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Found 30 results

  1. I am trying to create a better story for my next game Wizzy by using some structured methods. Well, actually I bought a copy of Fabula that is basically just a blank board where you can put post-it stickers describing your ideas. As we all live apart I have replaced the post-it stickers with blog entries. So if you feel interested I can add you to the Wizzy club. There is no money involved. But you will get a copy of the finished boxed game and your name in the credits. (In case you contribute to the story.) Any takers? The engine will be similar to On Duty (top down action with text flowing on the bottom line and a status bar at the top). The game may be multi-player for two lynxes (a wizard and a witch). But it can also be played on one Lynx taking turns. (Perhaps) At this first stage I am still working on the assets in the game. Later, when the big idea is starting to materialize there will be a second part for the storytelling.
  2. Unfortunately there were not many RPGs for the Atari Jaguar (I am only aware about one e.g. Towers II) This is hopefully about to change in the future with the addition of this tile (current working tile: Kings of Edom) I am glad to announce a rouge-like RPG that I have been working sporadically between my other game releases. This will probably take a little bit more time to complete, as it turned out to be more complex to develop compared to my previous titles (available at: http://tjocktv.se/shop/) The levels are randomly generated every time you play a new game, so this will guarantee a good replay value for this game. You can always go back to a previous level (as long as you are still alive), all monsters defeated will stay defeated, and all items picked up will be gone. Note that currently there is no sound in the game, but you can see in the battle animations if an attack hits the opponent (e.g. if the hit animation is played). Far from all attacks are successful, this will be even more noticeable with the correct sound effects to be added. Also you can see at the bottom of the screen a message for each event that occurs in the game e.g. if an attack is successful, how much damage it did, what items you picked up etc.
  3. Any fans of Final Fantasy 5 here? I have it on my PS1 Final Fantasy Anthology collection (FF6 is my personal favorite followed by FF9...but that's a whole other thread). It is an honest shame we didn't originally get it in North America as the whole job system was thought to be confusing to American & Canadian players. I'll be honest - the job system is the best part of the game as besides customizing characters, it adds significant strategy. You have to have a balance of characters with proper abilities and you need to master a number of classes by game's end to make a really potent party. The way I went was usually Bartz as my heavy hitter (Knight, Samurai, Berserker, Sorceror), Lena as support magic (White Mage, Time Mage, etc), Faris as attack magic (Black Mage, Summoner, etc) and Galuf/Lena as support and backup (Blue Mage, Ninja, Thief, Bard, etc). After two failed attempts to beat the game, due to poor planning, I finally beat it last year. I had two characters as the bare class (with several mastered classes and available abilities) backed up by two Mime classes who mimicked the really powerful attacks. Anyone else play this title? What do you think?
  4. Interesting game in development (early stages). Topic on AtariOnline.pl (Google Translated): AtariOnline: Archon Adventures Official Website: Official Website: Archon Adventures
  5. Lately, I've had the idea of porting a cancelled NES game of mine, to the Atari 2600, just for fun. I'm perfectly capable of coding this game in ASM, but unfortunately, the Stella emulator hates my computer (Open GL), so this will be Art / Design Notes, for now. No ROM tests, unfortunately. After some reading, I've opted to use the "venetian blinds" interlacing technique, to potentially minimize sprite flickering. This also works surprisingly well with what I've designed for screens! This is the current look of the title screen, though I've apparently made the text a few pixels too wide? I'll fix that, when I have some free time, to do so. The visual design of the dungeons is heavily inspired by the Legend of Zelda. Slay Monsters, find Keys, unlock Doors, and kill a Boss enemy. You know, the basics. I'm not sure how well this boss would work at the moment. But it would ideally function similarly to the Giant Snake boss, from StarTropics. Even leaving it's bones in the "Triforce Room", when it's slain. (It sits in the doorway, wiggling it's body segments, occasionally spitting a fireball, to attack.) The outdoors have barely been started, but I had fun with making this first dungeon! The visual theme is a castle, with a moat. Can you see how the colors are used? Lastly, the caves in the world, will be dark without a lamp. They'll be traversable as you can see, but the monsters will be completely invisible! It's best not to get caught, stumbling around in the dark. At the moment, I have 8-byte background "tiles" defined, with a multi-color option, that doubles the data size. These tiles are 32x32 blocks, with each color row defined in a single nibble. I have some basic data structures defined, in an attempt to write fast tile-mapping, on this hardware. Colors are swapped out, every other scanline, to allow for 2-color map screens. Potentially more, if a screen has sectors defined (such as the castle moat, in my mock-up, for example.) I'm not really sure what would need to be cut back for this project. But for now, it's just a fun distraction from a NSFW RPG that I'm developing, with a friend of mine! Thoughts are welcomed. Tear this ambitious idea to shreds, yo!
