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Found 12 results

  1. Hello; I am currently implementing a tool named "VCS Game Maker". This online tool is a no-code environment designed to allow someone to create a game for Atari 2600 without knowing much about programming and without installing anything on their computer. You can use it online on itch.io: https://haroldo-ok.itch.io/vcs-game-maker Source code is available on Github: https://github.com/haroldo-ok/vcs-game-maker It uses Blockly to allow the user to implement the logic using blocks and then, behind the scenes, generates a Batari Basic source code, that is then be compiled using batari-basic-js in order to generate an Atari 2600 ROM, which is then emulated using Javatari. So far, it is a work in progress, with only an event editor with just a few commands. The "if" block and math operations work okay, the joystick reading and access to the players/missiles and balls seem OK so far.
  2. Previous demo here It's the first anniversary of my language project. To celebrate, here is the first tool written in it: https://language.meta.frl/programs/DOS/platforms/Atari/8-bit/WHERE.XEX It's an alternative for the ?DIR command in SpartaDOS and RealDOS, the pwd command on Unix systems, and the cd command (without parameter) in MS-DOS/Windows. An amazing amount of design and research went into this tiny and seemingly trivial program. It will be a template for future programs. Here are just some of the issues with making it cross-platform: https://eklitzke.org/path-max-is-tricky For reference, here is the very same program compiled for my 64-bit Linux development system: https://language.meta.frl/programs/DOS/platforms/Linux/64-bit/AMD/where Thanks go to the people here for their advice, especially @sanny, who helped get it to work, and extended CC65. It's probably most comfortable to rename the Atari version to WHERE.COM for SpartaDOS and RealDOS. The Linux version needs to be made executable as per usual: chmod +x where On command-line systems, a few command-line options are available: where help where about where version Linux: ./where help Without parameters, on command-line systems, the program will just print the current working folder and return to the command-line. On Atari systems with a menu-based DOS, it will ask for a key press before returning, to give you the chance to read the output before the menu clears the screen. The program is really only useful on SpartaDOS version 3 and up and on RealDOS, possibly also on SpartaDOS 2. On other DOS'es, including SpartaDOS 1, it cannot get the current working folder. It will report > (the root folder in SpartaDOS format) which is correct for DOS'es that don't support sub-directories. On MyDOS, it will report "D:" which is not very useful, but not incorrect, because it denotes the current drive and working folder. where help gets formatted for 40-columns display. If you have an 80-colums driver that properly sets RMARGN, and on Linux, the output is formatted for 80-columns display. (Do wide-display drivers set RMARGN? The wide display mode in Altirra does not, so it doesn't get the wide formatting.) Any error messages are also formatted for 40-columns and 80-colums displays accordingly. Test reports are welcome, especially for SpartaDOS 2, RealDOS, and 80-colums drivers.
  3. Welcome to... Aquarius Draw! Aquarius Draw Application: https://aquarius.mattpilz.com/draw/ Aquarius Draw User Manual: https://aquarius.mattpilz.com/help.php Aquarius Draw Online Gallery: https://aquarius.mattpilz.com/gallery.php Introduction What began as a weekend hackathon for my own amusement and to better familiarize myself with the Aquarius, quickly spiraled into a multi-month long initiative to create a very powerful tool for all Aquarius developers and enthusiasts. Aquarius Draw is a free, modern web-based application (desktop-only) that allows you to quickly design and prototype scenery within the technical confines of Aquarius. This artwork can then be exported as a PNG, saved to an online gallery, or output as boilerplate Aquarius BASIC or Machine Language to load onto emulators or the devices themselves. It has a huge variety of features and I recommend reviewing the help documentation as well as opening the Keyboard Shortcut panel (F1) to better familiarize yourself with the system. This should rapidly accelerate a lot of software-based efforts in the future, but also is fun just to draw and experiment with even for non-Aquarius users that want to make retro art. I recommend Chrome (Firefox and Edge also supported). You can use the browser's ZOOM to scale the display so it all fits nicely on your screen: Use only zoom levels of 50% (low resolution), 75% (less than 1080p), 100% (1080p), 125% (1440p) or 200% (4k) to ensure minimal distortion. Feature Highlights Full 256 Character Glyph Selector (Sorted and Original Order) with 16-color Background/Foreground and Large Preview 40x24 Drawable Canvas Area and Personalized Border Toggles and Actions to Fine-Tune Drawing Operations Tile Inspector Stats for User Reference Input/Output Actions for Saving and Loading Scene Data Customizable BASIC and Machine Language (Assembly) Boilerplate Code Output for Testing on Emulators or Devices Dynamic Preview of Output with CRT/Monochrome Simulation Export Scene Images as High Quality PNGs Tile Selection Tool with Cut/Copy/Paste Capabilities Pre-populated Templates (Title Screen, Demonstrations and Examples) Tile-specific POKE Data Generation (Raw, with Lines or as DATA Rows) Optional Public Gallery Upload for Showing Off Your Creations Quick-Type Text (Click into Origin Tile and Type Away) Directional Offsetting to Move Specific Rows/Columns in Specified Direction Fast Fill to Quickly Populate Rows or Columns with Selected Brush GIF Demonstration - Intro GIF Demonstration - Fast Fill GIF Demonstration - Copy and Paste GIF Demonstration - Keyboard Typing Aquarius community member Sean H. designed a variety of very helpful visuals using this editor to demonstrate Aquarius color and graphic theory, or how to make the most out of the very limited color and character set. Each of these are available as templates and can be loaded for analysis. Aquarius Color Theory Aquarius Graphics Theory Have fun!
