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Found 18 results

  1. go through this sellers list to find some interesting atari st stuff, seems to be listing more of it as well. eBay Seller: regalservice
  2. I picked up an Apple Macintosh 512k for Christmas. Though I am not much of an Apple guy, I always wanted one of these in my collection. So I'm trying to find a list of software, not so much for the 128k but for the 512k system. I've done several searches on the world wide web and haven't found a single, easy to read, list. I'm looking for both 1st party and 3rd party software that was available in the time frame that system was being sold. I know, I'm asking for a lot but can anyone help me?
  3. Hello all, now that I have pulled the atari out and started getting into the the 'scene' again. I wondered what I would want to do that would contribute to the community. I am not a great coder, I am not a hardware designer, I do love to do mods, and consider myself pretty good with a soldering iron. I am a mechanic, so I love to fix and tinker. I also love to play Roleplaying games.. but OLD SCHOOL pen and paper Roleplaying games. To that end I LOVED INFOCOM, even Adventure International.. I loved text adventures. I think the INFOCOM items were software I always lined up to buy when it came out. The only ones that if someone put a new one up on Ebay.. I would buy.. and open it.. and play it! I also know that INFOCOM created an engine of sorts for dealing with text input, and that later Synapse came out with BTZ (Better than Zork) text input engine. I think I would love to try my hand at writing a text adventure. IS there any information what happened to this software? IS it possible to reverse engineer it from a game? What is the legal status of that at this point? I did write my own on the level of AI text games, back in the day.. it was a 9 room dungeon adventure, and the vocabulary was about 24 words and the if/than tables I had to make in basic back then were crazy. and huge just for 9 locations with on average 5-7 actions possible in a given location. Anyway.. would love to hear about anything you might know.. can I use these "engines" to help me write my new "electronic novel" James
  4. If this is true, is it possible to tell me what programs these are? Thanks.
  5. Hey guys, I've been deciding to give CC65 a work-out, and figure out exactly what it can and can't do. To this end, I'm writing a BBS. One that isn't a pasta-fied mess of Atari BASIC or OSS BASIC XE; that runs atop SpartaDOS X, and can thus utilize setups like the Ultimate1MB, the SIDE interface, etc. I am starting out small, right now doing all the menial tasks of writing the logger, wrappers for the serial routines, fleshing out the configuration structures (one byte at a time, lots of bit field packing), but hopefully this can grow into something useful. Why CC65, and why not something like ACTION!? Well, I wanted to use a modern language, with structs (with the ability to have pointers to structs), and all of the niceties of a decent C implementation, while having a linker that could output a _very_ flexible binary structure. This is being developed on disk, but it could potentially end up as a very large banked cartridge, when it's all said and done, who knows? I wanted the leg room... ...also the libraries for serial communication and extended memory addressing are pretty well defined, well enough to be able to write something like a BBS package, so who knows where this would go? Does it have a name? Not yet. When it comes to me, i'll name it, until then, I code. What features will it have? Who knows, I am writing this, one piece at a time, just seeing what's possible. I am pushing code to github for it, here: https://github.com/tschak909/ataribbs . o O (even my bits of mental cucumber, palette cleansers to distract from long running big projects, are in an of themselves, big...Am I insane? Only my cats know for sure.) -Thom
  6. The focus here would be getting input about a Front End for an Emulation Box. I've opted to do a small PC rather than a RaspPi 3. I managed to find one pretty cheap and plan to do either Windows (if working on it) or installing Lakka (RetroArch OS basically). That being said... I wouldn't mind some input on possible Front Ends to use. I have only used RetroArch, and it does pretty well and gets the job done. However it's not always my favorite and sometimes controllers can be a fit if you want to change up which controller you use. I've heard of EmulationStation and used it briefly with the RaspPi 3. It looks pretty nice on the outside, but I ran into issues getting some covers and the controller setup for it didn't always feel great. Granted the main problem I had with my RaspPi was getting the controller to work right. I heard about LaunchBox from MetalJesusRocks, and that one looks pretty great overall. Seems to have a wide variety of support... but it also costs if you want the full feature set. It's free to use , so I'll try it but wondered if anyone here had direct experience with it. https://www.launchbox-app.com/ I'll also probably give EmulationStation another try and see if it works better on top of Windows. http://emulationstation.org/ I also found a couple of random ones (top results when I searched). They all vary in type and quality, but I'm gonna link them with short descriptions of what they look like. I'll definitely be trying them when I get my setup in though. Will post up what I think of some of them. So far I've found... https://www.gameex.com/ - (GameEx)This one looks... kinda plain. It almost makes me think of Kodi but for games? Granted Kodi works great, so this could be a winner in an unflattering dress. http://www.mgalaxy.com/ - (MGalaxy) Looks pretty close to LaunchBox but a bit less detailed. They offer a lot of the same features and is free unless you want their databases. Premium is yearly or forever. http://quickplay.sourceforge.net/ - (QuickPlay)This reminds me of MAME a lot. Not quite what I'm looking for a Front End. This one does have quite a bit of details though, so might be good if you aren't looking for fluff. http://lusspace.free.fr/modules/news/ - (LusSpace) looks to be even more like MAME. I'm assuming this is where someone informs me it's one of the same people working on it. This has more details than and fancy screenshots than QuickPlay does. http://scottrice.github.io/Ice/ - (ICE) Okay I actually recognize this one. I have a friend who uses it. It looks pretty nice overall, but it looks like it's going to piggyback on Steam. I got mixed feeling about that. