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Found 26 results

  1. I've just released the 1st episode of my new podcaST. This is a podcaST about the Atari ST. This project started as blog idea, and blossomed into this. It is the documentation of my journey of re-discovery of the Atari ST. Episode 001: The One With The 520ST - https://1632podcast.info/2016/07/31/e001-the-one-with-the-520st/ Thanks for listening.
  2. I have an Atari Stacy here, almost 100% disassembled that I have been tasked to reassemble and test. I'm looking for any pointers on how to get it together and what I should be looking for that may need repairs. @Darklord, your name was mentioned to me as someone who knows their way around a Stacy. I have a couple of questions... - Can I run the stacy without the screen connected, using an external monitor? - There is a green (ground?) wire with a screw lug on the end coming from the top half of the shell. Where does it normally get screwed on the bottom of the shell? - I have a bunch of screws and no idea where they go. Is there an assembly diagram for a Stacy anywhere? Thanks!
  3. A real labor of love is finally complete. An Atari drawing for everyday of the month of October 2016 (31 drawings), now in one beautifully printed collection, Inktober 2016 | Atari Propaganda. Atari Lynx, Atari ST, and Atari Jaguar are featured most of the time, but there are a few bonuses in there as well. Because I am not one for heavy marketing, I want to make sure that everyone who would like a copy of this collection can get it for a deal right up front. I also don't want to spend the next year packing and shipping books, I got more Atari art to make darn it! So here is a bit of encouragement to purchase sooner rather than later. If you purchase the Atari Propaganda collection before the end of the day January 27th, you can get the $20 book for $18 USD (%10 off). If that is still too much, sign up for my mailing list (link at the top of my website) and get an additional %15 off of a single copy making your purchase $15 + shipping. This includes a dated signature from the artist of course. Not interested in buying the whole collection? Not a problem, I also have all the larger (8.5x11") art prints of every drawing on sale as well for $7 a piece. Pick the ones you really want, without the hassle of flipping the pages of a book. Thank you for the support, and enjoy the Atari fan art goodness! Atari Propagand Book Product Page (purchase here): http://williamthorup.com/product/inktober-2016-book/ Individual Art Prints http://williamthorup.com/product-category/art-prints/inktober_2016/ Get your extra 15% off coupon here: https://goo.gl/t0y69l Digital gallery of all the artwork included in the book: http://williamthorup.com/inktober-2016/
  4. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has done any fancy mods to their ST's to change the way they look. My Atari ST had cracks all over the plastic which I fixed with Epoxy, but this still left it looking damaged. So I decided to get some vinyl wrap and turn it into a little DIY project. I've attached a WIP photo below, still a long way to go. Anyway, I'd love to see what others have done with their ST's and to hear about how their project went on.
  5. Noticed there's a few guys having issues getting setup with their new NetUSBee devices, so figured I'd post a few easy-to-find hints to explain what I managed to work out. Basically I followed the instructions here: http://hardware.atari.org/sfl/index.htm, though I didn't change my PC config (as per step 4) and gave the Atari an IP of since my router sits on .0.1. Then I needed to manually edit the STing routing table, which I laid out like so (I think from memory the filename was routes.tab): <Atari IP> EtherNet EtherNet <Router IP> And finally I needed to specify a DNS server IP in the main STing config file, which I think is default.cfg, but again I'll double check. Find the line for NAMESERVER and set it to or your preferred server. Once I'd done all that I figured up AtarIRC, it resolved the server correctly and I was online!
