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Found 7 results

  1. Reply here if you want to order a SkunkBoard: Collector's Edition package containing the following: A Purple Revision 5 SkunkBoard, with or without the two USB-A host connectors, packed in a protective anti-static bag. A custom-made red and black 8GB USB 2.0 flash drive with the SkunkBoardSE and Jaguar logos, loaded with all the SkunkBoard software, source code, and misc. other assets. Everything you need to recreate from scratch what you just ordered if you so desire. Collector's Edition glossy purple box, matching original Jaguar game box dimensions. Standard cartridge tray insert. Completely rewritten User Manual, including custom diagrams and updated installer screenshots to guide you through the process of setting up and using your SkunkBoard, professionally printed, and matching original Jaguar game manual dimensions. Price: $120 + Shipping & Tax Domestic (US) Shipping: $8.50 International Shipping: $30 $40 to most countries Tax: 7.75% Sales Tax for California residents, 20% VAT for UK residents. Other countries likely need to pay VAT on receipt. Additionally, for international orders, you'll be responsible for any import duties/fees/taxes/tariffs on your end. Anyone ordering here will be placed on the list in the order of their response on this thread, after those who have already expressed interest elsewhere. If you were mentioned by name on the "Skunkboard: Special Edition (v5) Interest?" thread, or messaged me privately indicating interest prior to my post there yesterday, you're already on the list, no need to respond again. When your board is getting close to being ready, I'll message you privately to arrange payment and request shipping details. DO NOT POST YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION ON THIS THREAD! All I need to reserve your spot is a reply here indicating you'd like to order. I expect to start shipping boards some time in February, but note I am building these boards by hand, so throughput will be low (I'm estimating ~20 boards a month at most, though at the current order rate, that should easily avoid a long-term backlog). I'm happy to provide updates on overall status, or notify you of your place in line from time to time, but please be courteous, respectful, and patient. This is a hobby for me, and if it ceases to be fun, it ceases to be worth my time. On that note, replying here in no way guarantees you will receive a board. While I currently plan to keep building these for quite some time, I reserve the right to cease production for any reason at any time. Likewise, you can cancel your order at any time. On the plus side, you can brag to your hipster friends about the passionately hand-crafted bespoke electronic device you have coming 😛 Happy Skunking!
  2. I've built some installers for my updated JCP code. First, what you're here for, the files: Windows XP - Windows 10: jcp_installer-02.06.00.exe macOS 10.9 - 11.1: JCPInstaller-02.06.00.pkg Now, the installer features: Fully code signed (signed binaries in signed installers) Optionally installs required driver support files, also code signed: libwdi (Modified to patch WinXP support back in) is used to install libusb-win32 drivers on Windows. This is the same backend Zadig uses to install libusb drivers on Windows. libusb dynamic library is installed in /usr/local/lib on macOS macOS: Supports version 10.9 and newer macOS: Universal binaries - Should run natively on x86_64 (Intel) and ARM (Apple Silicon) Macs macOS: Installs jcp in /usr/local/bin so it will be in the default search path in your terminal macOS: Notarized, so you don't have to futz with overriding macOS's draconian "security" settings to run the installer Windows: Supports Windows XP and above Windows: Optionally adds the JCP install directory to the PATH environment variable, so jcp will be in the search path in your terminal. No need to remember the install path when running it, just type "jcp" and windows will find it. Also, for those that haven't been following, here are the new features of JCP 02.06.00 Vs. 02.05.00: Serial EEPROM (high score/save game chip) dumping and flashing support, assuming your SkunkBoard has one (Rev. 4 boards, Rev. 5 boards, and anyone who's hacked one on to their board). Back up and restore your high scores and save games to/from your Skunkboard, or debug save game/high score support in your project! 