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Found 15 results

  1. I wrote a program which let you configure device, mount and create new ATR images into SIO2SD. It is not as sophisticated as Pajero's configurator, but I think, that it is easier to manage - as it is not required to remember a lot of keyboard shortcuts. Of course there is a possibility to use SIO2SD Manipulator as "configurator", simply rename sio2sdman05.xex to sio2sd.xex and upload it into root directory of SD card. sio2sdman05.xex sio2sdman05.atr
  2. I wondered if anyone could help me with a 40 pin ATMEGA32 for an SIO2SD (http://sio2sd.gucio.pl/wiki/Hardware_en). I used to build these things years ago but can't seem to get PonyProg up and running with my ancient parallel AVR cable and for a one-off job (using the last SIO2SD board in the pile for a project) I don't fancy investing in a bunch of stuff I'll never use again. To summarise, I programmed an ATMEGA32 with the latest SIO2SD firmware using my crappy EasyPro 90B USB programmer and it appears to work but won't recognize the SD card (the firmware says "Card not present"). After testing voltage on the SD card connector, I decided to swap the ATMEL chip from my last working SIO2SD and the SD card is detected with that chip. So I'm stealing the IC from my own device to use in this project just to get it finished, but that will leave me with a non-functioning SIO2SD. I tried the reverse: putting the newly programmed chip in my own known-working device and I get the no card error there too. Tried setting up PonyProg 2000, thinking this may be a fuse bits issue, but it's no go and I'm losing patience with it. Oddly, the pre-programmed ATMEL which detects the SD card isn't recognized by the EasyPro programmer, while the problem chip is recognized, can be programmed, but won't see the SD card. So - a) any clues as to what the issue could be, and/or b) does anyone have a pre-programmed DIP 40 ATMEGA32 package they're prepared to sell, swap, or donate so I can ressurect my own SIO2SD (I don't want to replace the whole device since it's one of my XM301 conversions and I'm quite happy with it)?
  3. What I mean is that when you play Atari 5200 games on the Atari 800 using a Sio2sd will all the games play just like they would on a real Atari 5200, no emulation? I'm aware that the systems are very similar but the software is built differently but once you run it will the games play natively? Like is it comparable to other backwards compatible systems like the GBA with gbc and the Ps2 with ps1 games?
  4. Upgrading I understand. I was trying out 3.1 but found out it doesn't work well with SDX. So I tried downgrading but it just says "firmware update not available". Have I gone down a one-way path? Frank
  5. I have an SIO2SD for sale for $50 + shipping. I bought it from Telegnard--see this post: http://www.atariage....4-cased-sio2sd/ I don't have an 8-bit to test it, but I believe him when he says it works, and it is in great physical condition. I bought it on an impulse and I just don't have the time, money, or space for another 8-bit setup, so I just want to sell it for what I paid, with a quick and easy transaction. I prefer verified paypal, US destination address. Please PM if interested. Thanks.
  6. w1k

    my favourites :)

