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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! In roughly 1986 a friend of mine gave me a copy of an 80 column term program he made. It is attached. I couldn't find it anywhere online but maybe it is already posted somewhere already? Boot the atr with basic disabled. If you inadvertently boot with basic you'll get the READY prompt in 80cols. As far as using the program: I can't figure out how to change baud. I think there is a way. Select toggles EOL/Linefeeds START toggles half/full duplex He or the 'Sector Spectres' also released at least one other program, too. Maybe those are kicking around somewhere. 80column term by Sector Spectre 003 v1.0.atr
  2. Hey guys, I recently got a TI Silent Type 745 Terminal, but it is missing the power cord. It seems to be something old from the 70s and as I live in Germany, it is kind of hard to get information about it. Anybody's got a clue what kind of cable this is, and how it is called, or where to obtain it? The plug is about 3cm wide, with is about 1.1inch and has three terminals. Thanks. falk
  3. Ice-T XE is a VT-100/ANSI terminal emulator for the Atari 8-bits. New for 2.75: Fixed a major regression from version 2.73 which broke compatibility with the P:R:Connection, MIO, and possibly other interfaces, due to incorrect reset of the BREAK key status. Thanks to Russ Gilbert for reporting and assistance in finding the cause of the bug. VT100: Fixed some visual errors when changing the width of existing text. Title screen: Fixed minor visual glitch if serial port failed to open. It wasn't easy debugging an issue that wouldn't occur on my hardware - I had to send Russ about a dozen different versions until we narrowed down the cause of the bug. In version 2.73 I added support for the BREAK key (to send a Break signal over the serial port). Reading the key is done by an interrupt handler, but a flag named "brkkey" (address $11) is zeroed by the OS and must be set back to its 'normal' value, outside of that handler but before any subsequent I/O operation is performed, otherwise the BREAK status will cause that I/O operation to abort with an error. Now, according to Mapping The Atari any nonzero value is good, so Ice-T stuffed a 1 value in there as part of the keyboard read routine. The trouble is that Mapping is wrong: the correct value for normal status is $FF, as stated by De Re Atari and confirmed by the P:R:Connection R: handler source code (luckily available for all to see in the device's user manual). So basically the PRC and apparently MIO as well were constantly thinking the BREAK key was pressed and reading bytes from the serial port would return with some constant value, causing an endless stream of a single garbage character like 'Q' or '?'. Enjoy, -itay Ice-T_XE_2.75.zip
  4. Ice-T XE is a VT-100/ANSI terminal emulator for the Atari 8-bits. It has taken far too long to incorporate the feedback and requests from the 2.73 release, but here it is: 2.74 in all its glory. The distribution now includes a quick start guide for those of you who would just like to get this working as quickly as possible on a Windows based emulator. So, if you have Altirra go ahead and give it a try. Here's what's new: Screen dump to disk added (by request) . Minor speed improvement in text rendering thanks to Jon Halliday (of The Last Word). R-Time 8 cartridge support was buggy, fixed. Minor improvement to clock accuracy (when no RT8 present). RS232.COM automatic loading is now only attempted under MyDOS. SpartaDOS 3.x: Added automatic disable for TDLINE if it is on. (SDX users, sorry but I couldn't get this to work.) SpartaDOS 3.x: The configuration file ICET.DAT will now be correctly loaded from the current path. Also Ice-T's current path (Mini-DOS menu) will also point to the correct current path at startup. SpartaDOS X: Ice-T must be loaded with the "X" command. A reminder is shown if you did not. Mini-DOS menu: Path will now accept any single-letter (or letter and number) device type, so you can access files on things like H:. Also '\' is now allowed as a directory separator. File Viewer: Fixed EOL parser, should work with Unix/Windows/ATASCII files. VT100 emulator: Minor tweaks to font; Underline now ignored for mode 3 (top half of double height row) text; Fixed a very very old bug discovered at the release of 2.72 (in 1997!) involving scrolling portions of the screen in bold-text mode; Fixed bug that caused double-width/height lines to misbehave when scrolling upwards. Bold text is now enabled by default. The bold text bug was a particular reason that I had delayed this release. I needed to find the time and patience to rewrite a buggy but particularly tricky piece of code, and I'm happy to say that it seems to work well now. The bug itself was probably noticeable to no one except me, but it was there. With these fixes the VT100 'torture test' now passes. I've added screenshots of both Ice-T and a real VT100 terminal performing the test for your entertainment . As usual I'll be happy to hear feedback. -itay Ice-T_XE_2.74.zip
