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Found 54 results

  1. NOTE: FinalGROM only files are listed near the bottom of this entry. FlashROM 99 Compatible Files Last update: 12/13/2019 STARTER PACKS There is a link to a rather large starter collection of files OFF-SITE at WHTECH, the files were compiled by the creator of the FlashROM99 . For these files, please << CLICK HERE >>, it's easy to overlook. If you are running a TI without a 32K memory upgrade in one it's various forms, you'll probably want to download the nice 'Starter Pack' compiled by Atari Age user 00WRex. It's available << in message #12 of this thread >>. There are lots of files for the FlashROM 99, and it's very easy to lose track of all the programs! If there is something you've not been able to find (like a Rasmus game) be sure to check the starter packs! There is also package for the FinalGROM 99 for that link, << CLICK HERE >>. UTILITIES 32kexptest.bin 32K Memory Expansion Tester Message #113 AMSTEST4-8.BIN SAMS Memory Tester v4.0 (Requires 1024K SAMS) Message #566 ARC303G32KB8.bin Archiver III Message #290 ARC40G8.BIN Archiver 4.0g Message #115 BANKTEST.BIN Check out your new cartridge Message #4 CARTESAVE32Kb8.BIN Cartridge Saver (Req. Gram Kracker & Widget) Message #663 cf2k_8.bin CF2K v2.1 Message #503 CF2K_V2.4.bin CF2K v2.4 Message #502 CFHDXP32k8.bin CF7+ Version of CFHDX Message #986 CFHDXS32k8.bin NanoPEB Version of CFHDX Message #986 ClockMaster32Kb8.BIN Clock program (Requires MBP Clock) Message #662 copycatC.bin Copy-Cat Message #654 CRUTEST32kb8.bin CRU Test Message #636 DISKTOCASS32Kb8.BIN Disk To Cassette Message #458 DISKFIXER21.BIN Disk Fixer 2.1 Message #813 EA5CART_C.BIN EA/5 Loader (Requires Storage Device) Message #3 EAII.BIN Editor/Assembler II Message #353 EAII80Edit-8.bin Edit/Assembler II with 80 Column Editor Message #28 eaprom_IV_NON.bin Edit/Assembler II with debugger 40/80 Columns Message #591 ENCRYPT32KB8.bin Encrypt / Encode It Message #23 EXPLORER32KB8.bin Explorer Keyboard Strip Message #290 DISKMANAGER32KB8.bin Disk Manager 3 Message #319 DISKMASTER32KB8.bin Disk Master Message #318 DM100061.BIN Disk Manager 1000 Version 6.1 PDF Message #182 DM2Kn.BIN Disk Manager 2000 Message #353 DSK2PC32k8.bin Disk to PC Program for the HDX (Requires HDX) Message #986 DSK2PCV12-8.BIN Disk to PC program for the HDX (Requires HDX) Message #100 DU_2K-8.BIN Disk Utilities 2000 Message #215 fastterm32k8.bin Fast Term Message #994 Browser9.2 Stuart's Internet Browser Message #468 KJTEST32kb8.bin Keyboard / Joystick Tester Message #636 LEXP_v21a.bin Paisley Version of Millers Graphics Explorer Message #38 (Updated 08/02/2019) MGEXP.bin Millers Graphics Explorer Message #1 NPDSK2PC32k8.bin Nano Compatible version of DSK2PC Message #986 PREDIT803n.bin Program Editor Message #19 PALEA5.bin PALEA5 (Requires F18A) Message #301 QR32KB8.BIN QR Code Generator (F18A Compatible) Message #21 RENAME FOR USE scratchpad_loader_ROM.zip Load E/A5's from DSK Message #1144 SETCLOCK8.bin By: Gazoo (Works with CorComp & BWG) Manual Message #41 The Explorer Ver 1.0.ZIP By: Tarik Insani (Texcomp) Message #2 (Added 07/19/2019) TIMXT3n.BIN TIMXT Communications Program (Requires F18A) Message #353 TIPIMENU_8.BIN TIPI Menu Loader (Requires TIPI) Message #3 TIPI CLOCK.zip Clock Display Program for TIPI equipped TI's Message #109 CLASSIC & TI CARTRIDGE GAMES 5CARDDRAW32KB8.bin 5 Card Draw Message #253 9900BREAKT.bin 9900 Breath-Thru Message #523 A-Maze-ing.BIN A Maze-ing Message 121 Adventure.BIN The Adventure Module Message #87 AGENDA9932Kb8.BIN Agenda 99 Message #459 Alpiner.BIN Alpiner Message #104 ALTMUNCH32KB8.bin An alternate version of Munchman Message #429 ANGLER8.BIN Angler Dangler Message #187 ARTHROPOD32KB8.bin Arthropod Message #338 ASTRO32KB8.bin Astro Fighter Message #265 ASTROBLITZ32kb8.BIN Astro Blitz Message #452 BACKSTEINE32KB8.bin Backsteine Message #434 BANGBANGSUB32Kb8.BIN Bang Bang Sub Message #396 BERLIN32KB8.bin Berlin Message #253 B-B32KB8.bin Billard & Breakout Message #338 BADWALLS32KB8.BIN Bad Walls Message #563 BlackjackPoker.BIN Blackjack & Poker Message #134 BREAKOUT32kn8.BIN Breakout Message #441 BuckRogers.32K8.BIN Buck Rogers Message #1074 BURDIE SLANG8.BIN Burdie Slang Message #180 Burgertime.BIN Burgertime Message #121 BUZZARD32KB8.bin Buzzard Bait Message #424 CBALL32KB8.bin Cannon Ball Blitz Message #310 CAVE32KB8.bin Cave Creature Message #434 Carwars.BIN Car Wars Message #104 Caverns.BIN Caverns Message #134 Cerberus.BIN Cerberus Message #186 Chisholm.BIN Chisholm Trail Message #104 CLOWNS32KB8.bin Clowns Message #239 COMPUCAR32kb8.BIN Compu-Car (Non English) Message #207 CongoBongo.BIN Congo Bongo Message #121 CROSSFIRE32KB8.bin Crossfile Message #239 CUBIT32KB8.bin Cubit Message #310 Demon.BIN Demon Message #104 destruct.bin Mission Destruct Message #491 Dragon.Zip Dragon (EA/3 Disk Conversion by: sprot Message #7 Added (5/25/2019) DRIVINGDEMON32KB8.bin Driving Demon Message #468 DTC_32KB8.bin Defend The Cities Message #360 ENTRAMMENT32KB8.bin Entrapment Message #318 ET_AT_SEA32KB8.bin E.T. at Sea Message #229 ET_on_land_32KB8.BIN E.T. on Land Message #208 FATHOM32K8.bin Fathom Message #229 FIREBALL32KB8.bin Fireball Message #486 Football.BIN Football Message #134 freddy32KB8.zip Freddy Message #537 FROGHAVEN32KB8.bin Frog Haven Message #340 GALAXIA32KB8.bin Galaxia Message #239 GAME OF LIFE32Kb8.BIN The Game of Life Message #661 GOMUKU32Kb8.BIN Gomuku Message #661 Hangman.BIN Hangman Message #134 HENHOUSE32KB8.bin Hen House Message #310 Hopper.BIN Hopper Message #134 INTERCEPT32KB8.bin Intercept Message #310 Invaders.BIN TI Invaders Message #104 Jawbreaker.BIN Jaw Breaker Message #121 Jumpy.bin Jumpy Message #176 JUNKMAN32Kb8.BIN Junkman Jr. Message #453 KABOOM32KB8.bin KaBoom Message #239 King.bin King of Castle Message #176 KIPPY32KB8.bin Kippy's Monster Nightmare Message #397 LASSO32KB8.bin Lasso Message #253 LIVINGTOMB32kb8.BIN The Living Tomb Message #457 LOBSTER32KB8.BIN Lobster Bay Message #199 MACROMAN32KB8.bin Macroman Message #486 Microsurgeon.BIN Micro Surgeon Message #121 MMASON.bin Midnight Mason PDF Message #510 Miner Miner 2049'er Message #84 MISSIONX32KB8.bin Mission X Message #239 MOONBASE32KB8.bin Moon Base Message #253 Moonmine.BIN Moon Mine Message #134 MOONSWEEPER32KB8.bin Moon Sweeper Message #427 MOUSEATTACK32KB8.bin Mouse Attack Message #338 MPINBALL.bin Micro Pinball I Message #504 MUNCHMAN32KB8.bin Munchman Message #429 NIBBLER32KB8.bin Nibbler Message #253 OHMUMMY.BIN Oh Mummy Message #189 Othello.BIN Othello Message #134 PAC-MAN32KB8.bin Pac-Man (Homebrew version) Message #340 PADDLEBALL32KB8.bin Paddle Ball Message #310 PARSEC8.BIN Parsec Message #48 PERFECT32KB8.bin Perfect Push Message #253 PHETA32kb8.BIN Space Station Pheta Message #206 pitfall_rev_b.zip Pitfall Message #1 PIZZA32KB8.bin Pizza Message #318 Popeye.BIN Popeye Message #121 PINGPONG8.BIN Ping Pong Message #180 RiverRescue8.BIN River Rescue Message #188 RobotFighter32KB8.zip Robot Fighter Message #517 RockRunner8.bin Rock Runner Message #370 RUSHHOUR32KB8.bin Rush Hour Message #427 S-AGRESSOR32KB8.bin Space Aggressor Message #434 Scrabble.BIN Scrabble Message #155 SCHNOZ-OLA32KB8.bin Schnoz-Ola Message #560 SCUDBUSTER32KB8.bin Scud Buster Message #434 SEAWOLF32kb8.BIN Sea Wolf Message #462 Sledacer32KB8.zip Sled Acer Message #517 SLYMOIDS32KB8.bin Slymoids Message #310 SNEGGIT32Kb8.BIN Sneggit Message #408 Soccer.BIN Soccer Message #134 Solitaire.BIN Solitaire Message #138 Spacebandits.BIN Space Bandits Message #134 SPOTSHOT32KB8.bin Spot Shot Message #253 Submarine32kb8.BIN Submarine Commander STRIP PDF Message #191 STARFORT8.BIN Star Fort Message #180 STARGAZER32KB8.bin Stargazer Message #229 STARMAZE32KB8.bin Star Maze Message #253 StarWars.bin Star Wars Message #176 Stranger32KB8.zip Mike Ward's Stranger Message #517 ST-NICK32KB8.bin St. Nick Message #340 Qbert.BIN Q Bert Message #121 Tetris2-9.bin Tetris 2 Message #036 TheAttack.BIN The Attack Message #121 HUSTLE32KB8.bin The Hustle Message #229 TAFARA32KB8.bim Tafara Message #340 THE MINE8.BIN The Mine Message #182 TI-MAZOGZ32KB8.bin TI-MAZOGZ Message #559 TI-TREK.BIN The Classic TI-Trek Game! Message #115 SPRINGER32KB8.bin The Parachutist (Der Fallschirmspringer) Message #253 TTOADS32KB8.bin Terminal Toads Message #310 TreasureIsland.BIN Treasure Island Message #134 TOD8.BIN Tunnels of DOOM Message #49 Tombstone.BIN Tombstone Message #121 Videochess.BIN Video Chess Message #155 VideoGames1.BIN Video Games 1 Message #155 VideoVegas.BIN Video