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Found 31 results

  1. As I blogged about earlier, Panzer Dragoon Remake made me want to hook up the Saturn again to play though the original. Now I'm mostly working on Panzer Dragoon Zwei, which is one of my favorite Saturn titles. I am up to level 6 which is the assault on the huge flying imperial ship. I died at the boss fight, so I'll try it again next time - this game allows a Save End option to continue later. It has been so long since I had played Zwei, that I keep getting killed off. I don't remember the strategies or patterns, and that makes the game a lot of fun all over again. In fact almost all the levels killed me off at least once. Level 5 (I think) where you battle in the high-up snowy skies killed me the most so far. I finally remembered the secret to beating the boss - have enough health of course, but also don't lock-on at all because his rotating shield blocks all missiles. Just keep following him and button-mash fire at him until he's gone. I also popped in my Williams' arcade classics disc and enjoyed a round of Bubbles, Defender, and Robotron. For Robotron I have to angle my controller a bit because the firing buttons aren't laid out in a perfect diamond. for Up/Down/Left/Right shooting, but I adjust pretty quickly. Love using the Saturn japanese pad for gaming. I didn't even have to take a carpal-tunnel-syndrome break like I often have to with other controllers (my hands go numb). Maybe next time I fire up the Saturn, I'll finally beat all of Zwei and open Pandora's Box.
  2. Hey everyone! I have the following for sale: Saturn (model 1) Alien Trilogy (disc only) 2 controllers,(one has the cable repaired) Saturn Action Replay 4M Plus, black S-video/composite cable A/V to SCART RF TV box $110 plus shipping. Please feel free to PM me with questions or comments. Thanks for looking!
  3. Well I saved the Saturn and below I did the video on how I went about replacing the laser. I did not go into too much troubleshooting info since I did swap assemblies with another unit. I had to justify the failed laser but just in case anyone encounters similar problems maybe this will help out. Comments are welcome. SAVE THE SATURN!
  4. All prices are before shipping. PayPal friends and family is preferred but I will take goods and services - you will cover the additional fee if you choose that method. All pictures are at the bottom of the post, please check those for item condition . Ask any questions and buy my stuff! I want this out of my house! I try to price my stuff to move so please PM if you think something is too high and we can discuss. Systems: Retron 1 - CIB $10 -system has been tested with a few games all loaded fine and played fine - I used my original NES controllers so controllers are still in shrink wrap and never used. Game Gear - 8 Sega Brand game protectors $ 4 - Free with any order of $15 or more just mention it when PM me. Dreamcast - All dreamcast games for $10 - Crazy taxi (disc only) - $4 - Tony Hawk Pro Skater - Disc and manual $ 4 - NFL2K CIB - $3 - NFL2K2 CIB - $3 Saturn - Space Jam Disc and back case insert only -$4 NES - Sesame Street 123 $3 INTV All carts for $1 each (All tested and loaded up) - Carnival x2 - DK - label is complete but has fallen off - Space Battle - Bowling - Math Fun Manuals and Misc. - All $2 each - everything for $6 N64 - NHL Breakaway 98 - Rugrats in Paris the Movie - Zelda: Majora's Mask - rough condition Atari 2600 - Canyon Bomber 7800 - Game pack in poster
  5. Hardware Legacy engineering USB Atari Joystick, £5 Commodore C64c Power supply. working £8 Commodore 1541 drive, tested+working, no leads £20 Atari 810 drive, boxed, Super Archiver fitted, tested and works great £90 (no PSU) Atari 1050, boxed, tested and working, £35 (no psu) Atari 1050, tested and working £20 Atari XEGS, Boxed, complete with polys etc £70 Sic! cart 4m £12 Atari 2600 light 6'er, tatty box, PSU,games,sticks £30 Sega Megadrive 2, 2 controllers, 3 games £10 Software Antic magazines, on 3 Discs pdf's and .atr's £10 A.N.A.L.O.G.magazines on 2 Discs pdf's and .atr's £10 Kolony 2106 boxed set £10
  6. A video of my sega ntsc us collection. i showed them by there release dates. www.thevideogamecollector.com
  7. So my question is does the Memory Card Plus by Interact also make the saturn region free? I know the fatter one that supposedly harms the cart slot does but this is the thinner easy fit version. (I have no idea how to describe the difference,lol)
  8. UPDATED 9/22/18: 100% on Racketboy (RB) forum, +48 RB overall, Link to Racketboy Feedback +31 listed in RB BST Transaction OP, additional +17 not yet totaled in OP. **TOP 5 RB BSTer FROM 12/2015 TO 3/2017 Link** 100% on Atari Age (AA), +13, Link to AA Feedback 100% feedback on ebay, 335 positive,Link to ebay feedback All Current Auctions: N.A. Items up on ebay. My main page: m15granger ebay Home - link
  9. Anna helps come up with domestic & import Sega Saturn Hidden Gems for Game collectors. Games Shown: Astal Magical Knight Rayearth Temptest 2000 Clockwork Knight 1 + 2 Necronomicon Metal Slug Soukyugurentai Otokuyo Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire Pocket Fighter Manx TT We're having trouble coming up with reasonably priced Saturn IMPORTS for part two. Suggestions?
  10. Zsuttle

