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Found 17 results

  1. Hello all, In early 2016 I was discussing various ways to use the TI Speech Synthesizer. My goal was to (eventually) be able to convert a .WAV file into a format that could be read by the TMS5220. (Like QBOX, but with less hassle). Lots of discussion on SPEECODER, STANAGs, and SOX. The thread is at https://atariage.com/forums/topic/251554-speecoder-on-win994a/ Not too long after that, I picked up another part-time job, and ended up writing three (non-computer related) journal/magazine articles, taking up much of my time and brainspace. TI speech, unfortunately, got shunted off to a siding. Now that things have quieted down a bit, I'm revisiting my investigation into the speech synthesizer. One project, if anyone hasn't beat me to it yet, is to extract speech data from TI's text to speech programs ("SPEAK", "XLAT", etc), and save it to a file. (Note that the input expected by "CALL SAY" is different than the output of XLAT--CALL SAY wants TI-LPC data, XLAT produces a coded phoneme string.) There will be other studies in LPC formats, bit manipulation, phonemes, formants, and I may even tackle the math that generates the reflection coefficients. But for now, enjoy this Extended Basic program that makes the TI sing! (feel free to scroll ahead to about 1:30 to hear the actual singing...) Let me know what you think. twinkle2.mp4
  2. >>Newest version in this thread, Post 1: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/234209-doctor-who-berzerk-wspeech/?p=3160867 Continuing the line of making original games different/better, here is a playable WIP Berzerk Doctor Who hack, with speech samples. No speech hardware required. Thread cross posted in Atari 2600 Programming Forum. Bezerk16kHack20150130b.asm.bin
  3. I watched videos about old digitized voices and want to turn my speech to zx spectrum style speech. Does anyone know how? And how can I record my speech?
  4. Hi: My name is Joseph Norton. I am a blind user of the TI 99/4A computer, though I do not have one at present. I am currently having success using MAME emulation, which seems to be the best way to emulate the TI using the speech synthesizer. It even runs the Ernie and Bert demo program. Anyway, I am hoping to put together a podcast on a blindness-related forum regarding things that a blind person could do ith the TI 99/4A using the speech synthesizer. I am looking for disk images that I can run using the MAME emulator. Anything that shows off the speech capabilities of the TI would be appreciated. For all I know, there might be just what I am looking for on whtech, but, there are a lot of disk images up there and I'm not sure of the best way to search them. Do any of you have any recommendations? There is one particular set of programs that would be perfect, if anyone has been able to find and convert them. Years ago, I had a disk of programs written by a gentleman in the Atlanta area which were written specifically for the blind. This gentleman, whose name is Jim Foust, was also blind and saw the potential for the text-to-speech capabilities of the TE2 cartridge, and wrote several programs using its capability. Among the programs he wrote were a game of Hangman, a personal directory program, a program to balance a checkbook, and, even a word processor. He has gone on to other things quite a few years ago, so wouldn't have them himself, as far as I know. I lost a lot of my old stuff in a house fire in 2008, so don't have access to these programs either. If any of you folks can help, let me know. There are many blind people out there with fond memories of the TI, and, quite a few who would like to know a little about the early days of using speech. Thanks for any help you can give. --Joseph Norton, Dalton, GA, U.S.A.
  5. So, I just bought a flex cable off eBay. I already own the PEB box but it's empty other than a PSU. I have never put power to the PEB so I have no idea of the PSU is good. I couldn't wait for my flex cable to get here before I asked some questions. 1) Assuming the PSU is totally shot, can they be replaced with modern ATX PSU's? I don't remember the form factor of it (need to get it out of storage). I could always recap the board but I like modern PSU's whenever I can. 2) Does the speech synthesizer connect to the side of the TI and the flex cable into the side of it? Or can the two be used together? 3) What kind of floppy drives can I use with the PEB/TI? I want to get a TIPI but I like actual drives too. Thanks!
  6. From the album: Hacks

