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Found 16 results

  1. Now that @phaeron released his latest 4.00-test43 source code, including the RMT libraries, more than ever, I would like to compile Altirra from source. Instead of asking Phaeron directly, I thought it would be nice to have a compilation guide here on AtariAge Has anybody, besides Phaeron, ever compiled it from source? Which compiler do I need? Is it free? Does it run on WINE? How hard do you think it would be to cross-compile with i686-w64-mingw32-gcc? Edit: answering two of my own questions: There's a free version of Visual Studio at https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/free-developer-offers/ Does it work on WINE? https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=892 NO! Edit2: found two vcproj2cmake projects (1, 2) but both are very old. Now that VS integrates CMake more and more (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/build/cmake-projects-in-visual-studio?view=msvc-160, would it be possible to generate them from within VS?
  2. Getting a bit annoyed by the bad situation with lynx emulators I started to patch and back port things to the handy original code. Bad situation in the sense that it is nearly impossible to get bug-fixes or additional features into (mostly closed source) emulator code. Nevertheless, all emulator code is derived from the original handy code, but in some emulators a lot of code changes have been applied. But the original code is abandoned. And this is what I would like to change! Now I have the hope that, IF we have a central place for the base code, we can advertise it and patches from there find their way to the respective emulators. The following things are planned or already done: * Full stereo 16 bit support (10 bit significant) * Attenuation support (Lynx 2) * Using second strobe as read on second bank (messed up completely in emulation) * Use of AUDIN to switch banks (like in Alpine Games) * lnx format extension to support AUDIN banking * Using AUDIN + second strobe for read/write to EEPROM (save game) * TWI EEPROMs (BLL save features) * Everon bug-fix * Split code base into "core" and "gui", remove windows dependencies from core * Compile an up-to-date windows handy version Repository will most likely be placed at github. Comments and suggestions?
  3. i made this test now, rom with sources in the attachment - it's a rom for testing the joystick, and simulates texting from the keypads a bit like some cellphones years ago (still quite embryonic, perhaps someone can have some idea for using it in a game, considering there is a lot of people comfortable with this texting method, actually ) i hope this can be useful, not only as a rom for testing, as for encouraging people here on coding ColecoVision stuff (and Boriel’s ZX-Basic Compiler seems to be a very neat cross-development tool for this) joysticktest_2_keypad.zip
  4. My friend and I have an idea for a ROM hack of pole position and are trying to use the source dumped here by Curt Vendel but haven't gotten anywhere in a while with it. I was wondering if anyone has any insight as to how to get it compiled, what compiler to use or possibly another source dump that's compatible with DASM without a complete re-write. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated and you will be noted on the credits of the hack and you will get a gold star for being generally a good person. Thanks, -M
  5. "Game industry veteran Jordan Mechner has released the source code for the original Apple II version of Prince of Persia, more than two decades after the game's release": http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/168709/Prince_of_Persias_oncelost_source_code_released.php Would this be useful to have a port of this game for Atari 8-bits? Anyway, here´s the link to the source files: https://github.com/jmechner/Prince-of-Persia-Apple-II - Y -
  6. Just wondering - the technology used for Adventure was simple enough that just about any 8-bit home computer or newer should be capable of emulating it. I'm wondering if anyone has done it in BASIC (maybe compiled, or with some minor ML routines, or using some BASIC expansion library, for more speed etc.) ? It would be cool to have such a code base to work with, making it easy to modify and create custom adventures...
  7. For those interested in the demoscene, I've released a new VCS demo this weekend: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=65838 You can also find the full source code there. I guess the main cube effect is not really relevant to you game developers, but maybe you find the extra-wide hi-res scroller interesting. Note: The source is not in dasm format; it's for KK's very nice compiler/linker k65 which will be released publicly soon. But since the format is really close to assembly, you shouldn't have much trouble reading it.
  8. DUCKTALES 1987 THEME SONG (All-in-one archive) : DUKETALES1987.zip This archive contains the Ducktales theme song I've composed a few days ago. This archive is also updated to contain both PAL and NTSC versions, technically making it sounds just fine regardless if you are using the NTSC or PAL ColecoVision game system. WARNING! The music may play at the wrong speed if you are using a modded ColecoVision or an emulator. For example, setting 50Hz on BlueMSX but still using the NTSC ColecoVision BIOS results into a slower theme song. If you are curious, unzip everything in a single folder, modify one of the ASM source files, and double-click the "compile.bat" file to generate a new ROM file (if the modification is valid). Anyway, enjoy the new ROM file with all the files to make it. PS.: I know, I've called the project DUKETALES on my computer... why? I don't know, I just did it that way.
