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Found 17 results

  1. hi all whats the best s-video /picture improvement for a pal 800xl please? googling usually brings this one up (ultra video) http://www.atari8.co.uk/downloads/UltraVideo%20XL%201.0.pdf has anyone here done it and can report its the best current option? looking at the schematic seems to bring up a couple questions re how well it will actually work, so please if anyone can pitch in with links or confirmation, that'd be appreciated. it needs to be a simple and reliable mod, cheap, standard (no vxbe etc) just s-video and any simple improvements as ultra video suggests cheers! Iain
  2. Hi All After taking a break from Atari for a year or so, im happy to offer a new product to the community which may be of interest, Im pleased to offer a S-video card which i have designed and optimised for CRT monitors, which has excellent quality video compaired to Composite and of course standard TV/Coax. The card is compatible with both NTSC and PAL Ataris and comes pre-wired and with Full color instructions and fittings. Both 7800 and TIA output is catered for and there is an adjustment pot for quality can be adjusted to ensure best results for your monitor. I have listed the features/parts here: Features: * 7800 & 2600 TIA compatible * Works on PAL and NTSC units * Sound Filter * Onboard adjustment for sharpening results * Easy Install with Step-by-Step color photos (separate sections for both PAL and NTSC) Kit Includes: * S-Video Module card - pre-wired and color coded * 4 Pin S-Video DIn Socket (for fitting to side if desired) * RCA Socket - for Audio output * Link wires * Easy Install Instructions with colour photos showing step by step from start to Finish. As some new LCD monitors may vary, im pitching this to be used for CRT monitors as to both ensure compatibility and also to keep the original feel of the 7800. Some shots ive taken are: PAL - Xenophobe, Sirius, Choplifter NTSC - Intro screen, Winter Games, Plutos. Im sure you will agree that although composite is a good departure from standard TV, the quality that the 7800 can give out is worth the effort! Ive listed these on Ebay here for general release and what the cost/rates are. UK - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121596931289?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 ROW - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-7800-S-Video-Card-PAL-NTSC-complete-with-parts-and-instructions-/121596931289?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item1c4fbdecd9 Please let me know if you have any questions or feel free to PM me if you are interested but dont use ebay etc. Richard
  3. I picked up an 800XL in fantastic condition and added an Antonia CPU/RAM upgrade. Sold it to a friend of mine, and then ended up getting it back :-) It has pretty fuzzy video though. According to this post: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/198754-current-best-s-video-picture-improvement-mod-for-800xl/ I'm going to I'm skipping step 2, as no banding is present; it's just REALLY fuzzy and currently s-video outputs black and white only. My soldering skill are improving, and I've a shiny new solder station arriving on my day off. I guess I could easily do this with just schematics, but ... It would be greatly appreciated if someone has pics of these simple finished steps (I like pictorial verification, because I'm pretty new at this stuff still). Any other advice on what to do while I'm in there? Besides the Antonia, all my other work has been on XE models. I put a UAV in my 130XE and if this doesn't work out, I'll probably buy another for the 800XL. Thanks, Thomas
  4. Hi Heres how you can make your own top quality S-Video video board for almost any Atari 8 bit. It uses few parts and would take minutes to install. The Atari series shares the same common IC graphics chip (GTIA) and has Luma and chroma produced at a high level. Unfortunately Atari made an ass of this on the XL series (particularly the 600XL) and didnt improve much with the XE series. I produced a module that did this a few years back but thought i would make the details on how you can make your own here. Ive photographed my own for clarity, but ive some ataris with just the components hard wired on to the boards with wires, The circuit has been tested on: 400 800XL 600XL 65XE 130XE 800XE XEGs it will definitely work on 1200XL's and 800's, however the 800 has good native s-video, so it would be best to leave alone or use Jurgens 800 color board as the components needed to remove are more fiddly. Parts required: 33 Ohm resistor (any wattage - a 0.25w one is suggested) 50 ohm trimmer 16V 22uF capacitor (10uf value will work also) The circuit looks like this (both on cad and in simple layout) The layout should be similar to this: The circuit can easily be hard wired together or put on prototype board etc. The instruction on installation to your Atari can be found here (ignore the fact its a module and substitute for the board/circuit) Magic Knights XL-XE module instruction.pdf Anyone wanting to make their own PCB - heres the gerber files etc : XL s-video 1.00f_2018-12-04.zip Comments and questions welcome! Richard
  5. Who has modded their 7800 and what mods did you use? Everyone knows the limits of the stock video output of the 7800 and how it leaves much to be desired. What mods have you gone with and why did you choose to mod your system.