Vegas Message #155 WARZONE32kb8.BIN War Zone Message #391 WatRescue32KB8.zip Waterville Rescue Message #517 WORMATTACK32KB8.bin Worm Attack Message #253 Wumpus.BIN Hunt The Wumpus Message #134 Yahtzee.BIN Yahtzee Message #155 ZeroZap.BIN ZeroZap Message #155 ZombMotif32KB8.zip Zombie MOTIF Message #517 EDUCATIONAL ALIEN32KB8.bin Alien Addition Message #229 ALLIFATOR32Kb8.bin Alligator Mix Message #229 GRAMMAR32KB8.bin Beginning Grammar Message #229 DIVISION32KB8.bin Demolition Division Message #229 EARLYLERN32KB8.bin Early Learning Fun Message #569 EQUATIONS32KB8.bin Equations Message #229 FROG_JUMP32KB8.bin Frog Jump Message #253 GHOST32KB8.bin Ghost Message #556 HIDESEEK32KB8.bin Hide & Seek Message #318 MATHCATCH32Kb8.BIN Math Catch Message #543 METEOR32KB8.bin Meteor Multiplication Message #229 MIND32KB8.bin Mind Challengers Message #253 MINUS32KB8.bin Minus Mission Message #229 NG32KB8.bin Number Guess Message #427 NUMBERMAGIC32KB8.bin Number Magic Message #560 PERCENTS32KB8.bin Percents Message #229 PICOARTS32KB8.bin Picture Parts Message #234 PYRAMID32KB8.bin Pyramid Puzzler Message #253 SHANGHAI32KB8.bin Shanghai Message #253 SPACEJPURN32KB8.bin Space Journey Message #253 STORYMACHINE32KB8.bin Story Machine Message #234 SYSSCAN32KB8.bin System Scan Message #338 TOUCHTYPING32KB8.bin Touch Typing Message #229 WORDRACE32KB8.bin Word Race Message #234 NEWER HOMBREWS & PORTS borzorkc.bin Berzerk Clone - with speech - Awesome! Message #15 Bouncy's Obstacle Course (Final Final Version) Message #88 (Updated 08/24/2019) DONCASTER8.bin Doncaster Racecourse Message #828 eric8.bin Eric in Monsterland Message #932 lunar8.bin Lunar Mission Message #1029 MADMARVIN8.BIN Mad Marvin's Great Escape Message #967 MRCHIN.BIN Mr. Chin Message #121 MummysTomb32K-8.bin Mummys Tomb Message #2156 NIGHTSTK8.BIN Night Stalker (Complete) Message #1 PENGO.BIN Pengo port by: Bleepbit Message # 1181 (Added 5/13/2019) Pyjamarama-1.1.zip Pyjamarama Message #50 Red_planet32k8.bin Red Planet By: Retrospect/BIN Arcadeshopper Message #13 restc.bin Restless II Instructions Message #93 Skyway8.bin Skyway Message #48 SCRAA.bin Sparkdrummer's Challenge Rescue At AtariAge Message #818 SNAKE32kb8 Snake Plissken Message #638 super-mario-bros-8.bin Super Mario Bros. (Requires F18A) Message #260 SuperSpaceAcer32KB8.zip Super Space Acer Message #477 squaryc.bin Squary Message #10 TILANDER_8.bin TI Lander Manual Message #697 TILES-2018R2.ZIP TILES (Cartridge Image Within ZIP file) Message #23 TI-PONG.BIN TI-Pong Message #001 TEXTURBO8.BIN Tex Turbo Message #977 turmoil.bin Turmoil 8K Message #1 MBX GAMES Bigfoot.BIN Bigfoot Message #110 Honeyhunt.BIN Honey Hunt Message #110 Meteorbelt.BIN Meteor Belt Message #110 Sewermania.BIN Sewer Mania Message #110 Soundtrack.BIN Sound Track Message #110 Superfly.BIN Super Fly Message #110 COMPILED BASIC PROGRAMS APERTURE8.BIN Aperture Message #126 BLOXO-TI-Z8.BIN Bloxo Message #126 CAMELOT8.BIN Camelot Message #126 MARSATTACK.BIN Mars Attack Message #69 SHOOTINSTARS8.BIN Shooting Stars Message #126 PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES CBASIC80.BIN Cortex BASIC Cortex BASIC Starter Kit Message #353 fbForth208.BIN fbForth 2.0:12 Message #1220 (Updated 11/26/2019) TurboForth122-8.bin Willsy's Turbo Forth Message #32 WycoveFORTH32KB8.bin Wycove Forth Message #364 GRAPHICS PROGRAMS GIFMANIA32KB8.bin GIF Mania Manual Message #303 MCPIX32KB8.bin Mc Pix Message #317 PIXPRO9932KB8.bin Pix Pro 99 Manual Message #265 SLIDESHOW32kb8.bin Slideshow Program (F18A compatible) StarterPics Message #589 SSAVER32KB.bin Screen Saver Message #349 DEMONSTRATIONS ONLY bubbc.bin Bubbles Demo Message #8 demo8.bin Texas Instruments Demonstration Cartridge Message #1008 HAPPY32KB8.bin Happy 2015 Message #585 ISO32KB8.bin ISO Scroll Demo Message #585 LYEAR32KB8.bin Light Year Demo Message #585 OSCI32KB8.bin Oscilloscope Demo Message #585 parac.bin Parallax Starfield Demo (uses joystick) Message #25 MISCELLANEOUS APESOFTCLOCK32Kb8.BIN Apesoft Alarm Clock (No clock card needed) Message #598 ASPL32KB8.bin ASPL Editor Message #360 AXELF32KB8.bin Axel F (Movie Music) Message #290 FINANCE32KB8.bin Home Finance Message #229 BUDGET32KB8.bin Household Budget Message #229 commando-music-60hz8.bin Commando (Video Game Conversion Music) Message #11 ConsoleCalc.BIN Console Calc Message #545 gronos8.bin Bill Gronos Sound Show (req. cass cable) Message #015 GYRUSSMUSIC32KB8.bin Gyruss Music Demo Message #338 home sentry 99.BIN Home Sentry 99 (Requires the X10 Device) Message #602 MUSICMAKER32KB8.bin Music Maker Message #229 PHYSICAL32KB8.bin Physical Fitness Message #229 SIDPLAYER32KB8.bin SID Player Message #265 TYPEWRITER32KB8.bin Typewriter Message #427 VIDEORAPHS32KB8.bin Video Graphs Message #229 ______________________________ FinalGROM 99 and compatible .BIN's NOTE: All files below this point REQUIRE a FinalGROM cartridge and will not run from a FlashROM. The letter "G" in the filename denotes a GROM based image. AID TEXT FILES aidtextfg99.zip AID Text files for FG99 programs Message #912 UTILITIES F18A_GPUUpdate512k8.bin F18A Update Utility to Ver. 1.8 Message # 001 GAMES alexkidd8.bin Alex Kidd (Playable Demo) Message #001 ASTIROIDS_G.ZIP Message #9 (Linked 12/13/2019) atarisoft512K8.bin AtariSoft Multicart Message #150 enigma.zip Enigma (Asteroids Clone) Message #13 flying-shark-v1.2.1-8.bin Flying Shark Message #270 jetpac.bin Jetpack Message #305 knightlore8.bin Knight Lore Message #31 parkerBr.zip Parker Brothers SUBDIRECTORY Message #890 Rasmus-8in1-cart-8.bin Rasmus 8-N-1 Arcade Message # 068 redbaron8.bin Red Baron Message #36 tilda_8.bin The Legend of Tilda Not Final Version Message #103 Tutank.zip Tutankham Message # 832 War Zone II-512K-8.bin War Zone II Message # 258 CONTEST COMPILATION(s) 4k-contest-8.bin 4K Contest Compilation of 2018 Cart Labels Message #379 DEMO's f18a-monkey8.bin Monkey Island Demo Message #282 megademo8.bin Don't Mess With Texas Mega Demo Message #282 GROM Cartridges 4ADOSFG99.zip Auto starting version of 4A/DOS (load once) Message # 1219 Note: This version will NOT work on the UberGROM board advert8g.bin Advertizer Module Message #1095 Extended BASIC 2.5 Extended BASIC 2.5 Message #798 phm311G.BIN Microsoft Multiplan Loader Message #729 Microsoft Quick Reference Guide & Keyboard Strip Microsoft Manual 80 Column Disk 40 Column Disk phm3011G.bin Speech Editor & PDF Manual Message #800 FG-Super Extended BASIC SUPER Extended BASIC Message #780 RXB2015.ZIP RXB 2015 Message #833 TI Extended BASIC PHM 3026 TI Extended BASIC Message #745 TI LOGO PHM 3040 TI LOGO Message #746 FG-TI Mini Memory PHM 3058 Easy Bug & Mini Memory Message #744 512K Mini Memory with paging on FinalGROM 99 Message #1 (NEW Added: 11/11/2019)
  2. Just acquired a TI-99/4A and I'm in the market for some games. No need for CIB but I like to pair my games with manuals. Below is a list of what I already have, so compare that to what you're willing to part with and shoot me a note if you think we can do business together. Thanks! Here is what I already have: 4A Flyer cart (need manual!) Addition and Subtraction 1 cart + manual Alpiner cart + manual A-Maze-ing cart + manual Ambulance cart (need manual!) The Attack cart + manual Beginning Grammar cart + manual Bigfoot cart + manual Blackjack and Poker cart + manual Blasto cart + manual Buck Rogers CIB Burgertime CIB Car Wars cart + manual Centipede cart + manual Chisholm Trail cart + manual Congo Bongo cart + manual Connect Four cart + manual Defender cart + manual Dig Dug cart (need manual!) Donkey Kong cart (need manual!) Driving Demon CIB (manual = back of box) Early Learning Fun cart + manual Fathom cart + manual Football cart + manual Frogger cart + manual Hangman cart + manual Henhouse cart (need manual!) Hen Pecked NIB Honey Hunt cart + manual + overlay Hopper CIB Hunt the Wumpus cart + manual Hustle cart + manual Indoor Soccer CIB Jawbreaker II cart + manual Jungle Hunt cart + manual M.A.S.H. cart + manual Meteor Belt cart + manual Microsurgeon CIB Midnite Mason cart + manual Mind Challengers cart + manual Miner 2049er cart (need manual!) Moon Mine CIB Moon Patrol cart + manual Ms. Pac-Man CIB Munch Man cart + manual Munch Mobile cart + manual Othello cart + manual Pac-Man cart + manual Parsec cart + manual Picnic Paranoia CIB Popeye CIB Princess and Frog CIB (manual = back of box) Protector II CIB Q*bert CIB Rabbit Trail cart + manual Return to Pirate's Isle cart + manual Rotor Raiders NIB Sewermania cart + manual Shamus cart (need manual!) Slymoids cart + manual Sneggit cart + manual Soundtrack Trolley cart + manual Space Bandits cart + manual Star Trek cart + manual Strike Three! cart (need manual!) Super Demon Attack CIB Superfly cart + manual TI Invaders cart + manual Tombstone City cart + manual Treasure Island CIB Video Chess cart + manual Video Games 1 CIB (original gatefold style) Yahtzee CIB (original gatefold style) Zero Zap cart + manual
