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Found 6 results

  1. I accept PayPal payments, will ship anywhere in the world at the actual cost of shipping using USPS Priority Mail from area code 60056. Any order over $50 should include the purchase of additional USPS Shipping Insurance... completely up to the buyer.. Check out the pics and PM me if interested in any of the items or you have any questions and please include your zip or postal code so that I can work up the shipping costs.. If you live in my area, we can also work out a meet so as to save on shipping cost. If you have any questions, such as condition of boxes, just ask. I will provide details and time permitting, individual pics. Also, always open for discussion re. pricing or quantity discounts. ADAM Computer Cartridges - $800.00 A collection of 5 incredibly rare ADAM Computer cartridges, 4 of which were obtained years ago from a former Coleco employee and 1 that was supplied on cartridge by Walters Software Co. in 1990. Descriptions of each are provided below as well as multiple pictures. ADAM Diagnostic Cartridge - A diagnostic cartridge used for testing the major components (Memory Console, Digital Data Drive #1, Printer and Keyboard) of the ADAM Computer that was used at Coleco to test systems. It was also supplied to repair centers such as Honeywell and ADAM dealers. In all my years of collecting for the CV & ADAM, I have only seen 2 of these Coleco carts that are original... the computer store/users group that I worked at and this one that I have for sale. There have been reproductions made over the years and they are easily spotted due to an entirely different style of label used. This cartridge probably would have eventually been sold in stores had the ADAM not been discontinued seeing as it is a professionally designed program that uses high-res graphic screens to display all the components of the system while performing the diagnostic tests. The cartridge and original Coleco label are in very good condition. ADAM Final Test - A diagnostic cartridge used for testing the major components (Memory Console, RAM, ROMs, Video, Audio, Digital Data Drive #1 and #2, Hand Controller, Printer and Keyboard) of the ADAM Computer that was used In-House at Coleco and possibly supplied to Honeywell as well. It was acquired in an unlabeled cartridge on an original Coleco socketed cartridge PCB as you can see in the picture. I had a professional looking cartridge label made for it. Most former Coleco employees had this cartridge, but I know of only 2 that still exist aside from a few reproductions that I have seen. ADAM Tape-Disk Verification Rev. 1 - A diagnostic cartridge used to verify the format of Digital Data Packs and Disks that was used In-House at Coleco. It was acquired in an unlabeled cartridge on an original Coleco socketed cartridge PCB as you can see in the picture. I had a professional looking cartridge label made for it. I know of only 2 that still exist. ADAM TaoeUtil Rev. 22 - A utility cartridge used for copying Digital Data Packs and Disks that was used In-House at Coleco. This may have eventually been sold in stores, but Coleco held back such copy utilities. It was acquired in an unlabeled cartridge on an original Coleco socketed cartridge PCB as you can see in the picture. I had a professional looking cartridge label made for it. Most former Coleco employees had this cartridge, but I know of only 2 that still exist aside from a few reproductions that I have seen. Coleco Graphics Processor - Also known as Project Name by Line due to the title screen that is displayed. This is an In-House Coleco graphics design program using SmartKEY displays that is said to have been used to design the graphics for some of the later released ColecoVision games. It is a complete program with saving/loading features and SmartBASIC programs were written to convert the graphic format used to formats that can be used by other ADAM programs such as PowerPaint. The cartridge was made by Walters Software Co. in 1990 and I have seen a handful of originals over the years as well as reproductions made by ADAM's House/eColeco. ColecoVision Cartridges C B M O (C = Cart, B = Box, M = Manual, O = Overlay(s) x x x x 35.00 Cabbage Patch Kids - Picture Show (box is rough) x x x 150.00 DragonFire x x x x 35.00 Front Line x x x 50.00 Roc'N Rope x x x 40.00 Tarzan x x x 35.00 Victory (CBS Software version with the complete game) x x x x 30.00 WarGames x 12.00 B.C. II: Grog's Revenge (B/W Alt. Label) x x x 15.00 Dam Busters, The (Canadian Title Screens) CONTROLLERS, ATTACHMENTS & ACCESSORIES 100.00 Hand Controller (Black Controller) (CIB in Coleco generic shipping box)