    Sega Saturn

    From the album: Consoles

  11. Cafeman

    Me and Saturn

    I loaded Shinobi Legions and have been relearning it for that past 2 nights. I have not played it for a LONG TIME. Probably not for 10 years or more. Quick take: it is pretty awesome and fun! Its funny to me, I remember taking note of the game's load times when it was new. Well , compared to Genesis cartridge gaming, yes there are some load times, but after playing modern games for so many years, Shinobi Legions' load times now seem negligible to me! The game is more fun, with better control, than I had thought. But last night, it locked up on the first boss. Then no disc would load - it appeared my Saturn would not spin the disc anymore or something. Was the laser gone? Did some mechanical doodad finally wear out? So I unplugged it, shot high pressure component-cleaning air into it, and then turned it upside down and did it again. BANG my Saturn was working fine again. Not sure how or why. I have been relearning patterns and subtleties of gameplay. This Shinobi plays differently than the Genesis games, even the ninja powers aren't accessible in the same way as before. There are different sword swipes you can pull off - press up + button, or up/right diagonal + button, or forward with button .. all different swipes. The animation is very good and overall its quite fun ... and HARD. I got to the boss on the mountaintop , after climbing hand-over-hand on vines and killing massive snakes and avoiding cannons. I can't remember if I ever got past this level or not, its like a new game that I've never played before. The in-game music is excellent. And although I used to mock the FMV's, I now find them very entertaining in a 'cheaply made' bad sense, and yet there are a few surprises in the cut scenes. One of them is when all the ninjas and a girl actually jump / spectacularly dive off a cliff into the sea - with real people! The cliff looks to be over 20 feet high!
  12. Help me pay off debt sale (or contribute to a nice little MAME machine) Here's the following I have for sale: Sega Saturn (model 1) 2 Controllers Sega brand (has been fixed with electrical tape) High Frequency brand 2 Games: Virtua Fighter Remix Alien Trilogy (jewel case) A/V set Composite and s-video cable Scart Cable Power Cord Saturn.mp4 Asking $95 shipped Feel free to PM me with any questions or suggestions.
  13. Now before I go any further, let me actually this: I am NOT talking about a Saturn mini the way we have w/ PS1 Mini or SNES Mini. I truly adore Sega's systems (except maybe the 32X, but even that has Tempo and Virtua Racing Deluxe) and think the Saturn's both a marvelous platform AND is finally starting to pick up some mass-market awareness....but I don't think a Saturn Mini would sell enough to justify the production costs. Basically, knowing the Saturn itself only did about 9-10 million LTD, and knowing these Minis aren't selling anywhere near the volume of their original runs anyway...I just don't see a $100 Saturn Mini doing like 1 million (maybe more if lucky) would justify the costs. That having been said, I think there's room for Sega to do something genuinely interesting. Let's be real here; these Minis have a pretty big deficit against mini-PCs; yeah the mini-PCs don't necessarily look all that good (Dreamcade Replay anyone?), but for the price of a PS1 Mini, w/ a Dreamcade you're at least getting a much better CPU and iGPU, so if you hack them, you can run games from later platforms relatively easily. However, mini-PCs are staunchly non-upgradable, aside from maybe expanding their internal storage. Once you get them, you're stuck with what's there, and if you need more power, you'd either buy the latest mini-PC or just get a refurbished desktop PC (or if you're willing to splurge, build a gaming PC from the ground-up). This is where I see Sega and whoever they