  3. This is not my usual blog entry. This is more of a CHEAT SHEET to links that can be hard to find of downloadable books, manuals, keyboard strips, reference cards, etc. Clicking on the links will take you to the message where the item is available for download. 3D PRINTER FILES 32K & TIPI Case (Added 10/16/2019) CF7+ 3D Case CartShells Speech Synthesizer Enclosure Texas Instruments LOGO Coaster Off-site TI related 3D files CR-2032 Battery Holder for Mini Memory FinalGROM Shell Mini TI-99/4A Console Nano-PEB Case Another Nano-PEB Case Power Switch for Black & Silver Consoles Storage Rack for TI cartridges TI-99/4A Rpi Box TI Logo Coin TI Logo Ring Wumpus TI related, but non-4A related objects CC-40 EEPROM Case KEYBOARD STRIPS 4/A Talk, P-Term, TI LOGO Disk Manager 1000, Graphx, Disk Assembler, GRAM Kracker, TI-Calc, P-Code Editor/Assembler & Terminal Emulator II Miller's Graphics Explorer New Version of Miller's Graphics Explorer Submarine Commander Telco TI-Writer, Multiplan & Video Chess BEIGE Disk Assembler, BEIGE TI-Writer, BEIGE Graphx, BEIGE P-Code BEIGE Terminal Emulator II, Editor Assembler, TI Forth and TI-Writer (German) BEIGE 99/8 BASIC, BEIGE 99/8 TI-Writer, BEIGE 99/8 BASIC, BEIGE 99/8 P-System PS/2 Console (single row) PS/2 Console & BA-Writer (three row) QUICK REFERENCE CARDS TI-Editor/Assembler Reference Card TI-Extended BASIC TI-Writer, Multiplan & TI BASIC Willey Quick Reference Guide for TI-BASIC BINDERS & COVERS Editor/Assembler - Spine Old Style Manual Cover Templates SHIFT838 Newsletter Binder TI - Binder Covers for Multiplan and TI-Writer XB256D Manual Cover 3 Ring Binder Spine for Yesterday's News AFTERMARKET / SCANNED and UPDATED MANUALS 3D Bowling 4A Flyer All Star Baseball Aztec Game Manual B-1 Nuclear Bomber Backgammon Barrage scan Beyond Parsec scan BHXP1 Experimental Aircraft Simulator Boot, Remind Me!, Road Hunter Boxer, Qmaze,Spot Shot, Star Runner Centipede scan Computer War Copy C Instruction Manual Cortex BASIC 80 (manual in 'starter kit) F18A, FR99 compliant Data Base Management Manual By: Navarone Death Drones scan Defender scan Desk Top Publisher Manual By: Databiotics Dig Dug scan Disk Manager 1000-6 Disk Utilities 4.20 (Formatting slightly off) Donkey Kong scan Editor/Assembler Manual Fast Term II fbForth Manual Frogger scan Junkman Jr. scan Killer Caterpillar Midnight Mason Micro Pinball Mine Sweeper original document Micro-Tennis scan Moon Patrol scan Moonvasion scan Ms. Pacman scan Munchman scan Mini Memory Line-by-Line Assembler Miller's Graphics Explorer Manual (Hotlinked from Ciro's Webpage) Mini Memory Module Night Stalker Manual Page Pro 99 scan Peripheral Expansion System - Theory of Operation Personal Record Keeping Picasso Publisher 2.0 Documentation Manual Picnic Paranoia scan Pole Position scan PreEditor scan Protector II scan Rich Extended BASIC Manual Sabre Wulf (the official TI Manual) By: Rasmus Moustgaard Shamus Slinky Game Manual Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator Strike Three! scan Sparkdrummer's Challenge: Rescue At Atari Age (Original Manual) http://atariage.com/forums/topic/288039-new-game-stratego/?p=4215361Stratego - A game of Battlefield Strategy (Original Manual) Submarine Commander Telco, TI-Lander, TI-Runner, TI-Scramble remakes Terminal Emulator II Manual TI-Artist scan TI-Artist Plus! TI BASIC Support Module Documentation restored TI Extended BASIC Manual Features Linked Index TI - Microsoft Multiplan TI - Runner Level Editor TI Speech Synthesis Tombstone City TRIS Game Manual scan MAD-HUG - Teach Yourself TI BASIC Q-Bert scan Tunnels of Doom scan Video Chess Volcano Fortress Yahtzee CARTRIDGE LABELS 4A Disk Operating System 2018 Contest 4K Short N' Sweet Games-A 2018 4K Contest Label-B Alex Kidd Aperture Atarisoft Labels Cartridge Label for Atarisoft Compilation 8K Super Cart Cortex BASIC 80 Crossfire Disk Manager 2000 E.T. The Extra Terrestrial E.T. In His Adventure on Land E.T. In His Adventure at Sea fbForth Labels (Not the ones the author / creator uses on his cartridges for sale) FinalGROM 99 Cartridge Label FlashROM 99 Flying Shark Hide & Seek Rock Runner Miller's Graphics Explorer Cartridge Labels Mouskattack Mr. Chin Myarc Extended BASIC II Night Stalker - A Night Stalker - B JetPac (Powered By TURBOFORTH) Perfect Push Postscript/PDF Labels (assortment) Rasmus' 8-N-1 Arcade Rasmus 8-N-1 Arcade (Old School Version) Scrabble Skyway Snake Plissken Space Station Pheta Stuart's Internet Browser Super TI-99 Mario Bros. Submarine Commander & River Rescue TurboForth and Development Cartridge Labels Turmoil Version 1 -- Turmoil Version 2 Tutankham cartridge label A method for printing, preparation and attachment of the cartridge labels is << HERE >> DISKETTE LABELS Panzer Strike Panzer Strike Diskette Sleeve Stratego 5.25 Diskette Label Yesterday's News 5.25 Diskette Label TurboForth v1.2 for 5.25 Diskettes P-BOX CARD LABELS Myarc RS-232 Interface Card Label Myarc DDCC-1 Floppy Controller Label TI 128 K Super RAM Expansion Label TI 32 K Memory Expansion Label TI Disk Controller Label TI IEEE-488 Interface Label TI Flex Cable Interface Label TI P-Code Ver 4.0 Label TI RS-232 Interface Label TI Video Controller Label MISCELLANEOUS LABELS (Requires Label Maker for best results) "Solid State Cartridge" label (Added 10/11/2019) MISCELLANEOUS WORKSHEETS NanoSheet Make a computer desk for your TI out of a single sheet of plywood MISCELLANEOUS 3RD PARTY MANUALS Hamsoft 99 (Kantronics) - Amateur Radio Use Only Rave 99 Expansion Box (PE/2) MISCELLANEOUS TECHNICAL MATERIALS AND SCHEMATICS Video Controller Card Materials BWG Floppy Drive Controller Schematic FLUG DSDD Floppy Drive Controller Schematic Horizon RAM Disk Construction Guide TI RS-232 Schematic Disk Drive Operating and Service Manuals Mechatronic 80 Column Card Schematic Mechatronic 80 Column SCART cable for 6 pin DIN Myarc FDCC-1 Floppy Drive Controller Schematic NTSC to PAL Video Conversion Instructions Percom Floppy Drive Controller Quest 200 Ram Disk Schematic Terminal Emulator II Protocol Manual TI Product 360 DSSD Floppy Drive Controller Schematic Zeno Board Schematics & Technical Information SOFTWARE & PROGRAMMING C-99 Floating Point Library GPL Debugger Operations Guide Software Development System Programmer's Guide (Useful for guys writing for the FinalGROM 99) PROGRAMMING AIDS Character Coding Sheets CPU RAM Chart DCHAR2 Layout Screen Sprite Table Sheet GENEVE 9640 MATERIALS Geneve 9640 Pinouts (pwr & video) GENMOD In UNAUTHORIZED UPDATES TO OUTDATED MANUALS nanoPEB Documentation V1 & V2 SELF HELP & INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS Console Debugging By: John Guion This is just the start, please message me with links that I've obviously missed.
  4. After holding on to these for years I am now auctioning my two rarest video game carts for the TI-99/4a. 1. Navarone "Frog Stickers" (created when Navarone bought over Romox and was still reusing there old cart cases). c. 1986 2. Romox "Princess and Frog" on ECPC edge connect programmable cartridge with paperwork. c. 1984/84 Both are tested and are currently up for auction ebay. with no reserve.. hoping these both make it into someones collection who can enjoy them.. thanks http://tinyurl.com/kk52c5g
  5. Does anyone know the dimensions of the label holder for the ti-99/4a. I am planning on making a 3D model and print ing it. I currently do not have one on my ti-99.
  6. Hello. I have the following games for sale for the TI-99/4A: Donkey Kong (cartridge only, has a rattling inside that we can't figure out how to fix, but the cartridge works fine) Pole Position (boxed w/manual) Centipede (boxed w/manual) Jungle Hunt (boxed w/manual) Defender (boxed w/manual) I can sell the DK game for around $8, the rest can go for $20 each. Also have the following, that I'm willing to sell (prices will follow each item): Merlin: The 10th Quest (in box, $25) Spyro 3 PS1 game Greatest Hits (sticker on cd, $15) If interested, give me a message with your zip code, so I can calculate shipping. I can only ship to continental US buyers. Thanks. EDIT: All TI games are sold. Spyro 3 and Merlin: The 10th Quest are still available.