  6. The 6502 Workshop team is thrilled to announce that 8-bit RPG Nox Archaist has been released! Journey with us back in time to the 1980s an experience an adventure inspired by classics like Ultima and Bard's Tale. Lord British himself has traveled to Vali, the world of Nox Archaist, to help thee on thy quest! Game Trailer https://youtu.be/zeMIDv7xYr0 We would love to put a collector's edition box in your hands, featuring cover art by Denis Loubet, or set you up with the Digital Edition. Collector's edition includes: *Game box with full color art *Printed manual (cover painting by Denis Loubet) *Cloth map *Coin of the Realm *More! Available to order now!
  7. Hi guys! How are you all doing? I hope you all are OK in these hard times. I wanted to let you know that we (Kai Magazine as developer and Elektronite as publisher) are working on the remake of the Intellivision's original TNT Cowboy, with the same essence that you enjoyed so much (as many people told us) but better graphics, musics and longer game-play. The game has the same depth and fun as the original: A "Final Fantasy" kind of game (where you can level up your character, accept quests, earn money, build your reputation, buy abilities and better equipment, etc) but instead of boring turn based combats, you get to blow up all those mutant beasts and undead creatures with TNT charges in real time! Regardless of this last statement, it is family friendly, it is aimed for all ages. The game will also have new features such as multiplayer! We thought it would be fun for those who played the original game, to be able to compare certain key elements and areas of the original game versus the remake's same elements and areas, so here you can see a bunch of pics, showing the original Intellivision’s graphics, and the remade graphics of those areas. I hope they are shown in the same order I uploaded them, so they are easier to compare ^_^! Many graphics and elements still need to be improved, such as the main character itself and some background details, so the final game will probably look much better than this. We are developing the game in Unity, so it can be easily ported to any modern console or device. We are aiming the game performance to work (with different quality settings) to the following systems: -Amico -Atari VCS -Nintendo Switch -PC (Steam) Other systems might be considered in the future. We will publish a promo video shortly, so stay tuned if you are interested in this game. Please let us know what you think about it, and for which systems would you like to see this game published in. Stay safe!
  8. I remember playing these weird math games on the apple II in middle school. You would go around and talk to different people and they would give you stories that contained numbers. You would sort of collect the numbers from the people. Once you talked to all the people that had the numbers you needed to solve the problem you could plug those numbers into equations and solve the problems. You would then go on to another mission. There was at least couple different games that were all very similar. I remember it had some very basic wire frame graphics with white lines, and those green and purple lines you would get with the apple II. The movement created a pretty good first person 3d illusion. I remember really enjoying these games and I was wondering if anyone else remembered it so I could look them up again?
  9. About Hello everyone, I am here to share with you a project I've been following for some time. It is Elysian Shadows, a JRPG in the style of classics such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest with some interesting new twists to keep it fresh. It started off in development as a Dreamcast only title, but has branched out to other platforms. The Dreamcast version will have unique features that other platforms will not, such as games with the VMU among others. A kickstarter will be started this summer to help finish the development of this game. Screenshots One of the first towns in the game, Loren. A test of the new advanced lighting system. A work in progress dungeon map and tileset. A powerful custom made toolkit to match a powerful engine. Will be made available for modding and creating your own games using LibGyro, the backbone of Elysian Shadows. Follow! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elysianshadows Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/GyroVorbis Website: http://elysianshadows.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/elysian_shadows Thank you for your time and support! We hope that you will follow the project
  10. milsorgen

    Icewind Dale

    From the album: Snapshots

    A classic is a classic.
  11. UPDATED 9/22/18: 100% on Racketboy (RB) forum, +48 RB overall, Link to Racketboy Feedback +31 listed in RB BST Transaction OP, additional +17 not yet totaled in OP. **TOP 5 RB BSTer FROM 12/2015 TO 3/2017 Link** 100% on Atari Age (AA), +13, Link to AA Feedback 100% feedback on ebay, 335 positive,Link to ebay feedback All Current Auctions: N.A. Items up on ebay. My main page: m15granger ebay Home - link
  12. http://youtu.be/q-18E8_kuaY Vampire Bloodlines is a bloody, sexy & deliciously adult role playing that was criminally overlooked when it was first released for the PC back in 2004. However, this cult classic lives on with updated fan patches and mods that make this excellent RPG even better. Have you played it? What did you think?