  5. This is a more targeted continuation of the blatantly hijacked thread <here>. Executive Summary of this go-forward: The NanoPEB being periodically peddled on eBay is a wonderful little device, providing 3 virtual disk drives which map to a Compact Flash card, a 32K RAM expansion, and an RS232 serial port. Unfortunately, the serial port was set up in such a way that virtually all existing Terminal Emulation software packages take one look at that serial port, and promptly throw their dish on the floor. The technical details of that I leave to vaster minds than mine to explain. Meanwhile, I have slapped together what I think is a toy many of us would like to have and use, a WiFi modem that is RS232 compatible and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The prototype has been proven with several IBM-ish 8088 machines, and I have been surfing Telnet BBS's with it. I would like to test and use it with my TI-99/4A plus NanoPEB, but the terminal software always stops me, since none of them like my serial port. My current quest is to find, make, beg, borrow, steal or barter a package into working with the NanoPEB. The ultimate goal is to publish details of this very simple modem, so that others in this community can make their own for less than $10 and a few minutes work, and go BBS surfing using their household WiFi, Telnet, and a T-99/4A with either an "original" serial port or a NanoPeb. I'll explain how once it's tested, as I don't want folks clamoring to build one only to find that it doesn't work in this plane of existence. The modem itself works in another environment, but I'm a firm believer in end-to-end systems testing. Besides, I have a NanoPEB, so I'm greedy and want it to work with my TI-99/4A. So that's the lay of the land. In our last episode (thread) InsaneMultitasker had generously thrown me a software package thinking it might work. I'm sorry to report that it doesn't. It runs well up until the moment any byte is actually sent down the line, then it crashes. (Cursor stops blinking, and no keys respond.) To be thorough I connected a null modem cable between the NanoPeb and the modem, (they normally dock directly), but the behavior was the same. The quest continues,...
  6. Hello there! I've been trying to confirm serial port operation with Altirra/x64 2.40 (800 OS-B NTSC / 48K). What I'd like to do ideally is redirect the screen print output (typically using POKE'ing X,Y cursor screen location) to the serial port. Failing that a method of just sending the same print screen data to the serial port. Before doing that of course (if possible!), I'd like to test the serial port emulation in Altirra using R: How is this configured to test the functionality with a terminal emulator such as Putty? -ChromaBurst
  7. Ice-T XE is a VT-100/ANSI terminal emulator for the Atari 8-bits. New for 2.76: SpartaDOS: TDLINE is now disabled automatically in nearly all versions (2.x, 3.x, SDX 4.4 and above). Fixed some cases where CPU intensive events such as clearing the screen could cause data loss. VT100: Many improvements to emulation with the goal of conforming to the VT100 specification as closely as possible; now passes all tests in the 'vttest' suite relevant to VT100 emulators. Added Origin mode, LEDs, DECREQTPARM (request terminal parameters) command. Answerback string changed to "Ice-T". Shift-Break now sends longer break signal, as per the VT100 spec. Various misbehaviors, bugs and glitches fixed. Enjoy, -itay Ice-T_XE_2.76.zip
  8. I have gotten heavy into telnet BBSs and became rather impressed by the ST terminal program, TAZ, that allows 16 color ANSI emulation at medium res (2-bit color, of course) by way of color interlacing. Kind of like Megaroids and Quantum Paint, in approach. Anyway, I wrote about it a little and have a video showing the effect. For those interested. http://www.bytecellar.com/2017/06/18/four-colors-into-sixteen-terminal-innovation-on-the-atari-st/ bp
  9. Seller in Egypt has a Comterm C5270-009 establishment controller. Pics show a TMS9995-based mainboard. Outside my budgetary constraints, but on the off chance anyone has the IPL disk(s) you'd need to operate this controller, please lmk. Or if you have any info, pics, manuals, etc for this or any other Comterm mainframe terminal equipment. https://www.ebay.com/itm/124945326862 Thanks, jbdigriz
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