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Found 9 results

  1. I am trying to use the StereoSID Player 10.3 with my SD2IEC. It locks up when loading SID files (first .MUS file.) Has anyone else run into this problem?
  2. And we have another option to connect SID to Atari - NOMari. Many announce and foretell, and here we have a living example. Tori has already connected a lot of other sound circuits to Atari (OPL3 - YMF262, YM2149, AY-3-8910, SAA1099, SN76489AN, SID) so what another could be expected? You plug in and it works. http://atari.myftp.org/index.html There are a few novelties in this project, for some the advantages will be debatable: advantages: additional filter settings, reset button, mono-stereo button debatable: the ability to change the addressing with dip - but most will find it an advantage. disadvantages: difficult to buy, maybe someone will start production? this is not a comparison but it should be noted that SlightSID has a mix input and SwinSID does not. I'm adding a video and a few songs recorded directly from the SlightSID and NOMari card as if someone wanted to compare. and if someone would like to see how UltraSpeed works in xBIOS, see the video 🙂 Overall: NOMari has SwinSID not the original SID. I was skeptical about it, I thought that can't compare to SlightSID but I have nothing to complain about, both products are excellent and fortunately I do not have to choose between one of them: DDD nomari-1.mp3 nomari-2.mp3 slightsid-1.mp3 slightsid-2.mp3
  3. Hi guys. In Lemon64 and other C64 websites there's many of .sid files and there's lots of A8 conversions of them (like in ASAP). I know that for musicians you may have other ways and/or resources but I was wondering if there is a simple way for a guy like me to take a .sid an then try some experimentals at RMT. I also know that there is also that SidPlay but don't remember now if it's just playing what is already converted or it also can, in someway, import and convert .sid files (and I can't get it now because I'm at the streets and sorry but this is just another crazy idea I just had and 'shooted' it in here ). So, my idea is to load a .sid file and in someway get it in such a way that I can load it into RMT. Thanks.
  4. I recently picked up a Commodore 64C with a Rev. 4 mainboard inside. It's had some modifications done to it, one of which was the installation of a 28-pin JiffyDos kernel ROM. The other change, I'm not so sure of. From what I can tell, the SID has been replaced by either a third party module or some kind of custom job. (You can see what a stock 8580 in that slot looks like here.) Of course, I'm by no means up on the Commodore modding scene. Can one of you guys take a look at the below pic of the mainboard and tell me what exactly that is in the SID slot and what it does different from the standard 8580? The "chip" in question is circled as number 2 in the above pic. I've played a few games on it, and the music and effects sound just like they do on my stock bread box, for the most part. (I did notice a very slight bit of humming a couple of times.) Any ideas? I'm pretty sure it's not the SID stereo-out mod I've read about, although it would be awesome if it was and I just had to finish the wiring. Also notice what I believe is the 28-pin JiffyDos kernel replacement ROM circled as number 1 in the pic above. There is some wiring on the back of the mainboard associated with that chip, as such: I haven't seen any instructions for JiffyDos that required soldering wire bridges on the back of the board. Was that simply for the purpose of foregoing an external switch and instead hardwiring it to keep JiffyDos permanently enabled? Thanks in advance for any help explaining things to a C= hacking newb. - [email protected]
  5. Long time, no blog. Let's start at the beginning. In 2009 I wrote my first version of a SID Emulator, running directly on the Atari 8-bit hardware. The emulation loop ran in the main loop and synchronisation was done with STA WSYNC. I had created a raw register dump of a .sid file with a modified version of TinySid and every frame I left the main loop a few times for a few cycles to stuff the SID emulation engine with new values. I didn't take long to realize I didn't have quite enough time to do much else. I wanted to ditch the idea of playing a register dump. Even RLE compressed it took way too much memory to store a decently sized song. I wanted to run the original C64 player routine. That led me to the source code of siddasm and a rewrite with more features, which I called siddasm2 (really original). I moved the emulation code to page zero to save some cycles, but that did not really help enough. At the same time, I stumbled upon a bug in Atasm and instead of fixing that, I ended up writing my own assembler. I had always wanted to do that. I won't go into details here. See my previous blog entries on shasm65 and siddasm2. After that, I kind of lost interrest, but a few weeks ago I continued this project. I completely rewrote my SID emulator in shasm65. Now the emulation engine was running of a timer interrupt, leaving the main loop free to periodically call a C64 player routine. This routine had to be patched though to write to shadow SID registers instead of the C64 hardware registers. This is where siddasm2 came in again. Early in the process of disassembling Laxity's song "Freeze" I noticed that the resulting assembly code couldn't be assembled again by atasm AT ALL. Which shouldn't be the case. I fixed a few bugs in siddasm2 and shortly after that I was able to recreate the .sid file from source code with the help of atasm -r and unix dd (for the header). So far, so good. Now I was able to patch the source code of 'Freeze' and run it alongside my sid emulation code. I added code that converted the shadow sid registers to values my engine could work with, added ADSR envelope handling, everything I used to do in my modified TinySid. A few debugging sessions later, I had it all working! After that, I disassembled and patched the International Karate tune. This triggered a new bug in my emulation, which is now fixed. I sent out an example to Freddy (F#Ready on AA), which he turned into a youtube video and posted a link on AA to see what all of you would think about it. And now I figured it's time to release the source code and a few binaries to play with Attached you'll find version 2.1 of siddasm2. A slightly modified shasm65 which is now verbose in hex instead of decimal (but the original shasm65 is still fine to assemble the code, too. The assembler itself did not change). .xex binaries for Laxity's Freeze, Rob Hubbard's International Karate and Jeroen Tel's JT42. The source code for everything. Regards and have fun! binaries.zip shasm65.zip siddasm2-2.1.zip sid-songs.zip atarisid2.zip
  6. How hard is to produce sound waveforms like in C64's sid music from games Driller and Dark side ? I'm interested in making a game that would use such spacy, trippy dragged sounds and would like to know how hard it would be ? Driller: Dark side: Mostly I want those sounds at beginning that look like square waveform.
  7. I just cross-compiled these from within Debian Linux (wheezy) and instead of only sharing them with the person I did this for, I thought I might just as well share them with everybody. Source code (GPL) is included. The win32 binary has been tested to work with wine under Linux. I cannot test the win64 binary, but it should work as well. Note that this is a command line utility. siddasm2.exe input.sid > output.asm. The output is in atasm format. It takes NSF (NES) and SAP (Atari 8-bit) files as well. Sid files need to be PSID. RSID is not yet supported. Edit [2015-07-17]: Updated to v2.2, hopefully fixed /dev/null issue on windows. Edit2: added source code. siddasm2-2.1-win.zip siddasm2-2.2-win.zip siddasm2-2.2-src.zip
  8. Hi all, Here's the final release of Atari Sid 5. All sources have been converted to MADS and tidied up. I tried to use as many MADS features that were useful. The 'preview' sources should be considered obsolete(!). Thanks to Phaeron's 3 IRQ idea, it's a bit faster than version 4 (small gr. 3 screen on should now be possible). Thanks to Wrathchild, the envelope handling state machine has been removed and replaced by code. Some bugs that were present earlier are fixed. I have converted 30 songs and assembled the .xex files, which are attached in a separate ZIP-archive. My mind's a bit fuzzy atm, so I'm sure I'm forgetting to mention something here Regards, Ivo atarisid5-src.zip atarisid5-xex.zip
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