  13. Hi All, It's been over a year since my last post about the development of this game, and just thought I'd update you, development is still going strong. Over Christmas I took the decision to completely overhaul the engine after running out of Sprite ROM, which put the whole project at risk! Luckily, rewriting the engine after proving the concept of an actual, working, turn-based JRPG on the 2600 has freed up enough space to bring it to completion. I'm hoping this will be the first of a trilogy about the land of Gaia, dpending on how successful the first one is. We are being published by AtariAge, who demoed the proof-of-concept build at PRGE, and the new engine should hopefully be unveiled in alpha demo form on ZeroPage this week (or next). The game should be a decent number of hours long. You will have multiple dungeons, over-world, shops, itinerary, inns, turn-based battles with a large selection of baddies, a story, text, cut-scenes, environmental music, player leveling, Armour and Weapon leveling, elemental spells, animations and save feature. All these features have been built and work! The engine works, it's smooth, it's easy to use.... its just a case of filling up with content now. Finally, genuine JRPG is 100% coming to Atari 2600 on a physical release, very soon!! Please get involved on our Facebook Page, http://facebook.com/generation2games or http://www.generation2games.com This will be released AFTER Panic! Rooms (April), I am aiming for PRGE for this one, but we shall see, it's a rather large game! Could take some time.
  14. Purpose The goal of this competition is to have fun, share your experiences with others and test your skill at surviving in one of the greatest, most challenging, ground-breaking sandbox RPG games of the 20th century, Alternate Reality: The City for Atari 800 published in 1985. All players will receive a rank and posting of their highest character, so share your screenshots and videos and have fun participating! See setup, rules, tips, and survival guide below. CURRENT PLAYER RANKINGS #1 Jim Norris #2 Dan0 #3 Chunder #4 axewater #5 dgiors #6 Xebec's Demise #7 Gunstar #8 WestofHouse #9 SilverAR #10 smartwhois #11 Goochman #12 Chenzy #13 Angry Jedi #14 Bunsen #15 eclecticmonk Atari 800 emulator The Alternate Reality Wrapper will automates playing and disk swaps: http://www.giors.com...oadarwrappernow Or you manually setup and use an Atari 800 emulator to play Alternate Reality on your PC or MAC, see instructions here. Rules For the purposes of the competition, you only have one life, no character editing or backups allowed. Have fun seeing just how far you really can make it in this hostile alien virtual world with one life and no saves. If you make mistakes try to overcome them. If you die and want to try again, start over. This is a challenging game and you will likely have a handful of characters die before surviving past the first few levels, but keep trying! Take a screenshot of your initial skills to share here with others. F10 takes a screenshot in Atari800win Plus. Have fun sharing other interesting screenshots and stories too! Most of all, just have fun playing and trying to surviving in one of the most incredible virtual world games of its time! Tips Create or use a map. Here is the original game map and a completed map (spoiler). You may also print this 64x64 (City size) blank graph paper to map yourself. Try playing a good aligned character. That way only half the population will be out to kill you and you will be pretty safe during the day. To do this, only attack neutral beings such as thieves, muggers, fighters and warriors if they take a swing at you first. Do not try to Trick them or Charm them; only try these acts on evil beings. If you surprise a neutral being like a mugger or fighter, always Hail them. If they Attack you, then you are free to attack back. The Following is a list of evil beings. Dragons, Thieves and Warrior classes are not evil. They are neutral, but their intro sounds similar to that of evil beings so be careful. Notice that the only evil human life form is the Assassin!: Assasin Orc Giant Rat Black Slime Spectre Imp Gnoll Troll Wolf Ghost Zombie Ghoul Goblin Nightstalker Brown Mold Wraith Gremlin Skeleton The first thing you should do is try to buy a Dagger or Stiletto. Straight from the floating gate go to Occums Weaponsmiths 19E, 32N hours 05:00-21:59 in the NW of town. If he does not have a Dagger or Stiletto then go to Sharp Weaponsmiths 54E, 9N hours 04:00-20:59 in the SE of town. Usually one or the other will have one. Occums is the cheapest by 23%. You can usually make an initial offer of less than half of the asking price. For example, if the Dagger is being sold for 200, then start by offering 90. Keep bargaining by meeting the Smithy a little less than half way of his counter offer i.e. if you Offer 90 and he counters with 130, then Offer 110. You should be able to buy a Dagger or Stiletto for between 100-120 Coppers depending on your CHR and skill at bartering. The very next thing you must do is head straight to the Tavern in the NW corner of town, 20E, 62N, (See map linked below) whether you were able to buy a Weapon or not. You can find or buy a weapon later, but for now you need to supply with food and water. After entering the City Wall, turn right or East and go through 19 secret doors. To be safe, after 18, you can turn right or south and try to enter. If you have counted correctly you will not be able to. Just turn left or back east and