  7. In the early 80's, keyboards on 'lower-end' computers left many users wanting improvement. The TI-99/4A did not have the worst keyboard out there, but there was still room for improvement. One company of the era took up the challenge, but I'm sorry to say, it missed the mark a little... Image of Rave keyboard 'liberated' from: << this Mainbyte article >>. The Rave keyboard was an improvement of sorts, but the technology of the time was larger, requiring that the user remove the TI's keyboard. The connector on the Rave keyboard also stuck up like a sore thumb, and in my opinion, ruined the TI's sleek looking appearance. A few years back, one of the TI-Gods known as "Tursi" designed a neat little keyboard adapter that was small enough to fit inside the TI... with the keyboard! If that's not enough, you even have the flexibility of mounting your connector anywhere you want. If you would like to read more about this device on Tursi's website, go << HERE >>. Here are some closeup views of the device I'm using in my TI-99/4A... (CLICK ON IMAGES TO RADICALLY ENLARGE VIEW) After you install the device, your TI will pretty much look the same, with the exception of the connector. I mounted mine on the left-hand side near the rear of the computer as seen in this photo below. If you want to see all the photos of this project, go to my gallery entry << HERE >> I've made up a couple of PS/2 keyboard overlays, available for download in the attachment below. These two photos will give you an idea of what they look like in use. First version (single row) Second version (three row) This turned out to be one of the nicest upgrades ever, which was a little unexpected, but after I started using it, it all made sense. You see, the TI console is not the easiest to move around or into a good position, with the 'fire hose', monitor cable and power cables ALL hanging off the unit. The PS/2 keyboard uses one little cable and can easily be moved around, and after all these years, most of us are used to PC keyboards. This is an upgrade/modification that I recommend to anyone who is not a purist that requires a stock system. After all these decades, the TI is still evolving and improving. TI-PS2 Overlays.zip
  8. The FlashROM 99 NOTE/UPDATE: This cartridge has been superseded by the new FinalGROM 99. The FlashROM 99 came out in May of 2016 and proved to be a definite paradigm shift in cartridge technology for the TI-99/4A. In the past, if one wanted cartridge based programs they either had to buy an EEPROM programmer, like the MiniPRO TL866CS, and some chips, and do it themselves, or pay someone else to do it. With the old method of getting things into a cartridge, there were a ‘few’ things one had to learn first, especially when making their own compilation cartridges. The required learning curve, combined with the added expense, introduced a limiting factor to this formats development. With this new cartridge format, all you had to do was “drag & drop”, nothing could have been faster or easier. There has been a literal explosion of programs converted to work with the FlashROM 99. Thanks to AtariAge users like JediMatt42 and to Static1701 who have devoted a considerable amount of time into making the lives of FlashROM 99 users more enjoyable. The thread to access all of those excellent conversions is: << HERE >> Justifying your investment This cartridge was the perfect solution for so many different types of TI users… 1 The returning user with limited equipment No memory expansion? No P-Box? NO PROBLEM! This cartridge ran many programs that don’t require all the extras. 2 The dedicated gamer If you wanted to play games, on the ‘REAL THING’, but not buy a bunch of expensive hardware, this cartridge was a must. 3 The user on a budget This cartridge could get you into the TI painlessly from a financial viewpoint. Start having fun now, worry about expanding later…if you decided/wanted to. 4 The user without the time Some people have limited time, and either can’t or didn’t want to invest a lot of it learning a bunch of convoluted steps to just program in a game or two every ‘now and then’. 5 The limited space user For those who needed an option for a small affordable storage device for ‘Real Iron’. Update 07/12/2016 There is a 3D printed case available for the FlashRom 99! To access the blog entry on the available case by << CLICKING HERE >>
  9. This is one of the most cost effective modifications that you could ever hope to perform on your TI. Where else can you double or even quadruple your storage capabilities for so little money? If you've already purchased the Lotharek HxC, or a 3.5" drive, you'll easily and instantly double your storage capability. Atari Age user sjt made a GREAT POST << HERE >>with photos of this project. Atari Age user atrax27407 of Hummingbird EPROM's will burn the chips for you and send you the pair for only $12.00! If you're interested, click his user name on the above line and send him a Personal Message. He takes PayPal, so that means it's quick and easy to order. The man also has a good reputation, so you can feel comfortable about ordering. The set comes in four different configurations: A) DSK 1 40 Track with DSK 2 & 3 as the 80 track drives. B) DSK 1 & 2 as the 80 track with DSK 3 as a single 40 track C) DSK 1 & 2 40 Track with DSK3 as the sole 80 track drive. D) DSK 1, 2 & 3 all 80 Track (this was not an option I was offered when I got my set but would be the best bet IMHO) It's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you use a couple of 24 pin IC sockets like this one: You can find them cheaply << HERE >> The main reasons for using sockets? If you ever need to replace a defective chip or update the programming, it'll save a lot of extra work. Using sockets also reduces the chances of damage to the decades old and harder to obtain disk controller. Screen Image of a formatted diskette (Click on image to radically enlarge) So, why run a lame little 90K or 180K disk drive when you could max out at 360K with a 3.5" disk drive or a Lotharek HxC floppy emulator? You already have the hardware, so spend a couple of extra bucks to really get the most out of it. --- UPDATE 12/01/2014 --- He also has modification chips for other controller cards. << CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS >>
  10. I had searched high, and low, I tried to get one built, and I tried to obtain one in it’s many different forms. Along the way I even irritated one individual with my unrelenting search. To that guy, I apologize, it was not intentional, but if you’re reading this, look on the bright side, you’ll never have to read another message concerning that quest again. On November 27th, 2014 I received a PM from the late and Great "Gazoo" (R.I.P.), who had made me an offer I could not refuse. So Gazoo, thank you, I will always be grateful that you thought of me, you brought closure to a long tedious search and a fine end to 2014. (Edit: I still think of Gazoo every time I see that card light up,) A real time clock is a great thing to have on your TI as it gives this classic computer some utility beyond a gaming platform. With utility, comes a great excuse to 'justify' pouring even more money into this great little classic computer system. One of my favorite ‘useful’ programs on the TI This great little program 'reminds me' of events, scheduling issues, birthdays and anniversaries. A proper calendar program should know the date and time and tell me what it is, not the other way around. Well, ‘Remind Me!’ has always had that capability, so why not use it? My favorite menu loader for the TI Boot was such an awesome program, but it never seemed quite the same when I got back into the TI. Back in the day, I was so used to that time display up in the right hand corner of the screen that things just never ‘seemed right’. Now I have the full nostalgia effect, but thanks to "Insane Multitasker" it's now in 80 columns using an F18A. Other ramblings If you use BA-Writer, TI-Writer or it's other variants, there is a quick little hint I bet a lot of people don't know about… Do you want a new document to show the time and date it was created? Doing a LF or (load file) and then typing "1,1,clock" as the file name will put the date and time on the first line of a new document. In the future I may even put this card to more 'practical' hobby pursuits like a BBS or a future X10 controller project. Who knows what the future may bring, but if having fun along the way is part of the plan, I'm doing okay. The CorComp clock comes in two varieties, the card for the P-Box as pictured above is called the Triple Tech Card and also allows for the speech synthesizer to be used in the P-Box and also has a 64K printer buffer for users using the parallel port for a printer. The second version is a "side-car" design, the internals of which are shown here: UPDATE 07/25/2016 Atari Age user JediMatt42 converted Gazoo's Triple Tech Clock setting program into FlashROM 99 format. So, if you have a Triple Tech Card and a FlashROM 99, << CLICK HERE >>. UPDATE 08/23/2015 Atari Age user Gazoo is the author of the BEST program ever written to set the CorComp Triple Tech clock. << CLICK TO DOWNLOAD >> UPDATE 03/28/2016 I added a couple of useful PDF files for people who are lucky enough to find and obtain one of these wonderful cards. CorComp Clock Updated Manual.pdf CorComp - Triple Tech Mods.pdf
  11. Sometimes miracles do happen. Years ago the idea of having an Internet browser for the TI-99/4A was just another “pie in the sky” pipe dream, a “what if” or an “if only”, well, no more! Stuart Conner, one of Atari Age’s leading TI-99/4A “Uber-Programmers” made it a reality. Stuart was not content to just make a browser compatible with P-Box RS-232 cards, like every other communications program in existence for the TI. No, Stuart decided to think of the Nano-PEB users as well. As of this moment, Stuart’s Internet Browser is the ONLY communications program in the world that will work with the NANO-PEB. This awesome program works with both system configurations, and even supports multiple RS-232 cards. There are a few minor limitations, which quite frankly are to be expected from a 34 year old pre-Internet computer, even so, Stuart has done a fantastic job exploiting this new capability for the TI and getting around some of the expected roadblocks. 1) The browser is only compatible with the Lantronix UDS-10. It will not work with TCPSER or any other device. 2) The program does not automatically allow for indented paragraphs, line wrapping at the spaces between words or for line breaks. All formatting has to be done at the source webpage. 3) The TI's video display processor has some restrictions on how many colors can be in an 8 pixel row. 4) Most important, this program will not work with any 'modern' webpage as there are just too many tags for this classic computers memory to keep track of. It does however have it's own specialized HTML like tags for it's own use. There are some cool special features this browser has. 1) While the default font includes numbers, upper & lower case characters as well as punctuation, it even has table drawing characters! 2) Another neat little thing to point out is that ANY character can be re-defined any number of times, allowing the display of BITMAPPED GRAPHICS... up to full-screen size! For more detailed information << CLICK HERE >> to go to Stuart's page about this awesome program. Now available in super easy to load cartridge version. There are already some neat webpages and script based applications that the TI’er can use. For example if you wanted to look up the IP number for a website or BBS system, “the TI can do that!” Also in the year since Stuart released the first version of his browser, a lot has happened. Atari Age user "ElectricLab" has really shaken things up with his new TI website that will let you play online chess with other users! The browser also has it’s own “FAVS” list that you can customize to your own liking. Do you know how to write scripts? Do you have a great script idea? Stuart is willing to host any useful scripts as long as he’s not asked to continually update them. So if you have an idea for a neat or useful TI application/script, feel free to create it and Send it to Stuart in a PM! Currently, PHP scripts are required to run on a Web SERVER that enables a webpage to be customized according to parameters added to the page URL entered on the TI. (Filling in the blanks is not YET an option). I'd love to see a listing of all known and available APPS/scripts or just TI webpages as they come out. If you make one, please feel free to post a note below with the URL and a description of your site or APP. When you get up and running, let us know! You can do that with the TI CHAT script! 1) To read the chat page, the url is: stuartconnerdownloads.me.uk/tichat.php 2) To add a message (from your TI) just add: ?m=text_with_underlines to the url. We'll see you AND your TI online! UPDATE - 02/03/2015 A German IT newsletter recently featured Stuart's Internet Browser. You can check out the article << HERE >>. Congratulations Stuart! Your browser is now world famous! UPDATE - 02/18/2015 Stuart updated his browser with some new commands. As always you can get the updated version << HERE >> You'll need to scroll down just a bit to find the link. UPDATE - 12/13/2015 Stuart released the CARTRIDGE VERSION for the 512K non-inverted boards. Also available on his website. MAJOR UPDATE - 01/24/2016 (The browser is now in Version 9.1) This video will be replaced in the future (When I have time). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO259O0tcqo&feature=youtu.be UPDATE - 05/08/2016 Atari Age member & TI user ElectricLab has come out with some fantastic applications for this browser. Below is his presentation for TI-Fest West 2016. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWW-dOJjQ0o UPDATE - 06/25/2016 If you have the new FlashROM 99 cartridge, you can now download the latest version of this program and install it in your cartridge! << JUST CLICK HERE >>
  12. The months of June & July of 2016 were exciting times for users of the classic TI-99/4A "Home Computer". We were lucky enough to get not one, but TWO new goodies! The first was the << FlashROM 99 >> and the second was the new 3D printed case. It didn't take long for this thing to hit the market either. The reason? A new Atari Age user who goes by << c0d3m4st4 >> designed, printed and released this thing in record time. So check out my video below, and if you like what you see, and I think you will, buy one of these to protect your FlashROM 99 investment. Besides the different colors of neon green and orange, you can also get the cartridge printed up with some embedded text or even the TI logo as shown in this photo by the creator. Now that you've seen the FlashROM 99 case, you may be wondering how to buy one. That's easy.... just... << CLICK HERE >>! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9DJgWsw_cI&feature=youtu.be NOTE: The cartridge label does not come with the case. That was just something I made for mine and decided to share with others. If you would like to download the graphic, it's attached below for downloading. The creator of the FlashROM 99 case created a couple of photos for ease of understanding when it comes to assembly and height adjustment on the included buttons. #1 Cartridge Assembly #2 Button Modification If you want that nice shiny professional look on the printed label, my secret method of accomplishing that has been revealed << HERE >> As collectors, some people like storage cases for display purposes, while others want a case to protect their item over the decades and still others simply to ensure the item will sit on the shelf properly. The storage case of another obsolete technology, Digital Linear Tape has been found to be the perfect fit for the new FlashROM 99.
