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Found 17 results

  1. Our beloved TI99 will be 40 years old within few months, so we need to prepare the celebration. Since the game Astrosmash for the Intellivision will also be celebrating its anniversary and we do not have if for the TI, I decided to create this Super Astrosmash version! 🙂 Super Astrosmash has the same game mechanics, score system, number of levels, type of enemies of the original version, however I've introduced some changes to better adapt to the improved TI99 resolution, added some speech, etc. The game is not a direct porting, but rather my own interpretation of a possible TI99 conversion. The initial release will be only in SSS module format. In the era of digital downloads, let's return back to the roots! With the precious help of Ciro (aka ti99iuc from the TI99 Italian User Club) we are now working to prepare a small batch of SSS, complete with labels and manual. The module will have two versions of the game: the Super Astrosmash and the Legacy version. It runs on the console + 32K memory expansion, supports joystick and keyboard. The Speech is optional. If you are interested in the SSS, please contact the TI99 Italian User Club using the website (http://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pagina=contacts) by the end of September, so it will be possible to determine the final cost and prepare the shipping for Christmas. In attachment a video of the gameplay from the beginning of the game up to level 2 and a preview of the manual/cover design. We will post additional material/info in the next days, so stay tuned. Super Astrosmash TI99.mp4
  2. I made a PCB to allow me to probe a TI-99 Cartridge in action. It's basically a pass-though with some logic analyzer probe pods with the Address, Data, and Control lines organized nicely. I have one assembled unit and four bare PCBs. Not sure whether to sell assembled, as solder yourself "kits", or just the bare PCB. If there's any interest in these PM me and we can work out the details. I'm limiting this to US buyers with PayPal accounts. That way there is a record of transaction and a way for me to confirm postage and tracking as a way to protect both buyer and seller. Thanks for looking!
  3. For those who still prefer to purchase on eBay, i've moved all my 3D printed stuff to a new account: c0d3m4st4_3d The other account was shared with a friend, and we were short of free monthly listings, so i decided to move all my 3D printed stuff to a new one Same items, support, quality and communication, only low feedback for now.. hopefully that will change soon http://www.ebay.es/usr/c0d3m4st4_3d IMPORTANT NOTES: UPDATE: seems transit times to the U.S. are shorter now (finally!), still not as fast as last year, but all parcels should be there in 15 days max, let me know if not received in 15 days after i send you the tracking number. - Shipping to Mexico and South America, absolutely at your own risk. Unacceptable customs delays in most cases, and some unexpected returns for no reason. If returned (safe, of course) i will only refund 80% of the item cost, but won't refund the postage cost. If declared lost, i will only refund whatever compensation the Spanish postal service offers (this is the amount payed for postage + a small compensation). - U.S. buyers can purchase from www.arcadeshopper.com when he has stock available Hey there. Some of you may already know me or even purchased from me on eBay or the Ti99 forum. I'm listing here all my 3D printed cases from now on offering cheaper prices (item + shipping) than on eBay (no eBay fees, no PayPal fees). Only shipping once or twice a week... mostly mondays and fridays, but not always... (kinda random shipping days ) so please, be patient... max you will wait before getting a tracking number is 5 working days. Please note, due to the manufacturing process (home 3D printing with non-professional equipment) cases might have imperfections here and there... but they will do the job. 3D printing is not comparable with mold injection Payments should be made by PayPal (in euro) using the send money to friends/family option (if you have PayPal funds or bank account linked to your account, if no funds and only credit card linked to your account, final price will be increased in 3.5% + 0.35 which is the PayPal fee). All cases include screws when needed. 3D printed case for FinalGROM 99 - 17.50 euro 4 colours available: green, white, orange and black. Design as pictured (for color options, please check FlashROM 99 case until i get some cases printed in the other colors). All cases include two 3D printed buttons in green and orange colors for the reset buttons (if you prefer them both in the same color, please, let me know when you contact me to purchase). Necessary screws included as usual. This one is for the fully assembled PCB including LED and push buttons. SD card inserts completely in the case... not an inch is left outside. I took the pics with it "ejected" from the socket. 3D printed case for FlashROM 99 - 20 euro --- Ω --- blog entry for this case HERE 4 colours available: green, white, orange and black. Design as pictured. All cases include 3 x 3D printed buttons in different colours, one matching your case, and 2 random ones to test where to sand or cut the plastic post in the button to match your reset switch height. 