partnered with, have a good opportunity. They already have embraced porting lots of games on PC, and Steam support for MegaDrive is amazing. They've embraced mods and the Workshop feature is a stroke of genius. I honestly doubt they could do anything in a closed-off "Saturn Mini" that could approach that level of flexibility and reliability, without strong compromises. So what I'm suggesting is that maybe Sega look into selling something like a mini-PC Saturn-inspired replica system case, have a populated motherboard with expandable RAM, CPU options, internal storage, a Saturn-style top loading disc drive (but obviously much faster than regular Saturn disc speed reads), maybe even pack in a Retro-Bit controller. The user would have to supply their own CPU, RAM, extended storage etc. but it has the usual things onboard like ethernet port, USB ports, a microSD slot, SATA III connector, maybe even a PCIe port or two built on the underside (or a Thunderbolt port for external GPU hubs). Maybe they can provide a few Saturn games pre-installed on internal NAND the user can then transfer to extended storage, and put a licensed version of something like Medafen on NOR Flash so it can execute from there effortlessly. Since the user is providing the big components (power supply, CPU, RAM, storage etc.) it'd essentially be like building a custom PC, but in a mini-PC form, targeted at Saturn fans whom, let's be honest, tend to already be more of the hardcore types and aren't probably shy about messing around w/ PCs given all the bs you had to do in the past to get stuff like Saturn and Model 3 running decently on systems of the past. They could easily come in at a great BOM and still sell for say $99-$120 (if the controller would add too much, then make a version w/ a pack-in controller and one without). That would mean a motherboard probably not spec'd for the most demanding i9s or Threadrippers, but those people are likely going to want to build something of a beast in a full-tower case. I'm just talking something that can support the affordable x86/x86-64 CPUs of the moment, support maybe lithium li-on battery (bonus points for being rechargeable and playable w/o being plugged in, saving on yet another power plug if the user'd want), and most of all nailing the Saturn aesthetic and feel, at an affordable price to those looking to jump in on building say a low-or-mid-spec'd PC in a mini form factor (or add a eGPU through Thunderbolt or a PCIe GPU if they want more power, both of them would require their own power supply however). Really interested to hear what you guys think; mini-PCs are only going to become more prolific as time goes on, but there'll always be power players who want the advantages of customization desktop and even laptop PCs offer. Something marrying them both, especially in a design inspired by a game console, could be a game-changer and it'd effectively be a perfect bridge between the mini consoles, mini PCs, and deskop or custom PCs.
  14. I actually love the Saturn(see my name!). Though I don't have many games for it. I only have like 8 games. I was wondering if anyone wanted to recommend some great Saturn games.... though American\ntsc only as I don't have action replay yet! To help you, here are a few games I have so far: NBA live 98 Madden NFL 98 SimCity 2000 Myst Virtual fighter 2 Independence day Resident evil Virtual racing Any suggestions on games? If you even have any Saturn games your looking to trade, I have a few things I could trade as well: Genesis model 2 + hookups(no games) Virtua Fighter(32x) Golf(32x) + manual Virtua Racing(32x) Genesis games: After Burner 2 + box Primal Rage Addams Family Wheel of fortune + manual + box Winter Olympic games + manual + box James bond 007 + box + manual NFL 95 + box + manual The Lion King + manual + box Jurassic park + manual + box Sonic 2 Game Genie
  15. Austin


