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Found 14 results

  1. I’m back with a new homebrew game, where you fend off a viral infection to hopefully build ‘Immunity!’ You play the role of parts of the human immune system, in which you can fling antibodies from a ribosome, and if you neutralize an infecting virus, you can direct a macrophage to gobble it up. But watch out, if any virus finds its way to your cell membrane, it can find a place to latch on, which will increase the viral load and decrease your health! Clear enough viruses from one tissue type and your point of view will switch to another, in the sequence: lung, mucus membrane, bone, muscle, brain, and artery. Within each tissue type, you will find the virus mobility differs, adding challenge to your task. In this demo version of the game, you gain some antibodies each time you clear a virus and additional antibodies each time you clear a tissue type. Completely clear all infecting viruses before you run out of antibodies to win immunity. But if you run out of antibodies with the infection still present, or your health drops to zero, there is a deathly Game Over. Take care lining up antibody shots, as the cell membrane pores continually cycle between being wide open and more closed. This ‘demo’ work-in-progress version of the game is an 8K ROM that I hope you enjoy and help me improve by reporting bugs, gameplay issues, or ideas for the future. I do have a few ideas already to add flourishes to the title screen and main gameplay screens in the demo version. I also have ideas for a ‘full’ version of the game with a second gameplay mode with different kinds of action and strategy. Eventually, if this comes together as I envision, I hope it will be worth making available as a boxed cartridge with printed manual here through Atari Age! Controls: Immunity uses the Left joystick. Press fire (as prompted in the title screen) to begin gameplay. Move the cell’s ribosome Left or Right with the joystick. Press Fire to fling an antibody up, hopefully striking a virus and neutralizing a portion of its outer spikes (which will change color from dark red to yellow to indicate neutralization). Viruses have six zones of spikes. Hitting a virus when it is farther from the cell membrane will cover more of the zones with one antibody ‘shot’, three zones for the farthest, two zones for the mid-distance, and only one zone per antibody when the virus is low and close-in. Note: a flung antibody will be slowed dramatically if it hits the cell membrane or more solid parts of the surrounding tissue, and you cannot fling another antibody until the current either hits a virus or reaches the top of the screen. When a virus is completely neutralized and all spikes are yellow, push Up on the joystick to switch control to a macrophage, which will aligned vertically with the virus. Then use the joystick to direct the macrophage left or right toward the virus,. The macrophage will ‘chomp’ as it moves. If you you engulf and trap the virus by positioning the macrophage directly over it, press the Fire button to completely dissolve the virus and automatically switch control back to the ribosome. Or if you choose, you can switch back to the ribosome without clearing the virus yet by pulling the joystick Down. The game supports (B)eginner and (A)dvanced game options via the Left Difficulty selection switch. In Beginner mode, the viruses move significantly slower, and there are fewer viruses per tissue and overall to clear. The Reset switch will directly take you back to the title screen. Scoring: Whether you’ve won immunity or met an untimely death, when the game is over, the screen will alternate between the title/game over screen and the final gameplay screen, which will allow you to see what your final health level was and how many “breaths” you took before winning or loosing. The breath count is based on time, but when you run out of antibodies, your health percentage is added to your breath tally. Health starts at 96% and rises each time a tissue is cleared, up to a maximum of 99%. Each time a virus latches into a cell membrane, health is lost. Up to three viruses will latch within a tissue type. Each latched virus will replicate into four additional viruses when the tissue type switches. Other gameplay notes: You can fling antibodies “through” (around) latched viruses. Completely neutralized viruses cannot latch into the cell membrane. Only one virus can sweep across the cell membrane at a time looking for a latching site, so if a second virus is present, it will not fully descend until the first virus is either eliminated or latches on. Preview video: A slightly buggier version is demonstrated on my Odysee channel. Let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy my game theme in our current times! imm_proto_0_6.bin
  2. Good Deal Games has the second batch of War in the Machine available. Technically it's version 1.1 since I added a new control mode that uses plain old UP and DOWN for player controls. Makes things more familiar but now your player and launched projectile ships move up and down simultaneously. Same neat features as before. I made the bosses and enemies all randomly generated. You can move vertically and have a temporary invincibility shield. Weapons consist of three mini ships that can be rammed into the enemies. If one meets a quota of kills a boss will appear. Defeat the boss and the next round gets faster with slightly tweaked baddie AI. Oh, and with chromadepth glasses it's in 3D!
  3. There's a Kickstarter for a 2-part documentary about Toaplan, known for their 1980s and 1990s arcade shoot 'em ups, currently live. What hey plan to do is to cover the company's origins, 1980s and 1990s titles, as well as their closure and the legacy they left behind. It'll also features interviews with former Toaplan members talking about every game they released. I thought it was really cool see this and wanted to share this here: (P.S.: Something that I also found out was that Mark Bussler [a.k.a. Classic Game Room] will be the narrator in the English version):
  4. HeliCommander A New Arcade Action Game for Atari XL/XE Computers An Arcade Action Game in the style of Chopper Command and Choplifter Game Cartridge requires an Atari Computer with 16K of RAM and 1 Joystick Parallax Scrolling creating a great 3D effect and colorful scrolling objects and background Multicolored Sprite Graphics that are detailed and smooth movement. Enemies - Choppers, Tanks, Bombers, Trucks, Bunkers, to challenge you. Many Challenging Levels to play This game was extensively beta tested to assure quality. Solid Plastic Cartridge Case and Instruction Manual. See video for more This is a teaser trailer for Helicommander. A longer video with commentary will be posted soon also. I will be announcing when the cartridge game becomes available and the price from www.atarisales.com
  5. Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you know my new switch SHMUP, Horizon Shift '81 was just launched on the Switch eShop. It's basically a mix of all my favorite 80's arcade games squashed into one, to make something that hopefully feels a bit fresh. Here's the trailer: It's been reviewing surprisingly well so far too. Defunct just reviewed it and had this to say "This is one of the best shoot 'em ups available on the Nintendo Switch"! Here's his video review: I also knocked up an Atari 2600 version of Horizon Shift, you can grab the off my website www.flumpstudios.co.uk
  6. Metal Blast 2277 - comics style Run'n'Gun (+ side-scrolling shooter) for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. 2277 year. Space Invaders. One hero! Advance your character by eliminating the enemies which appear. Finish off the boss at the end of each stage to clear it and advance to the next level. Taking a hit from your enemies will kill your character. If you run out of lives, the game ends. Video:
  7. winkdot