3D printed case for NanoPEB v1 - 20 euro IMPORTANT: Please double check to make sure your NanoPEB is the same i used to design these cases. Check with these pics, or contact me including a pic of yours to make sure it is the same model if you have any doubt, as i've seen different models of v1 floating around. --- Ω --- blog entry for this case HERE Available in black color only at least for now, i don't have much stock of other color filament. Since it seems there are many versions of these devices, please, check following pictures with measures and exact model to make sure yours will fit in the case. Ask me first if you have any doubt. The rough surface near the switch is caused because this is printed upside down and need a support structure in that area, so first layer is not very well done This is the only way to go to make it easier and faster to print, and getting a plain surface on the front. Slide-in lid to access CF card, works quite well. Please note if you have big fingers you will still have some problems to extract the card properly, you can lift it a bit (there is extra room for that) to make it easier. 3D printed case for CF7 - 20 euro IMPORTANT: Please double check to make sure your CF7 is the same i used to design these cases. Check with these pics, or contact me including a pic of yours to make sure it is the same model if you have any doubt, as i've seen different models floating around. --- Ω --- blog entry for this case HERE Available in black color only at least for now, i don't have much stock of other color filament. Since it seems there are many versions of these devices, please, check following pictures with measures and exact model to make sure yours will fit in the case. Ask me first if you have any doubt. The rough surface near the switch is caused because this is printed upside down and need a support structure in that area, so first layer is not very well done This is the only way to go to make it easier and faster to print, and getting a plain surface on the front. Slide-in lid to access CF card, works quite well. Please note if you have big fingers you will still have some problems to extract the card properly, you can lift it a bit (there is extra room for that) to make it easier. Thanks to schmitzi for sending me CF7 and NanoPEB so a case could be made. 3D printed case for jedimatt42 32K expansion - 15 euro --- Ω --- blog entry for this case HERE 4 different designs for top cover (plain, with logo, plain with window for expansion port, or with logo and window). Snap-in lid to cover the expansion port window in case you don't want to use it for now but you go for the window version for future use). Fits nicely. Will include an extra lid just in case, as it is the weakest part (should be good for normal use, but no doubt it will degrade and fall if you keep inserting/removing it a lot). 3D printed case for Amstrad C4CPC flash cart - 12 euro Mod of the original case to replace the weak tabs with screws and fix text for FDM 3D printers. Available in creamy white color only. 3D printed shell for Turbo Ever Drive v1.x flash cart - 5 euro With or without USB socket. Suitable for PCB revs. 1.x (not suitable for v2!). Available colors: gray, creamy white, orange, dark green. 3D printed case for MATEOS burner / dumper - 9 euro This is a redesign of my previous version. Now with screws. Available colors: gray, creamy white, orange, dark green. Suitable for PCB rev. 1.4 Fully assembled Tapuino - Commodore 64/VIC20/C16 datasette emulator - 50 euro Allows you to load .TAP files (tape backups) directly from a microSD card (not included). You can also save your own programs and copy to/from tape by connecting a real datasette to the port on the back. Fully assembled in a screwless 3D printed compact case. Upgradeable firmware. I can flash it in your desired language (English, Spanish, German, Italian or Turkish). Basic usage instructions included (in English or Spanish only). Professionally made PCB. For C16 compatibility, you need an adapter, which i haven't built, so i haven't really tested C16 compatibility, but it is in the firmware and project docs, so guess it should work. More cases coming soon Shipping cost (everything is shipped from Spain): I always ship boxed, and with tracking number. Sometimes the tracking numbers do not work with some postal services around the world, as i ship as "letter" to keep it cheap, and it seems they don't scan them on arrival, so contact me after 15 days if you haven't received your parcel so i can claim and they can start investigating the issue with your postal service. 2 weeks should be enough to arrive to U.S.A. but it may take up to a month (even more) for Asia and Australia. I ship to most destinations, but not all, so contact me to check if i will ship to your country if not listed below. Postage prices updated on Jan 1st, 2018 - To Japan / Australia / USA / Other countries : Up to 100 grams: 7.50 euro Up to 500 grams: 14 euro - To Europe: Up to 100 grams: 6.50 euro Up to 500 grams: 10.50 euro Feedback: Please, when your items arrive, it will be good if you can leave your feedback here, so everyone knows how i'm doing.Thanks. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/255013-c0d3m4st4/ If you have any problem or question about with your item, contact me first!