  2. My second run arrived today ... THANK YOU! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!
  3. With the SGM 4th run now shipped, I think it is appropriated to start discussing 2018. But first... A big thank you to all the 400 people who pre-ordered the SGM during the 4th run. That totally blew me away, was never expecting that many orders. With that, the SGM installed base has now surpassed 1000 units, which I believe is a pretty amazing for a console that is 35 years old. Had someone told me 35 years ago I was going to create a platform inside a platform, I would have never believed... or ever wrapped my head around it. Even the wildest dreams can sometimes come true, guys... But with great powers come great responsibilities as they say (although I generally prefer to quote Star Trek as my source for wisdom). That means I actually admit game offer has been a little lackluster. I mean, the SGM was supposed to bring the arcade ports home on the ColecoVision, but I don't think that has happened just yet. So let's focus on that next. But first there are some stuff I still need to put behind me, which will hopefully happen from now until mid May. That includes shipping the 50 additional SGMs I have, shipping the 2 color line games I started offering back in December (shipping this week guys), shipping back a couple of replacement SGMs, nameplates for the 2nd run. I also have two additional and probably final color line games that were completed last year but that I still need to offer. Then we get to actual new content for 2018. First one is Donkey Kong. Then I have Pac-Man DX which I completed last year but still have to ship. And hopefully there is one more surprise that I am still not ready to disclose, but hopefully will make a few arcade fans here really happy (it will at least make me happy). Truth be told, last couple of years have worn me out a bit, fighting a couple of very persistent and annoying a**holes, but hopefully the joy of the hobby will get back to me this year. I also miss interacting with people here more, the many friends I made here over the years. That is something I also want to focus this year. The worst part of becoming a publisher is that the volume of things you must take care of crushes some of the spontaneous interaction you have with other fans. It is sometimes hard to avoid, but I will try my best to correct that too. So yeah, let's keep our beloved ColecoVision (or any classic Atari era console for the matter) alive and kicking! EDIT: To do list: - Ship extra 50 SGMs to AtariAge - Ship all color line games (Guardic and Penguin Wars) - Ship nameplates 2nd run - Ship replacement SGMs - Fix Penguin Adventure Opcode Games 2018 release schedule (tentative) - SGM 4th run (shipped) - SGM 4th run addendum release (shipping soon) - Color line Guardic and Penguin Wars (shipping) - Donkey Kong Arcade (TBA) - SGM 5th run (TBA) - Pac-Man DX (TBA) - Gradius rerelease (TBA) - Additional color line games (TBA)
  4. By now I believe most of you are aware about the big drama between Coleco versus this community. We got to the point where I just gave up on hope we can do anything to fix this ( and doesn't involve submitting to their absurd terms), so it is time to move on with what we have. We are in the middle of pre-orders for the 4th run of the Super Game Module. Using the ColecoVision logo is no longer an option, so after a couple of weeks pondering on the matter, I have decided to go with the following name and logo. Packaging will be changed to reflect that. In fact the main reason to chose this particular logo is that, in my view, this is the closest we can get to the original, keep some of same look and feel and still avoid future entanglements. I apologize if this is frustrating for some of you. Believe me, this is frustrating for me as well, but at the same time is beyond my control. Quality will still be the same, and most important, passion is still the same. Pac-Man DX is coming around the same time as the 4th run ships and Donkey Kong will be available later this year. Let's not allow this whole mess destroy our love for the ColecoVision, our enthusiasm and all the fun we always had and some that still to come. Ed