6MB cartridge dumping support Serial EEPROM selection support, for SkunkBoards that have two Serial EEPROMs (Rev. 5 boards) I've tested these out on Windows 10 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit, and macOS 11.1 (Big Sur) on an Intel Macbook. Please test them on whatever computer you skunk with and report success/failure along with a short description of your configuration (Windows/macOS version, your processor type, USB1/2/3 port used, and whatever else you think might be relevant). I'm especially interested in feedback on Windows Vista, 7, and 8, as well as ARM/Apple Silicon Macs, since I don't have easy access to these configurations for testing. NOTE: I've sporadically seen problems with Windows flagging the installer as a severe threat for exhibiting evasive behavior. For me, this happened when I wasn't signing the binaries. Windows doesn't like the way libwdi goes about dynamically generating a signed driver inf file at install time it seems. Signing the binaries seems to have resolved it for me, but let me know if you still see this. Be assured there's no actual threat here, it's just libwdi being somewhat clever, and Windows being extra cautious. Update: One other note for Windows users: The easiest path to a working setup is to run the installer before plugging in your Skunkboard, then plug the board in after completing the install, then run JCP. You must plug the Skunkboard in (and power on your Jaguar) after installing JCP to complete the driver install process on Windows. If you run JCP prior to that, it'll throw up an error about missing libusb libraries. If you get that, no harm done, just plug the skunk in and then try again. When plugging in the Skunkboard for the first time, you might get a "found new hardware" wizard on older versions of Windows, in which case you can just go with the defaults and Windows will find the pre-installed driver automatically and complete the installation. In my Windows 10 testing, the process was seamless and it just silently added the device and completed the driver installation process on its own. As noted, libwdi had to be modified to restore Windows XP support to the latest version. Since it's LGPL code, I've made my changes available here in case anyone else wants to use them: https://github.com/cubanismo/libwdi However, note I did the absolute minimum amount of work to get libusb-win32 drivers installing using the very basic embedded installer example project. If you're trying to build a WinXP-compatible Zadig out of this, it will fail.
  3. I wanted to feel out interest from others in the Skunkboard: Special Edition (Revision 5): I am fully aware game drives are becoming available (Unless there's some new obstacle, they'll be available very widely before these are) and have more features than skunks do. Before jumping in and responding that you want one of these, please familiarize yourself with the game drive. No matter how much software I stuff in the updated skunk BIOS, it isn't going to rival @SainT's sweet hardware. I'm counting on it in fact, because I can't build *that* many of these. However, I have designed and built a few, adding a few features here and there (See below), but largely for the fun of it. I'm sure at least one other person is going to want one, and I'm only going to order one more batch of PCBs at most, so I want to find out how many I need. Features: Everything Skunkboard v3 had 8MB flash, 2x4MB banks or 1x6MB Mini-USB port to upload ROMs/homebrew/code/raw data/etc. from a computer to the flash or Jaguar RAM, do printf debugging, etc. Two Serial EEPROM (save game/high score) chips One 128 byte for original production run Jag game ROMs One 2048 byte for newer ROMs and probably most new development Selectable using the controller from the boot screen or using JCP. Can also be disabled entirely via JCP. New version 4 and 5 BIOSes to support the Serial EEPROM functionality. Upload/download Serial EEPROM/save game content from your computer using JCP just like you can with ROMs on older skunks. Added back in the other two USB connectors1 Beautiful purple PCBs with updated silkscreens: Special Edition logo Link to the github repo where I'll release the PCB design files Acknowledgements Cartridge edge connector pin numbering on both sides and JTAG header pin labels High-quality PCBs with 30u" thick hard/electrolytic-gold plated 30o beveled cartridge edge connectors2 Individually assembled and tested by me. Price: $100 + shipping, probably tax/VAT/etc. too. Depending on interest, I'm looking into a special edition box & updated hard-copy manual as well. Small runs of boxes are expensive, so there'd be an additional charge for those that wanted a box. I need to find out how many people (if any) are interested before I can quote a price there. For more details on the development of the revision 5 skunkboards, see the Smelly Adventures thread, but don't get too scared by the first few posts: My soldering is much improved. I'm not going to pawn off any mangled boards Footnotes: I may or may not add some stuff to finally make use of the other USB connectors. No guarantees. As far as I know, Rev.1-Rev.3 Skunkboards had hard-gold edge connectors as well, as do the Zaxon ones. The somewhat rare Rev4 PCBs appear to use ENIG. The prototypes pictured here use ENIG, but if I order a production run of these, they'll use hard gold. See here for the benefits of hard gold connectors. Basically, they last much longer.
