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Found 16 results

  1. Had a chance to inventory my extra games. All games have been cleaned and tested. Please send me a PM if you're interested in a title or five; I'll respond with pricing and if that works on your end, I'll take pictures so you know exactly what you would be receiving. All orders of three or more games will ship for free in the US! Here's what I've got available: Intellivision Sealed Astrosmash Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack NFL Football Space Battle SOLD Complete in Box Armor Battle Astrosmash Astrosmash (Sears) SOLD Backgammon SOLD Beauty and the Beast (cart not working) Bowling (Intellivision Inc.) SOLD Bowling (Canadian Version) SOLD Boxing Boxing (Canadian Version) SOLD Demon Attack (with Activision tray) Football (Sears) *missing overlays and manual, but includes playbook* SOLD Golf (Sears) *missing one overlay* SOLD Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack (Sears) Las Vegas Roulette (Intellivision Inc.) SOLD Major League Baseball Maze-A-Tron (Intellivision Inc.) SOLD NBA Basketball (x2) NFL Football PGA Golf Sea Battle (Canadian Version) SOLD Skiing (Canadian Version) SOLD Space Battle x2 Space Hawk (Canadian Version) SOLD Star Strike Sub Hunt Tennis *NO GAME* Tower of Doom SOLD Triple Action Utopia (missing manual) Cart Only Armor Battle (minor cosmetic damage) Beamrider SOLD Microsurgeon Pac-Man (Atarisoft) Pitfall! Triple Action (minor cosmetic damage) Worm Whomper Manuals Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Basketball (Sears) SOLD Dig Dug Ice Trek (rough shape) Lady Bug (rough shape) Mattel Intellivision games booklet Soccer (Sears) Space Battle Tron Solar Sailer Genesis Complete in Box Barney's Hide & Seek Game Risk Box + cart Side Pocket Sports Talk Baseball (missing cover art on box) Cart only Beauty and the Beast: Roar of the Beast Ecco the Dolphin John Madden Football 92 Jurassic Park Lethal Enforcers Lion King Madden 97 Madden 98 NBA Showdown 94 PGA Tour 96 x2 Sonic & Knuckles ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron Triple Score World of Illusion Starring Disney's Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck X-Men 2: Clone Wars Sega 32X Kolibri cart + repro case SOLD Sega CD NFL's Greatest: San Francisco vs. Dallas (CIB) SOLD
  2. Clearing out my Sega spares! Shoot me a PM and we can discuss pricing and I can get pictures your way. Want the whole lot? Great. Want one game? That's fine, too. Game Gear (all cart-only) Caesar's Palace The Chessmaster Desert Speedtrap Starring Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote SOLD NFL '95 Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Super Columns Genesis Complete in Box Arch Rivals SOLD Battlemaster SOLD Cyborg Justice SOLD Barney's Hide & Seek Game Bulls vs. Lakers and the NBA Playoffs SOLD Hard Drivin' SOLD The Immortal SOLD The Lion King SOLD Madden '94 SOLD NHL '94 SOLD Olympic Gold SOLD Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures SOLD PGA Tour Golf II SOLD Risk Sonic 1 SOLD Sonic 2 Tecmo Super Bowl SOLD Box + Game Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun SOLD Marvel Land NHL '94 (Limited Edition - First Run) SOLD Side Pocket Sonic 3 Sports Talk Baseball (box art is missing from case) Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition SOLD Cart-Only Beauty and the Beast: Roar of the Beast Desert Strike Ecco the Dolphin Ecco: The Tides of Time SOLD Game Genie Genesis 6-Pak John Madden Football '92 Jurassic Park Lethal Enforcers The Lion King (x2) Madden '97 Madden '98 Mario Lemieux Hockey Menacer (x2) NBA Showdown '94 Outrun 2019 SOLD Pebble Beach Golf Links PGA Tour '96 (x2) Sonic 1 SOLD Sonic 2 SOLD Sonic & Knuckles Sonic Spinball Streets of Rage 2 SOLD Strider SOLD Toejam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron Tommy Lasorda Baseball SOLD Triple Score World of Illusion Starring Disney's Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck World Series Baseball X-Men 2: Clone Wars Cart-Only "Made in Mexico" Cart Variants (May not fit in Genesis Model 1 consoles) Arcade Classics SOLD Championship Pro-Am SOLD Champions World Class Soccer SOLD Clue SOLD Demolition Man SOLD Genesis 6-Pak SOLD Jungle Strike SOLD Jurassic Park SOLD Monopoly SOLD Paperboy SOLD Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure SOLD Risk: The World Conquest Game SOLD Sonic ClassicsSOLD Super BattleshipSOLD Tournament Fighters SOLD Vectorman 2 SOLD Wheel of Fortune SOLD Finally, I have a few Sega CD spares: Cliffhanger (CIB) SOLD FIFA International Soccer (disc-only) SOLD NFL's Greatest San Francisco vs. Dallas (CIB)
  3. Looking at getting an everdrive. I see the latest will play Genesis, SMS, and 32x games. Is there a version that will do Sega CD games?
  4. I recently discovered the Sega CD. Yeah, I'm a bit late to the party, I know! Can anyone recommend some great games for it? Thanks!!