  4. This is a neat device that emulates 1-2 ST506/ST412 or other MFM hard disks for reading and or writing. Can be used to pull data off disks or to emulate disks for that old computer you don't have drives for. I think I read somewhere it can be passed thru to a VM. Possibly this could work for MAME/MESS emulated systems? TI-99 has been tested with the system and works for reading WDS-100 disks. Emulation works for reading, but writing fails this point. Probably have to be patched for the TI/Myarc sector layouts, directory structure, bitmaps, etc. (not enough info yet to correct, it says), but the actual writing appears to work. Works with a wide variety of other systems. List here: http://www.pdp8online.com/mfm/status.shtml There is a group buy under way right now if you want to check it out. Pricing seems reasonable. http://www.pdp8online.com/mfm/ Emulator uses a BeagleBone Black/BeagleBone Green Wireless for the actual processing. Interesting. Go team, TI! 🙂
  5. I have 2 TI-99s and 2 TI Cassette Recorders for sale, and a box of 14 game cartridges. You can purchase 1 or both systems. Both are in working condition and I have played all the games. Joysticks and 2 transceivers included. I need to sell these items this week because I’m moving.
  6. EDIT: Current release 4/25/20 can be found here Hello! Long time no see! Due to the coronavirus outbreak my schedule has conveniently been freed up, and I've started to port VePseu to the TI-99/4a! Attached is the progress so far.. Kinda sad I couldn't make a raster engine like BUILD or DOOM, but floating/fixed point is kinda a pain to implement and multiplication/division isn't signed like addition/subtraction, so I didn't feel like tackling that beast just yet. Is it possible? more than likely. Would it be playable? Not so sure The cart limitations are very similar to the original VeSpeu, in that I aim to keep the whole shebang under 4k. The code I'm working with also uses the upper 4k of the cart for RAM (specifically, as a video buffer so we don't have to access the slow VDP to manage basic graphics, you'll see why). The basic render code is done and only takes up around 1520 bytes *including an uncompressed map. I also plan to implement basic RLE or possibly simplified gzip compression on the maps as well, i'll just need to see how that goes.. Here's the basic to-do list Optimize code so it can run at 60/50 fps Comment the code Code Java-based development tools for maps, sprites, etc. Implement basic compression Make walls prettier Increase map size from 16x16(maybe, depends how tight optimization has to be) Minimap(maybe, depends if I have trouble moving through maps. Colored walls are a thing now) I do tend to have a habit of not finishing projects, I'm aware of this, but I still plan on optimizing the code a little and commenting the code before releasing the source. The TI-99 does have a lot more room to implement a game compared to the Atari 2600, and I already have a few in mind The source will be licensed under the BSD 3-Clause Revised license, and I'd love to see a game or two made with it! Plan on the code/binary to be released within a day or two, but don't quote me on it...
  7. A few weeks ago I found a bug in one of my TI consoles. The screen display no longer functioned correctly from normal operation. I then opened the console according to the instructions from here and, as described in the article from here, unsoldered the probably defective DRAM chip. I ordered some TMS4116 chips from China some time ago. I then inserted one of them into the IC socket. With the new chip, however, the screen remained black. I then tried a few china chips, but always with a black screen. When I simply left out the chip, I got the incomplete screen again! This is the bad Chip from China! Today I got a new delivery of NEC D416C -3 IC's, exactly these were also installed on the board. After inserting one of these ICs, the TI has a complete picture again. This is the good chip! Everything seems to work as usual!