    From the album: 800xe, 320kb ram, q-meg v3

    800xe - u1mb, q-meg 5rc 800xe - sio2sd build, new paint, 320kb ram, q-meg v4, etc.. xc12, xf551
  7. I am having some stuff at sale over at Amibay as I am moving and need less hardware. Atari 130 XE as perfect demo/gamemachine http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=33671 sio2sd http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=33543 MMC64 + Silver surfer + Sd2iec for C64 http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=33666 thanks,
  8. Since I now own a AVG Cart, UnoCart, SDrive2 and even an Atari 1050 and a XF551, I do keep having one issue with Demo ATR's. I can load them perfectly using a poor man's SIO2PC cable hooked to RespeQt but would prefer to load them on the Atari without having a Mac/PC next to it. As such I was considering a SIO2SD . But anybody got the grey version from Lotharek , does it match a 130XE ? am I correct that it's powered via SIO ? should I wait until AVGcart becomes more compatible with XBIOS ATR's and/or IRQ Loaders Demos I can think off that I would like to run are : Timeless Announcement Cool Emotion Bitter Reality Would these load from SIO2SD ?
  9. Hi all, I would like to put a SIO2SD inside 600XL that would be controlled by the aluminum function keys. Is it possible to bypass the function keys to control the sio2sd by adding a pushbutton (N.O) on the 600XL which would be used as the "FN" key on the PC laptops? I am not an electronics expert, if someone could help me ... Thanks
  10. I can't remember who manufactured the board, and I can't tell from the photo, but is anyone still selling SIO2SDs like the one shown in this picture? The SD card is on the right hand edge of the board and the buttons are in a single row in front of the LCD. A customer wants a replica of this machine making and we're having trouble sourcing a board with a suitable layout. EDIT: OK, so I figured out by a process of elimination that it's a Mega-HZ board, and I'm told he's out of stock. Any alternatives?
  11. I'm going over the instructions here http://sio2sd.gucio.pl/wiki/HighSpeed_en except I have Atari 800. It looks like C184 and C185 should be removed, so I think that's clear. From this it looks like there already is a 4.7K resistor from 5V to Data Out on the 800 though? I think maybe I don't need this. Has anyone done this?
  12. Hello. Sorry to bother you all but I need some help with my SIO2SD. (See picture) It doesn’t find the ATARI folder. I have tried with at least 10 different SD cards. From 256MB cards up to 16GB cards. I get the same results the whole time. If I format a card (FAT) and put it blank (with no Atari folder) in the SIO2SD it says “No Atari folder” on the LCD screen so it reads the card. If I then take the same card and create an ATARI folder on my PC (I have also tried to create it on an old LINUX computer and on my Android pad) and put it back in the SIO2SD I get “card init error”. Even if the card the minute before said “no ATARI folder” Same error on all cards! I can load the built in cfg tool on my TV screen and I can go to setup mode without any problem but the SIO2SD does not read the ATARI folder on any of my cards. And because of that I cant update the firmware either and try with a newer firmware. (I use 2.3) Because it does not read the ATARI folder.. Do you have any clue what can be wrong?? And should there be any jumpers set on the 2 jumper settings on the main board? I have none connected as you can see on the picture. Please help! Im losing my mind here!
  13. A little background: This weekend, I acquired a 1200XL with the 5V SIO mod done to it so I can use self-powered devices like the SIO2SD. Before this, I already owned an 800XL and a XEGS, and I have two SIO2SD devices (one bare board, and one in a nice case, both from Lotharek), and a MyIDE-][ cart (but that's not the subject of this particular post). I'm seeing some odd behavior out of the 1200XL when trying to use the SIO2SD, and I'm wondering if it's due to some difference in the OS that I'm not aware of. I've tried searching on this forums and various other places across the Internet, and I haven't quite found anything quite like I'm seeing. Here's the details of the hardware setup: The 1200XL is running Rev 11 OS Both SIO2SD devices are on firmware 3.1 RC2 I have both the original and 400/800 fixed versions of the SIO2SD Configurator v3.5 (SIO2SD.XEX) on a 2GB SD card When I boot the original version of SIO2SD.XEX, the configurator behaves differently than what I see on the 800XL. For example, whenever I choose a directory on screen, it takes an extremely long time to actually load the access the SD card. When it finally finishes, instead of refreshing the bottom half of the screen and showing just the directory's contents, it just adds the directory's contents below what's already there. If I press the inverse video key to force a refresh, it just spits the directory contents again below what's there. Sometimes, a directory fails to load at all, though, and pressing the inverse video key seems to joggle it and make the directory output. Likewise, pressing and holding the "X" key to load the disk image(s) selected takes forever for the computer to actually reset and start loading. If I swap to the fixed version of SIO2SD.XEX for the 400/800, the directory loading seems to work properly. However, if I attempt to assign a .ATR image, an exclamation point appears at a random location on the screen, and the computer freezes. Likewise, if a disk image is already present, and I press and hold the "X" key to load, a "k" character appears in the top-left corner of the screen, and the computer again freezes up. The other issue seems to occur with only certain games when loaded. For example, with Rescue on Fractalus! (1985 Epyx disk), the game appears to load fine. But after pressing the "Start" key, and after descending onto the planet, when the mountains begin to load, the graphics glitch out, and the game ultimately crashes. Other games, however, like The Eidolon, or even simpler games like Q*Bert and Star Raiders, seem to load perfectly fine. As a side note, loading Fractalus! cart image for the XE (1987) via MyIDE ][, incidentally, seems to work just fine. Likewise, using the original v3.5 SIO2SD.XEX on both the 800XL and XEGS loads all games correctly, including the aforementioned version of Fractalus!. The MyIDE ][ behaves exactly the same in the 1200XL as it does on the 800XL and XEGS, and nothing immediately stands out as an issue with the 1200XL itself. Is there something that I'm missing regarding the 1200XL that's different from the 800XL and XEGS, such as some difference in the OS, or has anyone ever run into this issue? I'm at work at the moment, and won't be able to fire up the 1200XL until later, but if pics of the screen for the above problems would be helpful, I'll be glad to post those.
  14. Hi guys, A few weeks ago I ordered a Sio2Sd from Lotharek. Now I am trying to copy an ATR to a floppy disk, but I cannot get it to work. I tried to find answers in the Sio2Sd wiki (the English part) and I searched AtariAge, but I can not find a solution. Hopefully some of you can help. My setup is a 130XE and a XF551 fitted with a XF Speedy. I can succesfully boot from the Sio2SD as drive 1. I can succesfully boot from the XF551 as drive 1, a copy programm recognizes the Sio2Sd as drive 2 but when I start the copy process I get an error 138 on the Sio2SD. It is the same when I swap the drive numbers and when I switch off the speedy part in the XF. But then the really strange part. I disconnected the XF551 to see if the drive is the problem. I use only the Sio2SD as drive one. I can succesfully boot an ATR with Mycopier (got it from this topic: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/206903-transfer-of-atr-images-via-ape-or-prosystem/#entry2667433 ) but when I start the copy process (with the Mycopier.ATR still as the active ATR) I get a read error. So the ATR which succesfully booted cannot be read anymore. The display of the Sio2Sd first displays the following: 31: $3F(?) $0004 and when I hit start again it displays 31: $53(S) $0004. The Sio2Sd is configurated with Highspeed off, Topdrive off, device 0. I have set all unused drivenumbers to off. Any help is appreciated! Best regards, Fred Meijer
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