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Found 15 results

  1. I propose this thread for support and usability questions regarding TIPI for end users. If it is a 'what if we add x to TIPI' feature kind of thing, go to the Development thread.. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/265136-tipi-ti-994a-to-raspberry-pi-interface-development/ (I no longer own a Geneve, so I cannot provide Geneve specific support. Problems should be reproduced on a TI-99/4A before I will comment or assist. You all, the community, are of course free to support the Geneve with more verve than I) Here are a couple resources for TIPI users: * guide for how to get set up the first time. https://github.com/jedimatt42/tipi/wiki#getting-started-start-here * perpetually in progress documentation. https://github.com/jedimatt42/tipi/wiki I try to be response on the TI-99/4A discord as well, but I prefer all technical support inquiries land here for recording and sharing [email protected]
  2. This is a work in progress.. will be happy to add anything missing - Greg A few bits of information, rules and guidelines on posting. Short links to our sub-forums: TI-99/4A Computers http://ti99.atariage.com TI-99/4A Development http://dev99.atariage.com Please read the AtariAge site guidelines which apply to and are enforced in our subs. Our sub-forums are divided to help cater to the varied interests in our beloved platform. The parent sub-forum, TI-99/4A Computers, contains general information and conversation regarding the TI-99/4A and its siblings, such as the 99/2, 99/8, CC-40, and BASICALCS. The sub-forum TI-99/4A Development is for conversations, information, announcements, etc. pertaining to programming, tinkering, or the development of software or hardware for these computers. This division is not intended to be a separation of the community but rather a way for those who have little interest in development but moreso in general discussions to focus their time on the fun-zone, while those who take more interest in the deep-down nitty-gritty and not so much general shenanigans to focus their attention just the same. The rest of us can spend all the time we want and will peruse both subs with reckless abandon. Insofar as development is concerned, once hardware or software has been completed or is at least ready for general consumption, an announcement should be made in the general TI-99/4A Computers forum for all to partake. Further development and inquiries should still be continued within the TI-99/4A Development sub-forum. The forum leader will move threads to a more appropriate forum. This may also be done by request should a thread be started in the wrong forum by accident or the trajectory changes from general to development or vice-versa. The forum leader will also merge identical threads started in both forums into a single thread in the proper forum. Per AtariAge guidelines, please refrain from posting identical threads in both sub-forums as way to ensure the topic gets viewed. Many people already browse both subs, and if your topic pertains more to development rather than general, or vice-versa, the thread should exist in the appropriate forum. As well, multiple threads created on the same topic in the same forum will be merged. Regular members can edit a post for 60 minutes after submission. This allows you to fix any issues you may notice with the post right away. Subscribers can edit posts for 30 days. In the Marketplace and Programming forums you can edit your posts indefinitely, since the flexibility of allowing editing of posts outweighs the potential abuse of the edit functionality. If you make a duplicate post in a thread, which can happen by accident or some unforeseen technical glitch, report the post by clicking on the "report" link at the bottom of the post and indicate in the report that the post is a duplicate. If you are not a subscriber, please help support AtariAge by using the eBay BBCodes ebay, ebayseller, and ebaystore when posting links to eBay! Click here for more information. Anything you would like to share with your fellow 99ers but is seriously off-topic for the forum may be posted in the official off-topic thread, located here To find the most popular threads click on sort by and select most popular. All of us are ready and willing to provide answers to your TI-99 questions if we can, some will just chime in if they cannot, and others will just lurk. If you have any questions specifically pertaining to the operation of our forums, please feel free inquire of the forum leader via Private Message (PM,) or one of the global moderators. BEFORE POSTING QUESTIONS PLEASE READ THE UPDATED TI-99/4A FAQ HERE: https://www.arcadeshopper.com/wp/ti-99-4a-faq/
  3. How come some program files in BASIC or XB show up on the TIPI browser without the edit icon? They look the same under TI99Dir. What makes a file editable/non/editable? edit: Sorry I hit submit too quickly. All program files above except for BBALL are XB files. They are not protected.
  4. Is there a standard in the level-2 IO calls for setting path and directory handling? If yes, where can I find description/details on PAB & subprograms. What I'm after is a way to change into a new directory and also to create a new directory, rename a directory and delete a directory. Target is the TIPI and the IDE card. These are the sole PEB cards that I'm aware of that support this. Any other PEB cards are unobtainable I'd say (SNUG, HDFC, ...) Thanks.
