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Found 32 results

  1. Physical release of the Double Symbol game for Sega Genesis and Mega Drive. Complete in Box with Manual and color card. The price per copy is $ 25 (+ $ 10 shipping). PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, Web Money, Qiwi ROM is available for download.
  2. When I was recording these games I was surprised by how well some translated to an 8 bit system such as Mortal Kombat & Road Rash, while others probably should not have been released like Altered Beast. What are some of your favorite ports between Sega cartridge consoles? Here is every game compared in 1 video: Here is each game individually:
  3. I think they were pricing it like it was loose, not complete!
  4. Metal Blast 2277 - comics style Run'n'Gun (+ side-scrolling shooter) for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. 2277 year. Space Invaders. One hero! Advance your character by eliminating the enemies which appear. Finish off the boss at the end of each stage to clear it and advance to the next level. Taking a hit from your enemies will kill your character. If you run out of lives, the game ends. Video:
  5. One of the weirdest games to ever be featured on Genesis Does... and not because of the game itself!
  6. Amazon drop kicked it all the way to my door. Literally!
  7. You may want one of these before the Genesis Mini comes out.
  8. I freely admit this episode is all over the place.
  9. Hi everyone, I have some money to spend on a system this month and I'm interested in getting some of the classic ones. I saw that someone nearby is selling a Sega Genesis Model 2 for little to next to nothing and apparently it's the real thing. I'm saying that because I live in a country where the Sega Genesis is one of the most pirated consoles ever (I live in Argentina), so I want to ask a couple of questions before actually buying it just to double check I don't have to return it. The person selling it only has the system, so that means: no power supply, no composite cable and no controllers. Are the power supply and composite generic? What I mean is, can I go to an electronic store and just buy those things or are they specific to the Sega Genesis. I do have a new controller someone gave to me years and years ago, so that's not a problem. And finally, no games. I have no real experience with the Genesis, so can you recommend at least one or two cheap games I can get to test the system? I only know the well-known games like Sonic, Phantasy Star and Contra: Hard Corps, but some of those can get extremely expensive. Do you think getting repro carts for some of those games is worth it? Because I can get those for pretty much nothing. Here are the pictures the seller posted. I want to say thanks in advance. It's always extremely exciting to get a new system, but I have to say I don't have that much experience with Sega systems and I really feel like I'm missing out. Really, thanks guys.
  10. This game SHOULD have been fun and COULD have been fun... but it's not. 8 PM ET!!
  11. Too far ahead of its time!
  12. I’m now 80 subscribers away from 1,000!
  13. Until the Wii Virtual Console, you couldn't play this on Nintendo!
  14. List (Google Docs Spreadsheet) There's lists for other systems in there as well, but currently just after the ones in the title. Paypal only. Be sure to include pics of your offers. I need front, top, and back label shots.
  15. I shared a status update, but I want everybody to have a chance to get these! https://shop.hdretrovision.com/collections/component-cables They are excellent component cables and while seemingly expensive, I can confirm they work great! Be sure to do their 240p test on your TV before ordering, or you'll be disappointed... http://www.hdretrovision.com/240p
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0p3zksQlFSQ I love X-men games, but this one has always been my favorite. The video is some highlights from our playthrough, but watch the whole thing if you want. I really wish Gambit had a better jump...he would have been my main throughout the game. Oddly enough, when I talk about this game, not many people have an idea of what i'm talking about. The ability to play as Magneto blew my damn mind as a kid. Safe to say I never made it to the end of the game as a kid either. Thanks for watching! -Jared from Player Ready
  17. I am having difficutly. My genesis will power on and I can barely see the words as they scroll. It is black screen with wavy white bars and sometimes it is all distorted. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks!
  18. EDIT: ALL GONE. THANKS! EDIT: LOWER PRICES Hello all, I have the following items for sale. Shipping will be extra and at cost and I use priority mail in the US. PM me if you want anything, and thanks for looking. [Atari 2600] Boxed and Signed Stunt Cycle from Philly Classic 3 #10/50 BEST OFFER ON HOLD [XBox One] Halo 5 sealed $20 SOLD [Vectrex] Vectopia complete $20 SOLD -------- Everything below is NOW $4 Each -------- [Atari 2600] Slik Stik Joystick Slik Stik Joystick Wico Command Controller [Commodore 64] Access The LipStik Plus Headset - Voice Activated Fire Button Suncom Animation Station Graphics Tablet (untested, was working when last used) Commodore 1530 C2N Datasette Tape Drive (untested, was working when last used) SOLD [sega Genesis] Sega Four Player Multi-tap [Atari 5200] Atari Trackball (non working) Most of the buttons work, but the trackball itself, while moving fine, doesn't send any data to the console. SOLD [Amiga] 520 TV Adapter SOLD Master 3A1 3rd Party External Floppy Drive (presumed not working, the light came on but my Amiga 2000 could not see the drive last time I checked) SOLD [Xbox 360] Akai Katana (complete) - US version SOLD DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou (complete) - Japan Version but region free SOLD
  19. I recently posted an article on my website about the video game compilations with the most number of games. As you'd expect, most of them feature classic titles from Atari, Activision, Midway and Infocom, but as someone who hasn't played an anthology in a while (I think the last one was probably the Capcom Classics series on the PlayStation Portable,) I was surprised to see that some of them feature dozens upon dozens of games. I leave the link here in case anyone would like to check out and please, any ideas, comments, corrections or feedback in general is more than welcome. Top 10: Massive Video Game Compilations
  20. I’ve accumulated many video game systems over the years, which I’ve finally decided to sell. All gaming systems come with one original controller, A/V cables, and power cord. All systems and controllers were game-tested long enough to play multiple games and are sold “as is.” I’ve priced these systems BELOW the lowest price listed on Amazon and/or local stores. Playstation: $25 (Additional original controllers available for $5 each) PS2 (fat): $50 PS2 (slim): $50 Sega Master System (my personal favorite): Base system (one controller, A/V and power cables): $65 (Additional original controllers available for $5 each) Super Master System (base system + light phasor gun + 3-D glasses and adapter): $120 (lowest price on Amazon for a similar bundle is $185) Sega Genesis (model 1 or 2): $30 (Additional original controllers available for $5 each) Sega Dreamcast (tested over long-term and works great): $45 (Additional original controllers available for $7 each or two for $10) Intellivision: $60 I’ll gladly provide video of the systems working (and with corresponding serial number for proof) to anyone interested. Buyer pays shipping (~$10). Pickup (Cleveland, OH) is welcomed.
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