  4. Merry christmas my dear 99er friends. This is from me for you, a christmas edition of Web99, which includes all indexed Disks from my collection. It's based on Web99 v0.5 Beta 3, which includes the export to Classic99, a prototype of Grom 2 Basic Decoding and a preliminary User Manual. http://www.ti99.eu/web99/Web99[2015-12-25] v0.5 xmas edition.zip [Download is 731 Megabytes] Summary: Index consists of 52689 Ti Disks Clones. Index consists of 27966 Ti Disks. Index consists of 383935 Ti File Records on Ti Disks. Index consists of 196044 Ti Files based on Ti File Binaries. Index consists of 174603 Ti File Binaries. Klaus L. Vienna
  5. For anyone interested, I've made a little command line tool called pngParse that reads a palette png image and a sprite png image and outputs sprite table data formatted for batariBasic or 6502 ASM. bBpP_1.0.0.zip Notes on use: pngParse doesn't approximate colors: it identifies colors between the sprite image and the palette image by comparing r/g/b values, so for your sprite image to accurately be parsed, its colors must exactly match the colors in the palette. pngParse can take custom palettes of 8x16 pixels. Palettes for NTSC and PAL are already included in the attached zip file. if you don't specify a custom palette file, pngParse will expect to find ntsc.png or pal.png (depending on the -P flag) in the same directory. Output will go to output.txt by default. Sprite images must have a width divisible by 8. Sprite images wider than 8 pixels will be parsed as a separate sprite, so you can input a 64x13 pixel sprite sheet and pngParse will output 8 8x13 pixel sprites. Flags: -s "spritesheet.png" Specifies the input spritesheet (required). -p "secam.png" Specifies the input palette image (ignores the -P flag) -o "spriteData.txt" Specifies the output file (output.txt by default) -P Uses the PAL palette (NTSC by default) -D Formats output for the DPC kernel (standard kernel formatting by default) -A Formats output for 6502 ASM (batariBasic formatting by default)
  6. Hi, I wish to know if the Jiffi tool source code is available, I would like to add the ELF format or to know if such support is planned by the tool author(s)? Thanks,
  7. Hi all, I just released my tool for Atari map design... You can download it from my blog: http://matosimi.websupport.sk/atari/2016/02/atari-mapmaker-v1-0/ ..as well as from Sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/atari-mapmaker/ Look inside wiki section on Sourceforge for user guide. Regards, Martin
  8. Hello, This project is a visual tool for making visual novels for the Sega 32X. It uses Blockly as a visual editor; the design is then used to generate a C file, which is then compiled into a playable Sega 32X ROM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh5M_RHXBfg The current release is version 0.4.0 GitHub page: https://github.com/haroldo-ok/BlocklyVN32X Topic on SpritesMind: http://gendev.spritesmind.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2409
  9. i'm looking for .txt (basic) to .caq tokenizers, just like zmakebas (for zx-spectrum - http://www.svgalib.org/rus/zmakebas.html ) do someone know where tools like this can be find, or which kind of documentation can be useful for us starting coding it? ( and btw, is there somewhere some ready type-in aquarius-basic snippets to test with it? )
  10. Hello everyone, Here is a character editor for developers Atari 2600. Create your styles and generate the ASM files you can include in your Batari programs. Works only on Windows. Link : http://www.baptiste-bideaux.com/datas/atari/atarifontdesigner- Bye.
  11. Hello! 👍 This is my current project, Bitsy-Converter. This tool is capable of converting Bitsy scripts into various formats: * JSON: A JSON object representing the parsed script; useful for chaining with other tools; * Arduboy: A ".ino" sketch that can be compiled into an Arduboy game; * SDCC + LibCV: A ".c" source file designed to be compiled by SDCC, using the LibCV library; this can be used to generate ROMs for either: -- ColecoVision; -- SG-1000; -- Sega Master System (for now, only SG-1000 mode is supported); -- MSX. The code generated for SDCC + LibCV can either be compiled with SDCC, or with 8bitworkshop.com (which has an online compiler). The code generated for Arduboy can be compiled with either the Arduino IDE or ProjectABE (which has a buit-in compiler).
  12. Is there such a thing? There is a game whose sprites I'd like to have a go at editing, but unfortunately I don't know where to begin. Thanks.
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