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/ - (HyperSpin) This one is very colorful and just almost feels like too much. It also costs money which I was hoping to avoid... so gonna hard pass this one. http://feelfrontend.altervista.org/ - (FEEL) This looks to be another big contender. It doesn't look too over the top but just enough to work as a nice frontend. Might come down to what my emulator box (nothing fancy) can handle. http://emuloader.mameworld.info/emucon/ - (Emucon) This uses a weird, simplistic database that seems to feature more picture than details. I can't describe it any better. http://attractmode.org/index.html - Another one focused for more of a media/game center look. Probably another one that I'll be more interested in since that's my focus. At the end of the day, they all seem to do the same thing, so I'll just have to run through them all and find what works best. I'll be sure to post up after I try things out. My main focus is a front end that displays well on a TV and interface that allows for multiple, different controllers. Ease of use as well as games supported will play decent parts as well. Again, if anybody has any inputs on any of these, please let me know!
  7. Hey there, im looking for a programmer familiar with intellivision basic . to write a very simple program that is basically like a modded ,more in depth version of the intellivision synth stock program that comes on the ECS . i use and love whats there by default but i would love to cycle through some more sounds to play . and if it could be made to load through the tape data slot on the ECS that would be awesome as well ,as there is not a valid multicart out anymore . id be willing to pay a bit and it would also be helping the community as well . thanks . !!
  8. Hello, Many of you have already seen and played our Ridiculous Reality... here are some new screens from game for those who have not seen it yet: Game can be downloaded from my website: DOWNLOAD Ridiculous Reality Hope you like it, enjoy!
  9. Has anyone ever tracked down any of the three titles that Creative Computing released for the TI? Below is the page in their Catalog 8 that lists them. They're also mentioned in the TI Home Computer Program Library brochure that usually came with a TI-99/4A. I've no idea if this software was any good, just curious if these titles have ever been preserved or if they may be most liekly lost to history.
  10. Hello Atariage, I'm writing to let you know that I've finished programming a website for the front end to the Gamebase database. This website (in theory) shows every game made for the Commodore PET (and coming this week, Vic-20 games). There are download links, and you can search alphabetically, by publisher, author. Deep search option soon to be implented. There's a possibility people can soon edit the entries and submit their own games too. www.commodoregamebase.com
  11. I'm thinking of making a better bB music tracker, one that gives the 2600 4 voice channels (I already know how to make that possible ) but I don't know what software I could use to make a tracker (I google it and found nothing).
  12. Commodore Gear List—16 May 2015 All gear from a complete operating system owned by a silent key ham and was working. Equipment sold As Is. Commodore 64 Keyboard Computer Commodore 128 Keyboard Computer with small joy stick attached to keyboard Color Monitor EV 2114—14“ diagonal Color Monitor (for 128) RGB Monitor 80—14” diagonal Magnavox Another Monitor TBD—coming Pair of Commodore 1541 Disc Drives Keytek Command Center Enclosure with 2 Commodore 1571 Disc Drives, power outlets, more All Electronics EDCH-246 Switch Box for All Disc Drives Concord Electronics Power Supply AC-7 Commodore (big) Power Supply white 310416-01 Pair of Poodle Game Controllers for system Pair of Archer Joy Sticks for system OR&G Graphic Printer Board and Cable for Commodore 64 and VIC 20 VIC 1011A RS 232C Terminal Type “Connector” and Cables Commodore C2N Cassette Recorder for computer interface with cable, other accessories (speakers and more) Lots and lots of cables At least 5 Boxes of Manuals, Schematics, Documentation on Commodore 64 and 128, reference: User Guides, Handbooks, Notebooks, Programmer Reference Guides and more Boxes and Boxes of software, reference: Run, Re-Run, AHOY, LoadStar for 64 and 128, and much more Contact Tim howwhatandwhyatgmail eight six zero 604 one eight eight eight
  13. Frustrated that items that are no longer available retail, are still protected by intellectual property rights, but the simple fact is I can't get any of the "dubious origin" versions of these two games to run correctly on real iron. So I'm looking to buy them from someone who was lucky enough to have them from when they WERE available. Local (Toronto Canada) is always better, but happy to pay for shipping to get these two. (and years of collection vintage tech has made me keely aware of shipping costs, so I'll suffer no sticker shock)
  14. Hi! My name is Greg. New to the forum. Finally getting around to posting on here. I have been collecting retro computers and consoles for a number of years now, but have yet to really participate in forums. Currently I own an Amiga 600, TI 99/4A, Atari 800XL, and now new to the stable is a Tandy 1000 EX. It was obtained second hand for $5. I spent this afternoon taking the machine apart and cleaning; as well as inspecting the hardware. The computer is all clean now and boots to a prompt for a bootable discs. Herein lies the issue... I have no discs! I don't really have a way of imaging discs for 5.25 drives at this time unfortunately. After some research, I found that I will require MS-DOS 2.11 to be able to boot this machine to run software. Here are my questions. 1. Does anyone have a copy of MS-DOS 2.11 or has the means to copy a disc for me that could be mailed? 2. What is the easiest way to image these discs nowadays? Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. If you can send me a copy that would be great. I would paypal for the copy of the disc and to cover shipping.