  6. Afternoon all... so i recently found and decided to hook up my old supradrive to my atari st to look at some old files on there (i`m a working musician and used the ST extensively during the 80`s / 90`s... upon power up i heard a bit of a "crack" from within the casing !!!! ... so i opened her up and a couple of chips on what looks like the controller board were fried ... a quick look on the web meant that i could source the affected chips still and relatively cheaply (hurrah!) ...BUT..... one of the affected chips seems to be a custom programmed EPROM.. and i was wondering if anyone has or knows where to get the file i need to re-burn the new chip as my drive is useless without it .... alternatively can anyone suggest an alternate housing i could source so i can swap the actual HD over ... see piccy`s for the lowdown ... affected chips are 74HCT240N X 1 Easily available S7407N X 1 " " PAL16L8ANC X 1 " " CUSTOM EPROM.. Thanks for any advice / help offered.. steve
  7. FOR SALE: ATARI ST 520 STFM WITH 2.5MB MARPET MEMORY UPGRADE COMPUTER RETRO CONSOLE SYSTEM REFURBISHED TESTED CLEANED Fully refurbished and tested. Please look at the large pictures at the bottom. This Atari has been stripped down and thoroughly cleaned inside and out. No cracks to the case and, considering its age, this Atari is in superb condition! A few minor scratches to the top of the case which can be seen in the pictures, and underneath the Atari which is also visible in the pictures below. The Atari comes with a RF aerial cable (on request) and power cable (on request). Fully tested with an external floppy drive, monochrome and colour monitor, hard drive, printer and RF output to ensure all ports are operational. Technical details:- TOS v1.02 GEM v0.13 AES v1.20 Marpet 2.5Mb memory upgrade kit installed giving a total of 2.5Mb of memory Ideal for Cubase, games and other MIDI applications Minimal yellowing - see pictures below Manufactured 22/04/1987 The floppy drive head has been cleaned and reads, writes and formats floppy disks reliably. The joystick and mouse ports have been re-soldered. Sometimes these develop dry or broken solder joints, or develop intermittent faults over the years due to mice and joysticks being connected and removed . The memory has been tested with a 100 pass hardware memory read and write test. The Atari has been running for 24 hours to ensure to ensure there are no overheating issues. This Atari has a Marpet Memory Upgrade installed with a 2.5Mb memory upgrade to the system. What's included in this auction Atari STFM computer RF aerial cable (on request) 13A to IEC power cable (on request) Price: £55.00 + P&P P&P to UK is £12.50 P&P to Europe is £25.00
  8. Hello i recently aquierd an atari 1040stf but it didn't come with any games and i can't seem to find any be it in a local shop or downloaded from the internet i can't find anything. Is there anyone out there who knows were i can download Atari st games
  9. Hey all. I've poked around various file archives looking for some programs and utilities written by Charles F. Johnson and John Eidsvoog and I've had a devil of a time finding some of them. I contacted John and he doesn't have the stuff I'm looking for (at least, not where he can get to it). One thing I am in desperate need of is the old TopDown loader that John wrote, which you put in your Auto folder and forced desk accessories etc. to be loaded at the top of the available memory rather than the bottom, which got them out of the way of programs which committed the sin of being hard addressed (looking at you, Art & Film Director). Does anyone have this? Or an archive of LGF/CodeHead/Johnson/Eidsvoog goodies? Thanks in advance,
  10. Fully tested - Refurbished Mint condition - Minimal yellowing No breaks or cracks to the case Tested with an external floppy drive, monitor, hard drive, printer and RF output TOS v1.02 UK 512Kb Memory Great Britain GEM v0.13 AES v1.20 No modifications to the case. Floppy drive heads cleaned - read/write/format tested Joystick and mouse ports re-soldered 100 pass memory test Internal hardware tested with diagnostics software System run continuously for 48 hours running hardware diagnostic testing software Included:- Atari 520 STFM computer World Class Leaderboard Leaderboard Leaderboard Tournament Disk #1 3D Pool RF / Aerial cable to connect the Atari to a television or monitor with RF input (on request) 13A to IEC power cable or kettle lead (on request) Price: £55.00 P&P UK: £12.50 Europe: £27.00
  11. Happy 4th to my fellow Americans here. Happy Thursday to all else. I've mentioned elsewhere that I came across a large lot of Atari hardware/software/etc. and in this are a bunch of manuals and system/language disks that I'd like to re-bundle as correctly as possible. However, due to the somewhat generic (to my eye, anyway) way Atari labeled some of these disks, I'm not able to make a guess as to what they came with. Is there a site somewhere that lists the bundles of manuals and software that came with each line of ST/TT/Falcon systems? I've done different searches online, but maybe I'm just not creative enough to figure out what might work best. Thanks! Greg
  12. Hello! I recently configured Hatari to have some work done with a software that is part of a larger package to produce text adventures. Hard disk emulation was a must because of speed and so I went the GEMDOS HD route because it made very easy to modify files with the tool and then grab them from the host machine and test the results. But the software seems to be incompatible with GEMDOS HD emulation, it complains that the file can not be read nor written, so I needed to emulate another type of HDD, retaining if possible the ability to easily exchange files with the host via a folder. I configured then a HD image as C and selected the option to assign letters to GEMDOS drive after the others... I realized then that the software COULD access to the GEMDOS drive as D but it does not appear on the desktop. Another thing I tried was disabling such check and force GEMDOS drive to be D by creating a folder named D inside the folder for the GEMDOS HD, same result. To be honest I have no experience with real hard disks on real STs, mine never had one and I am at a loss, I don't make sense of the Hatari docs because I don't understand when or how to use drivers for the HDs... I'm also surprised that the software I use can see the GEMDOS drive but the desktop does not show it... seeing the drive however, does not make it work (same problem reading and writing files I mentioned previously). I hope to have explained myself... though I apologize in advance if not. Any hint would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi everyone! I just had the good fortune to pick up my first Atari computer, a 1040stf. I fixed several problems like the mouse not working (really nasty rollers) and the stuck knobs on the monitor. However, the floppy drive seems to be totally dead. It never spins up, the head never moves, and I get no drive lights. I opened it up to confirm it is plugged in correctly. This is a "big eject button" ST as I've heard them called, with a Chinon drive. I have access to soldering equipment, a multimeter, occiloscope, etc, just not until a few days from now (I'm away from home ATM). What can I do to get this working? Are there easy replacements? (I don't really want to hack up the case for a PC drive or gotek). I've attached photos of what it does at the moment.
