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Found 26 results

  1. New high score by Indcsion! Good going. http://atariage.com/forums/uploads/monthly_06_2019/post-67112-0-55770300-1560357998.jpg
  2. MAME TI 99-8 & TI 99-2 full usable download I have put together a workable MAME TI 99-2 & TI 99-8 packages. Just download and execute the batch file in the MAME directory. The 99-2 & the 99-8 never made it market for TI but they got fairly far along to the point of workable prototypes and even manuals (download manuals from http://ftp.whtech.com/datasheets%20and%20manuals/ ). The 99-2 works fine as is. It only has 4k of memory, no sound and B/W. Bo sure to use only the disk in the DISK directory. The sectors are different than the standard TI .DSK files. To access the disk use: OLD HEXBUS.101.SOMEFILE to save files use SAVE HEXBUS.101.SOMEFILE (somefile is your file name). there is a small file on the DISK BASIC-proj.DSK (the batch auto loads this disk) named HELLO. To load type OLD HEXBUS.101.HELLO In the batch file I kick off a text file that pops up next to the MAME screen with the 99-2 function keys and a vbs script that turns on the upper-case when the 99-2 starts and turns it of when the 99-2 ends. All this pertains to the 99-8. What is different about the 99-8 is the requirements from the PC. A i5 or i7 is required to work fast enough. I have set the 99-8 to work with my i3 in the batch file by skipping 1/2 the frames with -frameskip 30. If you have a i5 or i7 you can reduce this or eliminate it. Also, to keep the sound from stuttering I have set -audio_latency 34. If you have a faster machine, again, this can be changed of eliminated. I you have a PC slower than a i3, forget about it. Download the latest MAME at https://www.mamedev.org/release.html then add the data from the .ZIP files to the MAME directory. Here are the files: TI99-2.zip TI99-8.zip Have fun, HLO
  3. http://www.2600connection.com/features/parsec/parsec.html Atari Connection is creating a cartridge of my Atari 2600 game based on TI-99 Parsec. He has done a really nice job on the cartridge and manual. The game has swoopers, backward swoopers, single Bynite type enemies, meteor shower and even a refueling tunnel. I had a lot of fun creating this version of TI-99's Parsec for the Atari 2600 and I think it turned out alright. It's a limited run of about 20 at a price of $25. I can't wait till I can put my Parsec 2600 in my 2600. There's just something about having a physical cartridge with label, manual and all. FYI: I also wrote the manual. HLO
  4. I finally went and bought myself a PEB, listed as untested, and complete with RS-232, Disk Controller, and 32K cards. And as seems to be usual with untested systems, it doesn't work. (at least not entirely) I typed in the following program listed in the Disk Memory System manual, in order to test the drive: 100 OPEN #1:"DSK1.X" 110 CLOSE #1 The LED on the controller lit up for a fraction of a second, but the drive itself was lifeless, with me getting an I/O ERROR 00. The manual, however, says that I should normally get an I/O ERROR 06, and that 00 means that the drive could not be found. For what it's worth, the drive spins up when the PEB is first powered on, and the LED on the drive lights up when shutting it off. Where should I start with troubleshooting this? (BTW, I thought that members here were exaggerating about how loud the PEB's fan is; turns out it really is that loud )
  5. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/528/entry-15370-some-of-my-ti-99-from-ti-99-iug/ on my Atariage blog I posted some games I did for the TI-IUG in the 80s. all downloadable. have fun. HLO
  6. RetroElectroDad


    From the album: RetroElectroDad Computer Collection

    Texas Instruments TI-99/4a.