  5. It has been a while since we last posted any news here. Time for some progress updates: SGM 4th run: after some delays, we are almost ready to the start pre-orders for the 4th run of Super Game Module. Please check your emails this weekend as we will be sending a newsletter announcing when the pre-order is open. Packaging will be the same as the 3rd run, but this time around we will be offering a new case color option. In addition to the regular black case, you will also be able to select “clear black” when pre-ordering. Please stay tuned. UPDATE: Pre-order is now open!! https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1066 Pac-Man DX and Donkey Kong: we have Pac-Man DX scheduled to release along the SGM 4th run, with Donkey Kong following later this year. As we shared last year, boxes have been already printed, so we are expecting a far shorter turnover this time around. Penguin Adventure: we are investigating the issue a few people are experiencing with the game. It seems the game will reset on a few ColecoVisions, and we have one of those problematic ColecoVisions coming our way. That will make troubleshooting the problem a lot easier, since we couldn’t reproduce the resets with any of our ColecoVisions. We will keep you posted. Project Prometheus: the design for the first Prometheus board is now complete, and next step is to actually build the prototype(s). However we are running short of money, as we must pay for both parts and the development team, and this phase of the project alone should run over $5,000. In order to finance continued development, we will be selling a few limited collector’s edition games during the next couple of months. First such game is Mouser, a port of a little known arcade game created by UPL in 1983. Mouser is a platform game similar to Donkey Kong in many ways, where you must rescue your cat girlfriend that has been kidnaped by pesky mice. The game has 3 different screens. Only 10 copies will be made available, each copy will be numbered and come in cartridge format with a nicely designed color label by Grazi. Please contact us if you would like to purchase a copy and help us ([email protected]).
  6. Now that SGMs are shipping and more people are going to be looking for games I thought this might be a good thread to start so everyone could list their top favorite SGM games to help out others who might be looking for ones to buy. While I know that not all of them are currently available, I'm hoping that Pixelboy and CollectorVision might consider making another run of their titles if there is enough interest. Here's my favorites.... The Goonies - Team Pixelboy I loved the NES version of this and this one is also awesome as well! This sort of platform/action/adventure game is something that I had always dreamed of having as a kid on the ColecoVision and it's an AWESOME game! Mappy - Team Pixelboy One of my all-time favorite arcade games! While the ColecoVision version is a very, VERY good port it is missing the "bonus levels" but even still I love the game and the rest of it is VERY fun and "plays just like the arcade game." This is one game if I had on the ColecoVision as a kid, I would have seriously played it until the cart broke! Majikazo - Team Pixelboy Inspired by the Namco game "Toy Pop" this original MSX game that was ported to the ColecoVision is a FANTASTIC game! So many levels, puzzles, awesome graphics, music, etc. Again, playing through this game it's hard to believe that a title like this is now available for the ColecoVision! I've already put in quite a few hours into the game and I plan on putting in more! Galaga - CollectorVision Another game I wished I had as a kid and this is a VERY faithful version of the arcade game. Hoping that CollectorVision still has these available because it's a "must have" for anyone that has an SGM! Rally-X - Team Pixelboy I know, I know... I'm a sucker for arcade ports! As someone who was 11 years old in 1981 when Rally-X was released in the arcade I played a LOT of this game! And then I later played it's clone "Radar Rat Race" on the Vic-20 and C-64. Would have loved to have this on the ColecoVision, and now I can! Great arcade port! Honorable Mentions... Mecha-8/Mecha-9 The only reason why these two games aren't in the list above is because you technically *don't need* the SGM to play them, but they are enhanced (sound) by the SGM. In short, you should own these games even if you DON'T have an SGM! Seriously some of the best homebrew games...wait no... because ColecoVision games I've played period! So much fun! Great shooters with awesome graphics, music, sound FX, cut scenes, end level bosses, power ups, etc, etc... Juno First I am listing this here because I'm hoping that it will help convince Eduardo to release this as an actual title instead of a prototype cart release. This was a GREAT Konami arcade game, while with the ColecoVision lacks some of the over-the-top graphic FX, it's a GREAT GAME! Such a fun shooter that is very faithful to the arcade version in terms of gameplay. I think this game deserves to be in more people's hands. What do you say, Eduardo? There you go... My list of favorites. And there are many other really good games (All the ADAM Super Game Ports, Chaos Begins, Kings Valley, etc...) and it was hard to choose a handful, which IMO is a great problem to have! What are YOUR favorite SGM games?
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