  14. I am seeking interest and estimates of value for this unique item I want to offer for sale. I want to measure interest and get an idea of its value. This is a notebook that I assembled to hold a collection of ATARI ST programming manuals that came to me as part of a bit lot purchased on eBay last year. All of the pages are in good shape. Questions: Is this of value to anyone? Estimates of value? Note: it weighs about 6 pounds. I suspect it will cost about $10 USPS Media Mail to ship to the U.S. lower 48. Thanks for your opinions/advice. Located in NC, USA near Charlotte
  15. I just got an Atari Mega STe, but it lacks a keyboard. So.. I need one. Mega ST or Mega STe doesn't matter as long at it's in uk, us or norwegian layout. I'm not too found of QWERZ and in particular not AZERTY, so unless a spare keyboard with the right keycaps is available that's not interesting.
  16. Hello! This is the new demostration for Atari ST by BITS: BITS 0061 waving scroll, fractal tree+grass, parallax scroll, sprites. Download: http://thebitsclub.tripod.com/demo/BITS0061-ST-20140628.ZIP Goodbye, BITS Visit: http://thebitsclub.tripod.com/index.html BITS0061.TXT
  17. I have a lot of 2x Atari STf's, plus monitors and peripherals for sale, but I have no idea how to price these systems fairly. Can someone with some marketplace experience help me set a fair price for the components of this lot? http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/sys/4562559513.html Thanks!
  18. Fully refurbished and tested. Please look at the large pictures at the bottom. This Atari has been stripped down and thoroughly cleaned inside and out. No cracks to the case and, considering its age, this Atari is in superb condition! The Atari comes with a RF aerial cable (on request) and power cable (on request). Fully tested with an external floppy drive, monochrome and colour monitor, hard drive, printer and RF output to ensure all ports are operational. Technical details:- TOS v1.02 GEM v0.13 AES v1.20 Half megabyte of memory Minimal yellowing - see pictures below Manufactured on 22/4/1987 The floppy drive head has been cleaned and reads, writes and formats floppy disks reliably. The joystick and mouse ports have been re-soldered. Sometimes these develop dry or broken solder joints, or develop intermittent faults over the years due to mice and joysticks being connected and removed . The memory has been tested with a 100 pass hardware memory read and write test. The Atari has been running for 24 hours to ensure to ensure there are no overheating issues. This Atari is in its original box with matching serial number to the Atari ST. The original box has some handwriting on it - see pictures below. What's included:- Atari STFM computer Atari STFM box and poly inserts Atari STFM owner's manual RF aerial cable (on request) 13A to IEC power cable (on request) Price: £60.00 + P&P P&P to UK: £12.50 P&P to Europe: £25.00
  19. Hi Guys I hope you don't mind me posting this here. As you know I have an Atari 800XL which has a Simius RGB mod and an Electrotrains Ultimate cart. However some of my fondest memories were from the ST, so I created an Atari ST case for the Raspberry Pi. I've recently got a new filament colour that I think is pretty close to the original case. https://retropicases.com/collections/raspberry-pi-cases/products/atari-st-retro-raspberry-pi-case I make these to order and usually ship in 7-10 days. I hope you like them. You can run an Atari emulator using Retropie and the Hatari emulator as per this link: https://github.com/retropie/retropie-setup/wiki/Atari-ST-STE-TT-Falcon Steddy
  20. I put several Atari 8-bit (and a few ATari ST) items on ebay. View my ebay auctions here: eBay Seller: chris82369 Some of the items include: * Qix cartridge + Gauntlet II disk * Atari 850 interface with original manuals * AtarWriter cartridge + paperclip word processors * Visicalc disks with original manual * Atari 800XL power supply. I also have a few Atari ST items: STM1 mouse, power supplies.
