pizza/baguettes/croissants 'cause I can stay at home and stick my head in my laptop producing utter garbage for a day without all the travelling either side EDIT: D'oh! Forgot to mention, I demoed a few new Reboot games such as Full Circle: Rocketeer (late Beta version), a couple of complete mini games that will round out some re-release projects later in the year, some less complete mini games and also a few proof of concept type builds of various things we're worked on over the years. Lots of useful feedback there from those who saw and played. EDIT 2: Also worth mentioning, two Jagwares had their birthdays around the time of AC and received some nice gifts - see if you can spot who in the slideshow ROM...
  10. Exactly 1.5 years after our game was first sold at PRGE 2019, we are ready to the release the ROMs of Aardvark. These are identical to the cart release. Except for SaveKey support, which will stay as a little exclusive bonus for the people who support homebrewing by buying our game in the AtariAge store. We hope you enjoy our game! Any feedback is welcome! Aardvark (2019).zip
  11. walker7

    Section Header 0

    From the album: The Best Assembly Computer

    This is what the section header for the main program would look like. Note that it doesn't have a section number.
  12. Hi all! Last month I saw the following ad on eBay: I thought the appeal of this kit for homebrew development was very limited: No bankswitching/mapper (only 2K games or 4K games with further modifications on the board) It required messing around with UV lamps, programmers, etc Required some knowledge of electronics Buying the parts separately would probably be less expensive Not possible to ship as a product to customers It would be probably easier and faster to use one of the existing USB/SD carts to test on a real hardware. This did make me think though that I had never seen a development kit for the 2600 which would allow homebrewers without knowledge of electronics to self publish their games. If a mapper is required, then that knowledge need goes up real fast. As in Europe we have very limited offers of good homebrew games available (most of them are from the USA and shipping quickly becomes a problem), I thought about making this my next project. The idea is to have blank carts (populated with all required components but without any game image in them) and a simple to use cable and PC software which would allow the user to create a cart ready to be shipped to customers as well as test games in a real atari. Is this something that would interest the homebrew community? Here are some requirements I have come up with: The final product must cost under 10€ (populated cart PCB) All components must be easy to find. Preference should be given to components still in production Must be usable by people with no experience in electronics No soldering Must support mappers (the ones used by batari Basic at a minimum, as a lot of people seem to use bB) No physical alterations to select the desired mapper (or no mapper) Must fit in a standard Atari cartridge case Components should be SMD to keep production cost as low as possible All comments will be appreciated!! Cheers.
  13. I know I'm gonna get some hate posts but I wonder when the full, finished version of Tempest for the 5200 be out as a rom (or other 5200 codec) for all of us to use on our AtariMax SD carts??? Those of us who DID buy the physical cartridge (including myself) would be SO stoked to have the finished version on their AtariMax SD carts too!!! I hope Keithen will allow it considering the tremendous success of the cart release. Also, I wish all of the Mean Hamster Software and First Star Software games (like Flip And Flop, Combat 2: Advanced, Adventure II, and Haunted House II 3D among them), which were available only as limited carts, be available for all of us who didn't (or couldn't) get the carts of those. Also, some few years back I bought the so-called Space Invaders "Arcade Version" (an obvious hack) on eBay and wondered if it will be available as a binary as well. With the most recent release/leak of Venture as a rom (and I DO have that on my AtariMax SD cart too) why not???
  14. BinaryStar