  6. Hey everyone! I have the following for sale: Saturn (model 1) Alien Trilogy (disc only) 2 controllers,(one has the cable repaired) Saturn Action Replay 4M Plus, black S-video/composite cable A/V to SCART RF TV box $110 plus shipping. Please feel free to PM me with questions or comments. Thanks for looking!
  7. This is just an interest check. I have the following modified Atari 7800 system and 16 games. What would they be worth as one lot? Would anyone want to buy these as a lot? If so, how much would one be willing to pay for the following as a bundle? Suggestions? Comments? Asteroids Ballblazer Barnyard Blaster Centipede Dig Dug Donkey Kong Jr. F-18 Hornet Galaga Jinks Joust Karateka Meltdown Ms. Pac-man Robotron 2084 Tower Toppler Xevious I had this system modded for s-video and composite stereo audio. I have the 7800 gamepad. I have the joystick as well.
  8. Hi all, I bought this s-video cable for my Atari Jaguar and did a fairly quick test with Doom on one of my TV's. What am I supposed to expect? I had to change the contrast on my TV since I could barely see anything on Doom. Then it was fine and it did look better. How dark is Doom supposed to be? The red was bleeding off a little bit. Is there a better s-video cable than this or is this the best one? http://www.ebay.com/itm/171281346550?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 cheers, Yan
  9. Hi, everyone. I completed the Saundby S-Video mod on my 7800. I now have it plugged into my LCD screen. I know my choice of TV could be the problem, but before I go find a CRT, I figured it was worth posting my problem here in case anyone has a quick answer. The video is wavy, particularly noticeable at the edges of lightly colored objects. Here's a YouTube video of the problem. https://youtu.be/dcwT4k0Y16U Any ideas? Thank you!
  10. Like so. My Atari 2600 had really bad RF out. Way 'snowier' than normal so I figured it was probably just the RF circuit so why not mod it. Results are striking. Well worth the effort (",) It uses a 'daughterboard' that someone local to me gave me to try out. You can see it in the second pic, sitting next to the original RF unit, just above where the original coax connected o the motherboard. My model had the coax permanently attached. I used an old cable I had lying around, but I have ordered an aftermarket gamecube s-video cable. This has a round cross section. It will be thicker than the original but will still look the part, and it means I don;t have to do any drilling
  11. Atari 2600 $99 12 games, two joysticks, high quality s-video and RCA cables. games. $99 Games that are included with the system are Donkey Kong Jr Midnight Magic Mouse Trap Solaris Moon Patrol Ms. Pacman Centipede Galaxian Frogger Q*bert The Empire Strikes Back Popeye Games ($8 min) Games arranged by rarity (feel free to make any offers )
  12. I knocked another project off the list today by finishing up my 7800 s-video mod. I also recapped it and added RCA AV jacks. I bought longhornengineer's video board on eBay and highly, highly recommend buying from them. The s-video quality is absolutely superb. It's crisp and colorful, and still glows with that original warmth. The 7800 went from being the absolute worst video quality of any console I own, to nearly the top of the list. So far I've only been able to test it plugged straight to my TV, and it will improve when I'm able to run it through my Extron DVS-204 to a T-SLG. The mono audio is also excellent, but the composite video is nowhere near as good as s-video. Both are a huge improvement over RF obviously. I mounted the AV jacks on the back of the console, which is something I hadn't seen done before. If you go this route, make sure to get the exact s-video jack that I used. There isn't enough space inside that area for standard s-video jacks.
  13. Hey guys! I want a Sega Saturn. It has to be a model 1. There aren't many stores here that sell retro gaming things. I'm not too concerned about the glossy black finish. That's okay. I don't, however, want a system with DEEP scratches or broken pieces off of it. On Hold Back up and still looking and waiting. Found!