    Ah, screw it.. I just found out I can get more for what's left by trading them in to the independent gaming store locally than I would by selling them here, haha. Consider everything that was left to be gone!
  16. Hi all, I've got some games to sell or trade. I am looking for Gamecube games and a few NES game (want list at the bottom). Shipping is at cost. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for looking! DS SOLD Chrono Tigger (complete) $5 SOLD Game & Watch Collection (complete) $15 SEGA CD SOLD System Model 2 (with Power cable) $30 SOLD Backup Ram Cart (loose) $20 SOLD Konami Lightgun $10 SOLD Mickey Mania (complete) $10 SOLD Panic! (complete) $10 SOLD Popful Mail (complete) $150 SOLD Snatcher (complete) $250 ATARI 2600 SOLD Chopper Command $1 SOLD Enduro $1 SOLD Megamania $1 SOLD Starmaster $1 ATARI 7800 HOLD Centipede (a little beat up but works) $1 Dreamcast HOLD LOK:Soul Reaver (complete) $10 SOLD Rayman 2 (with case and only the front cover of the manual) $10 SOLD Sword of the Berserk (complete) $10 SOLD Worms Armageddon (complete) $10 PlayStation HOLD Gran Turismo 2 (complete) $2.50 HOLD Tomb Raider (complete) $2.50 HOLD Wipeout XL (complete) $2.50 PS2 HOLD The Getaway (complete) $5 SOLD Odin Sphere (complete) $5 SOLD Silent Hill 2: GH (complete) $5 PS4 HOLD Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag (complete) $5 SOLD Dirt Rally (complete) $10 SEGA SATURN SOLD Grid Runner (complete) $5 XBOX 360 SOLD Dirt 2 (complete) $3 HOLD Dirt 3 Complete Edition (complete) $20 HOLD Fallout 3 (complete) $3 SOLD Midway Arcade Origins (complete) $3 SOLD Dodonpachi Resurrection: Deluxe Edition (UK, complete) $25 WANT LIST Gamecube (with case and manual) Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Enter the Matrix F-Zero GX Gauntlet Dark Legacy Lego Star Wars Lego Star Wars II Luigi's Mansion Mario Party 4 Mario Party 5 Pikmin Pikmin 2 Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Rampage: Total Destruction Resident Evil 4 Skies of Arcadia Sonic Heroes SSX 3 Star Wars Clone Wars Star Wars Rogue Leader Star Wars Rebel Strike Super Mario Sunshine Super Monkeyball 2 Viewtiful Joe Viewtiful Joe 2 NES (cart only is fine) Gumshoe Hogan's Alley Ms. Pac-man (Tengen) Pro Wrestling N64 (cart only is fine) Goldeneye Mario Kart 64
  17. Hey guys! I want a Sega Saturn. It has to be a model 1. There aren't many stores here that sell retro gaming things. I'm not too concerned about the glossy black finish. That's okay. I don't, however, want a system with DEEP scratches or broken pieces off of it. On Hold Back up and still looking and waiting. Found!
  18. Alright like I need another Saturn ( counts the 6 sitting on the shelf) but I need a Japanese one. I would prefer it to be working but I can replace lasers easy enough so if it does not read disks I will keep that open. I am willing to buy it or trade for it in case I might have something to trade (stares at spare 6 Sega Saturns on the shelf). If anyone has one they would be wiling to part with message me please. Thanks
  19. I'm looking for a good condition complete Guardian Heroes for Saturn. Must be complete. Case condition can vary, but that does change what I'd be willing to pay or trade. Trade is preferred though. If you are looking to trade, I have plenty of things I would be willing to trade. Just let me know what kind of stuff you're looking for. Other Saturn games I want are: -Bust a Move 2 and 3 -Super Puzzle Fighter -Skeleton Warriors I'm looking for some Wii U games. Must be complete and in good shape. -Game & Wario -Injustice Gods Among Us -Resident Evil Revelations -Sniper Elite V2 -Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed I would consider trading, if you prefer, just let me know what you're looking for! Thanks
  20. I just bought a Psuedo Saturn cartridge and I'm really excited to play some games! I already own: Daytona USA Tetris Plus Wipeout (yes this was also released on Saturn and PC even) Robotica Sonic 3D Blast Sega Rally (some championship edition or something) Virtua Fighter 2 And I've already downloaded archives of these games to burn: Battle Garegga Batsugun Saturn Bomberman Sega Ages - Outrun Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus Radiant Silvergun Darius II Darius Gaiden Sexy Parodius Thunder Force V (mostly shmups and Bomberman, heh kind of like the entirety of my PC Engine collection) My favorite genre is shoot em ups so that's what I'm primarily looking for. I also like racing games and other types of shooters (not looking for FPS games unless it was a console exclusive). I'm like not into JRPGs (the turn-based kind) really, but I do like action RPGs. Note that I do like light gun games as well but I lack a light gun for this system.
  21. From the album: Matt's Vintage Video Games in Wilmington OH

    We specialize in Vintage games. Old School or retro. We have a full line of inventory from Atari to Xbox 360. Systems & Consoles, Wires & Cables, Games, Guides, T-shirts and more. Stop in and see us at Caesars Creek Flea Market in Wilmington OH. Open 9 to 5 on Sat. & Sun.
  22. Austin


    Well guys, I think I am going to wrap things up here. I've got some back problems and will be out of work for the next week as a result, and I want to minimize trips to the post office. I don't think anything left is going to sell anyway. So, thanks to everyone that helped out! It's been a crazy-busy week for shipping stuff out.
  23. I'm looking to buy a Saturn SVIDEO cable, a Dreamcast SVIDEO cable, and a Dreamcast VGA cable. I'm not too picky; I'll take a Pelican or Performance brand; anything. If the cable sucks, I'll rip it apart and make my own from the console-side connector. Other things I may be interested in if you have them: SVIDEO/Composite to VGA converter Composite cable for Genesis/Megadrive I Composite cable for Genesis/Megadrive II
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