    © Trevor Briscoe

  7. Hi all. As I am waiting for some new keyboards to arrive for my 4a (mine died), I bought a second 4a with joysticks and manuals from a guy down the street from me. This 4a seems to be in a bit better shape, and the keyboard fully works, although I do get a bit of key-repeat happening here and there. Also came with TI Invaders. The first came with Moonpatrol. I'm up to two games! :-) Once I was happy with the operation of the 2nd I plugged the PEB in and tried to get some disk access as I haven't been able to try it out yet. I have no idea whats on the disk, but at least the drives (DSK1 and DSK2) do recognize and spin! So far so good! I should mention that I do not have the disk manager cart or the extended basic cart, so I have to putter around with just normal basic. Later tonight I hope to try out some simple commands to the serial ports to see if it works too. Well, so far so good. More updates to follow.
  8. Hi all, just wondering if someone has an Extended Basic Cartridge and Disk Manager Cartridge (hopefully Ver 2 or 3, for use with the PEB) that they would be willing to sell at a decent price to a total 99 NOOB. I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Thanks.
  9. anyone using TI-Dir with windows 10? when I use it on Win10 the TI-Dir window jumps to the left every time you attempt to do anything. anyone else experience this?
  10. OK, this is it...the final stretch in my attempt at building a complete TI-Branded 99/4a Software Module library. I have omitted from my wishlist any titles that do not have a known or complete PHM #, or titles that never existed in a released cartridge (Choplifter and WingWar for example). If anyone is looking for a loving home for any of the following seven remaining titles (w/manual sweetens the pot), let's talk turkey (or cash, your choice). PHM3000 - Diagnotic PHM3045 - Electrical Engineering: Circuit Analysis 1 PHM3066 - Buchungjournal PHM3085 - Computer Math Games III (also looking for I, IV and V, but hey, that's just dreaming in technicolor) PHM3092 - Multiplication (Milliken) - this one should be an easy find, but for some reason it remains elusive PHM3185 - Word Radar PHM3213 - TI-Calc Not concerned with label/cartridge colour, as my goal is simply acquiring a single copy of each title, not a copy of each cartridge variation (for now anyway).
  11. booted up last night, the 32K card's LED stayed lit, and nothing requiring the memory expansion would load. Not having the expertise to effect repairs on such a board (maybe a vintage computing hobby has not my best choice), I'm looking for a replacement. Would have prefered waiting until the Canadian $ rebounded (currently sitting at just above 75¢), but the death of this card has put a dead stop on a couple projects, and I would like to replace it asap. If some kind soul has an extra working card where price and shipping won't break the bank, would love to hear back. Additionally, if anyone might like to have this dead card to either resurrect or use for parts, it's yours. TIA PeBo
  12. Hello all, So I'm trying to get back into some Ti development however I have had to get rid of my TV. I was wondering if anyone knows if a TV tuner card would work for my PC, so that I could connec tthe TI to my PC and use my PC as a sort of monitor through the tuner card? Samishal
  13. I know this is very elementary, but I have a couple simple questions for you guys. LOOP BLWP @VSBW INC R0 DEC R2 JNE LOOP How does JNE know to look at R2 here... is it the fact that R2 was the last register referred to in the source? For instance, if the code was written: DEC R2 INC R0 JNE LOOP Then would JNE look at R0? I don't have any reference material on me right now, and my slow-ass tethered internet is not allowing me to DL anything to help me out. Sorry. =) **I have a couple more questions as well, but I'm going to read through the assembly threads on here before I start asking questions which have already been answered. This forum is amazing for knowledge. =)
  14. The link below is the auction for some cartridges which did not sell on eBay (posting the auction because I no longer have the original picture and they are all boxed.) eBay Auction -- Item Number: 120826037247 I would MUCH rather see these in the hands on someone who will use or otherwise appreciate them. Please post if interested, otherwise, in the interest of space, sanity, and simplification, they have to go to the dump this Saturday. I am asking that you simply cover shipping.
  15. Would anybody here happen to have a spare beige TI-99 keyboard (preferably not the Mitsumi membrane type)? I have an extra beige console in working condition that I plan to sell, but it's keyboard is mangled. Please PM me if you do. Thanks in advance!
  16. Last year, when I rekindled my 99 affections, it was a really pleasant surprise to discover that 3 of my favorite 8-bit era games had indeed been ported to the TI (Jumpman, Bounty Bob and Lode Runner(albeit a clone rather than a port). I don't think these were ever released North of 49 back in the day, but even if they were, I didn't come to learn of their existence until 2015. With Parker Brothers, Atarisoft and DBT, many popular 8-bit era titles made the cross-over from Atari to TI, but are there gaping holes you wish would have been filled along the way? So my question is: Choosing from oiginal era Atari 8-bit games (NOT ports of arcade titles) which three would you call the most « missing » from the TI game library My personal #1 would be Galaxian, but that was an arcade game, so my top 3... (3 was a toss up between Spelunker and Montezuma Revenge, but in a play-off this week-end among friends, Montezuma won out by a narrow margin, so it made it to my TI wish list)
  17. Probably a very newbish question, What is the difference between the 9900, 9500, 95000, etc. TI-99 power bricks? I've heard that both the TI-99/4's and the TI-99/4a's have the same model number yet different voltages, yet there seem to be many model numbers, and I've heard that some with the same model number have different voltages. My 9500 and my 95000 seem to have different voltages on pins 2 and 4 so I was wondering which ones are safer to use on the 99/4a. Thanks!