go through one more, turn right or south again and try to enter. You should enter the Tavern. If not, and you have messed up your counting somewhere, continue checking every south section of wall until you find it. If you go further than 19 secret doors you will have to exit the City wall and start over, so if you lose count, then try to error on the low end as you can keep checking until you find it. Once you have located the Tavern, go inside and buy a free Water. This will help save your Water Flasks from being used. Then, if you have any money, buy as many Food Packets and Water Flasks as you can, saving about 10 copper so that you can pay for an Inn. Buy Food Packets/Pemmican and Water Flasks so you always have twice as many Water Flasks as Food Packets. This is because Water Flasks are used up twice as fast. Pemmican = 1 Food Packet and only costs 16 Copper. If you do not have any money, then wait outside the Tavern and try to get some by defeating evil or neutral (if they attack first) beings. You can continue to go into the Tavern to get Free Water ever couple of hours so that your Water Flasks do not get used. You can tell an hour has passed, by the white text on the screen flashing ever 2:50 for NTSC and every 3:50 for PAL displays. Its a good idea to use a stopwatch to keep track of the hours, that way you do not have to watch for the text to flash. If the Tavern does not have Water Flasks or Food Packets/Pemmican, the menu will change every hour, so keep checking. Try to stock up with as much food and water as possible, remembering to keep about 10 coppers to sleep. If at any time, you are very low in Hit Points or Tired, then turn left or East, go through two secret doors, turn right or South and exit the City Wall. Head SW to the Warriors Retreat Inn 28E, 54N (see map linked below) and Sleep on the Common Area Floor for 12 Hours for 7 Copper. Try to go to sleep before it gets dark, you gain maximum hitpoints if you go to bed before dark and you choose a time to awake that is in the morning daylight. After you awake, you should either try to go buy a Dagger or Stiletto again if you did not get one, or go back to the Tavern and continue drinking free Water and stocking up on Food Packets and Water Flasks while fighting the beings that you encounter while waiting outside the Tavern door. If you get a surplus of money or Gems or Jewelry, vist the bank, Grams Gold Exchange 2E, 61N, which is close by in the NW corner and make a deposit so that you have a reserve of cash. Original Alternate Reality Homepage FAQ: http://www.eobet.com...reality_FAQ.txt How to Survive - Alternate Reality: The City Make a complete map of The City and list of potions first. Also note what stats each guild on the map raises. You will appreciate and cherish your own handmade map for many years to come, but if you don't enjoy mapping or do not have the time, then print one off from sites such as eobet's The Original Alternate Reality Homepage: http://www.eobet.com...ernate-reality/ or here: http://web.archive.o...s/AltrReal.html When rolling your stats, focus on STA, WIS and SKL. These three often-overlooked skills do not rise from potions or in-game use. They also happen to be very important for initial survival. SKL determines how easily you can escape an encounter without being stolen from and also how well you dodge blows. If you have a high SKL and average STR, you will be able to punch muggers to death with your Bare Hands, even 1 point at a time without them hitting you! WIS helps you determine what type of potion you have found - a single potion can change the outcome of your game! When you are a poor, weak character, it is very important to know what you are drinking! The right potion could be great, but the wrong one will surely kill you! WIS also helps you determine if a weapon is cursed or not. A Cursed weapon can also result in a bad start for a new character. STA is very important because it determines how many Hit Points you gain when going up a level. Even if you start with low hit points as a result of focusing on STA WIS and SKL, you can gain an additional 20+ Hit Points if your STA is near 20, just from gaining 300 experience, which is quite easy. On this basis, Hit Points are actually the least important in the long run because they can go up so quickly, unfortunately many people focus on them when rolling their characters. STA also affects your resistance to hardships and is likely to affect disease, hunger, thirst and tiredness - I am still confirming this. The best you can possibly roll in these three important skills is a total of 63, three 21s, but I have never seen it. Any combination above 50 is really good. You can pretty much ignore the other skills when rolling, they will go up with use and also gain much easier when leveling. Play a Good Alignment to begin with! You can always switch later. Never Attack, Trick or Charm Good beings. Only use Trick or Charm on Evil beings. Never Attack Neutral beings first. Neutral beings, such as Fighters and Thieves, have the same intro music as Evil creatures so be careful. Always wait for Neutral beings to take the first swing. Dragons are Neutral also! When you Surprise Neutral beings make sure to Hail them. They will then begin to leave you alone. This is especially important for encounters with the more skilled and powerful Thieves, Knights and Dragons. If you have a good alignment they will normally let you go and most of the time will leave if they surprise you! Otherwise, they