    A fun little game for 1 or 2 players. Inspired by the tabletop game from the 70s. Download here : www.binarystarsoftware.com/?p=505
  15. Anybody have the rom for the ascii style CV homebrew "Cave", from FredtheFred in this thread: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/241836-cave-colecovison-homebrew/?p=3303716 The website he links to no longer exists. Can't find a rom on the internet after about an hour search. Kind of weird, his last twitter tweet from 2 years ago says "website is down but will be back up soon." Thanks
  16. Hi, I'm working on a bankswitch card that supports multigames. I first made a normal 4k multicard using a 27C256 that holds 8 games, for testing purposes. Easy to make, and it worked fine... Because I have my own programmer, but not an UV eraser, I wanted to use a 29F010 EEprom that can be electrically erased. The pinout of this is (almost) the same as a 27C010. So I copied a few ROM's together and programmed the EEprom, but for some reason that didn't work on my Atari 2600. I used my programmer to read back the ROM file out of the chip, and tested it in Stella (32 in 1). That worked fine, so there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with programmed chip. Does anyone here have any experience using EEproms for DIY cartridges or mulitgame card, and what is the difference between using a EEprom and a normal Eprom (because the normal Eprom is working fine). Many thanks !!
  17. Hi, I have written a utility to dump the ROM from a Happy 1050, Lazer, or similarly modded disk drive to an Atari DOS file. The sources are at https://github.com/e474/DUMP1050/ if anyone wants to play around with them (I am a beginner with git, and haven't written any 6502 code for a long time). The program is based on source code from the Happy Programming series in the German Atari Magazin, 1987, issues 1 - 5. I'll be adding the translated articles and source files from the magazine in the near future. Hope this is of interest to anyone interested in programming Happy, Lazer or similar drives - any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks to Nezgar for testing an earlier version! dump1050.atr
  18. Heroes & Shadows Website: https://heroesandshadowsgame.neocities.org Screenshot Story An alien Xolan has crash landed on your planet to warn you of the Mavok an evil race of creatures that want to enslave all. The creature isn't strong enough to fight them and needs your help. Help him become the strongest creature in the universe! Objectives To grow your pet to become the strongest. Controls Left Joystick Up/Down: Select Command Fire: Use the selected icon Right Joystick Atarivox for saving progress and voice speech (Optional) Builds Latest https://www.dropbox.com/s/auqkkwoecu6bvn9/has.bin?dl=1
  19. Hiya- years ago I tried unsuccessfully to burn some roms-to-Jaguar CDs to play on real hardware. I was using this program... Jaguar CD-Creator ... actually happy to see it had an update in 2009 (my attempts were before that). Since I'm getting back into the Jaguar again, I thought I'd give this another go. Also learned about Jiffi (I'd put a link to that too, but it looks like Reboot's site is 404'd at the moment). So my question is: Has anyone tried using this utility to make a Jaguar CD using either an old commercial rom or something like the more recent .rom files in the Pinned Atari ST conversion thread? I'm quickly getting way too confused over the technical differences between the different Jaguar rom formats, so I'm wondering if someone could set me straight on whether this is a possibility. A secondary questions is... can formats like .JAG .BIN and .J64 be converted to an .ABS file for use with Jiffi (for the purposes of creating a burnable .cdi Discjuggler file)? I have no idea is this is easy/hard/impossible, so thought I'd ask the community. If it makes any difference on the details of making working Jaguar CDs out of roms in my case, I do not have an Alpine, Skunkboard, or any kind of DEV system/modification but I DO have Protector SE, which I understand makes it possible to play unencrypted Jaguar CDs, and of course a working Jag/CD-unit. Thanks for reading. I've done some looking around on the forums and google, but couldn't find the answers I was looking for. Maybe someone here can point me in the right direction, and if you have any experience or insight in doing this kind of thing, thanks for the answer.
  20. I have a pre-release/prototype Bedlam cartridge that I'd like to rip/dump. If someone has an MVBD ROM downloader and would like to sell it - or lease it to me (use it, send it back) please let me know. Thanks
  21. walker7

    Section Header 2

    From the album: The Best Assembly Computer

    Another example of a program's section header. This could be used for all the math routines used in the game (e.g. multiply, divide, random numbers).
  22. waterMELONE


    To welcome you to my blog, here is a hacked rom that works for ataroid and any other Atari emulator!Pac-Man (Enhanced Hack).bin
  23. I find binaries for the v1.00 Geneve ROM, and genmod variant. But do we have the source code for it? I'm surprised that isn't part of the source distribution for MDOS... I'd love to see what's actually in there. Gain some understanding... Or maybe it inside one of those .ark files? [email protected]
  24. I'm not sure if anyone can help me with this, but ! Here goes ! I recently found a good emulator for the NEC PC6001. I need it to complete a video for my youtube channel but I'm having difficulties getting it to run a .cas image for pac-man that I found on Archives.org. I have't been able to find an alternate image of this game anywhere online. I do know it exists because of this. http://p6ers.net/hashi/emupacman.html I've tried to make it work in Mess & with PC6001VW Emulator to no avail. Anyone know where I can get an alternate rom image to work with this emulator. Because so far I'm turning up nothing in my searches. Attached are the clips I currently have.
  25. Does anyone remember the game "Chicken" on 800xl, I used to play it daily it had really simple gameplay similar to frogger and was very addictive. I'm wondering if anyone has done a 5200 port, I would love to have the rom on my atarimax sd cart! If there isn't a conversion for "chicken" maybe a port of "freeway" from the 2600 system?
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