  5. Hey all, selling off this batch. They are all largely in great to near mint condition, but I detailed any seen flaws below: Valkyrie Profile (PS1) - Two stress cracks on back, no manual, light surface scratches on disc 1. ($115) Fatal Fury Special (SCD) - Light crack on front case ($190) Mystaria: The Realms of Lore (SAT) - Cracked spine/hinge, no foam insert. ($55) Keio Flying Squadron (SCD) - Light fold in top corner of spine card. Comes with pictured case protector. ($1400) Please PM if interested. Offers can be negotiated, but cash is preferable. I'm based in DC and prefer local buyers. In the case of Keio, I am only taking local buyers until further notice. I'll update as items are sold. Thanks and happy holidays!
  6. I found out that a Japanese Mega CD RAM Cart will work in a US Genesis (https://bit.ly/2UbVLlN) so I ordered one from eBay much cheaper than an original US or a Stone Age Gamer version. I did have a few questions if anyone may have a similar setup 1. I have a 32x plugged into my Genesis. Does the 32x have the same plastic notches in it the prevent loading a foreign cart like the Genesis does? 2. Can the Mega CD RAM cart be de-cased and either used without the plastic casing or placed into an empty Genesis case? 3. I know a Game Genie can be used to make the Japanese cartridge fit but I don't know if a code needs to be used to make it work. I don't think it does but just asking. If I get this working as I think it should, the savings for this Japanese RAM cartridge are quite considerable.
  7. Austin


    Ah, screw it.. I just found out I can get more for what's left by trading them in to the independent gaming store locally than I would by selling them here, haha. Consider everything that was left to be gone!
  8. Interior, crocodile alligator. Mistah MegaManFan is an Iron Helix hater.
  9. Hey everybody, I have about 60 games listed for the systems in the title. The games are mostly complete or factory sealed and there are some real finds included. All auction-style listings start at $.99 with cheap and combined worldwide shipping. Here's the link: https://www.ebay.com/sch/nebrazca78/m.html?item=133421890332&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Thanks! [ebayseller]nebrazca78[/ebayseller]
  10. Who needs a Sega Mega Mouse? They seem to be getting harder to locate these days. I've got one in full working condition that is paired with a Mega Mouse compatible game, Fun 'n' Games. Mega Mouse works with compatible Sega Genesis and Sega CD games. Please see pictures for exact condition. Will ship in a box for added protection. Asking $30 shipped OBO. Please send me a PM with any questions or to purchase. Thanks.
  11. I'm ready-ish to part with my JVC X'Eye, which is in perfect functional condition. Reads both CDs and carts without problems. You'll get a demo shortly. Here's what you get: X'Eye console Controller extension cable 8Bitdo M30 2.4G wireless controller RetroGameCave X'Eye power supply Insurrection Industries Genesis model 2 SCART cable Obviously this is the earlier production run with RGB included. Other than the CD door being partly obstructed, that means this system is compatible with the 32X. There are some scratches on the CD lid. I tried to capture them on camera. They're mostly over the Compact Disc logo on the lid, which is where it domes upward. Has a new battery backup for the internal RAM. The reason for the controller extension is that the port molding on the front of the unit doesn't accommodate 8Bitdo's wireless receivers very well - they fit and they work, but they're loose. This is not a problem for original Sega controllers or the extension. It's because the receiver's housing is just a little bigger than JVC made room for. Not a big deal. Asking $270 shipped in the US. Also have a Mega Everdrive X5. Works great as a SegaCD backup RAM cart, among...other uses. Includes a 32 GB micro SD card. $60 shipped in the US. Buy them both and I'll knock $10 off the Everdrive. X'Eye: Mega Everdrive X5: Demonstrating both - reading the cart as a RAM cart and reading a CD-R of Shining Force CD.
  12. Looking for both of the Model 2 laser assemblies. The lasers don't need to work - I just need the assemblies with drives that spin up. I need both the JVC Optima-6 assembly, and the Sony KSS-210A drive assembly. If anyone has a Sega CD that won't read disks, but the motor DOES spin. Please PM me.
  13. OK so i have a few items I'd love to re-home and I know there's a collector somewhere here. PICS BELOW (most). All items tested. SHIPPING INCLUDED (w/ tracking) IN PRICE FOR U.S. residents. I will ship to Canada for an additional charge...All i'm asking is fees paid via PP, ty. SNES: Super Castlevania IV (cart + manual) $56. SOLD Contra III (cart + manual) $55 SOLD Sunset Riders (C/B w/ all inserts) $172 SOLD Super Bomberman (cart) WITH Hudson Multitap $72 SOLD Wolfenstein 3D (cart) $38 TRADED PS1: Castlevania Symphony of the Night WITH OFFICIAL BRADY GUIDE BOOK $75 SOLD SATURN: Three Dirty Dwarves (cib) $95 SOLD Die Hard Arcade (cib) $75 TRADED SEGA CD: Sonic CD (cib vg) $30 Heimdall (CIB) $30 SEGA GENESIS: Pirates of Dark Water (C/B) $40 NEO GEO POCKET COLOR: (all cart w/ case) $15/ea or 3/$40 Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999 Fatal Fury: First Contact King of Fighters R-2 GAMECUBE/Wii/DS: Pokemon Colosseum (cib) $45 SOLD Pokemon Battle Revolution (Wii) NEW $75 Mario Party 4 (cib) $34 My World, My Way (cart) $25 Misc: Dragon Warrior IV Map/Chart (nes) $30 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual by Gary Gygax (book) $25
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