  9. So a couple weeks ago Matt Scott, a friend of mine who developed Lynx music for tons of released and unreleased games sent me some Lynx ROMs he found on floppies. This stuff always gets me excited. One was the Simpsons digitized sound demo the other was 720WS.ROM. I knew that 720 was in development while I was there (the coin op was in my office) and I got very excited thinking we might have an unreleased partially done ROM but you can't just run unprotected ROMs in Handy. I asked for some help in another thread and LX.NET introduced me to Harry_Dodgson. They helped me preview the ROMS in Handy and I now understand that they are both already in circulation. The 720WS.ROM is a silent display of just the skateboard character in the center of the screen rotatable with the joypad, but what happened next was awesome... Some of you may recall that I went to great lengths to recover the RoadBlasters, Toki, and S.T.U.N. Runner source materials in 2011 (http://atariage.com/forums/topic/188836-some-pretty-awesome-graphics-for-the-lynx/page__st__25?do=findComment&comment=2413123). After recovering those materials I recovered other batches of Amiga floppies with adfread, cleaning disks with alcohol, adapting my ruby script to extract files and folders from the various versions of Quarterback used to create the opaque disk images, and after all that I had the source code and .bin files for all the technology prototypes I developed. I wanted to view the prototypes on Handy but they were in BIN format. For 22 years, the only way to see these demos was on a single VHS tape I made of them in 1991. Harry gave me a tool he wrote to convert .BIN to .O which Handy can read, but it didn't work, so he sent me the source. It was done a long time ago in a unix/mac/pc cross platform dialect of C that Visual Studio didn't like but the code was straight forward, well written and documented so I ported it over to standard C. I discovered that Handy jumps to the first byte loaded from a .O file and my code was written using several blocks with the start address typically somewhere in the middle, so I added code to patch the binary adding a 3 byte JMP START at the beginning of the code where needed (along with a couple other technical tweaks) and VOILA! My demos were now runnable on the Lynx! I can't tell you how exciting it is for me to see these demos come to life. These were all exploratory Lynx technologies I wrote for game concepts or just for fun that never found their way into released products (other than the sound drivers). Here are the highlights of my exploits... abtest0.bin.o was a true 3D drawing test (as opposed to pseudo 3D used in RoadBlasters and S.T.U.N. Runner) for a game idea called Alien Brigade, that temporary artwork is my head. The source is dated 11/20/91. fractest0.bin.o, fractest2.bin.o, and fractest3.bin.o are fractal tests. I loved Rescue at Fractalus and wanted to do a terrain based game but that code was too slow. Source dated 11/18/91 polytest.bin.o is a combination of my triangle rendering routine and my Quartet digitized sample midi music driver, press a button to start the music. quartest.bin.o is a simple sprite test and my Quartet digitized sample midi music driver, press a button to start the music. rottest0.bin.o a sprite rotation test. Sprites can be skewed vertically and horizontally which is all that is needed to pseudo rotate a sprite up to 45 degrees. it is undated but was probably done around the time I did RoadBlasters. showfroggy.bin.o shows a full color picture of a frog by multiplexing 4 bit (16 shade) red, green, and blue images. It looks better on LCD, I wish Handy had a "phosphor" setting that would simulate LCD ghosting. If I were to try to do it again, I would do it a different way. testspri2.bin is a simple sprite test with my multivoice 7 bit digitized sound driver I wrote for Al Baker 7/12/1990, either for Pit Fighter or Bill & Ted. Pressing any button plays voices saying "replay", button A plays at subsequently higher pitches, B plays subsequently lower pitches. textdemo.bin.o is a text demo I used to explore trying to improve text appearance by attempting to take advantage of the color masked pixels on the LCD to try to effectively triple the horizontal display resolution. Windows clear type does this for LCD displays now, I should have patented that one (http://www.microsoft...arTypeInfo.mspx). It is undated, I was inspired when I put the LCD into an unsupported monochrome mode - it looked terrible otherwise. :-) DScottWilliamsonLynxTechTests.zip
  10. Hi, I wish to know if the Jiffi tool source code is available, I would like to add the ELF format or to know if such support is planned by the tool author(s)? Thanks,
  11. Undertale - Muffet Song - Spider Dance STORY I really like this music and wanted to create a ColecoVision version of it. So I took a day listening to the original music and multiple covers including the great acapella version by Smooth McGroove. I took a day to decide the way I wanted my version to sound like and coded the first 30 seconds, added the valid cartridge header and very simple needed routines to work properly. DOWNLOAD Muffet Spider Dance Demo (30 seconds loop) SRC+ROM: cvmuffetdemo.zip
  12. Hack and slash game for Atari 2600 / VCS. Defeat the upcoming waves! Beware of the enemies with different behaviours! You can slash them, if they don't slash you, otherwise you die! And: Go over the screen borders to escape! Runs on Stella or on intellicart (tested). Source-Code included but don't look at it or you will be slashed to hell! And it is concept: No fancy rainbow stuff - should be a game style from 2014. Enjoy and let's do retro! Greetings to all coders out there [email protected] More infos in the info.txt AXE_100.zip
  13. I have released a new demo at the Revision 2017 demoparty, this time in 4k because people kept telling me you have to do a 4k to become a "real" VCS developer. Here's the Pouet link: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=69681 I've also attached the binary to this post. The dasm source can be found here: https://bitbucket.org/kylearan/catharsis_theory/overview But caution, due to a lot of heavy optimization, it might not be very readable. The readme contains a technical write-up though, in case you are interested. Now I can go back to developing Air Taxi. catharsis_theory.bin
  14. Does anyone have the source code for Ti invaders (cassette version) or any other old classic games for the ti-99/4a?
  15. Hi guys ! Anybody knows how to stop RMT music play but keep sfx playing ? I've tried stopping music, disabling irq (that calls music play), but I either get music+sfx or nothing... I would like to turn of music so it doesn't waste cpu time, but keep possibility of playing sfx when needed. Any help appreciated ! Vladimir
  16. Another sweet text adventure game ported from C64 with sources included. The author, Peter Karlsson, wrote: I have added "help" command that displays the above info in a short form. To build the game type: make atari in your favourite shell. Original sources enclosed (potion.tar.gz). Atari sources in folder /potion/. Atari executable: potion.xex Have fun! potion.zip
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