  21. This new pop video from a band called 'robberie' is a bit of a retro gaming feast, including Atari STs, Spectrums, Gameboys and an Atari Lynx! The Gameboy and Lynx are modded, too...
  22. 'Morning all, Currently in the process of repairing a poorly 520STfm. This is a UK 520, and it has found itself in sunny Australia, where the voltage is the same (220-240v). Board is nice and clean, no issues with burst caps or any other visible damage. The main symptom has been no power. I am replacing the PSU caps based on the Techwiki Astec ASP34 (Mine is ASP34-2). After removing all of them, I note most of the PSU caps have leaked at some point, so I have cleaned up the bottom & top of the board. Please see the photos. One of them has explosively decompressed out the side ( C7 ) . A couple of components also look burnt and/or damaged. Could anyone please assist in identifying the components in the pictures so I can replace them? I have pointed to them the best my limited paint skills allow. Thanks in advance all.
  23. Hi guys! I and my friend decided to bring something new to you. The joystick. But we need some feedback before it. Description: We decided to find out a way how to make new Atari Joysticks and similar joysticks with 3D printer. We try to have as similar as possible construction for the same impression of playing games like the original old joysticks. But we have one thing in our construction different. Our Stick will be exchangeable and modulable. We will have more types of sticks and you can choose what type you want. Sticks will have different shape, size etc. Our questions are: 1) Is this idea interesting for you? 2) Are you looking for some new joystick because your old was damaged? 3) What types of sticks do you prefer? What joysticks do you like? What was your favourite joystick in 80/90's? ( CX40, QuickShot etc. ) 4) Would you like exchangeable stick at your joystick ( when you will get tired of the old type of stick you can simply change it for another one ) or you'd rather buy another new joystick when you want to exchange the stick? 5) Is the autofire function important for you? 6) How long stick movement do you prefer? ( short movement is like pressing a small button, long movement is like pressing a key on your keyboard ) 7) Do you like an idea that you can buy only the 3D data for your 3D printer and make it for your own? 8) Do you have some tips why this idea doesn't make sense? For example you can buy really new QuickShot on Ebay etc. Progress: Thank you for your time, sharing and answers! Best regards, EnJoyStick Team
  24. Hi all, I have a problem with my atari 4160ste, it suddenly started to stop booting. It was working fine, except the floppy drive which was dead, so I bought a replacement one and then everything was perfect for a day and suddenly I got this bomb screen on start up. I have no idea what is causing this, I checked all the chips and stuff inside to look for a dodgy connexion or anything suspicious but it all looks OK and since it was working 5 min before I wonder what could have gone wrong all of a sudden. It sometimes starts if I force reset several time, most of the time it turn it on and get no sound at all, like its not even trying, but if I reset it a couple times sometimes with a floppy inside, it will eventually load the game or come back to the TOS environment. I have no knowledge whatsoever in electronics and computer components, I can just see that all the connexion seem fine on my boards. Could be a dodgy ram upgrade from previous user ? but it was working everytime before and all looks in good working order. Any idea what could be causing this ? Advice most welcome. cheers!
  25. Cleaning out the closet and selling items from the Atari ST setup I had back in the day. Here are the Atari ST items I have on ebay currently: 6 Atari ST games:Sundog F. Legacy,Phantasie 1+3,AD&D,Gauntlet,Transylvania AS-IS http://www.ebay.com/itm/301856623442 Atari ST QMI DeskCart! Complete with Cartridge, Disk and original package. AS-IS http://www.ebay.com/itm/301856628331 Atari 520ST power supply CO70099-3 used, untested, as-is http://www.ebay.com/itm/301856629462 ATARI Power Supply C070091-014 For Atari ST SF354 disk drive UNTESTED AS-IS http://www.ebay.com/itm/301858197722 ATARI Power Supply C070091-014 For Atari ST SF354 disk drive UNTESTED AS-IS http://www.ebay.com/itm//301858197477
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