  8. I recently purchased a Retroflag GPi Case (http://retroflag.com/GPi-CASE.html). It's a GameBoy-like case for the Raspberry Pi Zero, with a 2.8 inch IPS screen. The Pi is placed in a cart that you connect to the case similarly to a console's cart. With RetroPie on the Pi you can create a portable retro-gaming machine. The GPi is good product in general, the buttons and the D-pad are responsive and the screen looks fine, no tearing or lags. I have installed/configured with RetroPie all these systems (that runs fine on the Pi 0): Atari 2600, 7800, Genesis/Megadrive, Master System, NES, PC Engine, Vectrex, SG 1000, Game & Watch, Game Gear, Game Boy, Lynx, Famicom Disk System, Coleco, Intellivision, lr-MAME 2000, VideoPac/Odyssey 2, ZX Spectrum, MSX/MSX2, C64 and of course the TI99/4A! The GPi Case has a D-Pad and 8 buttons: A, B, X, Y, Start, Select and RB, LB on the back of the case. These are enough for all the consoles. With Colecovision, Intellivision, Spectrum and C64 it's possible to have virtual keyboards/keypad overlays so you can start all the games without having to hook up a Bluetooth keyboard. Really comfortable! Guess what? Only the TI 99 emulator needs a keyboard to start the games! 😞 The only emulator that can run on the Pi Zero is TI-99/Sim created by Marc Rousseau (https://www.mrousseau.org/programs/ti99sim/). It's a nice emulator, with good compatibility and speech support. It's not at MAME's level, but it's enough to play most games in this TI99 handheld. Unfortunately, the joystick config is hardcode and doesn't fit well with RetroPie/EmulationStation ecosystem. You need a keyboard to pass from TI99 initial screen to the game and play with the joypad. Moreover, the GPi Case is configured by default with the D-pad in Hat mode and the emulator is only using Axes mode. It's possible to change mode pressing Star+Up for 5 second, but then you need to reconfigure EmulationStation for using the menu. Looking at TI-99/Sim I've seen a new 0.16.0 version (released after last RetroPie distribution) and in the changelog there is a comforting note: "Changes to better support RetroPie setup & joystick usage", but no additional infos in the docs. I've contacted Marc asking for additional information. He explained that has ported the code to SDL2.0 and managed to get the keyboard emulation working properly. Basically, the joypad buttons can also simulate the pression of keys 1 to 9, so allowing to pass from title/option screen to the game. That sounds good, so I've compiled and tested this new version. It's now possible to move to the game screen, hovewer when testing Parsec I realized that it does not allows to change the speed for the refuel section. All the buttons acts as Fire button! 😞 Moreover, I cannot play Donkey Kong (it asks for Enter key...) and other Atarisoft games. The same for Alpiner, Big Foot, etc. Finally, to select a new game it's necessary to exit from the emulator pressing ESC on keyboard. I need also to press FCTN-REDO at game over to play again... Since I do not want to use a keyboard nor uninstall the emulator, I decided to have a look at the source code to "patch" it. I've added the Hat support and now it's possible to play most of the games without a keyboard. 