  13. As the 'classic' TI-99/4A home computer has been getting more and more popular over the past couple of years, the TI community is quite literally exploding with new users, hardware and software. Now has never been a better time to join the community or to 'come back home' from a long absence. In the past there were a few limitations that held some people back from taking the plunge of getting in, or returning to the TI-99/4A. Some of those limitations were: 1 Limited space for huge legacy peripherals. 2 Limited incomes to purchase the bulky legacy equipment. 3 Ways to easily get FREE software over to the TI from the Internet. All three of those limitations have now been TOTALLY ELIMINATED. This short blog entry shows one popular entry configuration that is bringing people back into the TI world with limited investment and hassle... will you be another one? HOW IT'S DONE First – Obtaining a console is easy << CLICKING HERE >> will take you directly to Ebay where you can pick and choose from an assortment of readily available consoles. Prices vary greatly, so choose wisely. Second – << CLICKING HERE >> will connect you with a source for an inexpensive sidecar 32K memory expansion interface. Third - << CLICKING HERE >> will get you a FinalGROM 99 cartridge capable of running most the programs available, assuming you have the 32K memory expansion. Fourth - WHERE to get all those FREEBIE programs to use on your new system? << CLICK HERE >> to download them ALL! When your system arrives, just slide them onto an SD card, plug it into the FinalGROM 99 and you are good to go! Once you have all the 'operational hardware', you might consider protecting your investment by getting a couple of cases, one for your 32K memory expansion and one for your FinalGROM 99, the ones I recommend are linked below. 3D Printed Case for the FinalGROM 99 Cartridge Case for 32K Memory Expansion If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. The Register Article.pdf
  14. Being that 'necessity is the mother of invention', this project was inevitable... NEED(s): 1) A way to toggle the interrupt line of my HDX. 2) An easy way to reset the memory in the HDX. 3) Wanting to know the P-Box's temperature since I cannot hear the whisper quiet fan. REQUIREMENT(s): 1) Look good. 2) Be functional. 3) Not permanently desecrate my classic computers case. 4) Not lose any storage capacity. My final solution was to obtain an 'Evercool" PC storage box. This box has a nice clean face plate and has holes in the 'right spots' for ease of installation into a 5.25" disk drive location. Of course I learned this lesson the hard way on an earlier attempt, so if you want to reproduce this project, I highly recommend the PROPER CUTTING BIT, the one pictured below works great and can be purchased for your Dremel tool at Home Depot for under $10.00. Once I had everything cut out, it was time to put the temperature display and switches in the box... THE FINISHED PROJECT... LINKS UPDATED The temperature gauge is really inexpensive << HERE >> which includes free shipping. The storage drawer is an affordable item too << HERE >> but does not include free shipping. The rocker switches are really insanely cheap << HERE >> and shipping is included. To get things perfect and in the right area, it's wise to use a cutting template. The attachment below is a .PNG graphic template I created and used for mine.
  15. You want to use your F18A enhanced computer, vintage game machine or other VGA equipped classic computer on your fancy new big screen television set? Think again, most new affordable TV’s no longer support VGA or S-Video inputs. Don’t you just love planned obsolescence and cost saving methods? What’s a hobbyist to do? There are many different VGA to HDMI converters available for sale. The Sewell Hammerhead is on the upper end of the price scale, but there are other more reasonably priced devices that will not ‘break the bank’ and still do the job quite well. Items that you will need 1) VGA to HDMI converter (comes with power cable) 2) HDMI video cable 3) Optional power supply if you don’t use the USB power on the TV. There are numerous lower priced knock-off units out there, some in the $6.00 -$11.00 range. I cannot guarantee results with any of those as I do not have any first-hand experience with them. One, like I purchased is listed in <<THIS LINK>>. This unit sells in the $23.00 range and is confirmed to work quite well with the F18A in my TI-99/4A. Thanks to Atari Age user JediMatt42 for bringing this specific unit to my attention. If you do not already have an extra HDMI cable, you’ll probably want to purchase one at the same time. Be aware that if your VGA output is only 640 X 480, like with the F18A, you’ll have to adjust the setting on your TV to display it at the full or proper size. This thing is a snap to install, however the audio output on many different devices varies, so no matter what converter you end up purchasing, you may have to purchase or make your own converter for the audio plug. INPUT WANTED If you end up purchasing a device in the under $10.00 price range, I'd like to read your comments and a review. Thanks.
  16. Fest 99/4ATX will be Friday-Sunday Aug 9-11, 2019 in Austin, TX. UPDATE: please use this Google Form to register yourself. We need to know how many folks want food! All are welcome. The main activity will be sharing what we know about the TI-99/4A computer, demonstrating projects and new products, and so on. Fixing broken 4As, soldering kits, and programming are all likely to happen. It really depends on what you want to do! The venue will be an air-conditioned classroom, with tables, whiteboard, and two large screens, at ATX Hackerspace on 9700 Dessau Rd. There is a lounge/kitchen/eating area. (There will be guided tours of members-only areas like electronics lab, laser cutter and 3D printing.) If anyone wants to do a presentation/stream, you would write that on the Google sheets schedule. Outside of the agenda, we will share about things TI, much like Chi-Friday. Set up your gear, gather in small groups, share, learn, fix things. The only charge will be $10 for official registration, which includes a raffle ticket, badge, snacks and drinks. Otherwise it is open for casual observers (I would expect others from the hackerspace and the local C-64 group.) For Saturday food, we are putting together a group order for Cheko's breakfast tacos (a few dollars) and County Line BBQ ($15 each person). Details: Venue: ATX Hackerspace on 9700 Dessau Rd. Has air conditioned classroom, a lounge/kitchen, and wi-fi. Guided tours of electronics/laser/shop/3D printing. Format: BarCamp style. Attendees can announce a presentation in the classroom, otherwise free form. Security: we can put gear in a locked room overnight. The building is keyed entry. The classroom has doors but does not lock. Hardware: I can provide stock P-Boxes, 4A consoles, monitors so you can travel lighter. Electronics lab available. Lodging: Super 8 near ATXHS is as low as $58. Marriot $118. There are a lot of options. Food: Saturday: Breakfast Tacos. Lunch: barbecue delivery. Dinner: trip to Chuy's (Tex-Mex.) Live Streaming: Use Zoom to join for video/audio chat. https://zoom.us/j/7707370625 See and Edit the Agenda so far here: Agenda in Google Docs Zoom Channel for the event (install Zoom on your phone or computer) https://zoom.us/j/7707370625
  17. Hello everyone! Looking for a TI-99/4A speech module. I just purchased a beige 4A CIB and Parsec and would really like to add speech. I know they're on eBay but I trust AA members and know we have the best quality here. CIB or loose is fine as long as it works. I can pay PayPal right away and live in SC. Thanks! Blaine
  18. Currently, few people have a decent 3D printer, even fewer people have the design skills to create cool stuff on them. It's really no problem because here at AtariAge we have a diverse community. We have people with almost every skill to fill almost every available niche. One member, who goes by "COREi64" has the printers (currently four), the skill set and the desire to make cool stuff for us. His first design, the 32K case was a work of art. I was so impressed I had to have one, but then something wonderful happened… TIPI hit the market. So sadly, I can't use that brand new case. But my loss gave me the idea for this blog entry. If YOU know what the future holds, YOU can make better decisions and save a few bucks at the same time! So this blog entry will show you what is going to be available, and what is currently available. A case for the 32K Memory Expansion Phase One (Completed) Not everyone needs or wants a TIPI. Some folks are perfectly happy with a FinalGROM99 cartridge and the 32K memory expansion board. For those folks, COREi64 has the solution for you. See the video (below) for that item. Case for 32K & TIPI Unit Phase Two (Completed) The 32K/TIPI case is available on his website << HERE >> which is slightly cheaper than the eBay offering << HERE >>. So if you want to avoid the eBay fees, click the first one! NOTE: If you live in the United States. fellow TI user Greg, (ArcadeShopper) is currently selling these cases << HERE>>. It's the same case, made by the same guy, but you save a fair amount on shipping. A Matching Case for the RPi Phase Three (Completed) This enclosure will be of use to current design TIPI users, and future users of the planned P-Box version. This design became available on 06/23/2018. This new case is a complete work of art and consists of a three piece construction, box, lid and base. It went through many revisions to get form and function melded into one beautiful unit. I truly doubt this enclosure will remain a secret to us TI'ers... I think a lot of non-TI Raspberry Pi users will want this unique case too. To order the RPi 2 & 3 version, the RPi 3 only version or even a custom face plate << CLICK HERE >>. Watch the video for a better look!
  19. What's more appropriate for NEW gear on older computers, than updated versions of older software? Some legacy programs have 'issues' when dealing with newer gear or storage formats. Some older editors like TI-Writer or BA-Writer leave 'garbage'(see first reply below) at the end of a file which can interfere with programs like 4A/DOS when it's trying to process a batch file. Some older programs cannot use all their functions on newer gear. This editor program works flawlessly. Some legacy editors have multiple selection screens and are bulky multi-part programs, or have stuff you don't need. Some of the old editors don't even remember the filename you are working on. This newly updated editor by Fred Kaal does it all, in one easy to use compact program. I simply love this editor and I think you will too! Sometimes great things come in small packages! So whatever your hardware, even TIPI's and F18A's, this editor.... "IS THE ONE". Editor_V30.zip (attached below) This ZIP contains two versions of this program. The first version, "EDIT80" is compatible with the F18A. This version works VERY WELL within the confines of the 4A/DOS environment, but can also be loaded and used like any other EA/5 program. The second version, "EDIT40" is for users who still use the original 9918 composite output. EDITOR.BIN (attached below) Used to load the program from an FR99 or FG99. This program is a converted version of the 'scratch loader' originally developed by Mark Wills with tweaks by Tursi and also with support and input from the old SWPB group and members Bill, Tim and Ben. It was converted into cartridge format by AtariAge user JediMatt42. Here, in it's uploaded form it's set to load EDIT80 from DSK1. but it can easily be modified with a sector editor to suit your individual needs. Please, download and check them out for yourself. Also, feel free to leave comments, suggestions or even click 'like' to let me know you were here. If you want a video made, please let me know that too. Editor_v30.zip EDITOR.BIN