  4. I'm selling a SkunkBoard flash cartridge for the Atari Jaguar on eBay. It is autographed by John Mathieson, the designer of the Atari Jaguar. All proceeds from the auction will go to the Curt Vendel Memorial Fund. https://www.ebay.com/itm/133700870888 This is a true one of a kind collector's item. For more details on the listing and the cause, see my announcement thread in the Jaguar forums:
  5. How to buy/pay Plaese send Payment in € (EURO) into my PayPal account : (mynick on AA)@gmail.com (unshure ? contact me!) Include your nick on AA and shipping adresse!!!. Sipping day is Thursday (sometimes also Wednesday). You should get email including tracking number Friday after shipping day. If you don't get tracking number, please contact me immediately. There is also possible to pay via bank transfer, if so please contact me. preorder Price: If there is someone who didn't get preordered SkunkBoard, please contact me. Price for AA users: 75€ + P&P. - payment via PayPal as Gift or add 4% to cover PayPal fees. Ebay price: 90€ + P&P via Ebay (please contact me if you wish to buy via Ebay) P&P: 8€ + 2€ every extra board - insured (1pc - 8€, 2pcs 10€ etc..). This is possible for following countries: .at .be .bg .br .cn .cz .dk .fi .fr .gr .es .nl .in .ie .is .jp .kr .no .nz .pt .sk .si .ch .se .tr .ua .hu .it 12€ all other countries (UK, USA, DE etc ...) - insurance is covering only 1 piece! if you want more - please contact me first. If you are unsure, please contact me!! Willy.
  6. Hi have some projects on my Windows 8 HDD, that would really like to test on a real jag is the Skunkboard available anywhere ?
  7. Hello everybody, I'm selling an original Atari Jaguar Skunkboard (with proto) to raise some funds for Starcat Devocean projects. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Atari-Jaguar-Original-Skunkboard-with-proto-flash-dev-tool-support-homebrew/263749061973 It's an original Skunkboard I bought back in the day when the Rev. 2 was just released. It was used to develop and test some of the Starcat Devocean games (i.e. HalMock FurBall: Sink or Swim). The board has been upgraded to a Rev. 3 and has the latest firmware installed. As a little gimmick for collectors I put two games on it: My latest release HalMock FurBall: Sink or Swim which is basically the version I offer as a download, but running from Rom. And an unreleased experimental version of JagMIND: BombSquad which previously was only available on CD. This one is fully playable, but does not include sound or support saving. I am selling this Skunkboard to get some funds to put into future Starcat Devocean projects and cover operating costs of the website such as server fees. Frankly, I've been offering my games and other Jag related downloads such as the dev manual for free for many years now and kind of wish to get back at least *something* as a token of appreciation. I will keep things as they are even if I don't but still. If you care to know: There were a few thousand downloads over the years, compared to three digit sales of Ocean Depths back in the day and two digit sales of later releases. The donationware approach never amounted to anything sadly. I'm kind of dissapointed that even the downloads and thus play count of my latest release (HalMock) were lower than anything I was used to. Maybe I should have done more to promote all that, but that I don't like overhyping something. It is what it is. The winner of the auction does not only get an original Skunkboard (in it's original cardboard box) and with the mentioned games, the support is also highly appreciated. Don't worry, this is not the only Skunkboard I have, but the only one for sale. I'm doing this auction to offer the skunkboard I used for development over the years to a fan or developer to hopefully make good use of it. The money is used as support for Starcat Devocean projects. Who is Starcat Devocean? We're a team from Germany developing homebrew video games in our spare time. Our passion lies in retro-style games like those of the 80s and 90s we grew up with. The team consists of my girlfriend and myself with other developers helping out on occasion. If you like games in 2D pixel style with humor, strong focus on storytelling and oldschool game mechanics maybe you enjoy our games. We're making video games like it's 1995. http://www.starcat-dev.de
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