🙂 Most of the joypads have at least 8 buttons, so a minimal set of needed keys/combination of keys needs to be identified to run confortably most of the games. The ideal number of keys to have would be: 0 to 9, Enter, Space, +, FCTN+QUIT, FCTN+REDO, FCTN+BACK, FCTN+AID. Total is 17, plus the "Fire" button and "ESC" to exit from the emulator, for a total of 19 keys. This number must be reduced, since normally there are less button available. For example, the Xbox One controller has 10 buttons + 2 triggers, the 8bitdo SF30 has 12 buttons + 2 triggers. For my Retroflag's GPi Case 8 buttons layout, the selected keys are: Fire, 1, 2, 3, ESC, FCTN+QUIT, FCTN+REDO and Enter. With a joypad with 2 additional buttons it's possible to have also "+" and FCTN+REDO. Finally, with a 12 buttons joypad , it's possible to have also Space and 0. Summer is approaching and I know that there are guys here that needs to play some Parsec and MunchMan under beach umbrella, so in attachment the "patched" executable and the .cpp source if someone want to improve/made its customisation. Also a couple of images and videos (not edited, just raw recording, sorry for the poor production...). If you need .ctg games tested and ready to run, just check at the end of the article on the TI99 emulation with Raspberry on TI99IUC site (http://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pageid=homepage&artid=203#.XuZAoG5uKUk). Try this TI99 handheld, it's really fun! 🙂 DKong.mp4 Parsec.mp4 Menu.mp4 ti99sim-0.16.0-Joypad_Patch.zip
  9. I'm pretty strapped for cash, but am really wanting some cool atari 8-bit stuff to go with my new XEGS I've got coming. So I figured why not try and trade? Ability to read an SD card would be primo (like the SIDE cart, would be my number one pick). ANYWAYS.... I understand these MBX's are pretty hard to get/obscure and I have one in the box (decent to ratty shape for the box only) that looks great. Unit Joystick and PS with baseball book and overlay (no headset) all look fantastic. It worked great many years ago and has recently been rescued from my attic. EXTRA: Also have a set of single button joysticks on Y cable and the voice module FWIW. Anyone have some snazzy XEGS compat hardware they wanna trade??? If the TI ain't your thing, i've got two CoCo2's (one with box) and some misc coco materials.
  10. So this past weekend I became the new owner of a TI-99/4A and a small collection of games, among other items (see here). Among the games that I got, I have found that a number of them work only with the joysticks, while some work with the keyboard alone or with the joysticks as an option. I was under the impression that most (all?) TI-99/4A games used the keyboard in case the user did not have the joysticks present. That could be the nostalgia talking as to be quite honest I know very little about the TI-99/4A. I've always wanted one because I remember playing a few games on the machine in my first grade year of elementary school, and then later for about a week when my brother borrowed one from someone at college to check it out. Also if there's any other information that other fellow TI-99/4A owners might like to impart (other game suggestions that I should be on the lookout for, suggested websites to peruse, and modern methods for transferring files to and from a PC for the TI-99/4A), it would be greatly appreciated as well. I'd like to learn whatever I can about this neat little machine.
  11. Hey I'm new into the TI99 scene. I have a handful of loose carts from a swap meet a while back. After researching them some of them are kind of rare? I'm looking to make a few bucks but the carts aren't common enough to get an accurate read on the market for them. I was wondering if anyone on here might be able to shed some light on either the cost or the real rarity of these? I originally picked these carts up in hopes I'd get a TI99 to play with. But that never happened. so these carts are untested. -Mini Memory -Munchman II (with original manual) -Paint 'N Print (Navarone Industries) -Super Extended Basic (Solid State Cartridge) -Super Space II -Terminal Emulator II I also have a TI99 Cartridge Expander in the box.
