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Found 11 results

  1. ivop


    I have been back using my Atari 800 XL for about six months now. I bought a MyIDE cart to backup all my old floppies. Most of them were still readable. I did not really like the MyIDE cart though. Well, the cart is fine, it's mainly the patched O.S. It's a pity it doesn't support mixing SIO and IDE devices very well. So, I dug out my old SIO2PC cables. I had one MAX232 version and one using an MC1489. Both looked like crap (they were soldered very badly) so I decided to rebuild one. I "designed" a small PCB for the MAX232 version. Here it is: Schematic: PCB: (normal and mirrored version) Component placement:
  2. Hey, people. I have the entire Scott Adams Graphic Adventure (S.A.G.A.) collection for the Atari 800. My son's gotten into them as well, and I want to set them up for him on an emulator, but I've been unable to find disk images for most of these games (the text adventures are readily available but the graphical versions seem hard to find,) and my FC5025 won't read the second side of the disks. Does somebody have these? Or is it time for me to buck up and get an SIO2PC thingy of some sort? Thanks! Reverend -=ShoEboX=-
  3. A while back I was trying to figure out a way to daisy chain both my sio2pc devices just because I was sick of disconnecting and reconnecting them. I do switch between the two depending on what im trying to do. I started a thread but never really got the answers I needed. Then a little while back at a thrift store I found something that gave me some inspiration. It's a belkin data switch from 1999 (good news its y2k compliant). It's just a parallel port switcher but I figured I could turn it into an sio switch for my sio2pc rs232 and my sio2pc usb. So I did. I just hooked up the switch at the sio end of both my sio2pc devices. Anyway I thought I'd show it off just cuz I think its pretty sweet. So here are some pics. Also I was wondering if anyone knew how to put an led on an sio2pc device using the 14c89 chip. Id kinda like to have a little led above each of the two inputs that gets all blinky when I'm transferring data. That would be really sweet.
  4. Hi all, Someone asked about this, so I thought I'd make a quick video to show it off. This is my sio2pc setup that I recently put together. Here. Basically, a mini-itx mobo w/ i5 processor. 2 2600daptors(mounted inside case). dual-port sio2pc from atarimax(also mounted inside). running altirra and ape(registered). touch screen interface. pretty tight fit with the power supply and all... probably could have had plenty more room if I'd thought it out better in advance, but it runs cool enough.
  5. Well I got sio2pc working awesome. It's set up for two different laptops one fairly modern dell and an old old toshiba. Idealy I want to take my dell out of the mix all together. Reason is I use my dell constently in the living room and I dont like moving it back and forth to the game room. Although my old toshiba does what I want it to do its far from ideal. The main reason is I have yet to get Aspeqt running on it. Now this laptop is very old its running windows 95. I have no problem running winape on it other then the fact that winape is kinda anoying. I did try to install Aspeqt on there but I get a message saying its missing a .dll file. I have not experimented any further then that. Before I open this can of worms my question is can I even run Aspeqt under win 95 or am I just gona run into another problem after I install the .dll file? Next question Id kinda like to get rid of win 95 altogether. Is there possibly some legacy version of linux that I could run Aspeqt under on a pc this old? And finaly would I be better off just giving up on the old toshiba all together? Id realy like to put it to some use and I think using it as a dedicated virtual drive for my atari would be sweet. So I thought id ask the gurus if this was possible or just a pipe dream. Thanks for your help.
  6. Hello I'm rather new to this, and I was wanting a little help. I recently bought an Atari 800xl and 1050 because they were going cheap and I loved it and the software packaged. However, I soon bought a SIO2PC thinking I could get ATR images off internet and run them on atari. I bought the serial cable model, and a serial adapter (I thought my pc had a serial port, alas, only usb) but when running the APE it throws up the error "[device manager] rs232 driver failed to initialize (usb only mode enabled)". The drivers are correctly installed as far as I'm aware, it says the serial adapter is in COM port 4, I don't know if this makes a difference. Thanks for your time
  7. Using the SIO2PC, is it possible to save BASIC programs from my Atari 800XL to PC? I can send ATR images from PC to Atari, but can it go other way round? Do I need DOS or something? Thanks, sorry if this seems like a silly question
  8. I am interested in making my own SIO2PC. I came across the FTDI Friend from Adafruit for $14.75. Would that board work? I see the signal logic level is 3.3V by default, but I think the Atari SIO port is 5V. If the logic levels are okay, then I should just be able to use jumper wire to connect the headers directly to pins on the SIO port, right?
  9. From the album: Atari stuff

    This 600 XL features: - Supervideo 2.1 XL - Candle´s Ultimate 1 MB - Dual Pokey Stereopcb - SIO2PC all stuff was perfectly put into this device by tfhh/abbuc! thanks

    © JvR.

  10. If I have 2 sio2pc cables is there a way that I can daisy chain one into the other? The idea being my 1050 boots dos as D1: My laptop A is D2: via serial rs232 interface. My computer B is D3: via sio2pc rs232 to usb interface. The idea seems simple enough to me but the both these are chain enders. How hard would it be to daisy chain one into the other permanently. In a way where I could theoretically use one the other or both? That's what I'm working with. Its pretty pretty basic stuff the simplest 14c82 chip. This should be possible right it seems like it should be kinda basic stuff. Or am I way off on that?
  11. I have an Atari 800XL and a 1050 drive. I have old games, written when I was in junior high, and I would like to move them to the PC, where I can casually enjoy them via emulation. Likewise, I have recently hacked a couple A8 games (Popeye and Donkey Kong Jr). I would like to be able to enjoy them on my ACTUAL 800XL hardware. I really liked the idea of Lotharek's SIO2SD. However, I heard it can be tedious to cycle through a lot of software with 1 line of text and 4 buttons. Even though it would require my laptop nearby, I think I am leaning toward the SIO2PC/SIO2USB solution. The problem is that there are two different items with the same name. (One uses caps in the product name). Which one is the most versatile and uses the best software. AtariMax has an SIO2USB, and I have been eyeing that for a long time. My understanding is that it uses WinAPE software. Lotharek has an sio2usb. It is tiny -- the size of an sio plug. I am not sure what software works with it, but he seems to have a lot of good stuff. So WHICH ONE? I would like to be able to use .atr AND .xex files. Can either of these units handle both formats? Which one has easier to use software? Will either one be better for transferring my old games TO the PC? (Will they both act as a 1050 emulator to my PC?) Is it possible that neither of these will work for my purpose, and I need to go SIO2SD? Finally, are there any solutions I am missing? I have searched SIO2USB and SIO2PC in the forums, and I seem to get way too many irrelevant posts..
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