    Doom Patrol

    Doom Patrol As a member of the United Astrocorporation Unlimited (UAU) your mission is to infiltrate the Technotechnics base and destroy their super weapon. Intel: In order to penetrate the base, you must obtain both keys and then make a dash to destroy the super weapon. The Technotechnics base walls are deadly, avoid them. The base also has automatic random wall defense that will appear in a random fashion. Avoid them. The super weapon must be hit five times in order to be destroyed. Know your tank: Your tank is equiped with a slightly defective main weapon the UAU purchased on contract. Sometimes the missile explodes prior to making contact. It will destroy ground and air targets. It seems to work better at short ranges. The UAU programmers are working to improve it. You have two shields on each tank. A shield unit can be replinshed if you find an armor icon. Your tank has improved speed, use this to your advantage. Staying in a room too long becomes very dangerous. You have 3 tanks in which to complete the mission. If sucessful, you will attack again against a stronger enemy. Control: At the title screen press the fire button to start. The fire button also starts a new game at the game over screen. Joystick controls the tank in four directions. Joystick button fires a missile in the direction the tank is facing. A Difficulty is a bit of an easier game. It removes the random wall defense and the gray background bars. NOTE: Version 0.6 is a release made to reduce any harmony cart rolling/jittering. It might not be perfect. I can't test it. Created using batari and the DCP+ kernel. Special thanks to iesposta for helping to optimize this one! Hope you enjoy and as always comments are welcome. Doom Patrol-0.2.bin Doom Patrol-0.3.bin Doom Patrol-0.4.bin Doom Patrol-0.5.bin Doom Patrol-0.6.bin Doom Patrol-0.7.bin
  8. Anyone like the classic first person shooter, Doom? I remember my brother and I getting the first episode on diskette when the game first hit shelves years ago. Shooting demons, imps, sergeants, etc. with a shotgun, pistol, Gatling gun and so on - that was quite a thrill. I managed to get a copy of the PS1 edition of Doom for cheap at a Gamestop; the PS1 port has Doom 1 and 2 as well as extra levels. It is quite a rush to play this and get surprised by the imps chucking fireballs at you; those guys sneak up on you.
  9. here is a playable demo of Parsec 2600. it only plays game level 3 over and over again as a demo. as soon as I can get around to it i'll make it into a cartridge. right now working on the manual and the labels. DEMO-parsec2600v13.bas.bin and here is a video when I still had a bug or two to fix so you know what you are downloading. https://youtu.be/tDzGTof7qqE enjoy and feed back is welcomed.
  10. Hey guys, I'm only 14 so I am a beginner in this so no bad comments please. I get about 15 games per month.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12zGtbW9fis Not every series of first person shooters gets a proper sequel like Call of Duty or Halo. Instead some FPS games come on the market, maybe get a sequel if we're lucky and then sadly fade into the sunset. This week these 7 unloved FPS gems get one last glance from fans of the genre.
  12. I was very happy to received 007 for the Wii this Christmas. While I am quite interested in this game, I am experiencing some issues with wierd controllers. For controllers, I have the traditional Wiimote and Nunchuk setup, and a bootleg Chinese 3rd party Classic Controller. Now, the issue that I have using the Wiimote is that it also serves as the second analog, so to speak. So if I slacken my wrist even a little, Bond will turn in another direction. Now, my Classic Controller clone is has impercise analogs, but even it that weren't the case, the button mapping is really awkward. Even when I adjust the settings, I can't re-map the gun button. So I am left with a critically acclaimed, unplayable game. What about other controller options? Is the Gold Classic Controller any better? How about the Zapper? Thanks!
  13. From the album: Atari 2600 Gameplay on YPbPr Component

    My high score on Atari 2600's Vanguard. This is on my modded Atari 2600 4-Switch Woodgrain console using YPbPr Component output using Tim Worthington's 2600RGB Mod kit installed.

    © SavyIsJoshoArts aka Activision Man

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