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Found 9 results

  1. Here is the Telnet client from Win 2K Pro. It behaves properly when connecting to BBSs. The one that ships with XP has a problem because it echoes locally typed characters. Win 7 and later seem to have no telnet installed by default. This one should work for you. Extract these files to c:\windows\system32. TELNET.ZIP Edit: Make sure to cancel any and all Windows File Protection dialogs when you replace the files.
  2. We got a proof of concept cheap WIFI solution going over at Atari-Forum. http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=31586 It's based on ESP8266 connected to the serial port. Should work for any atari and the parts are dirt cheap. C64 "wifimodems" are selling on ebay, connecting them to telnet based BBS's. Other retroscenes are also getting in on this aswell.
  3. Hello there! I've been trying to confirm serial port operation with Altirra/x64 2.40 (800 OS-B NTSC / 48K). What I'd like to do ideally is redirect the screen print output (typically using POKE'ing X,Y cursor screen location) to the serial port. Failing that a method of just sending the same print screen data to the serial port. Before doing that of course (if possible!), I'd like to test the serial port emulation in Altirra using R: How is this configured to test the functionality with a terminal emulator such as Putty? -ChromaBurst
  4. What Is It? Hayesduino is an Arduino sketch that provides a bridge between the world of the Internet and small devices that do not have built-in ethernet capabilities. Old computers, such as the Commodore 64, Apple II and Atari 800 have serial ports, but do not have readily available Internet solutions with wide software support. While specialized solutions do exist for these platforms, they all require specialized software to use them and do not lend themselves to more general usage such as simply opening a socket, sending some data, and/or receiving some data. Hayesduino bridges this gap by emulating a Hayes compatible modem. This allows users to initiate Internet communications via sockets that are opened by "dialing" to a hostname and port. An example would be initiating a telnet session with a host by simply typing atdt hostname:23 and waiting for the host to respond. Using this technique, any online socket can be reached and communicated with. Hayesduino could have accomplished this without emulating a modem, but there needed to be a good way to allow the small machine to receive incoming connections. The three platforms listed above were all very popular systems for hosting BBS (bulletin board systems) which would accept calls over a telephone line via modem. Hayesduino simulates the incoming phone call whenever the software receives an inbound connection on port 23 (this is changeable in the code). When an incoming connection is detected, the Hayesduino will toggle the DCE-DCD line to trigger the remote software to answer the incoming "call". In this way a classic BBS can be hooked up directly to the Internet. http://hayesduino.codeplex.com
  5. Hello Everyone: I am getting a weird error on my NETUSBEE cartridge , hooked up to my Mega ST4, with Sting. When I boot up, I get an error message that says Resolve, DNS Cache Failed to Load. Tried flushing the cache several times but I still get the same error. My DNS addresses are OK, everything else works good , its just that the DNS server will npot resolve. Maybe I have the wrong domain name in my settings, I am on Rogers in Ontario, Canada. I would love to get this going as I am running a BBS called Spy Visits SPY BBS on an UltraSatan with 8 Gigs of storage, all of it soon to be dedicated to Atari 8 Bit, Atari ST, etc. I am running a real phone line but Rogers runs voip, and says they will fix it for me so I can run a dial up BBS with my 28800 US Robotics modem. Maybe that's where the problem is too, I just have not learned enough about this area, but am researching on Google and YouTube for information, most of it points me back here..... Oh ya @Paranoid Little Man, I did not know that you are actually Peter from 8 Bit Chip , I bought US drivers from you and want an upgraded set of images to burn so I can use bigger microsd cards with my Ultra Satan, I can send too your way several ST cartridges, the Newest one being a DeskCart! complete with disk and manual, a green Multiface ST, and a backpack cart so you can dump the roms if you wish, also a yellow 8 bit Action! Cart. Anyways a big thankyou for all of your hard work on the ST games , and the rom fixes!!!!! Russ
  6. I've been stuck inside for a few days from all the snow we've had, and during my bout of cabin fever I've been visiting many of the old school BBS's that are still hanging on out there on the Web via Telnet. If you haven't been on one of these since the end of the BBS era (1997ish) you owe it to yourself to download syncterm and give them a try. So many fond memories of dialing up late night BBS's to get the latest shareware release of Doom, Duke 3d, wolf 3d, Raptor... The list goes on and on. Stopping by my favorite message BBS (Millways) run on a bone stock 2 floppy drive Apple 2c even in late 96! Or heading over to "The Cave" that ran my favorite BBS software WWIV 4.24a Those were the days, and I'm glad to say that some of these old systems are still kicking. Fido net is still sort of active. Dove-net is rocking, heck WWIV-net is back! Love it. Anyway That's it, just thought I'd point out that these BBS's are still going...well, maybe not strong, but still going anyway in 2018! /s
  7. I asked a similar question on stackoverflow, but I figured I'd ask here as well. I use the Hatari (Atari ST) emulator on a Mac. Since there are a number of Atari ST BBSes out there still today, I'd love to be able to connect to them using a VT-52 compatible Atari terminal program, like Freeze Dried Terminal, TAZ, or VanTerm. But how can I get Hatari to work with telnet? I see that Hatari offers RS232/serial emulation. The manual suggests writing Hatari RS232 input/output to a file like /dev/ttyS0. And I found something called socat that lets you transfer data between various channels. So: is there a way to make socat take a telnet session and pipe it into a file that can be read by Hatari's RS232 emulation? Any ideas? I'm a unix novice, but I'd love to get this to work.
  8. The Model 4 is great for modern telnet BBSing... Are there any telnet accessible BBSs out there that actually run on Z80-based TRS-80s these days?
  9. I have gotten my BBS up and running for users to Telnet into at 9640News.ddns.net, port 9640. Right now, the ip address is:, 9640 I've got a bunch of file areas, and will be expanding over time. As far as file areas, I am in the process of trying to link to comp.sys.ti which I believe has very infrequent content. There is also another "Retro" network with older computers that exist out there. Not sure if the TI is supported out there or not, but if it is, I will find it. The software I am using is Mystic BBS. Within it, there is the capability if other Mystic sysops desire, files can be exchanged, etc. Anyways, the board is out there and I have it setup to handle 20 connections at one time. Beery
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