  20. Don't forget to visit Ninerpedia; our wiki about the TI-99/4A. Check here. If you are the owner of one of the programs or sites and do not want it posted, please let me know and it will be removed immediately. Also if you think a reference to an important development resource is missing, then please let me know and I'll be happy to add to the list. If you are new to the TI-99/4A or returning after a long time, then you might want to check out the TI-FAQ page here. Also make sure to visit the TI-99/4A Home Computer Book Archive by @airernie, now hosted by @acadiel. It's a great collection of excellent technical books about programming the TI-99/4A. Latest update: May 5th 2019 1. Emulators classic99 win Windows-based emulator including TI-99 ROMs under license from Texas Instruments. Debugger, memory heatmap, OS file support, support for 128K bank-switch carts, can create ROM/GROM cartridges, possibility to record AVI movies. User manual is included. Check the classic99 Updates thead for the latest news on classic99. Click here to watch Tursi's classic99 tips and tricks video tutorial. (Author: @Tursi) MAME win+linux Multiple system emulator that supports the TI-99/4, TI-99/4A, TI-99/8, and Geneve. Emulates more than 400 systems. Requires ROMs from the original systems. Features a powerful Debugger, most accurate emulation, support for 64K bank-switch carts / Gram Kracker / UCSD p-code expansion card. Possibility to record AVI movies. Also see the MAME section in ninerpedia. (Author: @mizapf) Js99'er All major browsers TI-99/4A emulator written in javascript. Has support for TMS9918A VDP & supports most of the F18A functionality, TMS9919 sound. Virtual disk drives using google drive. Some preloaded games, demos and applications included. Js99'er development thread on Atariage can be found here. Js99'er source code repository on Github can be found here. (Author: @Asmusr) V9t9 win+linux TI-99/4A emulator written in java. Has support for TMS9918A VDP, TMS9919 sound & TMS5220 speech. Debugger included. V9t9 also supports the UCSD P-Code system. Some of the advanced V9t9 features include: ability to save/restore emulator state, record & playback, support for V9938 VDP. Requires ROMs from the original systems. This emulator needs the Java Runtime Environment available for free at Oracle. V9t9 discussion thread can be found here. (Author: @eswartz) Win994a win Windows-based emulator of the TI-99/4a Good TMS9900 cross-assembler included. No debugger. Ti994w win Windows based emulator. Offers 80 column support, SAMS card 1Mb of RAM, V9938 support, built-in debugger, ... (Author: @F.G. Kaal) TI-99/Sim linux Linux-based software simulation of the TI-99/4A. PC99 DOS Commercial DOS-based emulator licensed by Texas Instruments to sell ROMs. 2. Programming languages Assembly language - Software Winasm99 win Windows based TMS9900 cross assembler with GUI and ability to build 8K cartridge roms. Is part of the Win994a emulator. asm990 linux Linux based cross Assembler for the TI 990 by Dave Pitts. You'll also need lnk990 a separate linker which can be found on the same page. TIasm win TMS9900 cross assembler TIasm will build 8K console (>0000) or cartridge (>6000) rom. Is part of the old V9T9 emulator package. Source is included. Editor/Assembler IV TI-99/4A Editor/Assembler IV is a module for the TI99/4A home computer. The software this cartridge contains is the in TMS9900 assembler rewritten Editor and Assembler loader, Program loader and an implementation of my own written Linking Loader and a simple debugger. The editor and debugger are running completely in the module space (>6000 - >7FFF). The assembler is copied from EPROM to CPU RAM before it is started. (Author: @F.G. Kaal) XA99 - Cross Assembler 99 win XA99 (Cross Assembler 99) is a program for assembling TMS9900 assembler code on the PC. (Author: @F.G. Kaal) L99 - Linker 99 win L99 is a tagged object file linker by Fred Kaal for creating program files for the TI99 and Geneve home computer. (Author: @F.G. Kaal) xdt99 - TI 99 Cross-Development Tools win, linux, OS X The TI 99 Cross-Development Tools (xdt99) are a small suite of programs that facilitate the development of programs for the TI 99 family of home computers on modern computer systems. All programs are written in Python and thus run on any platform that Python supports, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. Includes xas99 (TMS9900 cross-assembler), xga99 (GPL cross-assembler!) and some command line tools for handling disk images and nanoPEB/CF7A+ volumes. The development thread on atariage can be found here. (Author: @ralphb) Assembly language - Manuals Editor/Assembler reference manual PDF The official Editor/Assembler reference manual. Note that this is not a tutorial for beginners. Still, it's an essential manual when writing assembler for the TI-99/4A. The online version can be found here. COMPUTE!'s beginner's guide to assembly language on the TI-99/4A PDF The Lottrup book. The only manual available today focusing on programming games in TMS9900 assembler. The examples in the book are for the Mini Memory line-by-line assembler which is rather limited. The manual also contains a few errors. Check here for the corrections. Nonetheless this book is a must-read for everyone seriously interested in writing assembler games for the TI-99/4A. The online version can be found here. Introduction to Assembly Language for the TI Home Computer PDF The Molesworth assembly language introduction book. Covers VDP communication, keyboard reading, file access and a lot more. The Art of Assembly series PDF The full series of articles by the late Bruce Harrison compiled as PDF. Over 600 pages, very well written and thorough. Assembly on the 99/4A WEB Excellent thread on Assembly language programming for the TI-99/4A, focussing on game loops, etc. (Author: @matthew180) SPECTRA2 zip Library for programming games in TMS9900 assembly language. Has routines for handling tiles, sprites, sound & task scheduler. Documentation manual PDF is included. (Author: @retroclouds) BASIC - Software Power BASIC TI-99/4A This is a port of the 'Power BASIC' interpreter used with the TMS9995-based Powertran Cortex machine. It is written in pure assembly. Graphic commands, sprites and saving to disk are supported. Currently no sound and speech supported. Power BASIC instruction manual available. Playground TI-99/4A Playground is a package making it possible to create assembly language programs that run from TI BASIC on an unexpanded console using only a cassette player to load the program(!) Although primarily intended for use in TI BASIC, programs written for playground can be run from XB, saved in E/A 5 format, loaded into a supercart, and even made into an actual cartridge. The manual describes in detail the differences in style necessary when programming for an environment that runs in only 256 bytes of memory. There is a library of subroutines for printing text, printing a number, shifting blocks in VDP, generating random numbers, using the line editor from BASIC, HCHAR, VCHAR,GPLLNK, a bit reversal routine, and a fast scroll routine. Source code is included for three different programs that should help you get started. Check here for the development thread on Atariage. Check this related thread for some clever work based on Playground. (Author: @senior_falcon) Extended BASIC - Software Extended Basic Game Developers Package "ISABELLA" TI-99/4A This package has been extensively updated to be faster, more versatile, and much simpler to use. It consists of two applications that make it possible to produce arcade quality games with XB. Although they are designed to complement each other, each is a stand alone utility. This is meant to be used with the Classic99 emulator, but the resulting programs are fully compatible with a real TI99 with nothing more than XB, 32K and a disk drive. Note that the included XBGDP package has an option to use the older TI BASIC only runtime routines if desired. It replaces for the older "Harry Wilhelm's BASIC COMPILER" and as a bonus, it's much easier and faster to use. (Author: @senior_falcon) 1) XB256 XB256 lets you toggle between two independent screens as desired. Screen2 lets you define all 256 characters and have up to 28 double sized sprites using the character definitions available to Screen1. Scrolling routines let you scroll characters left, right, up, or down or scroll using single pixels. There is a text crawl that gives an effect similar to the STAR WARS title screen. You can highlight text, set the sprite early clock, print in any direction on the screen using 32 columns, read/write to VDP ram, write compressed strings or sound tables to VDP ram, play a sound list, and catalog a disk. A utility lets you save selected areas of VDP memory as compressed strings that cn be merged with your program. With this, character definitions, sound tables, screen images, etc. can be saved in a more compact form that can be loaded virtually instantaneously, even in XB There are two utilities that convert the CALL SOUNDs in an XB program into a sound table containing music and sound effects. Sound tables can be loaded directly into VDP memory and played automatically while your XB program does other things. Also, a second player can play a different sound list simultaneously with the first, so you can have backgroundmusic playing and add sound effects on top of the background music. 2) XB COMPILER COMPILER lets you compile an XB program into an equivalent assembly language program that will run about 30 times faster. All the XB256 subprograms are supported by the compiler and in general, all the major features of XB are supported, including XB style IF/THEN/ELSE and named subprograms. About the only XB features that are not supported are DEF and the trig functions. T80XB TI-99/4A T80XB is a collection of assembly language subroutines that give the Extended BASIC programmer easy access to the 80 column screen mode offered by the F18A and other 80 column upgrades. Lets you select from two independent screens. G32 is the default screen when a program starts running.. This is the 32 column graphics mode screen normally used by Extended BASIC. It is accessed using the usual XB graphics statements. T80 is the 80 column text screen which offers 24 rows of 80 columns.. You can toggle between the two screens as desired, preserving the graphics on each screen. When using the T80 screen there are assembly equivalents that replace PRINT, CLEAR, COLOR, INPUT, CHAR, HCHAR, VCHAR plus routines that will scroll the screen and invert text on the screen. (Author: @senior_falcon) RXB 2015E TI-99/4A RXB 2015E is an updated version of TI Extended Basic. Most bugs in XB have been fixed in RXB and GKXB is in the main core of RXB. RXB has features no other XB has such as Batch processing or Hard Drive Access or updated CALL routines. The below RXB tutorials on Youtube give a good overview of RXB's power: RXB DEMO 1 video RXB DEMO 2 video RXB DEMO 3 video RXB DEMO 4 video RXB DEMO 5 video RXB DEMO 6 video RXB DEMO 7 video RXB DEMO 8 video RXB DEMO 9 video RXB DEMO A video RXB DEMO B video RXB DEMO C video Full documentation, examples and GPL source code included in the ZIP package. Cartridge image for classic99 emulator also included. Requires a GRAM device such as a GRAM Kracker for running RXB on the TI-99/4A. (Author: @RXB) My Little Compiler (MLC) TI-99/4A Library for using assembler-like language & routines from Extended Basic. Great for putting more power in Extended Basic programs. Now includes a precompiler for high-level language syntax. Demo Pong game and documentation included. The MLC development thread can be found here. Check out the video by @rocky007 on his MLC based TI-99/4A port of Kaboom! (Author: @moulinaie) The Missing Link 2.0 (TML) TI-99/4A The zip archive contains "The Missing Link 2.0" and its documentation. This was published by Texaments in 1990. It gives the XB programmer easy access to the bit mapped features of the 9918 VDP. Full color cartesian graphics, turtle graphics, sprite graphics (32 sprites with auto motion) are supported. Text can be displayed on screen with fonts having sizes ranging from 4x6 pixels to 8x8 pixels. The manual is updated with many previously undocumented features. A tutorial called "Potatohead" is included. There is a loader that embeds A/L programs in high memory - they can be saved as an XB program and run directly out of high memory. (Author: @senior_falcon) TidBiT - BASIC/XB Translator win, linux, OS X A translator program that reads a program written in a custom, structured form of BASIC and translates it to a BASIC / Extended BASIC program. PHP required when doing a local installation. Check here for the latest revision, installation instructions included. (Author: @matthew180) Kull KXBII Extensions TI-99/4A Kull Extended BASIC II programming package. High resolution graphics and clock support in Extended Basic. Documentation by @hloberg. Extended BASIC - Manuals COMPUTE!'s Programmer's Reference Guide to the TI-99/4A PDF TI-Basic programming manual touching graphics and sound. COMPUTE!'s TI Collection volume One PDF The online version can be found here. Best of TI-Basic programming by C. Regena Texas Instruments TI-99/4A user reference guide PDF The official user reference guide with details how to setup and connect your TI-99/4A. Includes an introduction on the TI-BASIC programming language. Extended Basic reference manual PDF The official extended basic manual, explaining the 40 new or expanded commands, sprites, etc. Check here for the online version with command lookup functionality. MG Night Mission PDF Advanced tutorial on how to program an arcade game in Extended Basic. MG Smart Programming Guide for Sprites PDF Advanced tutorial on how to efficiently use sprites in Extended Basic. C - Software C99 v4 TI-99/4A C99 is a small C compiler for the TI-99/4A written by the famous C. Pulley. Documentation included. C99C - C99 cross compiler and optimizers win C99C is the enhanced PC version of the C99 compiler for the TI99/4A home computer. Also included are multiple optimizers for compacting the generated assembly source (C Optimizer, Function Call Optimizer, ...) (Author: @F.G. Kaal) GNU C Compiler (GCC) win + linux + osx GCC for the TMS9900 allows you to cross-compile C programs on your PC (Linux, OSX or Windows) for the TI. Insomnia's release contains a set of patches against GCC 4.4. Just check out the code from the GCC project, apply the patches and build according to the build instructions for your platform and you're on your way to write