will try to steal your vital food, water and coppers and you will find it very hard to survive. If you are Evil, then Guards will constantly be after you also. Basically, by being Good, you cut your enemies in half and avoid being hunted by Guards and stolen from by Neutrals. This is very important for the survival of a new character. If you have 110 coppers or more, the very first thing you should do within the game is head straight to Occums Weaponsmiths and barter for a Dagger or Stiletto. If he does not have one, go to Sharp Weaponsmiths. Depending upon your CHR they will usually be offered for between 150 to 220 coppers. Start by offering about 80 coppers. The Smithy will then cut his price by about 70%! Then meet him a little bit less than halfway of his counter offers. If you barter well, even with low CHR, you can get a Stiletto or Dagger for 110-120 coppers! Remember to ready it as soon as you leave the Smithy. Practice this with Temporary characters until you are good at it. It takes some skill and knowledge to do it well without being kicked out. The very next stop should be the Assassin's Guild. A new character starts out with a Surprise modifier of 00. This stat raises slowly per level just like any other stat, but the Assassins Guild will give you +30 to the stat! Yes, that is +30, not +3! This will make a huge difference in your encounters. Also near the Assassins guild is the Sleeping Dragon Inn, the cheapest Inn in town. One of the cheaper taverns, the Flaming Dragon Tavern, is also right across from the Inn. There is no better place to restore your Hit Points if you are low and do not have enough coppers for the Healer. Always consider the healer first though; because sleeping will use up precious Food Packets which cost a minimum of 16 coppers each as Pemmican at The Tavern. Another option is to navigate your way to the Physicians Guild and Star Wizards Guild which will both give you some more Hit Points. These 8 Hit Points from the Guilds may be enough to survive, allowing you to kill that next aggressive mugger in order to gain even more Hit Points from gaining a level. If you have decent Hit Points, your very next stop should be The Tavern in the City Wall. Your next most important strategy for survival is to spend every copper you can on getting Pemmican/Food Packets. Always save 7 coppers to use for sleeping in the Warriors Retreat Inn close by on the East side of The Arena. Do not buy Water Flasks! They are a waste of your precious coppers. You can get as much water as you want for free at The Tavern. Even being Very Thirsty will not begin to affect you - you actually have to be Parched for a couple of game hours before your stats start dropping. Sit outside The Tavern and every hour the menu will change, hopefully offering Food Packets or even better, Pemmican. Buy as many as you can. You can use a stopwatch 2:50 for NTSC and 3:50 for PAL is a new AR hour; you can also tell by the lower white text portion of the screen flashing once, but you have to pay attention or you will miss it. I use the stopwatch on my watch and just let it run, i.e. 2:50 is the first hour change, 5:40 is the next hour change and so on. Every time you go in The Tavern, get free water. Your thirst does not display "Thirsty" until reaching a level of 04 and each water will reduce thirst by 4. You never know when it might not be available. Never waste any coppers on any food either unless you have not found any Pemmican/Food Packets and are "Famished" AND losing more than a couple of each stat. If this is the case, then try to buy Bowls of Chili, which reduce hunger level by 4 and only costs 8 or Sandwiches, which reduce hunger by 3 and cost about the same. Most other food is much more expensive or only reduces your hunger level by 1. While you are waiting outside The Tavern trying to collect coppers and supply yourself with Food Packets, try killing muggers and fighters that attack first, imps, gremlins, skeletons, zombies, orcs, gnolls and goblins. These are fairly easy to kill. Always try Tricking or Charming Evil creatures first as you may get lucky. When you become "Tired" AND begin losing stats, head as quickly as you can to the Inn and use the 7 coppers you were saving to sleep on the Common Area floor for 12 hours. Only sleep if it is dark or close to being dark. You will recover much faster if you are sleeping at night and awake in the morning or daylight. The optimum sleep time is from about 1800, when it turns dark, to 0600, when it turns light. If you sleep at that time, you will fully recover just from sleeping in the Common Area floor for 12 hours, even if you are Tired and have lost all your stats and almost all your hit points! A good strategy is to wait safely inside the Inn until about 1800. You will be safe inside the Inn no matter how Tired you are. Check the hour in the Inn and when it becomes dark, then sleep. Otherwise, you will be wasting your Coppers and your Food Packets sleeping and not recovering anything. Do not attack Giant Rats! Avoid them at all costs. They are easy to kill, but you will be setting yourself up for disaster as they almost always infect you with Rabies! Remember, in the long run, Rabies will cost you at least 200 coppers to cure unless you get lucky and find a Cleanse potion and it may also cost you your stats or life. You will very rarely get more than 200 coppers off a Giant Rat, so fighting them is not worth it. In fact, they rarely have any treasure at all. Do not fight Giant