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Found 10 results

  1. I have an abused 130XE that was failing memory testing. I removed all the RAM and went back with sockets. I now have the first bank of RAM in place and thought I would test before the 2nd bank is in (because I have not soldered the sockets yet on the 2nd bank). Will a 130XE boot with only a single bank of RAM (essentially with 64K instead of 128K)? OR do you need to make a mod to do so?
  2. Aside from test cartridges, is there a testing program that can exercise the Intellivision’s SRAM (RA-3-9600), and give it reasonably accurate good/bad result? I recently repaired a system that had a bad SRAM but the test carts were not reliably detecting or identifying that chip as the culprit. Thanks!
  3. The cards fit the Kurz-Kasch TF-650 test fixture, which allows for the diagnosis and repair of arcade game PCB’s outside the game. They will look similar to the cards in the picture. If you happen to have any, run across any or know someone who may have a few please let me know! Thanks!
  4. Operating from a Windows PC development environment, I would like to be able to test my 6502 Assembly code. So, for example: I might have this code: org $0600 CLC LDA #5 ADC #3 STA 203 <end of code> I would like to be able to execute a command from the PC which will check that the above code puts the value of '8' into memory location 203. It may run Altirra or a 6502 emulator in the background, but I need to be able to extract that memory location and then report it back to the calling program. At the end I want "Test passed" or "Test failed" or something similar displaying. This way I can build up an automated test suite for all of my procedures / sections of code / macros. I have no problem with it bringing up windows whilst testing is going on, but I want all of the windows closed at the end of the tests. Any ideas of the best way of implementing this? I guess I'd need to automatically dump the memory contents and then extract the memory values that I require...
  5. i made this test now, rom with sources in the attachment - it's a rom for testing the joystick, and simulates texting from the keypads a bit like some cellphones years ago (still quite embryonic, perhaps someone can have some idea for using it in a game, considering there is a lot of people comfortable with this texting method, actually ) i hope this can be useful, not only as a rom for testing, as for encouraging people here on coding ColecoVision stuff (and Boriel’s ZX-Basic Compiler seems to be a very neat cross-development tool for this) joysticktest_2_keypad.zip
  6. After years of hunting for a maching that the price is right for it's condition, AND is close enough to not cost a ton to move it (as much as I like my car, there is no way my poor little Hyundai is moving a cab) I found one. I paid someone $10 to move it for me, and that's it. I was happy, they were happy they didn't have to pay to get rid of it. The machine is in SAD shape. It's been stored in a carriage house for years, and took on some water damage. The plus side to the water damage, the back was easy to pry off, found just shy of $30 in quarters! The cab gods want this machine to live! It's currently an off-brand billiards game. There's stickers all over it from small cab maintenance & sale companies. It's changed hands several times, and I think rebuilt each time. After studying it for a few days, I've come to the conclusion it started life as an Atari Berzerk Cabinet. Since It's been gutted so many times, I think I'm just going to go all-out on a MAME cabinet I don't see ANY potential collectors' value. After a inspecting wiring (and disconnecting the original transformer which was still getting power for some reason, just not outputting to anything) I gave her some juice! The light came on, but nothing else. I double checked a few failsafe switches, and fed it come currency hoping I could get a noise, and prove the screen dead, but nothing nothing. It think it's the new power supply. However, I don't have a comparable replacement available. I'm really torn right now. I want to fix it, just for the experience. I'm really uncomfortable working around the CRT, and would rather just gut it, and sell the boards. (Or trade/gift the boards since I can't verify condition) Thoughts/opinions? I'll add pictures when I can. If anyone has any useful links ot MAME threads, that'd be appreciated too!
  7. I thought I would try a couple of experiments with Intycolor to see what kind of trouble I could get into... First I started with the Match 5 title screen. The screen has no motion objects embedded in it, and uses less than 64 custom cards. It should have only 3 colors in it. Here is my test bmp file: titlepc.bmp After converting it to a Foreground background basic program, I got tons of errors and this result: I tried again in color stack mode, and I got this result: Next I tried GroovyBee's "Terra 5" title screen, which may be using mobs inside it somewhere... Here is the original image (scaled and converted to bmp): terra5pc.bmp Here it is as a foreground/background basic file: And as a color stack basic file: Finally, as the worst possible case, I tried this picture of Pauline Porizkova: pp1_imagespc.bmp In foreground/background mode, I got: While in Color stack mode I got: So it looks like these images are a bit too complex for Intycolor in it's current form. Maybe the program is very sensitive to the alignment of the pixels in the picture. I will have to keep experimenting with it.... Catsfolly
  8. Don't get too exited... This is just a very basic BASIC thing that does some simple system checks like revision info, GTIA check, audio output and things like that. For a much better tool you should get SI. Main purpose for me is to check what's in an XE, like what BASIC/O.S. revision it has and if it has the good or the bad GTIA and if the basic functions of pokey are working. It had to work on a system with no keyboard attached so the few available options can be selected with a joystick in either port #0 or #1. A connected mouse will probably cause issues. Just make it autorun from DOS when booted. SIMSYS.BAS
  9. Hi all, I've been recently working on updating the Atari 2600 emulation of Z64K and I'm now looking for a comprehensive test suite of programs to test all aspects of the emulation, especially the TIA. Any suggestions on games that are good test cases would be welcome as well. note: Z64K checking of cartridge type is still a WIP so some non-standard cartridges types won't be detected properly. Ideally it would be nice to have a cartridge format similar to what VICE uses for the c64 but that can be another topic. To date I've been using the following programs for testing beyond the officially documented TIA behaviour. Tricks and demos from minidig. Rsync Test by Omegamatrix Hmove Tes by Bradford W.Mott Extra Terrestrials (to test RSYNC) Bang demo and Cosmic ark (to test star field) Thanks in advance for any help in updating the above list.
  10. Hey all, I hope this hasn't been asked previously but I was wondering what some of you guys do when you're buying hardware from unknown individuals but you want to test it before handing over cash. I don't have an diagnosis cart so I'm thinking of doing these simple things. Insert a cart and play the game a little and game port Test out all of the keys using notepad Inspect for signs of significant damage Run a BASIC command to check for total amount of RAM or test areas of RAM for flakiness. (Would be interested in this BASIC command if someone has one handy) Would love to test the other ports but I think that would require much more setup time so I'm shooting for the minimum time for the maximum output. I'm just considered with the computer itself. Testing peripherals would be nice but not necessary. OK, retro computerphiles. Hit me with your best shot (fire away)!
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