  5. --- Update after 30 days --- So, I set a time limit on resolving this issue. There are not enough Geneve users to sink a ton of time into this. The problem at hand was that at the low level, sending data to the TIPI on a stock Geneve was not working. This was fixed with a CPLD update on the TIPI. The update can be applied by anyone, instructions to do so are on the TIPI wiki: https://github.com/jedimatt42/tipi/wiki/CPLD-Programming-With-PI. This shows TIPI to function in GPL under ROMPAGE mode. The storage system is not supported by MDOS. Further, there are errors receiving data from TIPI when using the 'recvmsg' function in the TIPI ROM from MDOS mode. This seems to only happen when the destination memory buffer is external to the Geneve in the PEB. That points to a hardware flaw in TIPI still. But value vs. time prohibits further hardware investigation on my part. Some experiments in software workarounds are still pending. Probably the vrecvmsg routine in TIPI ROM will work just fine, as it reads into VDP memory. Again this is only a problem if you are addressing external CPU ram in the PEB, such as a MEMEX card or a Myarc 512k card modified for the Geneve. [email protected] --- Original Post --- Ok, so Tim has put in my hands a Geneve that reproduces the problem with TIPI. I've built a test cartridge that exercises the TIPI in GPL/ROMPAGE mode, and a corresponding python script. What we see is that I cannot write to the 8 bit latches in the CPLD at 0x5FFD and 0x5FFF. This is all I know so far, all the rest of TIPI works... reading from the latches set by the PI work fine, reading the ROM works fine, the crubits work fine. --- I've been sitting on this for a while. but I have a lot of other things I want to do in my hobby life... So... For the next 30 days, this will be my HOBBY priority. and if I do not have a solution by then, I am done. The only interest I have in getting it to work on other peoples' Geneves is gaining a little bit of knowledge. But I need to make a good effort, and then admit defeat and move on, or rejoice in success! ( I am hoping for the latter ) I don't build TIPIs... I won't build TIPIs. So if the outcome requires physical changes, you'll all have to find someone to build them. --- So, if you want this to work, now is a good time for you to learn how to read verilog, and assembly, and pester me. Beery has been feeding me clues for a while... Given some of what he has fed me, and the lack of information out there, I'm going to start back at the prototyping process to figure out how to latch 8 bits in the DSR address space on write. Seems simple enough... But I have to pretend I don't know how to do it on a 4A or I'm trapped in the loop. --- Interesting thing I read last night in the 9995 datasheet... the WE and CRU_CLK signal are the same pin... [email protected]
  6. I created a basic TI Website about a little over a week ago (from a TI, the link is wagnerstechtalk.com/ti99/z.htm ). Haven't had time to make a video of Stuart's Browser+TIPI+ until this weekend. Hope you enjoy it:
  7. I'm addicted to the game SNEK! It's similar in concept to the light cycles of Tron but much more fun (IMO). The cool thing is that you can save your high-scores to MYTI99.com and view the top scores over the internet. To view the game play, see this video (I'll even skip forward for you on this link ). Use the basic pattern shown there, get as close as you can to each edge. The closer you get, the better the score. The current scoreboard: Thanks to ElectricLab and [email protected] for their work on this project, so much fun!
  8. I'm using my HDR ramdisk a lot while developing my TiVi editor. It's a real time saver. It's especially helpful when dealing with large files (which is kinda my primary purpose why I started working on TiVi). Today I read the updated documenation the InsaneMultitasker provided as draft. In there I learned that with ROS it's possible to use data buffers that reside in CPU RAM insead of VDP RAM. That is something I really want to try, because even with a RAMDISK reading a large file (think >100 kilobytes) takes some time. Now my challenge is; How can I easily detect from assembly language if I'm dealing with a "high-speed" disk device compared to a "slow" disk device ("floppy"). With a high-speed device I mean: CF7+, Nanopeb TIPI HDR ... I see differents possible paths here: CRC checksum on DSR space (but won't work with RAMBOS? Self modifiying code, configuration stored here too?) Check on some specific device feature? Actually I think that the CRC checksum logic would work quite well (I already did a test program on that about a year ago), but I'm not sure about HDR. Thinking about it would be cool if there is some unified way to detect device capabilities accross devices. For example a standard where there's a device "capabilities" file that is automatically created when the device is formatted. That file could then be processed from TI-Basic, assembly language or any other language supporting file I/O. Any ideas?