Rats! Also, still in testing, but it seems that you consume water and food faster, get tired more easily and do not gain stats as well when infected with Rabies or any diseases. As soon as you have a good supply of Food Packets, you can begin making your way to the guilds and raising your stats. Try to raise stats in the most balanced manner that you can. This is because often, the highest stats do not raise when you go up a level. So, if your STA, WIS and SKL are your highest stats, as suggested to begin with, DO NOT go to guilds that will raise these stats higher. Save these Guilds for later, otherwise it will be a waste. Visit these guild when you have gained a STR, CHR and INT that are higher; it will inevitably happen, as STR CHR and INT go up between levels with use. If you want to gain some STR, Parry Trolls. For every 255 hits, you will gain one point of STR. You can usually gain 2 to 3 points of STR off each Troll before losing stats to Tiredness. By Parrying, if you have a high skill, it will be very difficult for the Troll to hit you and you will not damage him enough to kill him. If you are doing more than 2-3 points of damage per hit, try using your Bare Hands or a worn out Stiletto to Parry the Troll. As long as you are not losing stats to Tiredness, Hunger or Thirst, you can sit there and ramp up your STR. STR determines the amount of damage you do, so eventually you will begin doing more damage than the Troll can Regenerate, but it's a good tactic for mid-level characters. Once you have a good supply of food and water and can survive well, head to the SE corner of town. Sleep in the Inn there during day, and fight the monsters at night. There is a good chance of running into easy monsters there that have a high percentage of treasure, such as Trolls, Imps, Gremlins and Goblins. Always get your Gems and Jewelry appraised at all three banks. Many times, one will appraise double that of the other two. It will take you some time, but the difference between a Completely Worthless gem and one that is worth 4 gold could be as big as the difference between life and death.
  15. As we did get a new 64k eeprom almost working ( @Nop90 and @42bs ). I decided to start on a new interactive game for the lynx that is slightly different. It will only run on the real cart with 64k of eeprom as it will heavily rely on non volative memory. Christmas holidays in 2020 tend to be a bit of isolated. I feel like an astronaut trapped in a spacecraft. Some spare time ahead. Fortunately we have a holodeck for getting out every now and then... Follow this thread. A very limited cart release may pop up after the game is complete. This screenshot is from Titan. But it may give away what style Holodeck will have.  The cart with the 64k prototype is a bit bigger than the normal carts. But it fits in all Lynx models. 
  16. Hello everyone, I am Oscar Kenneth, from Kai Magazine (Developer of Ninja Odyssey). Here we are again to let you know that we FINISHED the second game for Intellivision (now it is in beta-testing process) and that it will be published by Elektronite on April if the betatesting process checks out. The game’s name is: TNT Cowboy An explosive Western Action RPG. Imagine playing a game such as Zelda or Final Fantasy, in which you defeat your enemies by blowing them up with TNT charges. Yes, this game is a full blown action RPG with experience points, level ups, money, quests, etc, but also, the combats have Bomberman elements. Just watch the video and you will understand (NTSC colors): https://youtu.be/Ws0aIlTEql0 It can’t be appreciated on the video but the game works completely smooth at 60 fps (50fps on Pal/Secam) but the video conversion and emulator and vsync problems make it impossible for me to record a 1:1 video. This game also features a real time shadow system which modifies the shadow casted by the solid elements in the game as they change (due to the explosions) and the main character gets affected by the shadows as well. This game took us thousands of man hours to complete and it is really big. There is a full screen intro with several images, an ending with the same, several complex BGM, many many areas to play etc. The game is more than 200Kb big, which if I am not mistaken, it is the biggest finished game for Intellivision ever created (not demo, there are bigger demos). I usually make Kai Magazine covers myself (such as Ninja Odyssey and many of our other previous games) but for this game I hired a professional cover artist who did a really nice job. I also hired a music composer and I wrote and adapted the music on Intellivision format. We all went the extra mile for this game to make it as big as we could. I really hope you like it and that you will support it so we can continue making games for Intellivision. On that regard, I can tell you that we started the development on the third game already. “Antropomorphic Force” will be a fast-paced frenetic Sci-Fi Arcade Space Shooter with humanoid shaped robots, weird aliens, multiple scroll layers, multi-colored sprites (player and enemies) and lots and lots of stuff moving on the screen at the same time. We will show you something as the game advances further, but I can tell you that it already looks better than Ninja Odyssey and TNT Cowboy. As we learn more about the Intellivision hardware we can do better stuff. Thank you everyone for your support! Special thanks to Elektronite, Artrag, Nanochess,Victor Sanchez, Miguel Angel Jimenez and Xavi Sorinas for making this possible!