  14. I'm having problems getting the ElectronicSentimentalities s-video mod to work with 4 switchers. Tried three mod boards on three different 4 switch boards ( two rev. 14 and one 16). Put one of the mod boards on a jr and it worked great. All the same problems, no composite / greyed s-video and neither of the adjustment pots did any thing. That was with a 74HC4050E, if I swap out to a 4050be it kinda of works, but I'll get a lightly discolored bar on the right 3rd of the screen. One of the rev. 14 i replaced the 7805, electrolytic caps, the c241 and the power jack. I'm using new Atari power adapters from best. So the main boards should be ruled out, I doubt three bad tia chips, the rf output worked good on all the boards. Check the install instructions from both ElectronicSentimentalities and lonhorn site. Just says to pull 4 pins on the tia ( solder to those) and solder the rest directly to the tia. I've triple checked my install each time. This is driving my nuts. I don't want bother the guy at ElectronicSentimentalities, the site says he put his work on hold due to his wife having Lymphoma. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  15. Alright, so I got this really awesome 3D LED tv (Vizio Razor M3D460SR) but since it's so thin or something they combined the AV input with the Component1 plugs (green is shared with the yellow composite plug) and Component2 with the VGA input (works with a VGA to component passthrough cable and an RCA to 3.5mm stereo cable). Is there anyone with really awesome video ciruitry skills that can help devise a custom external device to combat this? Wishful thinking: A) S-Video to Component circuit - Doesn't need to upscale past 480i, but I'd like to keep the quality improvement from the S-Video connector instead of going S-Video -> RCA Composite A-2) Composite to Component if A) is possible (for 3) below) B) Some form of automatic switching between sources Realistic goals / options 1) Input 1: Component + RCA Left/Right, Input 2: VGA Computer + 3.5mm Stereo, Output: VGA connector + 3.5mm Stereo In other words, make a switch for a VGA -> Component passthrough and a normal VGA source. There's no conversion from Component to an actual VGA signal, the tv supports and has been tested with a Component to VGA cable. 2) Input: Component (Green, Blue, and Red plugs), Composite (Yellow), Output: Green, Blue, White Explanation: A switch that cuts off Red and Blue when set to Composite, Yellow gets forwarded to Green. I've got an automatic switchbox that only outputs one set of RCA audio cables for both component and composite, so that's why that's not included. 3) Assuming A): Input 1: S-Video + RCA Left/Right, Input 2: Composite + RCA Left/Right, Input 3: Component + RCA Left/Right, Input 4: VGA + 3.5mm Stereo, Output: VGA connector + 3.5mm Stereo On Input 2: Left mono to Stereo when Right In connector has no signal VGA passthrough switch as in 1) Assuming B) as well: If there is a signal on Input 4, leave it on 4 unless manually switched. If there is no signal, switch to VGA -> Component passthrough For inputs 1, 2, and 3 switch to the input that has received a signal last. ie: Input 1 is on, input 3 is turned on switch to input 3, input 2 is turned on switch to input 2. (same function as the switch box I have now)
  16. Hello: I'm tired of passing the signal from my Atari 2600 through a VCR, setting the monitor to the correct channel, and then enduring the lousy image from the RF cable. I would like to buy an Atari 2600 Jr console with the S-Video and Composite video mod, like the one Electronic Sentimentalities sells. I sent him an email on December 20, 2015, and he hasn't answered yet. The email didn't bounce, so he got it. Would he be able to see my message here? Or would somebody else be able to provide the same service? I want to buy specifically the Atari 2600 Jr because it is the smallest fully compatible console. I presume I will be able to use the Harmony Cart with the modded console without problems. I will buy that after I buy the console. Thank you.
  17. Hello, I'm looking to solve an issue I am having with my Atari 800. I bought an S-Video cable years ago off of eBay. It produces crisp video on my Atari 800, but the colors seem off. Additionally, bright colors seem to produce a ghosting effect. Please see my attached screenshot of River Raid. I'll also include a screenshot of Basic to show how characters look (A, M, N, and W in particular). Any thoughts on what the problem is? With an RCA cable, I don't get the ghosting effect, but the colors still seem off. I have an 800XL and the colors look fine with this cable. It's been years since I've used these systems, and I never looked closely at the video output until now. EDIT: In Basic, lowering the luminance of the text seems to help with the ghosting issue. Is there any way I can fix this at a hardware level? Thanks in advance!
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