  9. I've been doing a couple of tests lately loading and saving a 97KB DV80 file on a real TI-99/4a with PEB, using a couple of different storage devices. To be able to handle such big file I used my Stevie editor with a 1 MB SAMS. Having that much RAM allows me to keep the file completely in memory. The DV80 file I used is the TI Invaders source code as found here: http://aa-ti994a.oratronik.de/TI_Invaders_TI-99_4A_Disk_Version.txt I have tested with following devices: >1000. IDE Card IDE DSR v14 Seagate ST32140A 2GB hard drive First partition IDE1 >1100. Standard TI Disk Controller Freshly formatted BASF floppy disk in drive 1 >1400. TIPI PEB Raspberry PI 3b with 16gb ssd card >1700. HRD4000B ROS 8.42c 4MB RAM disk I clocked total file operation duration using a timer on my mobile phone. For each device I repeated each test 3 times; meaning 3x loading and 3x saving the file. That way I can iron out some of the inaccuracy of my manual timing measurements. To keep compatibility as high as possible, I'm solely using level 3 file I/O. However, for devices that support file buffers in RAM I additionally repeated the test (3x loading, 3x saving), with the buffer in RAM instead of VDP RAM. This is how the test procedure looks like for the load test: Reset console Start Stevie editor Load DV80 from device and time duration until file is shown in editor. Reset console Back to 1 (next device) This is how test procedure looks like for the save test: Reset console Start Stevie editor Load DV80 from HRD4000B partition 1 Save DV80 to device and time duration until file is saved. Reset console Back to 1 (next device) For the sake of science I have spent quite some time on this, repeating the tests over and over 😄 Even though absolute times are not that important (they depend on my file loading handling in the Stevie editor and memory handling specific to Stevie), I do think that comparing times between devices certainly is relevant. With that you get a rough idea what speed the devices offer compared to each other. Durations are in seconds. The "Save slowness" factor indicates how much time the saving of the DV 80 takes, compared to loading. For example, for the TIPI device it means that with the file buffer in VDP RAM, saving the DV80 takes 1,13 times as long.
  10. EDIT1: - before reading all of this below, you can find Version two of the demo further down at this link - http://atariage.com/forums/topic/273950-classic99-versus-classic99-head-to-head-turn-based-game-demo/?p=3928868 I can confirm it works classic99 vs classic99 (over a network share) as well as classic99 vs Real Iron TI-99/4a equipped with TiPi. EDIT2: Video of DEMO2 here: Classic 99 vs Classic99 and also Classic99 vs TI-99/4a TiPi Console EDIT3: Slightly optimized code available HERE. EDIT4: Latest and probably last version Number Guessing Console Vs Console Demo 2 v 3 (NGCVCD23) with updates and information can be found HERE. Hi! In chatting it up with the TiPi crew I decided to jump the gun and try something out. My basic understanding of TiPi is that it allows real iron consoles to use shared folders on a raspberry pi to use as DSKx. That's virtual disk drives on a network share. The team is hard at work to bring better capabilities and more options than I am going to demo here (when ever the video is done processing so I can upload it someplace. EDIT: WMV Video attached in this zip file = ngcvc-1.zip(NO AUDIO - Something went wrong - but video yes). But I thought, well, classic99 can use network shares as well. Now this demo is not using network shares but it easily can. For simplicity this is what I did. DISCLAIMER: My code is ugly and not optimized at all - if you destroy planet earth running it, I deny any responsibility, use at your own risk. It's just a demo after all to illustrate where my ideas are in turn based head to head gaming we can all enjoy in emulation right now. And on Real Iron once TiPi becomes available sometime in the next year or two (hey, I'm not putting any undue pressure on these guys, I think it'll be out sooner that but i also don't want to make enemies of them). Anyway - I created a simple number guessing game that you run in two different classic99 sessions. For the time being I used a local folder but it can easily be done with a shared network folder on two different computers. But for simplicity, do this: Step 1: Create a folder on your computer. Step 2: Download the attached ngcvc XB file (Number Game Console Vs Console) and save it in that folder you created in step 1. Step 3: Open a classic99 TI-99/4a v1 emulation session and point DSK1 to the file in the folder using FIAD. Step 4: Open another classic 99 emulation session just like before (while leaving the other up and running) and make suere DSK1 is configured to look at the same file/folder using FIAD. Step 5: place the two screens side by side and resize as needed. Step 6: Type the following line on one screen then press enter. OLD DSK1.NGCVC Step 7: Once the game asks if you are player 1 or not (DO NOT ANSWER YET) - repeat step 6 on the other screen. Step 8: Decide which one will be player 1 and type Y then hit enter. On the player 2 side type N and hit enter. Don't forget you have to click on the appropriate screen to activate it. Step 9: play the game going back and forth between screens. If you want, try it over your LAN making sure both computers running classic99 are configured for the same exact DSK1 location (a shared folder someplace) and give it a go. THIS IS ONLY A DEMO: What I'm doing is creating a file with only a single record in each file. There are 6 files altogether. They contain the only information that needs to be shared between the console and they are access via Disk IO functions. I think this is a pretty good way to make simple turn based head to head games NOW via classic99 and more robust games later using TiPi and better functions that may or may not be implemented. (see disclaimer and fill in the blanks) Here is the DEMO: NGCVC.zip Here is the Original buggy Source Code: ...