  17. I'm replaying the original Wizardry games - this time via the Llylgamyn saga version released for the Super Famicom. Having a surprising amount of fun, I never really had the patience as a kid to play the games "properly." It has the nice graphics and music of the NES versions (upgraded to kind of 16-bit) and the Dumapic spell works as an automap rather than just giving coordinates (once I refill my mechanical pencil, I hope to not rely on it as much.) It includes the original trilogy of games although I'm not sure how transferring characters works (the NES version of Wizardry Knight of Diamonds was rebalanced towards starting at level 1 rather than requiring an imported party from Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord - don't know if that still is true here, but it has some kind of data transfer functionality in it.) When people say it's the best way to replay the original trilogy (if you don't demand the authenticity of the Apple II version, that is) they're not kidding. For those who remember tips for the game, one of my fighters just reached the attributes necessary to switch to samurai. Is this something I want to do immediately or let them grind out fighter levels for a while still? I know my spellcasters I want to let build up a healthy reservoir of spells known before switching, but my melee types?
  18. I would like to make it official that I am releasing "Secretum Labyrinth Kings Gold" for public release today. It is the game to be included in my Secretum Labyrinth games series. This is an executable game designed to showcase the Action Adventure RPG programming I am developing for the Atari. I can say this is a beta demonstration for future games that will be sold on cartridges sometime in the future. No dates had been set yet because work is ongoing at this point. I would like to get the ball rolling with beta the programming and promote the Secretum Labyrinth series. I am also looking to attract other interested parties that are looking to do this top down style of Adventure type game. I can say what I am doing here has some elements similar to the 2600 Adventure and The Legend of Zelda. I did try to make it unique and there are a vast number of differences. This executable version has less rooms and monsters compared to what I am planning to put into the cartridge base games. I also watch what was going on with "Adventure II" for the 5200 and avoided duplicating what they where doing and make my stuff different. What I need tested is how things behave on real hardware. Is the SuperIRG an issue on PAL TV and monitors in Europe? How bad is the flickering from the multiplexing of multicolored sprites? The game requires 64K main memory and loads parts under the OS ROM so it won't work with SpartaDOS or on an Atari 800 with 48K. If you run on emulation in Altirra, make sure you have "frame blending" on.
  19. Just wanted to post a heads up, RPG's on PSN are on sale for PSP\Vita. This is very rare to happen and most are 3 bucks to 8 bucks each. I counted these: Class of Heroes Crimson Gem Saga Growlancer Wayfarer of Time Gungnir Hexyz Force Knights of the Nightmare Riviera Yggdra Union
  20. Has anyone else picked up this game yet. I have to admit that I have this sort of love/hate relationship with JRPGs, The old ones tended to force one into grinding way too much for me to have patiance with them. The new ones now seem to pale in comparison to the more open worlded American RPGs. Enter Ni No Kuni. It's very much an old school jrpg, though perhaps without quite as much grinding. It seems to have a fairly interesting story, with decent voice acting and a fun battle system that is a cross between pocket monsters and your traditional turn based combat system. Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone else has picked it up and if so, what are the impression you have of it?
  21. Howdy. Welcome to 2019, everybody. So to kick off the new year, I'm happy to announce that we @ Super Fighter Team have partnered with extreme Co., Ltd. and an independent development team to bring an English language version of Vixen 357 to market: on a new cartridge, with color cardstock box & instructions, much like we've done with our previous 5 games for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. It's available for pre-order now. Check it out @ www.vixen357.com Game will ship later this year, we'll keep everyone informed via our [email protected] account. Important updates will also be shared here, in this thread. As I may not be able to swing by the forum very often, please feel welcome to contact me directly with any questions: [email protected] Thanks for your attention. Have a nice day.