  18. Hi all, just wondering if it is possible to get 64k on the 4a by simply adding a second 32k card in the PEB. I've read that the 4a can address 64k of ram, but I'm too afraid to try it on my own and blow something up if it does not work. So, just wondering if any one has any experience with this. Thanks.
  19. been asked by some people to post an update on my progress of a TI-99 Parsec for the 2600. I'm programming it in multi-sprite kernel. started with DPC+ but kept running into problems. probably because i was trying to do too much at once. my revisit the DPC version later. What I have below is the urbite, dramite module. single attack ships. it's really not too finished and if anyone has some suggestions, feel free. no, the ground does not move, too many cycles for that. changes from the TI-99 version, timer instead of re-fuel cave (no scrolling ground) and overheat your laser does not blow up your ship you just have to wait till the laser cools to shot again. (I always hated that feature in the game. I mean really, who would build a ship to blow up if your over heat your laser). I working on the meteor module, swooper module and the backwards ship module to but they are very unfinshed. will have each module in a separate bank when doneX2.basX2.bas.bin.
  20. Hi guys, Am new to the forums, but wanted to know if anyone knows where I can get the .ZIP file for the complete package of the HSGPL DSR files? Either the 40 column or the 80 column package would do. I have tried to download the DSR package from the SNUG website, but each of the files takes me back to the homepage and does not download the file. if anyone can post or point me to where I can download them from (other than the SNUG site) it would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help. regards, mnielsenau.
  21. Lately I've been working on interfacing an Arduino to the cartridge port of the TI-99 in an attempt to emulate a GROM. The Arduino has functions for reading data, along with reading and writing to/from the GROM address, and it is programmed to handle the GROM select, mode, and direction lines, along with the address/data bus. However, upon inserting the cartridge that connects to the Arduino and powering up the system, it doesn't manage to move past the point at which the sound chip is turned off at the beginning of the boot process. After a few hours of troubleshooting, I am still unable to find a cause for the problem. What are some the reasons that a problem like this might occur? Thanks!
  22. My quest to acquire the complete (English Language) Texas Instruments branded Command Module catalog is nearly complete. Hoping that someone here will help me make it to the end by being the source for the only two remaining TI-released cartridges that I still need to find... PHM3045 - Electrical Engineering: Circuit Analysis 1 (including the associated Disks (2) or Cassettes (10) if possible) PHM3213 - TI-Calc Manuals would be nice, but that may be dreaming in technicolor, so the cartridges alone would at least let me cross them off the list (and PDF's can always be found/printed) . Also looking for PHM3066 - Individual Accounting (Buchungsjournal), but the two above will complete the English language carts, and are my current priority. Thanks to everyone who has assisted me in getting the list down to the last two in a relatively short period of time.
  23. After holding on to these for years I am now auctioning my two rarest video game carts for the TI-99/4a. 1. Navarone "Frog Stickers" (created when Navarone bought over Romox and was still reusing there old cart cases). c. 1986 2. Romox "Princess and Frog" on ECPC edge connect programmable cartridge with paperwork. c. 1984/84 Both are tested and are currently up for auction ebay. with no reserve.. hoping these both make it into someones collection who can enjoy them.. thanks http://tinyurl.com/kk52c5g
  24. Hello everyone, I had an interesting trade in today and frankly I have no idea what this stuff is worth or if any of it is truly complete or collectible. Ebay is amazingly scarce on a lot of this stuff and so I turn to the experts here to help me out and tell me what I have. I don't normally take trades like this since I am dumb about classic computing and have no business with these items which I openly admit, but it was just so much stuff and a lot of it was in awesome condition on the inside. The boxes were mostly beat to crap, but a lot of these machines were still in the plastic on the inside. It also came with a bunch of accessories that I had no idea about. The only thing this lot came with that I understood was 4 sealed atari 2600 games and that was the clincher in taking this stuff since I knew those were worth something. I just hope that I have some cool things here that can help flesh out some people's classic computing needs. I have attached pics of everything and i'm hoping you kind people can help me out and tell me what I have and possibly how rare it is if at all and if it's worth anything. I would be more than happy to work out a deal through here with someone if any of you are interested in anything in the pics. I don't post much here, but I am a known retro seller on the internet with a retro store in Portland Oregon and come recommended from rick weis and had a booth at the retro expo in portland. I just know that resellers don't usually have the best reception on these forums for good reason, but I hope you all can give me some help. I truly appreciate any feedback on this stuff. Maybe I can get a few more deals under my belt here as well. If there are any questions or more pics are needed let me know. I tried to take as many informative pics as I could so that there would be little guesswork, but am more than happy to take more if needed. Thanks everyone. Some vic-20 accessories and TRS-80 items Here are the computers themselves in some box shots No Box Now for the open box shots where you can see the amazing quality of the items on the inside. We're talking either never used or very lightly used. The only machine that isn't in the original plastic
  25. Cleaning out the garage I found a box of old games. From my (brief) research, the most interesting one seems to be Jumpy from Databiotics. I played these games a lot, hopefully they can find a better home than the dump. Photo attached, send me a message if you're interested.
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