  15. In another topic OLD CS1 mentioned he had some long term projects in mind which got me thinking that might be an interesting subject for a new topic. SO, what long term projects do you have in mind and how long do you think it might take you. Me first. About 6 months ago I got started on a TI99 version of the Atari classic 'Mule'. Well, I changed jobs, then my wife got a job offer to Dallas, Texas. We moved etc... etc... who cares. Anyway, now I have time to get back to it. I going to use Senior Falcon XBC256CF which solves almost all my previous problems; fast loading of screens, scrolling, streaming music. Think it might take me a few months. My hardware project I have started on is installing a speaker and amplifier in the TI99. Since the F18a disables the video the only need for the video cable is for sound. I created a bracket to mount the speaker (just behind the cartridge port) and tested putting a small amp below the motherboard. Unfortunately, I shorted out the amp I scavenged from a old MP player so back to square one. This is a, when I feel like messing with it, project so who knows. What you got in the works or just thinking about.
  16. Hi together! In Germany we are close to digitize all Atari software from 1979 to 1985. Just this here: Personal Finance Management System CX8113 Personal Finance Management System CX8114 else: Personal Financial Management System CX406, 3 disks CX406 Personal Financial Management System (details incomplete?) * P.M.F.S. System Diskette I CX8113 o Create (???) o Record Keeper o Checkbook Balancer * P.F.M.S. System Diskette II CX8114 o Budget Manager o Budget Analyzer o Budget Forecaster * Formatted Diskette II CX8111 is missing. If anyone has an atr-image of these 2 disks and a pdf-file of the manual, well, there will be an offer you can't resist... A little step for you, but a giant leap for the Atari community and generations to come. Would be cool to hear from you. :-))) All the best, luckybuck
  17. Hello, all. Just dropping in to let everyone know that Commander Keen in Keen Dreams (classic PC game for MS-DOS) is now available for Android enabled devices, under official license. We adapted the game directly from the original source code, and the sound effects were digitally recorded from the YM3812 chip of the Ad Lib sound card to ensure they were perfectly preserved. The game can be played using the touch screen or a gamepad. Check it out at Google Play... http://play.google.c...=com.keendreams Thanks for your attention. Have a nice day.
  18. AtariX Hello everyone, my name is Iuri Nery, and a few days ago I started reading some tutorials at RandomTerrain to learn more about Atari programming, and so far I’m finding everything fascinating. I’m right now at number #16 of Andrew Davie’s tutorial (Atari 2600 Programming for Newbies). I’m learning a lot from it, and to learn faster, I needed to built something to help me testing the sample projects, that’s why I made this IDE. AtariX is a very simple IDE, but has a couple of features that can help novice users to get into Assembly programming: · Save/Load assembly files (.asm/.s); · Build binary files by pressing the “Export” button; · Test your games with 1 click; · Colored syntax for comments, assembly instructions, numbers, binary numbers and also for the labels from “vcs.h” (like COLUPF); Files included: · “vcs.h” and “macro.h” (unmodified); · DASM Assembler; · z26 Emulator; · AtariX executable; How to use: 1. Open the assembly file you want to test; 2. Put all the included files in the “include” folder; 3. Click on the “Play” button (you can also press F5); Credits: ; AtariX ; ------ ; Copyright © 2017 by Iuri Nery ; DASM Assembler ; -------------- ; Copyright © 1988-2002 by Matthew Dillon ; Copyright © 1995 by Olaf "Rhialto" Seibert ; Copyright © 2003-2008 by Andrew Davie ; Copyright © 2008 by Peter H. Froehlich ; z26 Emulator ; ------------ ; Copyright © 1997-2004 by John Saeger . This is not an advanced IDE or anything like that, just wanted to share it with you guys, I hope it can help someone. ps: I’m not an experienced programmer, so any tips are apreciated, also I don’t know if this is the correct session to post this kind of stuff. Thanks! AtariX_v01.zip
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