  11. This video attempts to cover many aspects of the newly released (JediMatt / ElectricLab) TIPI! After owning this device for about a month, I felt it was time to attempt to document what has been learned so far. I truly hope you enjoy it. It will basically step you through everything (how to put it together, burn the .img file for the Pi and using various apps.) Video run-time is ~42min., so grab your favorite beverage, kick back and enjoy! This video covers the following: * Brief Intro. of the TIPI * Assembly of the 32k Sidecar + TIPI * New Case for the above (Awesome design and perfect fit!) * Creating the TIPI Disk Image for the RPi * How to configure the TIPI to your WiFi Network * How to use the Built-in Telnet client to connect to your RPi (can also be used to connect to BBS's) * How to use TI-Artist with a Mouse + TIPI * Demonstration of MYTI99.com programs including: Chatti, Chess and (my favorite) SNEK! * How to access your TIPI via a UNC Path and copy files * How to use the TIPI Web Administrator to create folders and new TI Files * Demonstration of loading your TI Files (from the TIPI) on the TI-99/4a * Where to purchase a TIPI + 32k Sidecar and also the 3D Printed case https://youtu.be/5NPYWeCx-lk
  12. Hi Guys, I'm making a video on TIPI tomorrow. Is there anything specific (or not listed below) that you would like included in this video? Here's what I'm planning so far (not necessarily in this order): 1. Brief Intro 2. Close-up of the TIPI + 32k Sidecar + RPi / assembly / Install (Quickly) 3. Case available for the TIPI + 32k (recently released) 4. Creating the TIPI Disk Image for the RPi 5. How to configure the TIPI to your WiFi Network 6. How to use the built-in Telnet to connect to a BBS 7. How to connect a Mouse to the RPi+TIPI and use it with TI-Artist (Thanks [email protected]) 8. Demonstration of Chatti, Chess and SNEK (Thanks Electric and Omega) 8. Saving programs to the TIPI (TI-Basic / XB) 9. Using the web administrator to manage files (view, map to disks, etc.), how to UNC (\\tipi) into the RPi to directly copy folders to TIPI share. 10. Where to purchase a TIPI, 32k Sidecar, RPi and Case Anything that I've missed? Hope to film the missing pieces tomorrow, edit and get the video posted soon. But, before I get into full editing, I wanted to make sure I covered everything that others might want to see. Please comment below Jon ps. You can find other TI videos I've created in my signature, if interested...
  13. Hi, I'm not sure if this is doable on the Adafruit OLED display, but would it be possible to modify the TIPI RPi code such that the 2nd line is right-aligned? Instead of seeing only the header, it would be ideal if it showed the app. being run which I presume would be on the right-side of the URL stating something like "99.com/chatti" instead of "http://myti99"? Very minor request, but would be nice to see the app being accessed instead of the protocol/domain. Love the TIPI! You guys are doing awesome work, thank you!
  14. Hello to all here in this phantastic forum, today it is time to share a small programm to access a lot of games and applications in an easy way. I named the program "Mega Menu" it is currently in German but I add a manual in English and it works only with a TIPI system from 1.0betav34 and RXB. So I know I have much room for improvements. But the program is not just another menu program. - It shows date and time from the tipi system - The program shows the RXB version used - There are three screen displays with 30 menu entries each - It shows the mapped folders to the drives DSK1, DSK2 and DSK3 - Use CTRL + 1 to 3 to change the drive mapping from every screen - Use CTRL + D to catalog DSK1 - 3 - Use CTRL + C to configure your own programs in the selection screen or make a individual submenu For more informations please read the MEGA MENU Manual MegaMenu_Manual.pdf
  15. Truths: the FinalGROM has a massive amount of storage space. the TIPI also has a massive amount of storage space. So the question is, on which device you store most of your games? While the poll is anonymous, please feel free to tell us WHY you have one preference over another.
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