  12. This is a more targeted continuation of the blatantly hijacked thread <here>. Executive Summary of this go-forward: The NanoPEB being periodically peddled on eBay is a wonderful little device, providing 3 virtual disk drives which map to a Compact Flash card, a 32K RAM expansion, and an RS232 serial port. Unfortunately, the serial port was set up in such a way that virtually all existing Terminal Emulation software packages take one look at that serial port, and promptly throw their dish on the floor. The technical details of that I leave to vaster minds than mine to explain. Meanwhile, I have slapped together what I think is a toy many of us would like to have and use, a WiFi modem that is RS232 compatible and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The prototype has been proven with several IBM-ish 8088 machines, and I have been surfing Telnet BBS's with it. I would like to test and use it with my TI-99/4A plus NanoPEB, but the terminal software always stops me, since none of them like my serial port. My current quest is to find, make, beg, borrow, steal or barter a package into working with the NanoPEB. The ultimate goal is to publish details of this very simple modem, so that others in this community can make their own for less than $10 and a few minutes work, and go BBS surfing using their household WiFi, Telnet, and a T-99/4A with either an "original" serial port or a NanoPeb. I'll explain how once it's tested, as I don't want folks clamoring to build one only to find that it doesn't work in this plane of existence. The modem itself works in another environment, but I'm a firm believer in end-to-end systems testing. Besides, I have a NanoPEB, so I'm greedy and want it to work with my TI-99/4A. So that's the lay of the land. In our last episode (thread) InsaneMultitasker had generously thrown me a software package thinking it might work. I'm sorry to report that it doesn't. It runs well up until the moment any byte is actually sent down the line, then it crashes. (Cursor stops blinking, and no keys respond.) To be thorough I connected a null modem cable between the NanoPeb and the modem, (they normally dock directly), but the behavior was the same. The quest continues,...
  13. Hi All, Looking for help - bought a HRD off eBay. It only reports 182K, gets errors on the memtest, however it loads the DSR OK and seems to function as it should. (have not tested for corrupt files) In any event - I suspect some of the jumper wiring might have come off over the years and need some assistance. Anyone have a build manual? Anyone have this card??? http://www.tyde.net/2.jpg If you have it - can you look at the expansion jack pad and tell me if yours looks like mine??? http://www.tyde.net/1.jpg In general, it's a clean looking card that appears to have suffered no electrical (visible) or physical damage. I'd love to put it back into service (I run a pretty big 35 year old database on my TI99). Is there anyone out there with the skills and time to take a shot at fixing it? (it's beyond my skills to do a component level debug - though I could probably fix anything if I knew what to do). Any assist would be very much appreciated... Cheers, Arthur...
  14. Test how fast your reaction time is in this TI Basic game. It also features a custom character set. PRESSIT.zip
  15. Hi All, I have a P-GRAM+ card that I've just revived and was wondering if anyone has been able to get RXB working with it and how? When I use the P-Gram+ software to save a cart, it saves up to 5 files GRAM 3 GRAM 4 GRAM 5 GRAM 6 GRAM 7 and up to two RAM banks... RAM Bank 1 RAM Bank 2 So, if I try to load Extended Basic, it loads.... (in this order) RAM Bank 2 RAM Bank 1 GRAM 6 GRAM 5 GRAM 4 GRAM 3 I've looked at the P-Gram+ docs here but seem to lack the TI expertise to figure out which RXB files to map to which PGRAM files. The PGRAM files are unhelpfully organized... for example, extended basic saves (meaning, I used PGRAM to save the cart to disk) as... EB EB1 EB2 EB3 EB4 EB5 All are 9K files. Frustrating...
  16. Hi everyone, I am trying to convert some 8000khz wav files to glorious TI99 speech, and I've been following this turtorial: I'm running windows XP professional with VMWare fusion, and I've managed to *install* QBoxPro, as well as copied over the BWCC.DLL dependency. By install-- I mean when I originally ran the program, it told me that it depended on other archived files and gave me the option to unarchive everything-- so I did.. Then once running the exe, it complained the BWCC.DLL file was missing, so I copied it into the qboxpro directory and now when I launch the QBoxPro application, it gives me a warning "No coding table found in project". I've inspected the config file, and it clearly shows: [Coding_Tables] coding_table0=d6 coding_table1=5220 And in my QBoxPro directory, I see the files "D6RAD.COD" and "QV5220.COD"... So I don't understand why I am getting this warning? The readme file mentions that there is some sort of "qbprins.exe" installer, but that file does not seem to be anywhere in the zip file I downloaded from your resources. Can anyone help me out with getting this up and running on my machine? Thanks! -patrick
  17. Cleaning out the garage I found a box of old games. From my (brief) research, the most interesting one seems to be Jumpy from Databiotics. I played these games a lot, hopefully they can find a better home than the dump. Photo attached, send me a message if you're interested.
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