    Early WIP
  7. I have three Votrax Personal Speech System 200 (Voice Synth) Synthesis for sale. The first one is currently on eBay. Pretty cool voice synth from 1980s. They were originally connected to TRS-80 Color Computers, hence the DIN cable. Very clean and ready to start helping you re-live War Games. https://www.ebay.com/itm/263835604330
  8. I'm trying to say some things with CALL SAY in XB, but it's not working at it should. For example, CALL SAY("READY TO START") just spells out READY and continues with "TO START". CALL SAY in conjunction with CALL SPGET CALL SPGET("READY TO START", R$) CALL SAY(,R$) just says "uh-oh" (both on real iron). READY TO START is listed as an available word in the XB manual. Is this a mistake, or do I need to specify that phrase differently? (I know there's Text-To-Speech, but I probably need the output sooner than I learned that tool.)
  9. Could someone please try the attached binary on the real deal? It's an 8k cartridge ROM that runs on the unexpanded console. I've been working on enhancing my spectra2 library with some new routines and would like to check if the Hardware is recognized in a reliable way. It should test the below: 1. Check if F18A is installed 2. Check if speech synthesizer is available 3. List the VDP refresh rate 50/60Hz Thanks. test1c.bin
  10. Hello all....I'm running Speecoder v. 1.1E on Win99/4A v3.009 The program loads fine, but when I try to decode something, I don't get the full list of frames (sets of bits sent to the synthesizer) I select "Decode," then "Vocabulary," and input a vocabulary word (such as "HELLO") at the prompt. Then back to "Decode" and select "Examine" It only shows one line, with the number 15 (=1111, the "End of Data" code for the speech synthesizer) and "7998 bytes free" (out of 8000) Printing the list just shows the same thing, the 15 and nothing else. Anything I'm missing here? (I haven't tried it on MESS or V9T9 yet. It'll be quite some time before it gets to my "real" TI 99/4A, as I still need to verify that I have a working disk drive) Thanks in advance for any help
  11. Here I show the 8 classic Texas Instruments TI-99/4A games Parsec, Alpiner, Star Trek, M*A*S*H, Microsurgeon, Moon Mine, Fathom and Buck Rogers. All those games on cartridge work on unexpanded TI-99 computers, but also support the optional speech synthesizer.
  12. Hi everyone, I am trying to convert some 8000khz wav files to glorious TI99 speech, and I've been following this turtorial: I'm running windows XP professional with VMWare fusion, and I've managed to *install* QBoxPro, as well as copied over the BWCC.DLL dependency. By install-- I mean when I originally ran the program, it told me that it depended on other archived files and gave me the option to unarchive everything-- so I did.. Then once running the exe, it complained the BWCC.DLL file was missing, so I copied it into the qboxpro directory and now when I launch the QBoxPro application, it gives me a warning "No coding table found in project". I've inspected the config file, and it clearly shows: [Coding_Tables] coding_table0=d6 coding_table1=5220 And in my QBoxPro directory, I see the files "D6RAD.COD" and "QV5220.COD"... So I don't understand why I am getting this warning? The readme file mentions that there is some sort of "qbprins.exe" installer, but that file does not seem to be anywhere in the zip file I downloaded from your resources. Can anyone help me out with getting this up and running on my machine? Thanks! -patrick
  13. I think it's time to start a fresh thread considering the original AtariVox+ thread is several years old. I assumed that the amount that I built and (eventually) distributed through GoldenAx would fully satisfy demand, but a few people have piped up to say they missed out. I do not know the total number of classic gaming fans and how many of them don't already have one of the prior runs of AtariVox+ or prior single-platform units. But the decision's been made to stock up in a big way. As of the date of this post, we have over 60 AtariVox+ boards fully assembled and ready for final testing and packaging. In total we have over 300 SpeakJet chips that can be used for future boards, by virtue of another generous bulk-discount from Magnevation. Assuming the chips remain available, that same price-break will stay open for us going forward. Since we have many more than 300 PCBs left, I can't imagine there will ever come a time when demand will exceed supply--just as long as there's someone willing to keep investing the time to assemble them. I've sacrificed a lot of time and money building these with the sole purpose being to popularize speech synth in homebrews. I'd like to keep the final retail cost of the AA-edition of the AV+ as low as possible while still allowing myself to break-even on my recent overhead and to satisfy AA's own financial expectations. Since I doubt I'll have much free time to put labor into these beyond the summer, I want to transition myself off the responsibility of assembly and let AA assume full control of it going forward. The only real point of concern is the soldering of the PIC chip. At over $2 a pop, if it doesn't go on well, it wastes a lot of time and money. So I'm still somewhat protective of the assembly process. So we'll see how that hand-off process goes. But I had this first batch already partially assembled (including the PIC) going into this revival, and so it was fairly easy for me to finish adding the missing components myself, making it so that AA needs to only package it up and sell. I'll leave it to Albert to post updates related to that final phase of production here.
  14. I've been goofing around with an Amazon Echo Dot. Hands free music control while I'm soldering... some light control, and retro computer TV input selection. So while frustrated with python packaging at work today ( that damn snake wouldn't get in the crate ) I thought about this: Why not use speech as a home automation interface... but wait, I'm not talking about talking. Use that TEII cartridge, and write up a little menu to command your Alexa to do all that it knows how to do with a simple hotkey on your 4A console... So I played around with this simple code (most will know it): 10 OPEN #1:"SPEECH",OUTPUT,DISPLAY 20 INPUT A$ 30 PRINT #1:A$ 40 GOTO 20 And it actually works somewhat... The beep at INPUT A$ immediately after a phrase is spoken disturbs things... a CALL KEY approach would be better. Anyway... it's a fun little diversion... Let the computers talk to each other... My wife entered the room, wondering what all the 'voices' were about... All I could say was "welcome to Nerdsville" LOL... Kind of fun to think about... speech as a machine-to-machine api... If there wasn't a big screen audience, C3PO really should have been speaking Astromech when he responded to R2. [email protected]
  15. Just got a CF7+, like it. But, it seems to act flaky loading binaries when attached through my speech synthesizer. I have seen mixed comments on if the CF7 is compatible with the speech module. One guy has a web page on how to bypass ( http://gtello.pagesperso-orange.fr/ti99_e.htm ) it while I have seen pictures of people having their CF7 attached through the speech module fine. P.S. someone else also commenting on issues loading binaries http://newsgroups.derkeiler.com/Archive/Comp/comp.sys.ti/2008-11/msg00003.html Any thoughts.
  16. So it has been a few years since I've done TMS9900 assembly language programming. Here's a recycled demo where I've now attached a speech sample. Tried it with classic99. Anyone willing to try if this also works on the real deal? It's an 8K image, scratchpad memory only. You'll need a supercart and a speech synthesizer to run this. CART.bin
  17. From the album: Hacks

    Early WIP 2
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