programs and games for the TI in a high level language that rival the speed of assembly. And if you need just that little bit extra in terms of speed, you can always inline TMS9900 assembly for the critical sections of your code and compile everything with the same toolchain. For access to the VDP, the SN76489, etc... you can use Tursi's ti99 library, which you can find in the GCC thread. Hop over to the INSOMNIA LABS blog for background information on this port. Check the "Setting up the GCC compiler for the TI-99/4A" video by @Tursi for detailed steps on how to build and install GCC on your Windows PC. You can now download the cygwin binary port of the older TI GCC 1.10 for Windows here. (Thanks @lucien2). (Author: @insomnia) Fortran - Software 99-9640 Fortran TI-99/4A & Geneve The zip archive contains LGMA Products' FORTRAN v4.4 in both a version for the TI-99/4A and the Geneve 9640 computer. Documentation in PDF format included. The discussion thread on Atariage can be found here. Special thanks to: dano Forth - Software Turboforth TI-99/4A A brand new implementation of the Forth langugage for the TI-99/4A. The Forth system itself is written in assembler and is optimized for speed. It runs from the cartridge space so there's plenty of space for your program in the 32K memory expansion. Check TurboForth.net the companion web site for the TurboForth system. Click here for seeing some Turboforth video tutorials. (Author: @Willsy) TI Forth Instruction Manual "2nd Edition 2013" PDF 2012 enhanced version of the original TI Forth Instruction Manual in PDF format by @Lee Stewart. Look here for details on manual improvements, etc. The updated TI-Forth system disk can be found here. (Author: @Lee Stewart) fbForth TI Forth with File-based Block I/O zip fbForth uses Level 3 file I/O for I/O of Forth blocks. It also implements 80-column text mode if you have a system with that facility. fbForth 32KB 2.0.X ROM cartridge available. (Author: @Lee Stewart) CAMEL99 V2 Forth TI-99/4A Multi-tasking Forth for the TI-99/4a. CAMEL99 Forth has been built as an educational tool for those who are interested in how you could cross-compile Forth to a different CPU using an existing Forth system. Camel99 Forth Development thread on Atariage can be found here. (Author: @TheBF) GPL - Manuals/Tutorials GPL Programmers Guide PDF The original GPL programming reference manual from Texas Instruments. Covers all opcodes and advanced stuff like coincidence detection, I/O routines, etc. GPL HOW 2 Series video A complete series on how to program GPL (Graphics Progroamming Language) on the TI-99/4A. Each tutorial has its own support package with example code, GPL assembler, etc. Video tutorials done by Rich, the programmer of Rich Extended Basic. (Author: @RXB) GPLHOW2A - Introduction video / zip GPLHOW2B - Sprite demo video / zip GPLHOW2C - How to make a Screen Editor like TI Writer or Editor Assembler video / zip GPLHOW2D - Editor Assembler TI BASIC support.video / zip GPLHOW2E - DMII cartridge upgrades and how GPL works video / zip GPLHOW2F - TI Basic to GPL. Converting a TI Basic program to GPL video / zip GPLHOW2G - TI Basic CALL SOUND to GPL video / zip GPLHOW2H - Simultaneous sound lists and interrupt timer in GPL video / zip GPLHOW2I - XB2GPL demo of a XB game Baloons converted into a GPL program video / zip GPLHOW2J - Update to GPLHOW2I and adds a automatic music to the game from the last demo video / zip GPLHOW2K - How to make XB Program Image files into I/V 254 files video / zip TI-Intern PDF Details on "Monitor", the OS of the TI-99/4A. Disassembly of console ROM/GROMS and GPL interpreter. Has details on interrupt routine, utility subprograms, basic interpreter, etc. The thread "The TI-99/4A Operating System" is an ongoing community project for commenting the source code of the TI-99/4A ROM and allowing it to be assembled with todays' assemblers. LOGO - Manuals TI-LOGO programming manual PDF The official TI-LOGO programming manual. The online version can be found here. Pascal - Software Turbo Pasc'99 TI-99/4A The zip archive has the patched version of Wiposofts Turbo Pasc'99 which you can run on your favorite emulator or on the TI-99/4A itself. While Turbo Pasc'99 is not as complete an implementation of Pascal as the UCSD Pascal system, it does have the advantage of not requiring any special hardware other than 32K RAM and a disk drive, and will likely meet the programming needs of most TIers. Check here for an english translation of the german documentation. This version is started by running the Editor Assembler #EA5 program image DSK1.TP99A Special thanks to: @Vorticon, @apersson850, @retroclouds and @lucien2 Pascal - Manuals UCSD Pascal ZIP + PDF The official UCSD Pascal programming manuals and disks. The zip file (70 megabytes) contains all manuals in PDF format. Here are the PDF manuals for online viewing: Compiler, Editor, Filer, Utilities, Assembler, Linker, p-code card The UCSD system disk images in v9t9/MESS format can be found here. Note that you need the UCSD P-code expansion card for running UCSD Pascal on the TI-99/4A. Thierry Nouspikel has lots of information on the technical implementation of UCSD Pascal on the TI-99/4A. Check here for details on the P-Code card and here for details on the P-Code system software. Also a lot of details on UCSD Pascal in general (p-system vm, documentation, cross compiler, ...) can be found here. 3. Technical Documentation Hardware TMS9900 Microprocessor Data Manual PDF Data Manual on the TMS9900 16-bit processor. The TMS9900 is the CPU used in the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Home Computer. Contains instruction execution times, opcode size, etc. TMS9901 Programmable Systems Interface Data Manual PDF Data Manual for the TMS9901, Interrupt and I/O interface controller VDP Programmer's guide PDF The official programmer'a guide for the TMS9918A and its variants. The 9918A is the Video Display Processor chip used in the TI-99/4A and several other home computers + game consoles of that era. SN76489 sound chip datasheet PDF Data sheet for the SN76489 sound generator. The TMS9919 in the TI-99/4A is close to being identical with the SN76489. TMS5220 Speech Synthesizer Data manual PDF Data manual for the TMS5220 chip used in the TI-99/4A speech synthesizer device. Interface standard & Design Guide for TI 99/4A peripherals PDF The purpose of this manual was to consolidate all information available in the public domain on the design and development of peripherals for the TI 99/4A computer into one reference. Also covers the software aspects such as DSR architecture, PABs, etc. ROM Command Module Guide 2.0 PDF This manual provides a complete description of how Assembly Language User Programs need to be written so that the object code can be downloaded into (EP)ROM's which canthen be used in the "(EP)ROM module", a module designed to be used with the TI 99/4A Home Computer. TI Hardware Manual txt Compilation of valuable hardware & programming info on Myarc memory cards, Disk Controllers, Hard Drives, CPU identification (TMS9900, TMS9995, TMS99000) in assembly language, etc. DSR (Device Service Routine) / Disk & File Management Device Service Routine Specification for the TI-99/4(A) Personal Computer PDF Functional Specification for the 99/4 Disk Peripheral PDF Software Specification for the 99/4 Disk Peripheral PDF GPL Interface Specification for the 99/4 Disk Peripheral PDF File Management Specification for the TI-99/4 Home Computer PDF File Operations in assembly language 4. Homebrew Hardware Graphics & Sound F18A Video Display Processor The F18A is a FPGA based hardware and pin compatible replacement for the TMS9918A/TMS9928/TMS9929 VDP's (Video Display Processor). Besides VGA output it offers enhanced functionalities such as 80-column mode, additional video resolutions, hardware register scrolling, an embedded TMS9900 compatible GPU, etc. The development thread on Atariage, which includes the F18A programming documentation can be found here. The store on code|hack|create has the details on F18A availability, costs, etc. (Author: @matthew180) SID Master 99 sound synthesizer card The SID Master 99 is a new sound synthesizer expansion card for the Peripheral Expansion Box. It integrates the famous MOS 6581 or 8580 SID chip (as used in the Commodore 64 home computer). SIDPLAY99 sound player software available for use with this expansion card. The store on DSAPC has the details on Sid Master 99 availability, costs, etc. (Author: @marc.hull) Homebrew cartridge boards There are a number of Homebrew cartridge boards available to the users of the TI-99/4A now. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages from a usability standpoint, and some earlier types are only available by having your own made. To read the PCB layout files mentioned below, you need the ExpressPCB software which is available for free. Check here. The files are currently not released in Gerber/Excellon format, but can be converted to it using the RobotRoom Copper Connection software, available here. Note that to convert files to Gerber format you have to have the licensed version of the software ($50). 16K board PCB file The first of the new cartridge boards is the 16K board designed by @acadiel and @Stuart. This board used an inverted output from a 74LS379 to select between two 8K banks at >6000 in the TI memory map. The banks are selected by writing to >6000. This board allows most of the third-party cartridges designed for the 99/4A to be replicated. Further details on this board (components, EPROMS, software, etc.) can be found in: 16k_board_details.rtf FlashROM 99 PCB file, firmware source code The TI 99/4A Flash ROM Cartridge, or FlashROM 99 for short, is a cartridge for the TI 99/4A home computer that allows for running ROM cartridge images stored on an SD card. The FlashROM 99 supports ROM-only images of up to 32K that use the write-to->60xx bank switching scheme. It will not work with programs using GROMs or CRU-based bank switching. The cartridge does not require the Peripheral Expansion Box and runs on both PAL and NTSC consoles. Discussion thread on Atariage can be found here. (Author: @ralphb) FinalGROM99 PCB file, firmware source code The TI 99/4A FinalGROM Cartridge, or FinalGROM 99 for short, is a cartridge for the TI 99/4A home computer that allows you to run ROM and GROM cartridge images from an SD card. It succeeds the FlashROM 99 released in 2016. The FinalGROM 99 supports ROM images, GROM images, and mixed images of up to 1 MB in size that use the write-to-ROM bank switching scheme. The cartridge does not require the Peripheral Expansion Box and runs on both PAL and NTSC consoles, including modified consoles with an F18A. It will also run on v2.2 consoles and enables those to run ROM-only programs. The development thread on Atariage can be found here. (Author: @ralphb) 5. Utilities (file transfer, graphics, sound, ...) File Transfer TIImageTool win + linux TIImageTool is a tool that allows you to open disk image files as used with many emulators, and to work on them with common disk operations (like cut/copy/paste of files). It is particularly tailored for use with MESS but can also be used with other emulators. Has support for v9t9 format, PC99 format, CHD format, working with files & directories, Archiver support (can process Archiver files on the images), ... This utility needs the Java Runtime Environment available for free at Oracle. Supports Cf7a+ card images. (Author: @mizapf) TI99Dir win TI99 filemanager for windows. Great for transferring disk images to the TI-99/4A. Supports Cf7a+ cards and Cf7a+ card images. (Author: @F.G. Kaal) TiDisk-Manager OS X The TiDisk-Manager is a disk tool for disk images from floppy disks used by a TI-99/4A home computer. You will need an Apple Macintosh or Hackintosh running with Mac OS X 10.9 or newer. Has many features including file preview, export, etc. and even an interactive editor to disassemble program files and create good readable source code. The development thread on atariage can be found here (Author: @HackMac) Cf2k - Compact Flash 2000 TI-99/4A Cf2k (Compact Flash 2000) is a file manager for the TI99/4a with a CF7A+ compact flash adapter. With CF2k it is possible to protect/unprotect files, rename files/volumes, format volume, mount volume, copy/move/delete files, execute program files, ... Supports Cf7a+ cards. (Author: @F.G. Kaal) Graphics Convert9918 win Windows program for converting images into TMS9918A Graphics II (bitmap) mode. Output is in TI-Artist format or raw image/pattern dump. The article Modern Graphics on the 9918APDF gives an interesting overview on the techniques used in Convert9918. (Author: @Tursi) GraphiCV win/linux/osx Sprite Editor written in java. Draw your sprites on the PC and export them for use in Extended Basic and Assembler. Also supports export to Colecovision C format. Work with multiple sprite "layers" for creating multi-colored sprites. Click here for the GraphiCV development thread on atariage. Source code is also available at github. Check here. This utility needs the Java Runtime Environment available for free at Oracle. (Author: @unhuman) Magellan win/linux/osx TI-99/4A map editor written in java. This is the latest, updated, unofficial version. Draw your maps/screens on the