  22. Here's some background on my technical knowledge: -I read the Stella programmer's guide about ten years ago. So I think I understand the capabilities and the limitations of the TIA. -I know 6502 machine language fairly well. Most of my games programming has been done on the Commodore VIC-20. My most well known homebrew game for that platform is "Realms of Quest III". Here are some links about the game: http://sleepingeleph...opic.php?t=3368 http://realmsofquest.blogspot.com Now, I'm not expecting to be able to pull off an Ultima or Wizardry-style game on my first Atari 2600 game. And since the Atari 2600 doesn't have a save game feature, the scope of the game will be modest (instead of a 6 character party, it will involve a solo player character). I'm thinking of the following features: -A dungeon crawler where the 3D wireframe graphics drawn by the 2 missiles, ball, and the horizontal lines will be drawn by the playfield -use the 2 sprites to display wandering monsters, water fountains, thrones, pits and other elements that can be shown in the dungeon -in-context game music (different tunes for when you're in the castle, in the dungeon, fighting a monster, and fighting a boss, etc) -proceduarlly-generated dungeons based on a random number seed. So the game would be different every time. -I'd like to be able to make use of text. I'm thinking of using the 48 pixel routine to display the following information: ---------------------------------- STR 18 DEX 18 INT 18 CON 18 WIS 18 CHA 18 LEVEL 99 EXP 99999 GOLD 99999 HP 999/999 SP 999/999 SWORD+99 ARMOR+99 SHIELD+99 POTIONS 99 ---------------------------------- How difficult would it be to display the preceding on it's own separate screen? I'm just at the thinking stage right now. But I'm also hoping to spur discussion on the feasibility of actually making such a game for the Atari 2600.
  23. Embarrassingly I am admitting I never 'really' gave this game a thorough try. Sure, I constantly tried it, basically walking around exploring areas trying to figure out what to do, but nothing even worthy of 'the old college try'. I did the same thing with Raiders of the Lost Ark back in '82-83 (But actually gave it 'the old college try'). If I recall correctly I just threw the manual out with the box and tried to figure out on my own what to do. It would not be until I spoke with a friend YEARS later in the later 80's that I would finally understand exactly what needed to be done. You thought I would learn....NOPE. 15 years later and finally obtaining a brand new box copy of Midnight Mutants (For 40 cents, thanks O'Shea's), I took the same "Raiders" approach. Can't believe what I have been missing. First thing to do - and actually do it constantly in the game, much like my favorite NES game Rygar, or the infamous Zelda, LISTEN TO THE OLD MAN. For Midnight Mutants it means regularly hitting the right button. He directs you excellently. ***SPOILERS - Do not read this part if you do not want hints/early part walkthrough*** -Obtained the knife from the house to be able to kill things. -Opened church door with knife and obtained the cross to ward off bats. -Obtained the ax from the south woods inside the cabin by the well of health restoration -Entered barn area through bush which casts no shadow -Fought huge Ram head boss and loss - Came so close to defeating it though - (1 health head left). ***SPOILERS OVER*** Thoughts: -Off the bat, cannot believe there have been no hacks for this game. Wishing this game received the love Atari 2600 Adventure has seen. -Bats are too many, too often, too annoying. The first thing I would love to see with this game is the reduction on most screens they appear, if not wiped from many sections entirely. They have to be the most unnecessary frustration in the game that for the most part provides no real challenge (Especially with the cross in hand) and just turn people off from playing the game, IMHO. I am actually really impressed though. I never knew how good or relatively diverse the game was and yet well directed if you LISTEN TO GRANDPA. Previously without grandpa, I found myself wandering through many boards filled with bats, just losing health without real understanding of what to do or where to go. I may have to read that manual though, one day.
  24. Hey! We @ Super Fighter Team have begun shipping our latest game: BEGGAR PRINCE. This RPG was our first commercial product back in 2006. Based on popular demand it has returned, this time as a Special 20th Anniversary Edition, to commemorate the game's initial release in Taiwan in 1996. Full details and ordering options can be found on our website... www.beggarprince.com Thanks for your interest!
  25. I've heard Desktop Dungeons described as a 10-minute "dungeon crawl" or "roguelike," and that's really not a bad summation (though it's definitely closer to the latter). You take your character (picking race and class) and attempt to navigate your way through the dungeon and ulti mately take on the boss character (they're at level 10, you always start at level 1). The only way you'll do this is by carefully using what potions and spells you're able to find or buy and very carefully working your way up to as close to level 10 as possible. It's very challenging, but doable once you get the hang of it (unless the dungeon randomization really stacks the deck against you impossibly, which it can do). As you clear the levels, you'll unlock more areas, challenges and classes to play, so it's fairly addicting. Probably one of the biggest things going for it is its length. If you're looking for some bite-size gaming that actually satisfies your sense of progression, Desktop Dungeons fits the bill. It comes in Windows and Mac flavors and you can download it for free at DesktopDungeons.net today.
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