PC and export them for use in Extended Basic and Assembler. Has a rich feature set: Import character set from '.PNG' or '.GIF' file, copy & paste, drawing functions, support for half-bitmap mode, Export in XB display merge format, etc. Possibility to export maps as data statements for Extended Basic and Assembler, binary export also possible. Click here for the Magellan development thread on Atariage This utility needs the Java Runtime Environment available for free at Oracle. (Author: @The Codex). Enhanced by @retroclouds, @sometimes99er, @Asmusr. Sprite Editor TI-99/4A TI-99/4A sprite editor written in C99. Runs from Editor/Assembler #EA5. Draw your sprites in an emulator or on the TI-99/4A machine. The zip file contains both the files for use in emulator and a TI disk image for easy transfer to the TI-99/4A. README file with detailed instructions included. You can see the Sprite Editor at work building some sprites: Jet Set Willyvideo and Parsecvideo. (Author: @Willsy) Sound VGM player Compresses VGM files into a format that can be played back on the TI using the included player from C and assembly. (Author: @Tursi) Mod2PSG2 Fully featured PC tracker for arranging music for the SN76489 and compatible sound chips. Can export to VGM and other formats. (Author: KonTechs/Martin) Sound List Ripper PC tool for ripping and playing back sound lists from TI files. Supports basic editing of sounds lists. (Author: @Asmusr) Sound list player Plays back sound lists from XB and assembly. (Author: @matthew180) Advanced Sound List Player TI tools for editing and playing back advanced sounds lists. (Author: @marc.hull) Speech QBOX Pro win QBOX Pro is the windows software that converts WAV files to LPC speech data for playback on the TI-99/4A speech synsthesizer. This is a 16bit windows application but it still runs in Windows 2000/XP/Vista. It requires the BWCC.DLL library which can be found here. BlueWizard osx LPC analysis tool for the Texas Instruments TMS5220 chip. Replacement for QBOX Pro. Has very good speech quality. Source code and pre-built install image for OS X can be found on gitHub here. Discussion thread on Atariage available here. (Author: @patrick99e99) Python Wizard unix/win This project is a python port (command line version and GUI) of the great macOS tool BlueWizard. It is intended to convert (voice) audio streams into LPC bitstreams used in the TMS 5220 chip or e.g. in the Arduino library Talkie. Now you can generate your own LPC streams and make your chips say the things you want them to. (Author: @deladriere) TI Synth Editor win TI LPC speech pattern exploration and editing app in the spirit of the venerable Speecoder. Watch the "How To" video to create custom speech synth here (Author: @pixelpedant) Editors Notepad++ win Notepad++ is a free source code editor that supports several languages. Runs in Windows environment. Notepad++ syntax highlighting file win Syntax highlighting file for Assembler and Extended Basic to be used with the Notepad++ text editor. 6. Tutorials Assembly language Building a multi-bank ROM image PDF Tutorial on compiling a 32K bank-switched cartridge ROM image starting from assembly source code (deref utility included). How to implement an assembly sound player for XB web Very well written tutorial on how to implement an assembly sound player for Extended Basic. It covers the tools needed and steps involved. Commented assembly source code Not a tutorial in the classical sense, but the commented source codes of the below games should help you get the idea. Pitfall! source code ZIP Munchman source code PDF TI invaders source code PDF TI Invaders source code TXT PARSEC source code PDF Moon Mine source code PDF Hopper source code PDF Thank you @Ksarul for your OCR work on the PARSEC source code. Thank you @Stuart for your OCR work on the TI-Invaders source code and tweaking it for assembly with Winasm99. Thank you @dphirschler for pointing me to Hopper and Moonmine source code. TMS9918/TMS9928 Video Display Processor TMS9918/9928 video modes video Video tutorial explaining the supported graphic modes of the video processor used in the TI-99/4A. TMS9918/TMS9928 Sprites and Characters video Video tutorial about the use of sprites and character patterns in the different video modes. TMS9918/TMS9928 How to create a bitmap title screens video Video tutorial on how to create a bitmap screen for games. Speech Synthesizer Convert WAV file for playback using speech synthesizer video Video tutorial on how to use QBOX Pro to convert a 8kHz mono WAV file to LPC speech data for playback on the TI-99/4A with the speech synthesizer device. It shows how to embed the LPC byte stream into your own assembly language program. Compilers The Wilhelm Basic compiler video Video tutorial on how to compile a basic program to assembly language. (Author: @Opry99er) File transfer (TI99->PC) RS232 File Transfer video Video tutorial on file transfer from the TI-99/4A to the PC using a serial connection cable. (Author: @Opry99er) (PC->TI99) RS232 File Transfer VIEW PART 1 / VIEW PART 2 video Video tutorial split in 2 parts dealing with file transfer from the PC to the TI-99/4A using a serial connection cable. In detail: DL a game from TI Gameshelf, Use ARC303G to unarchive it, Test in Classic99, Transfer using QModem and MFM, Running game on TI. (Author: @Opry99er) 7. TI-99/4A related websites TI-99/4A @ wikipedia Introduction and basics of Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Home Computer. ninerpedia Wiki with information on MESS and its multicart format (RPK). Home of the TI-FAQ. Thierry Nouspikel's Tech Pages Probably the best TI hardware and software tech page. It has a wealth of technical details on all things TI-99/4A. This includes GPL, GROM, keyboard scanning, speech, etc. You can also download the full site as a zip file for offline viewing. Mainbyte's home of the TI-99/4A Very good tech site with many detailed pictures and reference area. Includes various projects for upgrading your TI-99/4A, e.g. build a supercart cartridge. Jon's hexbus page Several hardware projects including pictures. Home of the 64K bank-switched cartridge project. (Author: @acadiel) [code|Hack|Create] New website run by Matthew of the Atariage group. The site covers many new hardware projects as the F18A FPGA based VDP and Bank-switch mini 256K. There's also a store where you can buy cartridge PCB's and other funky stuff. (Author: @matthew180) The nanoPEB & CF7+ Website The official website. Has the documentation, tools and some source code of the popular TI-99/4A Compact Flash device. TurboForth.net TurboForth.net is the companion web site for the TurboForth system written in TMS9900 Assembly Language by Mark Wills for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A computer. TI projects page Several hardware and software projects for the TI-99/4A. Home of TI-99Dir, TI99HDX and several other must-see projects. (Author: @F.G. Kaal) TI-99/4A Home Computer Book Archive Site where you find many books about the TI-99/4A not seen elsewhere, all collected by @airernie and now hosted by @acadiel (Author: @airernie) TI-99/4A Game Shelf Provides a gallery of interesting games with images of the opening screen as well as an in-play snapshot, along with a brief review tested on a real TI 99/4A system. Hardware requirements are also listed. Has many good Extended Basic games. (Author: @Vorticon) WHTech WHTech is the primary archive - though it's a bit overwhelming. But pretty much all software, hardware docs, etc, are available there. 99er.net Site with useful file archive and forum functionality. comp.sys.ti Covers all TI devices, including calculators.
  21. I recently designed a replacement for the power switch for the TI-99/4A. And thought I would give it to the community. I have hosted it on Thingiverse here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3697972 But I have also attached a photo. It's not perfect, but good enough compared to jamming something in the hole to turn on/off the computer.
  22. For little less than the price of some 'Homebrew' cartridges, one can purchase their own burner, download the free images << AVAILABLE HERE >> and make cartridges to suit their immediate needs. Later as interests change, erase and re-burn! Why not consider a burner and take your TI hobby to a new level? A while back, some of the 'TI-gods' got together, envisioned, designed, debugged and built the truly amazing "Uber Cart". The Uber Cart has been used for some really cool compilations, like the Extended BASIC 2.7 Suite cartridge developed by the late Tony (The Great Gazoo) Knerr. More recently Atari Age user Asmusr has added some really neat gaming "mult-cart" images. If you think you might be interested in purchasing one of the really affordable MiniPRO TL866CS EEPROM programmers, click << THIS LINK >> to check out some sources and pricing. If you would like to buy an Uber Cart, they are sometimes available << HERE >>. While arcadeshopper.com does not list Pay Pal as an option, Greg will be more than happy to make arrangements with you if that is the way you need to pay. You can contact him directly by clicking << HERE >>. (Must be signed into Atari Age) When I was a newbie I had some trouble programming chips with the cheap socket I *WAS* using. I thought my programmer was defective, or that I had a batch of bad chips. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I tried what you see in the video below. Don't laugh, it worked! Now the chips take programming even with a cheap socket! The video below shows the major on-screen process, and how quick it is, to program the little ROM chip with easily obtainable and free cartridge image files. * Once you get a programmer, be sure to download the PDF files below. MiniPro-programmer-1284p-GAZOO.pdf MiniPRO TL866CS -- ENGLISH Help FIle.zip ROM WORKSHEET.pdf AT49F040 (UberCart).pdf AVR ATmega1284P.pdf MiniPRO Device Listing.pdf Unbricking an AVR like the 1284P.pdf
  23. For decades, graphics on the TI-99/4A sucked by contemporary standards. As time marched on, so did the world of static images, leaving the aging TMS9918 all but abandoned for active work. Working with graphics on the TI became slow and cumbersome, compared to modern machines. This 'dual combo' is real easy to use together, and makes using graphics on the TI a viable alternative again. Click on the video for a short example. CONVERT9918 The last two video modes in Tursi’s Convert9918 program take advantage of the F18A video enhancement by Matthew Haggerty. This VGA card can display graphics never before possible on the TI… photos that can actually be recognized for what they are! If you don’t care to use the Slideshow99 program with an F18A, you can still easily use this program to obtain graphics off the Internet for use in older programs like TI-Artist, Page Pro 99 and others. SLIDESHOW99 Features: Supports any file device real or emulated, up to 12 paths allowed, as long as it can give a directory. For instance you can load all your floppy drives with images for a larger slideshow, or use the HDX, or a CF device, or whatever comes next. Number of images allowed is very large, 65,000 per path and 65,000 total. It would be slow with that many pics to sift through though. It supports three modes on the standard TMS9918A: - 2 color monochrome bitmap - 15 color standard bitmap - 225 color half-multicolor (flicker) It supports two modes on the F18A: - 16 color paletted bitmap - 3072 color scanline paletted bitmap (16 colors per line) It automatically detects each image as it's loaded, so feel free to mix and match. IN CLOSING Some of you guys might have wives that don’t relate to our little black & silver object of desire. One might actually hear, “Oh, more crap from eBay” when they see your latest addition(s). Well, the Slideshow99 program might change their feelings. Imagine what your honey will say when she walks into the room and sees photos of the children, grandchildren, your wedding photos or even… her parents cycling through on the TI's screen! She just might warm up to the old TI once and for all! Now even, if you personally think you have no use for graphics, try this program anyway, just to please the 'old lady'. LINKS Tursi’s “Slideshow99” is available at : << THIS LINK >> TI program Tursi’s “Convert9918” is available at: << THIS LINK >> PC program Tursi’s orginal writeup on the slideshow program is viewable : << HERE >> For more information on the F18A video enhancement go : << HERE >> UPDATE: 10/05/2016 Atari Age user Shift838 converted the program for use in the FLASHROM 99! You can get that version: << HERE >> THANKS CHRIS!
  24. Back in the day there were a ton of TI-99/4A consoles released into the wild, most of them went 'unexpanded', many ended up in the back of a closet never to see daylight for decades. Why? Because the system add-ons were very expensive, so by the time prices came down, TI had abandoned the home computer market and people had moved on to newer, faster and more powerful computers. An unexpanded TI was very nearly worthless, it still is, but now with this affordable and easy to use 32K device, almost anyone can enjoy the latest and greatest games for the computer at a very affordable price.
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